Creative Ideas for Scary name for Monsters

Sometimes it looks like the monsters we usually talk about these days are zombies, werewolves, and vampires. Usually, finding the most appropriate scary names are quite difficult. If you are in search of the best scary name for an evil character in fiction, check out the best scary name examples given below. Normally, in movies, the negative character or villain has extremely usual names. In actual life, serial murderer also has a very ordinary and boring name so that the media has come up with some exciting and scary name ideas for them.   

The quick list of fearsome monster name suggestions given below in order to make you select the scariest and terror-stricken name.

Scary name for Monsters

Grootslang Kelpie Freddy Krueger
Aswang Banshee Rustin Parr
Ammit Black Annis Cropsey
Adze Typhon Rusty nail
Diao Si Gui Minotaur Matilda Dixon
Kamaitachi Cerberus Mary Shaw
Penanggalan Wendigo Michael Myers
Manananggal Yee Naaldlooshii Benjamin Willis
Inkanyamba Dover Demon Victor Crowley
Tsuchinoko Gargoyle Ezra Cobb
Dybbuk Dullahan Fenton meiks
Ghoul Draugr Hannibal Lecter
Teke Teke Bunyip Elizabeth Craven
Pontianak Drop Bear Annie Wilkes
Preta Dagwanoenyent Norman Bates
Jikininki La Ciguapa Charles lee ray
Ittan-Momen Yara-Ma-Yha-Who Nathaniel Demarest
Gashadokuro Lou Carcolh Professor Henry Jarrod
Mongolian Death Worm Jason Voorhees Billy Loomis
Ningen Jersey Devil John Doe


The Mummy The Night Wump The Painted Predator Hawk Plaguepest
Phantommonster The Vengeful Blob The Lonely Tree The Forsaken Bulge
The Hidden Raptor Warthog The Jagged Abortion Gargoyle The Fly (Brundlefly)
The Monstrous Warp Bear The Crowned Killer Beast Gloombrute The Evasive Moon Freak
Boulderface Umbrateeth The Titanic Blight Tiger Soilspawn
Spitemouth The Crazed Army Pig The Blood-Eyed World Yak Barbfiend
Morncat The Blind Glob Dreadpest Stonewings
Helltree The Icy Horror The Scarred Preying Hawk Morndeviation
The Ivory Boulder Leopard The Broken Freak The Sapphire Dread Cat Decayhag
Oscar the Grouch Nethermorph Spitemonster Baneboy
The Titanium Raptor Owl Gremlin The Malevolent Cavern Dog The Nasty Tree
Coffingolem The Giant Witch Vaporlich Embersnare
Umbracrackle The Fickle Creature The Crazy Wraith Gloomhand
Tainthound Moldsnake Ashpaw The Agile Flame Monkey
The Mad Critter Talos The Giant Spite Leopard The Evasive Demon Frek
Doomfoot The Evasive Flame Lizard Umbrabody Sorrowcreep
The Cold-Blooded Mist The Black Teeth The Big Bad Ooze The Iron Killer Jackal
Infernocat Bowelhag Flametaur The Putrid Woman
Skeletor The Defiant Abomination The Dark Lump The Bloodthirsty Mist Boar
Ghosts The Reckless Lump Thornling The Awful Keeper
Cloudling The Delirious Demon The Icy Child The Lone Killer Rhino
Minotaur The Cobalt Phantom Phoenix The Diabolical Dread Elephant Terrorgolem
Malificient The Aromatic Vision The Glacial Ash Dog Umbramirage
Hauntling The Dismal Being Spiritspawn The Crowned Horror Beast
Flametooth Duststep Cavetree The Undead Lich

Halloween-inspired scary name suggestions

Here are some more scary name suggestions, according to gender, you may get inspired.

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Scary name ideas for girls

Are you greatly looking for the terrifying and amusing girl monster names? Check out the grand list of girl monster name suggestion given below and find the coolest name for a girl evil character in a movie.

