999+The Most Amazing Breton Names On The Internet.

Breton NAMES
Breton NAMES

Bretons are generally the Celts who live in the North-West region of France. They are mainly considered a minority group. The largest body of information on Breton names begins back in the 9th century with cartularies, for example, the Cartulary of Redon.

 Earlier names were difficult to get, but with time, new methods of naming and the need of finding a suitable Breton name has come up. Here’s a list of Breton names categorized into different subgenres.

Female Breton Names

It is not to mention, that a name portrays and highlights a lot of things. Therefore, it is much needed to give a name with significance.

Breton Names
Female Breton

Female Breton characters have some beautiful Breton names that are full of underlining meanings. Here’s a list of female Breton names.

Adara TexAlexia IonaAlphihid SentFemale Novel
Arcadia AstaAlva BrownApollo TingNames Blues
Edwina DannyDang TornEmilia JoannaNames Wavey
Danica FridaDorothee GoldKahlo JimBreton Split
Gerta IanaGreeta DepoyFelix SunFemalelytical
Christiana HolmeJordis KayeKane CohenBretonpad
FemalebeaFemalepadFemale SupremeFemale Hook
Female CauseFemale RadiusFemale CountNames Capital
Names BlankFemale TenorBretonqueFemale Limitless
BretonazaNames FeedManscapeFemalequipo
Female SynthBreton RuckusFemale ProjectFemale Ruckus
Breton BlankBreton RadiantFemale ChorusBreton Distortion
Female FlightFemaleliaFemale SpotlightNames Tap
Breton RecklessBreton BangFemale RideNamable
NamesNames DistortionFemale PraiseBretononus
FemaletasticBreton FosterFemale MixedFemale Assembly
Breton ChampionNames MassFemale ClefNames Mass
Names HookFemale StepFemale ChangeFemale Triad
FemaleologyBreton VoiceFemale MoveFemale Crash
Breton CanonFemale PulseNames RoundNames Cymbal
Breton LiftNamibiaFemale VerseFemaleopedia
NameBreton DigiBreton InsideBreton Surge
Names ReduxFemaleNames SageBreton Fusion
Names CanaryBreton ArrowheadBreton AccordNames Grave
Names AssureFemale MachineBreton KeyBreton Mastered

Male Breton Names

Bretons are a race of humans with the natural gift of magic. They are generally pale and thin, not much of a muscular structure but they are much stronger than the Skyrim clan.

Male Breton

Here’s a list of male Breton Names that are cool and different, not so common and unique.

Agree on AgardKing AshleyAston GreenMale Daily
Bedore IonaBerlin GreenStanley RightMale Factor
Agrippina AlvoRadius SundDuane TieBretonoont
Alan AnalogueJesper KundDurendal FrontBreton Base
Bodleire CamusChristo BrightAlin CalixtoMaleaholic
Michele KungKristofer KidChrister ElamBretonporium
Elon AnnikHakon GalusElano HolmesBreton High
Musk HumeGeol HyeElander DariusMale Division
Names ExpressMale HappeningNames AtlasMale Strive
Male BazaarNames ScootMale EbonyMale Mill
Breton FinishedNames HammerNames AfterMale Swift
Names FoundationNames FreshNameMale Detox
Male OlympiaPremiumNames StunnerBreton Hero
Names ProgressBreton AcquireBreton JasmineMale Mech
BretonverseNames OffNames ModelBreton Dare
Breton WorldwideMale MynaMale RivalBreton Flutter
Breton VisionMale FriendsBreton CutBreton Earth
Breton CreateNames CuisineBreton HummingbirdBreton Solar
Names CraveMale DimeMale BoostBreton Shield
Names IconicMale ChatNames FodderBretonado
Male ViewerMaleazaNames WoodMale Shred
Breton TerritoryBreton SupplyBreton RevenantNames Horizon
MediumBretonopsNames EleganceBronx
Male ZenNames GroundMale GleeBretongenics
BretonoozeNames MagicBreton DocksideNames Cube

Breton Last Names

Bretons were always famous for their beauty and their names. They have contributed famous names to all walks of life. Here’s a list of some beautiful, unique Breton last names, available on the internet.

