ELF NAMES And Some Name

497+ ELF NAMES And Some Name With Meaning

As everyone love fantasy story, one of the most popular fantasies characters are elves. It is known for being beautiful beings with mystical powers that humans can only imagine. An elf is a type of human-shaped supernatural being. It is originated from a Germanic language which means “white being “.Elves are one of the races that exist in fictional earth. There are many movies such as: “The Lord of Rings”, The Hobbit which characterize the role of elves. ELF NAMES

The history of elves is revealed in a movie like The Unfinished Tale and The History of Middle Earth. They are known to be fast, graceful, cute, powerful, though some are cunning and manipulative as these can be the requirement for the movie. We often choose the good elves which lead a good man to victory. Now making it straightforward below are several names which you might want to consider for your fantasy story.


 Wondering what your male elf name would be? In case you want to name your favorite fictional character, or a pet or your gaming character. You don’t even have to worry as we have got a whole list of male elf names, just for you. You have got a whole list below to choose the name of your choice for your particular character.

Alinar Ernorin Aien Valnala Rhys Proselytize Lamruil Krisphyra
Anfalen Yespeiros Folre Cravyre Avourel Sylcaryn Adresin Loragwyn
Aired Ulaquinal Purtham Persandoral Arathorn Holalee Neldor Phirona
Rhothomir Umevaris Almer Xyrbalar Elion Erthyra Vulre Wysanala
Evindal Keaphine Gorred Lulana Uevareth Petwenys Jaonos Urigella
Ailwin Kriswynn Nym Heifaren Aymar Chaebanise Wistari Umekas
Almar Pamoira Triandal Morgella Aiwin Omaxalim Neldor Yesdan
Eldrin Xilkrana Durothil Iliqen Darcassan Biwraek Phaendar Kriskrana
Deldrach Genrel Ayduin Encaryn Elduin Raloren Folluin Shaydark
Kharis Fafiel Vaalyun Rokrana Ailred Elqirelle Grathgor Miamenor

Female Elf Names:-

It’s quite likely that you want to name a female character of your fantasy story. You will definitely need a female elf name for the same. So, here is a whole list of female elf names for you to choose from.

Here is the list of female Elf names

Arne Alagossiel Halvien Atse
Maltariel Rimdes Eithruin Bronadeth
Ech Norinde Haldil Nahaminde
Cóvel Estenneth Iestnith Nornith
Gawonith Taid Oreth Nimmel
Orcondil Ringiel Faegiel Iaewnis
Lingwilócendur Ethirthires Quildossie Amarthelneth
Nolye Apseninde Gwaedhien Aerel
Thaurien Húbes Redil Brandwen
Moriel Iaben Elanorthel Barbes
Feniel Laecthel Carandolben Mindon
Nuhuinie Thaur Hádhien Vandur
Ingemmiel Arniel Gwornith Curuben
Ruxe Agarweniel Gelher
Túrendil Gaeneth Urcundur Bogien

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Some Name With Meaning

Ashikaga: It is an Indian name for girls similar to the sky which means powerful and complete. Your good intellectual and requires several outlets for energies .you are not a builder but a planner.

Alyssa: It indicates the qualities of leaders and organizers but a difficulty in concentrating and systematizing your efforts and interferes with achieving your goals. Keeping desires of the best living and the best quality in all your material possessions.

Deana: It means origin and divine.Strong in material matters, determined and stubborn can’t be easily manipulative. Keeping keen ideas in business, good worker, steady and practical, a builder who takes good responsibility. All these qualities in a person can bring anyone in position and power.

Dore ah: In Greek, the meaning of the name Doreah is: of the sea. People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public, speaking, acting or singing. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective and usually introverts.

ELF NAMES And Some Name
ELF NAMES And Some Name

Glynn: The meaning of the name Glynn ii is: from the glen (valley). Any girl having this name has a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge, and experience or having the artistic ability. They are focused on their goals, experiences a wealth of creative new ideas and have the ability to implement these ideas with determination.

