Best Fairy Names

Best Fairy Names

We all love fairy tales. There is something magical and ethereal about fairy tales. We also associate everything beautiful and perfect the moment we talk about a fairy. Many people also want to name their kids or venture after a fairy.  If you are looking for the perfect fairy name for yourself then read on to know more about them.

Fairy Queens of  Disney movies

The moment you see any Disney movie, you will find various fairy characters. These fairies are often known to help the central or main character to live their dreams. Here are various fairy queen names that one can take inspiration from.

Aoife Angus the Fairy queen Alexandra the Queen
Amaryllis Andromeda the Queen Angelina the Fairy
Aurora the queen The Annabel Arabella
Avalon the queen Alexia Bellatrix
Cassiopeia Blossom Bernardine
Darcie Eliza Lina Elodie the Queen
The Emerald Elspeth the queen Eloween
Elodie the queen Elowen the one Elspeth the fairy queen
Georgina Florentine Felicity

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Tooth fairy fantasy

We all have heard the story of the tooth fairy keeping an eye on our teeth and at the stroke of midnight stealing them for us. As per the story of the tooth fairy, when your tooth comes out, you need to keep it under your pillow and in the morning, you will be surprised to find that the fairy has taken the tooth and kept money instead.

Here are some tooth fairy names as per month of birth.

January Sparkle
February Flitter
March Sapphire
April kismet
May Twinkle
June Shimmer
July Sherbet
August Cadence
September Glamor
October Sprout
November Twilight
December Blossom

Here are some tooth fairy names based on favourite colour.

Red Sassy ins
Green Clover stone
Blue Scuttle scoot
Pink Stomeskimmer
Purple Tremolo
Yellow Apple grass
Orange Finger Flame
Brown Bindle Bear
Silver Flutter Budget
Gold Skittle Star
Black Tenderfoot
White Winkle wake


Name a girl with a fairy name

If you are looking to name a small baby girl, then nothing actually suits them better than a fairy name. Here are some fairy names that will instantly ring a smile to your face. These girl fairy names are the best and different than the usual ones.

December queen berry Blue Crabtree Spice Sunflower
Wyatt nectaring Seraphim tree stump Balthasar coal
Carrie burrow Ice Crystal Fire Powder Snapped
Zahur Rookery Sapphire the one Destan fairy
Destan Firefly Adera Tombstone Jacinta Sunshine
Beloved Echo Kay Little foot
Marcia Ella the one Special

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Name a boy with a fairy

Contrary to common misconceptions, even boys can be fairies. Here are some interesting and different boy fairy names that will help you make your mind while naming your cherub.

Aelfdene Alfrigg Aqua
Aladdin Albedo Ash
Alfred Ali Aubrey
Alvaro Almond Astro
Alvin Alston Aven
Arion alvino Avery
Aslan Aodh Avo
Basil Ash Sass

These names are different and can be used to name a baby boy. You can certainly use these cute fairy names to Christian your baby.

Dark fairy names are interesting

Best Fairy Names
Best Fairy Names

If you are looking to name a business venture or a video that has a dark but interesting names, then you can take a look at the list below of dark fairy names.

Dark Spirit Antonina Flower Bloom Daffodil Duck Queen
Laec Little foot Daffodil Rainbow Hestia Falcon Rider
Raluca Glitter Flash Giftson book worm Dover fire smoke
Rain Firewith Maralyn Dirty Bush Lin Fairy
The Lightening The Grease Heart Duck Queen
Thunderbolts The angry one The worst one

Here are some fairy tale names that are different and have a uniqueness associated with them.

Take a look at these names

Aerwyna Ailsa Aine
Alvina Alice the fairy Alfreda
Ariel Asherah Asia
Aurora Aubrey Asteria
Avery Calypso Celeste
Daenerys Cyrena Corolia
Dariyah Deema Fiona
Fay Elvina Doris
Giselle Hermoine Isla

Here are some interesting Disney fairy names that will surely blow your mind away.

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Best Fairy Names
Best Fairy Names
Kaia kelpie Lorelei
Marin Marceline Maraja
Maurelle Melia Melisande
Meri Melusine Melody
Miranda Molly Muirgen
Nerissa Navi Naida
Nixie Ondine Oona
Parisa Pixie Radella

Think out of the box with evil names.

Here are some evil fairy names, that you can actually use. These out of the box names are sure to attract attention.

Read them on

The bad one Lean huamShee GanCeenach
Fachan Jannik Bendith Y mama
Slaugh Berberoka Red Cap
The Dreaded one Storm Hag Ankou
The Staller The Cursed one The Evil spirit
The weird one The Spirit The Ghost

These names have an evil twist associated with them. Just the name is enough to create an impact. If you are looking for names that create an impact, then these evil and dark names are the best.

Names that mean fairies

Many people want a name that has a nice meaning. What is better than a name that means a fairy.

Here are some of such names that mean fairy.

Triton Tyrion Zephyr
Peter Phillip Regin
Oberon Magus Jiminy
Harry Jack Jareth
Hansel Gil Gary
Eric Finn Flynn
Edward easton Dylan
Cosmo Cullen draco
cleon Cedric Caspian

Here we have discussed various kinds of names for fairies. These names are different and fresh and will surely attract people’s attention.

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