Drusilla Zelda Belladonna
Morticia Temperance Caroline
Raven Winifred Buffy
Shadow Scarlet Carie
Elvira Hecate Sookie
Crimson Desdemona Stella
Cruella Griselda Sidney
Antoinette Althea Rosemary
Tempest Lenore Maggie
Mercy Lucinda Blair


Jason (“Friday the 13th”) Gallscream Cryptling The Amphibian Raptor  
Dreadwoman The Undead Blob Centaur The Stalking Ghost Snake  
The Ancient Entity The Volatile Revenant Cyclops Cavescream  
Vampires The Greedy Creature The Patriarch Horror Wolf The Terminator  
Beelzebub (The Devil) Flamewraith The Colossal Behemoth Stonebeast  
Chupacabra Grimefiend The Half Monstrosity The Greedy Blob  
Dreadmouth Champ (Lake Champlain Monster) Toxinpod The Filthy Mutant  
Infernaltaur Razorfang The Ebon Slayer Vermin The Thin Body  
The Red-Eyed Slayer Bear Phoenix Vortexgolem The Ravaging Mocking Frog  
The Dangerous Babbler The Meager Horror The Tattooed Ghost Spider The Barren Hag  
Corpsemouth The Colossal Brute Corpsewing The Patriarch Ash Vermin  
Audrey II Swamp Thing Corpseface The Electric Demon Rat  
The Grim Abomination Mornwing The Jade Razorback Fiend The Crazed Terror Bison  
Hydra Cavesnake Rottingscreamer The Meager Screamer  
Haunthand The Grumpy Critter Hornswagger Duskwings  
The Calm Abnormality Smogscreamer The Defiant Man The Masked Cavern Lizard  
Blazefiend Duskserpent Vexmutant Sigmund the Sea Monster  
Stinkhand Mistpest The Disgusting Howler Stenchmutant  
The Mad Witch The Disfigured Monster Terrorwraith Hunchback  
Mornmonster The False Face The Outlandish Abortion Thornscream  
Venomhag The Bleak Child The Icy Screamer Werewolf  
The Silver-Striped Terror Hyena Flying Spaghetti Monster The Black-Striped Horror Dreadflayer  
Frighttooth The Kraken Netherling The Feral Horror Gorilla  
The Canine Ooze Trancebody Gnomes The Silver-Striped Jester  
Tainttree Leprechaun The Electric Thing The Bruised Hybrid  

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Scary name ideas for male evil character

Usually, finding the most appropriate yet terrifying male evil character name is not an easy task. The name of the male evil character requires to be interesting and terror-stricken that can put a great twist and suspense in a film. Here are some terrifying and scary monster name ideas given below that will help you in finding a suitable name for monsters.

Luther Dexter Harry
Norman Raoul Darth or Anakin
Mephistopheles Zander Damien
Gideon Bran Chuckie
Edgar Jaspar Freddy
Igor Vlad Hadley
Cole Barnabas Noah
Caliban Ebenezer Ellisen
Yorick Holden Sinister
Abel Malachi Davy Jones


The Icy Hunter The Titanic Razor Jackal Spiritsword Cursecrackle
The Thin Statue The Horned Horror Snake The Mean Deviation The Blind Lump
The Golden Doom Dog Barbling The Golden Butcher Deer The Ruthless Flame
The Aquatic Venom Yak The Blood-Eyed Mist Bee The Delirious Miscreation Spectralhag
The Agile Rot Panther Loch Ness Monster Grimepest The Titanic Grieve Viper
Vexpest The Lone Blight Warthog Dreambeast Fetidsword
The Agile Child Nethergolem The Bronze Weirdo The Colossal Keeper
The Parallel Babbler Stenchhand Spectralling The Haunting Wraith
Goblins Chaoshound The Grinch Phantomghoul
The Grisly Dawn Vermin Mournbody The Iron Night Bull The Crazy Abortion
Succubus The Aquatic Vision Elephant The Elusive Bone Hound Bladeflayer
The Vicious Ash Ape The Taloned Bone Frog The Acidic Vermin The Primeval Razor Deer
The Savage Tomb Viper Blightclaw Corpsewoman Mistcreep
The Defiant Troglodyte Blightstrike The Vicious Torment Boar Smokewraith
Mournling The Brown Vine The Monstrous Horror Behemoth Bigfoot
Dreamwing Spiritcrackle The Disfigured Blob The Lone Razorback Cat
The Golden Dawn Snake Phantom of the Opera The Monstrous Horror Dawnbeast
The Greater Razor Warthog The Glacial Killer Hog The Bleak Mutt Voodoomonster
The Skeletal Anomaly Frightboy Barbflayer Vexseeker
The Dangerous Thing The Filthy Plant The Wild Deformity The Patriarch Vision Viper
The Twin Witch The Evasive Tomb Bear The Giant Preying Vapormouth
Germfreak The Ebon Blaze Lion The Wild Cave Hippo Rottingling
Vermicious Knid The Blood-Eyed Warp Owl The Crypt Keeper The Silver-Striped Harleq
Gasscream The Burnt Moon Swine The Agile Tomb Panther Tombling
The Blind Vision Elephant The Feathered Cave Wolf Sorrowgirl The Brutal Flame Hound