Fiducials: The first half of the name that is fin means “Golden hair” and las mean “leaf” but the remaining part of the name is still unclear.so that it can possibly translate as golden-haired leaf. It was also the name of elf in the first age.

Helena: it is derived from the root “el” which means light, torch, bright. The name born in Greek legend by the beautiful wife of the king of Sparta.

Hammerhead: Its origin is Arabic. It’s a Muslim girl’s name which means the one who gives thanks.

Idril: Its origin is literature which means “sparkle brilliance” in Sindarin. It’s a woman who keeps her feelings and emotions on short leash because she likes to keep her mind cool.

Qaeda: It is from derived from Japanese origins. Its meaning is maple.

Keisha: its meaning is extremes in fortune, health, and spirituality. Girl having this name is versatile, idealistic and intuitive. Enjoys great success or suffers abject misery its solution is to help others. Use your headship abilities for humankind and not for self-adoration.

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Christmas is a time for a visit from your Elf on the Shelf. If you are not aware of it, we have a big collection of Christmas Elf names on the shelf names!

How does Santa Claus know which kid is a naughty one or a good child?

It’s the Elf on the Shelf. The Elf knows which kids are good and which ones are naughty. If you don’t know what should you name your elf then here’s a Christmas Elf names list for you.

ELF NAMES And Some Name
ELF NAMES And Some Name
Dash Jingle Carol Tiny
Evergreen Ginger Angel Elfin
Sugarplum Joy Nick Candy
Pixie Merry Plum Frost
Pudding Pepper Holly Tinsel
Perky Sparkle Snow Twinkle
Candycane Tinsel Pine McJingles
Glitter-toes Winter Garland Snowball
Happy Trinket Joseph Cedar
Angel-Eyes Buddy Gabriel Hope
Sugar-Socks Noel    

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Elves are considered as children until they declare themselves as adults, mostly after their hundredth birthday, and prior to this period, they are called by their child names.

After declaring their adulthood, they select an adult name. Each elf adult name is a unique creation though it might reflect the names of individuals or other family members. Little distinction always exists between male and female names.  Additional to that, every elf bears a last name.

Below is a list consisting of Dungeons & Dragons Elf names, followed by the list of their last names.

Twinkle Milkgift Angel Flippywine Fizzy Nippytree Winter Morningkiss
Fig Jingleglove Bluebell Frostmitten Fruity Happytoy Winter Evermitten
Sugarplum Milkyfeast Gingernuts Milkymilk Wink Mistlebox Snow Hottoy
Snappy Milkbow Fuzzle Hustlebox Stripes Sleepyglitter Sugar Cuddlehope
Twinkletoes Plumglove Starlight Mittentoy Snowball Busywarmth Glory Ribbontoy
Bing Chocolatefoot Angel Muffinbell Fig Bustlefun Berry Flippylight
Pudding Ribbondash Peppetmint Milkfriend Cookie Sugarlight Nutmeg Everpie
Cookie Toffeeivy Gingersnap Goodyhope Snowball Holispirit Trinket Twinklespirit
Bluebell Nippytree Mince Hotlaugh Topper Rhymefun Snowdrop Ivymyrrh
Peppetmint Sleepywine Perky Puddingcarol Starlight Morningmoon Blue Ivydance



The right dark elf names can really work for your fantasy characters. Whether you are playing a video game or writing a fantasy storybook, these dark elf names will help you to make a choice for your character’s name. There are many different male, female and last name options that you can combine for making it more creative.

Dark Elf Male Names

bhacmu nurthot momnid biareet elleni zunol bummec agis
obesho ierdresh rhucresu bhenzes vigai midah usulna baildril
druni wirilni cioklus phreezalvesh omzes senaresh peshrudi kuner
vavradh niuzonvraes dhunnimo ersis bribsal creenobi thutra ghaelnesh
qhacondi kenrud lurorhi teebeir rimebse drumolded unibne zinamrar
qumripo krordrir ghymrurn chuvreis ghopusca eenni garric thodran
qohanne bharzec ghenara iugoth dhemnou vosrad lonnuha tobordiuh
rokshacu uldrozei ipophra razindrar celuha ghigienzeil bhielfuikh dasubel
bhidope drerzu gidibu rirze qullupi dhirde ibuli pheimraeh
coclo curse bhovun sirdrugait dhuclu vaezre ibise kinduh


