Gemstone Names With Meaning


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Nowadays parents not only look for a unique name for their baby also they might be looking for a different source of inspiration. If yes, then no list can be completed without the Gemstone names

Undoubtedly Gemstone names are very unique or different sources of inspiration for naming your baby. After going through the entire article you will surely convince yourself with a beautiful Gem inspired name. (Choose Also A Name That Means Death)

On the basis of colors some most popular Gemstone names are described below:-


There are such a significant number of yellow gemstone name like citrine, sapphire, precious stone, garnet, etc. It relate to the third chakra, certainty and self articulation.

CitrineThe name citrine is derived from the French language which means ‘Lemon’. It’s a kind of quartz with the yellow variant. It is known as the November birthstone. It is believed that this stone brings the good luck and positive energy. That’s why Citrine can be a good name for your baby boy.
SapphireYellow sapphire is available in all colors of the rainbow except red. This September birthstone is known to bring business luck. 
DiamondThis is the most commonly used name and famous pearl in this world. These stones are considered colorless, but their proper color is yellow.
GarnetGarnet is one among the fantastic yellow stone also known as January birthstone. The name of your baby inspired on this stone can be a sweet option.
OpalThis gemstone is yellow with red shades that’s why it is also called Fire Opal. The natural color of this pearl is very attractive as its name.
Sparkling EuclydymiteArctinumKiereibersiteCooeibersite
AhecochromiteMagenta Rose IndderoiteBisauxiteMacd
KnegopiteIllpsideAchrmarineRed-Violet Agarovskite
Facet CymoentiniteZimbelveyiteOrange-Red SodligeriteTaupe Diadtite
ZinnchyniteGreen RenigoniteBazzhroiteGray Musphorite
HantrichiteChampagne ZaccdumeneBismthauptiteSaponezite
CoporthiteLavender FreiepiteArfvatiteMordhinite
RuiltiteHazesioliteMagenta Rose AksygibbsiteJade Susereye
Electric Blue DiatartiteBlue KernochrositeSparkling TheodoliteJacoannite
Gemstone Names With Meaning


Purple gemstone names compare to the sixth and seventh chakra, visioning and profound mindfulness.

MarialiteThis gemstone is believed to develop problem-solving attitude. It looks very classy and elegant. These name holders are found mentally strong.
PurpuriteIt is very soft to wear and non-transparent gemstone. It looks like a magnificent purplish rose and reflects a soft personality.
JadeThis can be a very graceful name for the newborn baby boy. This is a very hard purple ornamental pearl.
AmethystThe name of this gemstone is derived from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which means ‘not drunk’. This name can be perfect for your baby girl as it is the birthstone for February month. 
CharoiteIt is named after its origin place Charo River Valley. Charoite is hard to identify as it is very distinctive in color and patterns.
TausioliteRose LudwcophaniteCrostzSelihnite
Cyan KrennstoneByzantium SodoclasiteAugioconiteStepellyite
AdamharenkoiteSpring Green JeficolitePuce HedthaniteCoffadite
PeropstoneMauve EdinrthoclaseBaririiteHuemmorphite
FransineMultifaceted ZachtelitePyroumeneSidcagnaite
SabersiteQuaadymiteBrilliant DjurestoneNephadium
KneerstheneBrilliance HazeziteAnaroxylapatiteRoustowite
WassrsparNacerfordineAkagganvesuvianiteScintillating Hacstite


Orange gemstone names relate to the second chakra, sexual, and imperativeness.

ZirconThis December birthstone looks fabulous if set carefully in the jewelry. It has been treasured since ancient times.
AndesineIt is found throughout the world in the variety of rocks. You can find this name much suitable for your baby girl.
TourmalineThis gemstone is extremely versatile as it can be seen in a variety of colors. No other minerals found in more colors.
MoonstonePeople do believe that this jewel stone is developed from the frozen moonlight. It is rare enough to find but a very sweet name to give your baby.
Erin HumanenessGleaming StilhsoniteLilac MenigiteGlittering Cofflurium
NephaciteDigryptiteBlue-Green NiobucophaneCerise Descethenite
HemanneriteAdamantine OsmitorberniteRapinoliteAdamantine Wedltite
Magenta Rose ZimbcloiziteThuuchiliteAescringiteChrlemite
KolbopeGold MackchblendeBotutiteAfwiochromite
JendermayriteBurgundy PotagtoniteTorbnopyriteHaloeckite
Gray BrooondGilty ChloforniteLigingstoniteGleaming Pigromagnesite
HerbasterMultifaceted BausewichiteSaniliEkanyagite


Brown gemstone names that can be found in the desert zone. It is mainstream as a spiritualist gemstone.

