Creative Ideas for Scary name for Monsters


Sometimes it looks like the monsters we usually talk about these days are zombies, werewolves, and vampires. Usually, finding the most appropriate scary names are quite difficult. If you are in search of the best scary name for an evil character in fiction, check out the best scary name examples given below. Normally, in movies, the negative character or villain has extremely usual names. In actual life, serial murderer also has a very ordinary and boring name so that the media has come up with some exciting and scary name ideas for them.   

The quick list of fearsome monster name suggestions given below in order to make you select the scariest and terror-stricken name.

Scary name for Monsters

GrootslangKelpieFreddy Krueger
AswangBansheeRustin Parr
AmmitBlack AnnisCropsey
AdzeTyphonRusty nail
Diao Si GuiMinotaurMatilda Dixon
KamaitachiCerberusMary Shaw
PenanggalanWendigoMichael Myers
ManananggalYee NaaldlooshiiBenjamin Willis
InkanyambaDover DemonVictor Crowley
TsuchinokoGargoyleEzra Cobb
DybbukDullahanFenton meiks
GhoulDraugrHannibal Lecter
Teke TekeBunyipElizabeth Craven
PontianakDrop BearAnnie Wilkes
PretaDagwanoenyentNorman Bates
JikininkiLa CiguapaCharles lee ray
Ittan-MomenYara-Ma-Yha-WhoNathaniel Demarest
GashadokuroLou CarcolhProfessor Henry Jarrod
Mongolian Death WormJason VoorheesBilly Loomis
NingenJersey DevilJohn Doe

Halloween-inspired scary name suggestions

Here are some more scary name suggestions, according to gender, you may get inspired.

Scary name ideas for girls

Are you greatly looking for the terrifying and amusing girl monster names? Check out the grand list of girl monster name suggestion given below and find the coolest name for a girl evil character in a movie.


Scary name ideas for male evil character

Usually, finding the most appropriate yet terrifying male evil character name is not an easy task. The name of the male evil character requires to be interesting and terror-stricken that can put a great twist and suspense in a film. Here are some terrifying and scary monster name ideas given below that will help you in finding a suitable name for monsters.

NormanRaoulDarth or Anakin
AbelMalachiDavy Jones

Scary last name ideas for monsters

If you are looking forward to producing a horror movie or any other scary serial then surely you might have thought about selecting the coolest monster name, here is the complete list of scary names for monsters you may also like. You will easily find out the scariest name for monster through the given names.

Mister FrostMr LeechMr Nobody
Mister ShhhMr StenchDr Frankenstein
Dr AlucardMr MurderMr Mean
Mr MorteMr SardonicusMr Vile
Mr SinisterMr FoulMr Fagin
Dr GigglesMr SavageMr Skeeve
Dr FaustusMr MysteryMr Hyde
Mr HollowMr MurderousMr Magwitch
Mr HexMr ManticoreMr Jones
Mr MolochMr DavidMr Devil
Mr DreadMr OwlMr Nessie
Dr JekyllMr LeanMr Horseman
Mr FoggMr KruegerMr Bear
Mr NatasMr ParrMr Shadow
Mr PeepersMr NailMr Venom

Final words- All the above-mentioned monster name ideas are Halloween-inspired. If you are finding difficulty in finding the best kind of evil names in order to call a negative role or villain in a storyline. Go through the name suggestions given above and select the most appropriate one.


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