Dark Elf Female Names

Zidka Oshrodi Idarax Dhoknahe Asoar
Evaboxe Icici Dardrier Asyna Orrelo
Ellacu Dhicreh Cuklak Idoshru Mogy
Harhase Dhebapho Ecero Darshadi Bhemnoc
Inikshi Resalna Bhupune Uphnepe Bhundol
Lohada Ilromi Buvud Ghorashro Zaknan
Ellacu Novrel Hinikse Bemziokh Phoscaso
Dhicreh Aggy Rolnon Barukhu Ekzodh
Cuklak Oka Delru Kumnaih Gumraba
Idoshru Marzoss Drythro Ucesho Ikshodu
Mogy Rhoremno Hessape Bonvul Thaekned
Vikrikh Liporhu Ubursho Kernik Ipulre
Phabiphri Odebno Coudry Dibnoba Ocedhu
Vidnas Bhenidre Rurvakh Qholeshru Irnepa
Uklah Virvor Bamnaco Fuphnehe Dralfou

Dark Elf Last Names:

mokliss kresac bromluh palzash ghidnoss erdre rhienar zaserdiat
dhehasho wushrane groukze dingir chinosa shalna grucnadh pervumi
bhanimni mailvamat rhibarshu crelvibit lucoca iniazre olnuno izosrac
ilmic cusroth kiednyk shrozagir karvio zarezrae dhulmaern uldri
eclek cresesh endrioh gannadur ophnado tinodreel qipulro bunildait
caicrun vanuvru hocrohu uziundrut adhunu gardriuth gumlis rerzi
rhadny vastros fonudra dhezrurul nucnoh kurdomeish chusershi piunzos
pheribro thishro myklon rederlal mushumo celrul racimro kreriazril
rhirvy gurlec belvaen khustruh bhomrul carvei ohomno durdrol
biolny shurdrur memacsu shunelzeh inophra iuraegnit lahacra khiezeene


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Elves have been playing a very crucial role in the life of children. Kids fantasize their elfish characters and are busy imagining their superpowers and magic. But these kids are seemed to be confused when it comes to naming their elves. So, if you are looking for some creative and adorable names for your cute elves, here you go. Below is a list which consists of some cute elf names which your kids would love to choose from.

Angel Cookie Cinnamon Maxx Buddy
Bella Hazel Eve Jolly Charlie
Buttercup Carol Holly Jingle Henry
Blizzard Twinkle Holly Cocoa Candy
Halle Berry  Joy Prancer Figgy Puddin Lucy
maronvu nodriet  Carol Grace Sugarplum Harmony
Ginger Snowflake Dasher Vixen Cinnamon
Pixie Noel  Frank Jovie Mittens
Tinsel Mistletoe Docile Peppermint Kiki
Cindy Lou Who Merry  Elfis Cupid Waffles


If you are looking for some blood elf names and are struggling to find one, we can help you. We have compiled a list of female and male names with the first names and surnames of elves. You can also blend the first and last names together to create your own unique name or can use our suggestions as they are mentioned below.

Male Blood Elf Names

Win’thaesMirthrest KrehtomBoldbane QirunSilvershadow ElrenRadiantshine BaerasSombershard
YaruzenStarcloud VyleronFlarefaith KrincashSilverband QutaethDewspell BemlaethaenDualstar
Win’thaes Mirthrest  Puthaehler Crimsonsinger  Drulraedrol Twinforce Aellor Flarekind Enrenis Paleblossom
 Krehtom Boldbane  Yaruzen Starcloud  Hamdis Brightcrown Tylen Sweetspell Bemanar Eveningvein
 Qirun Silvershadow  Vyleron Flarefaith  Puhosh Embertwist Lonthos Runesworn Bemarranis Palekind
 Elren Radiantshine  Qutaeth Dewspell Bitzen Lightforce Lonnian Oddflow Nerimir Flarefaith
 Baeras Sombershard  Bemlaethaen Dualstar Haazen Glowforce Oniaris Flaresinger Gelannien Heartdreamer
 Norzahthas Grimblade  Hayan Dewsmile Draaris Swiftrange Drailan Blackfeast Tyrlarin Phoenixtrail
 Inetleaesh Righttruth  Zalaelath Dawnforce Winrel Nimblemight Tanillan Violetsense Satsen Blackgleam
 Reller Windguard  Yunnaerneash Leafflare Kaenthen Lividveil Zanlaen Radiantveil Loaesh Down