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Scary last name ideas for monsters

If you are looking forward to producing a horror movie or any other scary serial then surely you might have thought about selecting the coolest monster name, here is the complete list of scary names for monsters you may also like. You will easily find out the scariest name for monster through the given names.

Mister Frost Mr Leech Mr Nobody
Mister Shhh Mr Stench Dr Frankenstein
Dr Alucard Mr Murder Mr Mean
Mr Morte Mr Sardonicus Mr Vile
Mr Sinister Mr Foul Mr Fagin
Dr Giggles Mr Savage Mr Skeeve
Dr Faustus Mr Mystery Mr Hyde
Mr Hollow Mr Murderous Mr Magwitch
Mr Hex Mr Manticore Mr Jones
Mr Moloch Mr David Mr Devil
Mr Dread Mr Owl Mr Nessie
Dr Jekyll Mr Lean Mr Horseman
Mr Fogg Mr Krueger Mr Bear
Mr Natas Mr Parr Mr Shadow
Mr Peepers Mr Nail Mr Venom


The Graboids The Evil Hydra Bouldermorph The Primeval Predator
The Tusked Ash Rhino The Black footloose The Raging Killer Rat Joy Giver
The Living Brute Scary Badger Moldfoot Pivoting Player
The Delirious Howler Goop Blob The Slender Assassin Cat The Clean Guest
The Furry Seeker The Lone Blaze Viper The Faint Mongrel Plant Prowess
The Kind Jester The Icy Deformity Plaguewings Leaping Lizard
Purple Heart Horrorlich The Feathered Shadow Divine Digger
Snow Savior The Fickle Being The Furry Preying Dragon Easy Ear
Ice Dancer The Red Eyed Horrorvine Magnificent Magician
Kind Klapper Thorngolem Abominable Snowman The Leaping Finder
Clean Creative The Gaint Teeth The Empty Eyes The Ebon Sun
Brave Friend The Scary Lanky The Masked Cavern Beast The Blind Wolf
Simple Smith The Dark Harlequin The Mad Demon Gorilla Vilecrackle
The Compassionate Creature The Boneless The Jade Cavern Leviathan Terrorhood
Purple Persephone Mornscreamer The Aged Screamer Cavetaur
The Red-Hearted Rider Mournpaw The Creepy Body The Heart Freezer
Proper Princess Slagwraith Spiritcreep The Infamous Body
Wise Widow The Chaosseeker The Ivory Assassin Leopard The Grisly Moon Boar
Braided Bertie The Sorrowman The Long-Horned Nether Cobra The Dark Dirt
The Sugary Baker Cinderbeing The Crimson World Yak Divine Digger
The Hairy Comrade Vilewings The Anguished Eyes Easy Ear
The Silly Sailor Bonegirl Poltergeists Magnificent Magician
The Fierce Friend The Fire Maker Manfred, Mookie & Mojo The Leaping Finder
Benedict of Empathy The Dreadful Tree The Ravaging Horror Dog Pivoting Player
Fun Seeker The Grim Howler Wise Widow Horrorlich


Creative Ideas for  Scary name for Monsters

Final words- All the above-mentioned monster name ideas are Halloween-inspired. If you are finding difficulty in finding the best kind of evil names in order to call a negative role or villain in a storyline. Go through the name suggestions given above and select the most appropriate one.

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