Catchy & Creative Gift Shop Name Ideas

We all have that one person in our lives who just loves to give gifts for all occasions without expecting anything in return but just love. They get the ultimate happiness by showing such a gesture towards their friends and family. It’s no secret that giving gifts to others makes people smile and can make the most horrible day a better one. If you are one of those people who love to give gifts, then how about going into the business of gifting?catchy-creative-gift-shop-name-ideas

Share the most joyful feeling with the world and the people around you while earning an income! Turn for a generous business idea that will produce generous amounts of money for you while making people smile.

Once you are done with the whole setup of this business, it’s time to start thinking about gift shop names for your store. And here we have got various types of gift shop name lists for you to pick one from according to your choice.

Catchy & Creative Gift Shop Name Ideas


Gifts have a great value in the present time as they work as a token of love, token of appreciation, token of forgiveness and the list continues. The gift shop industry plays a crucial role in attracting people to flock around them and thus purchase something that is extravaganza surprise for there fellow mates.

So if you are thinking to start your own business of gifts that you need to select a good name for your business so that people approach your shop regularly or I should say most often. So the following series of names will help you to establish your own brand name-

List of Catchy & Creative Gift Shop Name Ideas-

The variety of gifts exist from a small toy to an expensive watch and more. The name of your business or your gift shop should depend on the variety of gifts that you are serving and what is your targeted customer. If you will select a name that is catchy as well as creative than it will fetch good results because the names that are catchy are more remembered by the public and once you are remembered people will come to you multiple numbers of times. So select a catchy name from the list given below-

GiftTM – Gift Timeless Memories The Gift Marche Glorious Gifts The Flower Petal Florist & Gift Shop
MOG – Mad Over Gift Oye Gift Heaven Sent Gift Delivery Holly’s Handmade Gifts
Gift A Grin Creative Gift mart The Giftery Sugar Cookie Sweet Shop
Something Different Fit 2 Gift Ideas Secret Admirer Florist & Gifts Twinkle Twinkle Trinkets
Find me a Gift Fabulous Store Artsy Antiques and Gifts The Gift Fairy
Smiles for Miles Paradise Gift Gifts Galore 202 Whimsical Gift Way
Gifting Affair Rare Find Brown Paper Packages Gift Shop Boulevard Gifts
Gift Solution Cranky Allice Made With Love Gift Shop Main Street Gifts
OMG – Oh My Gift Gift Tower Surprises Inside Hidden Gem Gift Shoppe
Return Gift Corner Craft n Creation Gift Charming Treasures Black River Gift Baskets


Cute Girly Business Names for Shops-

Girls are generally crazy about gifts they love to grant gifts on every special and small occasion. So if your target customer is to attract more of girls to your shop than you will have to use you are more of mind and select a cute girly name for your shop because girls are so damn choosy about everything that if they do not find your name to be good they won’t step on your shop. So the name of your shop should be cute and girly as well. Here is a long list of some girly and cute names for you to select from-

Cute Girly Business Names for Shops-
Lady fun shoppers Pucker Up Gifts Big Drop Enchant Cosmetics
The Pink Chair The Gift City Florence Fashion Chic Chick
Gift Fairies Classic Pretty Bun and Baker Love Potion
Giftoholic Clotheslines Buttons and Bows Play Dress Up
Art Decor Fashion Paradise   Moda Bella
Gift Mantra Bump Threads Cheeky-Chic Mom Chic
The Pretty Owl California Poppy Mirror Mirror Pink Lace
The Gift Fairy Pixie Dust Pretty Lady The Wardrobe
Charming Treasure Uptown Girl Sleek Chic Pretty Lovely
The Gifting tree Fashion Factory Thistle & Clover Sprinkles

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Gift Basket Business/Company Names Suggestion-

If you are starting your gift shop or gift business in form of providing with baskets of gifts all together then be sure

Gift Basket Business/Company Names Suggestion

you select a name that makes your purpose crystal clear to your customers so that they can come to you when they are willing to gift someone with a basket of gifts. So here are some suggestions of gift basket business which you can select for your gift shop-

Bliss Basket Knicks And Knacks Glorious Gifts Great Gifters
Basket Galore Gifts Galore Good Gifting Making Memories
Basket’s Charm Gift The Gift Shop Show Don’T Tell Gorgeous Gifts
A2Z Basket Gift Closet Special Days Gift Guides
Gift basket Couture Charming Gifts Everyday Occasions Gaggles Of Gifts
Velvet Gift Basket From The Heart Every Occasion Gifts And Giggles
Gift our Basket Given With Love Just Because Sweet Surprises
Forever Finds Gracious Gifts Glorious Gifting Gift And Be Gifted
Treasure Box Gifts Garden Of Gifts Tied With A Bow Return The Favor
Golden Gifts Beautiful Gifts Wrapped Wonders Gifter’S Garden

When you are offering someone gift you are offering them happiness so be the best in selecting your name because their happiness depends on you. Select a name that is extraordinary and special and unique as well as welcoming so that people come to your shop again and again.


Gift shops are cute and beautifully designed shops and do take a good name to draw people’s attention. Not only should your name say that you’re a gift shop, but it should indicate what kind of gifts you offer and highlight if there is anything specific.