Female Blood Elf Nam

Tanerae freebringer Tevia starbell Natann lividbane Laedrea leafsky
Kyvea roseburst Cena sunfeather Elinth nightsong Alele stargleam
Deyra windhold Sedalle goldenwalker Cali velvetcloud Aneli leafsinger
Tevea lighttwist Tana blackbreath Talelda palebeam Jolenn stargift
Glodine blackreaver Shalene evengazer Manel downbane Valrous sparkburst
Eldori warmburn Tanria rightguard Larialine grandrange Terlanne twinfaith
Orina brasswalker Shamine rightguard Bemine downflare Linise greatfury
Kalinridel mirthgazer Deysalia brightsun Feylonis flarefluke Lorlan nimblemind
Shene solartrick Tylaya emberlove Auroniel nightpride Silarianna highflight
Kalidel highflare Laraden tinderdesire Shalia phoenixsky Beledori cinderbreath


Half-elves are a type of incomplete elves. They are a fictional race that belongs to the descendants of elves and humans. They have fair skin, golden hair, and bright blue or green eyes, but their skin tone, hair color, and other looks are like humans.

ELF NAMES And Some Name
ELF NAMES And Some Name

If you are looking for some half-elf names, we have got a whole list for you. Below are the names which also look like a mixture of different names and last names. These names are further divided into male and female elf names.

Male Half-Elf Names

Oshomin Jamdithas Frilros Petlamir  
Xavben Frilneak Haldeyr Halborin  
Meiword Zanstaer Ilofyr Uanqinor  
Alhorn Gaerorin Ridithas Petcraes  
Arofaerd Xavnan Frilynor Craelor  
Niltumil Xavcraes Rafborin Davfaerd  
Wilcraes Yorxian Saravor Xansariph  
Rafkas Norword Xavreak Lorgretor  
Rafminar Leoborin Oskoris Ianynor  
Arovoril Gravalor Quoelor Horavor  


Female Half-Elf Names

Althouse Phayediane Quezira Zelnoa
Familia Neritheris Mayaries Windsor
Urivyre Unisys Winmythe Oltheris
Queena Sylrila Fazenda Nerys
Loraenyphe Galphira Yllrora Athena
Purina Galcerys Honalore Relena
Lesfaen Ventanas Zellahne Uriwalyn
Cozenya Hoaerys Pripisys Yesyaries
Lesnalore Vilna Alpha Irogalyn
Ellis Lorastine Safviel Arphira


Explore the most mystical and fantastical names for your wood elf. The following wood elf names include options for both males and females. You can even add one of the wood elves surnames to the end of the elf’s first name making it more creative. Have some fun by creating your own fantasy world and find inspiration with these wood elf names.

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The night elves are believed to be a mysterious race whose thirst for magic and power created a flourishing, yet corrupt empire. This empire had a dark side, drawing the attention of the Burning Legion.

The new generation of night elves rebuilt their civilization in order to live in peace and harmony with nature. Here are some night elf names enlisted below to make your choices easy.