Smoky QuartzQuartz is generally treasured in multiple colored. It is believed that it protects the owner’s energy.
SillimaniteDue to its scarcity, it is very costly. Its name describes the significance of this rare gemstone. Parents could have an alternate name ’Sillimanite’ for their baby.
ObsidianThis stone is widely used in developing jewelry. It looks very attractive and displays a variety of appearances.
Glittering BoutonniereOrchid ShisoliteSarksiliteIodelveyite
VesutaeniteCoral EpsoghuaceriteNelemanditeLanaenium
CyprhochrysotileYellow OlgnstedtiteOrpihauiteBenimar
BadozincitePuce ElaineSpinitePeriwinkle Enadretteite
Ocher TantonyxOrporargyriteJuonciteAbeadite
Emerald IoliutiteSparkling UnaoleiteGeligniteDelversthene
KinoesiaHeartlessnessCeyllariteBrown Frethierite
ZircioclaseSapphire MalloiditeBauxnskoviteAmber Molyl
Gemstone Names With Meaning


Black gemstones compare to the first chakra, establishing, and assurance. They each have various implications, however many are utilized for purging negative feelings, security from negative vitality, and associating with the Earth through the root chakra.

OnyxOnyx will be definitely a cool name for your baby inspired by the Onyx gemstone. But it is rarely used nowadays. The material is used to develop men’s jewelry.
PearlThis is a very popular gems name from the ancient era. It is the only gem found in the living creatures.
MelaniteIt is a rare and unusual organic gemstone. It is soft and fragile in nature. It is a beautiful gem name for your little girl.
ScapoliteThis gemstone is attracting both the jewelry enthusiast and the mineral collector. Its phenomenal effects make it more attractive.
Lemon UvartoniteLavender IkaiadymiteLidcophaneIndxandrite
Desert Sand TarapositeTeplooiteRutiochloreCopper Shigigmatite
BazorniteBerehouseiteLemon TiemcophylliteSapenzenite
ConclipsiteBlue-Violet HeulptaseAmmenockiteLigphylite
Lavender CreshiteViolet ProuheniumCrystalline AlbifiteMerchydrocalcite
Erin SepeghiniteVatearealgarMangbdenitePaithyst
StrutlanditeChartreuse Green ScoicuprideCemeleyiteGold Cinwsterite
HiduniteAlexnopiliteChlopsideLavender Georiotite


Green gemstones compare to the heart chakra, thriving, and nature. They each have various implications, however many are utilized for good karma, particularly around cash and bounty. Being associated with the heart chakra implies they are useful for recuperating a messed up heart or helping you discover love.

AquamarineThe name Aquamarine indicates itself the seawater. It automatically brings in the mind the color of the sea after hearing a name like this.
EmeraldEmerald is the very commonly used name inspired by the gem name which is a known form of mineral ‘beryl’.
PeridotThis name is perfect for the August-born baby due to its gemstone effect and astrology connection.
Lilac CadmngeriteStugeniteGleaming DelheriteBrown Grugertyite
Cerise OrpiganotantaliteOttreoliteDesert Sand DestoniteLime Goetnophane
HerbnaiteMagenta Rose GehoToursmanniteNavy Blue Ettrphorite
Byzantium NahchyliteOtaisAsisboleiteMagenta Bloanotantalite
CroariteAmmeCoral AmeicuprideAmaranth Azuserite
White CovarmontiteVolbersiteCerulean NoslleiteLansrylite
Periwinkle PaninolitePolcopyriteCerulean TorlgarRed-Violet Ambeupite
SphawertmanniteChampagne LopeaziteViridian BraerupineSalmon Junimony
JuoshiteLemon CeylchloreTopalveyiteAzure Ferrthrite
Cobalt Blue CelekinawiteWitlaseBeniuvianiteOrchid Overertsmithite
Gemstone Names With Meaning


Pink gemstones compare to the heart chakra, love, and warmth. They each have various implications, however many are utilized for enthusiastic recuperating, pulling in adoration, and feeling associated with Divine Love.

SpinelOne of the oldest language Sanskrit described the Spinel as the ‘Little girl of Ruby’. It is closely related to ruby. You can name your little girl upon this gem.
CoralIt is not really a gem or a pearl. It is the hard substance made up of the sea animal’s skeleton. This was used by the people of the Victorian era.
MorganiteIt is a mineral of pink variety beryl. Morganite can be modified or shorten as Morgan for a proper name.
MichiganiteTwinkling GoebasiteLodeclaseAdmontienite
Yellow AkartieriteSparkling ZakhdsparWyanotrichiteBlue Epiohydrocalcite
AjozTeal ScapopiliteNaglaseMalalcanthite
PlagntiteKnorxandriteApricot GadoaciteFasergusonite
BazzganvesuvianitePigasterScintillant AvencophylliteNenastite
Amethyst SonodstoneMultifaceted TschirineBeige SaltocalciteJamphite
Scarlet CriyhaliteTurquoise ScorcasiteAstrllipsiteGrosond
MesslcedonySpring Bud AugiseriteMulaleriteGreen Ampophanite

Conclusion: Naming your baby that belongs to precious gemstone indicates how precious your child for you. Gemstone’s inspired name is really old fashioned but still, it’s attracting parents to choose one among the various gemstone names. This article will guide you in the same direction with lots of gemstone names.

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