Here’s a list of gift shop names to provide you with some suggestions for naming your gift shops-

Glorious Gifts Holly’s Handmade Gifts Gifts Of Love The Coffee Mill Gifts
The Flower Petal Gifts Galore The Family Tree High Five Gifts
The Giftery Boulevard Gifts To You From Me Sunshine Greetings And Gifts
Wrapped In Bows Perfect Present The Gift Shop Gifts of Love
 Kindred Spirit Gift Shoppe Furry Friends Gift Spawt A Bow On Top Gift Shop Clock Tower Gifts
The Warm House The Gift Spot Be Charmed Time for Love Gifts
Log Cabin Keepsakes Rainy Day Hobby Shop This Old Attic Blossom Gift Baskets
To You From Me Just Because Gifts Clara’s Cupboard Sweet Scents Candle Shop
The Treasure Box Diamond in the Rough Gifts A Thousand Words Greeting Cards The Family Tree Gift Shop
Hopscotch Toy Shop With Open Arms Gifts Peach Blossom Soaps Willow Tree Gifts



Reaching a female consumer base is made easier with the help of a brand name that reflects the frill and glitter that is associated with women. The names are such that they give a hint to the people about what the store is all about. These cute and unique names for gift shops are just some examples of such fun names that reflect feminine qualities.

Here is a list of some girly business names below for you to choose from-

All That Glitters Bump Threads Kiddo Threads Enchant Cosmetics
Buttons And Bows Cheeky-Chic Pixie Dust French Connection
Sprinklez Glitz And Glam Pretty In Pink California Poppy
Golden Girls Florence Fashion Genie in a Bottle Sleek Chic
Big Drop Classic Pretty Girl Cave Ten Thousand Things
In the Ivy Pink Lace Beyond the Alley That One Place
Kiddo Threads Love Potion The Wardrobe Ladies and Linen
Vixen Chic Chick Thistle & Clover Moda Bella
White Dahlia Clotheslines Uptown Girl Mom Chic
uptown girl Fashion Factory Mirror Mirror Fashion Paradise



As this field is related to kids, you should definitely keep their likes interests in our minds. While naming a store, it’s important to decide what the name should mean and represent. For example, if you’re running a company that provides business naming services, your name is a sample of your work and it should be great.

When it comes to kids who are below 5 years of age, their interest in cartoons is different and hence to cater to their demands we need to follow animations like Ben10, Power Rangers, Dexters Laboratory, etc. But when coming to kids above 5 years of age the toys preference depends on gender. Girls prefer delicate toys like dolls, teddy bears whereas boys prefer outdoor stuff like football, Play-station, etc.


For these different types of toys and different age groups, our approach for naming should be different. You can use the names of cartoons that kids watch regularly and can add your signature sentence with it. Also, you should keep in mind that the kids should relate to the name of the brand, which makes them more attracted to it and it will make it a mental based marketing technique. 

Here is a kid’s shop names list suggesting you some toy store names which can help you decide the name of your toy shop.

Toys Unique Hamley Toy Box Trinkets And Toys
Kooky Lark Toys Lyn Berry Toy Parade
Kid Robot Kids Cavern Kool Kiddos Toy Chest
Puzzle Zoo Lego store Cookie Toys Toy Treasures
Toys and Co Kiddy Land Tiny Joy Chest Of Toys
The Toy Maven Dollhouse  Happy Springs Toy Box
Terra Toys Kidland Lucky Rainbow Tempting Toys
Ok Play Monjo’s Toys Tiddlywinks Total Toys
Magic Mouse Toys Kindle Uptown Castles Toy Warehouse
Babe land Overjoyed Toys New Toy Joy Toys For Toddlers



Baskets have been found as a symbol of delivering goods or transporting them. Popularity with gift baskets normally occurs during holidays, festivals or other special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, etc. 

The most well-known foods stored in these baskets are fruits, sweets, baked goods, gourmet items, or chocolates. And if you are looking to start up with a gift basket business and looking for a catchy name for it, here you go. 

We have a whole list of gift basket business names for you to pick one from.

Campus floral Gift basket affairs Makeup maven Pampered princess
Always floral Gourmet goodness Mystery basket Summer sizzle
Cheers to beer Kindle basket Oriental basket Spa-tacular
Fregdex Baskets WellJoy  Seltronn Floral Silvosafe 
Embero Florist and Gifts UrbenAble Baskets Magma Baskets SeenGreet
Posito Baskets Merion  AlphaClap Crevent Baskets
DailySense Floral Superex Baskets Gift Rhythm Gifting Curves
Uppex Baskets NorthHex  Big Jade Florist and Gifts Funloft Floral
GoodBliss Floral TagWeave Treston Baskets Spressio
Vertical Thread Prosonn Floral Bluecap Florist and Gifts Zitton Baskets



The name of your business is your face to the world. A careless spelling mistake is a stain on your collar.


In this era of consumerist environment where small businesses have to go beyond the limits of creativity to get noticed, these funny and hilarious brand names mark your presence in the minds of people to another level. So sometimes, you just have to wear a bowtie and a clown-nose, as these hilarious store and shop names suggest.

Some people will claim that these funny names are a mistake. A big NO! They are examples of the wittiest names that the internet and business world offer us as funny shop names.

Bread Pitt Abra Kebabra Tequila Mockingbird Frying Nemo
Lord Of The Rinse The Codfather Beauty And The Beach Florist Gump
Life Of Pie Iron Maiden Brace Yourselves Pho-Real
oooh Girl A Salt and Battery jack the Stripper Butt Brilling
Sew What?? Why so Annoying? Hey You!! Come& Go
WALK & TALK Hurry Up! walk this Way Fuk me
Here we Are What’s The Problem! Rappers HANGOVERS


In the above article, we have tried to cover different lists of shop name ideas for you to choose from if you are looking for some ideas for gift shop names or any other type of store. From funny names to cute names, we have covered it all. These names will help you to attract more and more customers as the name of a store plays a major role in gaining more and more customer footfall.

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