Elrorfir Anilmariand Tiondil Unebrilith
Giothien Isilmandra Iseng Naraldur
Thraril Amilmar Nyr Amodia
Elrilmawien Vil galinde Tinilinde Eowendel
Galilmandil Nandel Earilmalith Vothiel
Anidia Lomebrithiel Eowararith Febril
Cynduil Celorfind Urul Piwien
Hadrielith Anewiel Norfilinde Radrieril
Lomorfildur Helder Tandil Nirith
Calulith Ride Belong Calendil
Delithraril Rorfiril Lomaraviel Cebridith
Pulia Thryndra Muldur Galithrandil
Milith Glaniel Threviel Sil gadith
Gyndra Isynduil Rorion Eladrielas
Unariand Elriolinde Belebridien Calywen
Forfiwen Relad Anilmaldor Tynd
Galiodien Isiodia Elvioviel Elvung
Calion Earadriembor Legylad Delithrathiel
ELF NAMES And Some Name
ELF NAMES And Some Name

High Elf Names:

It is a mix of both Celtic and Native Americans as well as some standard elvish traces. Sometimes we get names which are already influenced by other culture. The high elf is an attractive and beautiful race of elves with a long history. They used to rule the world but wars and battles have caused great losses to them. Below are some female and male high elves names.

Female: Alison, Sib inn, Ali seine, Walkover, Saturnine, Italian, Antennae, Emirate.

Male: Wane, Antipodean, Honiara, Hinton, Kawasaki, Colin, Delilahs, Cheapen.

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Male Elf Names With meaning

Argo: It creates a happy, adaptable and expressive nature with the good business decision and a fine sense of responsibility. Man with this name is clever, quick, mind, with the ability to accomplish a great deal in a short period of time.

Alis: The name Alis comes from a baptismal name for the son of Agace.

Ali mar:

 A: stands for accountable which means someone to be counted on.

 L: is for lofty which means highly ambitious or the ambition of a person is very high.

 I: is for instilling which means the lesson of life.

M: is for mild and gentle.

A: is agreeable which means the best side of you or the optimistic side of yours.

R: is for the relay which means everyone’s trustworthy friend.

Blog: Its name means “great” or “mighty” in Sindarin. It is further known as Beleg Strongbow. The nickname was given for his skill as an archer.

Beluga: Its meaning is similar to the temple or shrine. A person with this name has the capability of turning their lofty dreams into reality. It is confident, determined and disciplined.

ELF NAMES And Some Name
ELF NAMES And Some Name

Arabella: This name gives you a responsible, reserved, and decent nature and able to find a certain amount of success in anything you start. Having scholarly interests incline you to art, literature, philosophy, music, and drama.

Cardin: the name means ship-maker in Sindarin. This name has made you a hard worker with a careful sense of detail. Have a great deal of tolerance, independence, monotony and resist change.

Handrail: It stands for unclear. The first half edra means plain and rain meaning border which means homeland.

Elwin: Meaning of this name was an elf-wise friend.

Orris: You learn so quickly you have little patience with those mental processes that are somewhat slower. This makes you unpopular with your associates.

ELEVEN NAMES: It omits half-even such as Roundel and Arlen. Elvish names have the names in elvish language. It is a created language used by elves in a fantasy setting. Below are some names of male and female elven names.

Corym Umeceran Nuovis Zyllar Ryo Gilbella Kilyn Ulatris
Kivessin Petwarin Faelyn Umeren Conall Sylcyne Ruvyn Zumynore
Filverel Xilwynn Elpharae Umemyar Nelaeryn Mirajeon Larrel Yeskian
Ievis Rophine Namys Glynlar Narbeth Rojyre Galan Morra
Alre Trismenor Rhalyf Olavalur Bellas Quirie Virion Mirasatra
Erlareo Glynjeon Elanil Fenthana Eroan Aevalur Naesala Elrona
Alre Xilris Lazziar Faeric Cornaith Torro Caeda Keatoris
Alre Venrieth Nhamashal Waesqen Rathiain Beiydark Haemir Keyric
Yesanith Keysandoral Myriil Bijyre Nesterin Bilana Sharian Kelnelis
Sanev Gendi Falenas Iarrieth Nithenoel Umebella Filaurel Norzana



We have seen so many pretty elf names that can be used to give to your male, female friends to show the love towards them. Also, these names are so lovely that you can give it to your child. In additional, elf names can be used in the movie characters or as a secret names. At last, we can say that elves exists in fictional world but they have marked their presence in the real world by receiving so much appreciation and love from the audience.

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