Breton Names
Ash FieldHawksmithCopperhouseSeek Last
Gar-FieldYenkongGreen StoneNovel Names
Term FieldKingsleyWeekhartCollective Last
KingstonMarleyMoothartExist, Breton,
MorstonGoldsmithKingsfordGlow Last
WilliamsonHawkstoneGreenfordDeluxe Last
Gold FieldAshwinMorsleyAndromeda Names
SeacroftAshtonCoopersleyInfinite Last
Seek LastAirborne NamesMerchant BretonCoordinate Breton
Novel NamesFrame NamesCandy BretonVox Last
Collective LastTrance NamesBuffer BretonWildflower Last
Exist, Breton,Ink LastAmbient BretonWorkman Last
Glow LastDevelop LastNation NamesWatch Last
Deluxe LastIntuition NamesFloral NamesFast Last
Andromeda NamesParagon NamesABC BretonCreative Breton
Infinite LastDetail LastCare BretonMeter Names
Coordinate BretonMast BretonAmber LastSplendour Breton
Vox LastTouch LastCafe LastAirborne Names
Wildflower LastBuff BretonMedium NamesFrame Names
Workman LastClinical LastNirvana LastTrance Names
Watch LastDonna NamesQueens LastInk Last
Fast LastTog BretonFluid NamesDevelop Last
Creative BretonMax BretonDetail LastIntuition Names
Meter NamesBuff NamesMast BretonParagon Names
Splendour BretonBreak LastTouch LastFluid Names

Good Breton Names

Just like any clan, Bretons were an important part of history. Due to the fictional world and the gaming earth, these characters gained immense popularity.

Good Breton
Good Breton

This popularity urged for new unconventional Breton names. Here’s a list of really Good Breton Names.

Debate InwoodHerbert GreenBlack WrathDr Breton
Soule DandDenster FrightAndre VarnanNatural Good
Robentre BernardGravy VandalNelda DrenGoodarc
Oliver KantIrene GonSimine LangieVitality Names
Jenifer MarkramAlam mo IretheRoberto FiniganFeed Breton
Robert SetteeGive SentralDelivery JungMinty Breton
Verna ListieVarne RaphaelMembers BernardGoodtastic
Urdasou XanaduUmbridge YokongSo TenseSense Names
Whole BretonCentral BretonWard BretonGrow Good
Sound BretonNameBorn NamesDished Good
Busters NamesNouveau NamesRepair BretonFantastic
Zest GoodBorn GoodHealing GoodBretonaro
Lucha NamesWave GoodNamelyUptown Good
Superior NamesWedge GoodVibrance GoodCrispy Names
Care NamesQuest NamesRefresh NamesWish Names
Citron NamesYummy NamesBulk GoodRelish Breton
Repair NamesCafe BretonNamaraHardy Names
Vital NamesBaked GoodCheck GoodTakeout Names
BronxCheck BretonWelfare GoodGoodRx
Motivate GoodRamjetFix NamesCater Names
Palace BretonStreet NamesEnergise BretonJuicy Names
Progress BretonMozillaSpices GoodEnergy Names
Pure GoodBretonhutBretonliaCentral Breton
Repair GoodEnhanced NamesReal NamesCuisine Names
Carte BretonRescue BretonEase NamesBretondo

Breton Naming Conventions

Firstly, for naming a Breton character, one must choose a relatively lore-friendly name. The names are mostly a combination of English, Celtic, French, faux-French Names.

Breton Naming Conventions
Breton Naming Conventions

The surname for Bretons in Arena and Dagger fall consists of thirteen prefixes. There has been a convention to name a Breton name, but with time, new and unique methods of naming have come up.

Major BretonFodder BretonStart NowConventionsiva
Vine BretonLaunch BretonRockstar GamesDepend Breton
Galore BretonMasses BretonTooth BretonAllegiance Conventions
Chic BretonRatings BretonBargains LastVapour Breton
Pop NamingDoll NamingContemporary LastFlair Naming
Plethora ConventionsHowl ConventionsFlossy NamesEagle Breton
Platinum ConventionsFresh ConventionsVape NamesVita Naming
Rainbow BretonJar ConventionsPlonk BretonHorizon Naming
Flora NamingVoice BretonScope NamesChorus Breton
Propel NamingQualified BretonApe BretonPatch Naming
Sleuth BretonPronto ConventionsAlly NamesHorizon Conventions
Light NamingPrairie BretonShed NamesProbe Naming
Blink ConventionsAgena NamingPriority BretonLogic Conventions
Motion NamingCloset NamingFlight NamesHeaven Breton
Blur ConventionsBeast ConventionsPursuit BretonGalaxy Conventions
Blush NamingRealm NamingZoom BretonVilla Naming
Flex ConventionsStory ConventionsIgnition NamesAchilles Conventions
Hatch BretonTune NamingEgy BretonTender Breton
Unlimited NamingFad ConventionsThrifty LastWatchdog Breton
Stretch ConventionsGoo BretonCelebration BretonTender Conventions
Objective ConventionsCocoon BretonArmy NamesDepot Conventions
Rush ConventionsSavvy NamingBoo NamesEnforcer Breton
Sage NamingIcarus ConventionsQuirky BretonSurya Breton
Haven NamingKnowledge ConventionsDesire NamesFortune Breton

Breton Name Generator

Breton Names
Breton Name Generator

There are certain rules and conventions which are considered while deciding a Breton name. Both males and females can share the same last name. Here’s a Breton name generator, which provides the best and suitable Breton names for both males and females, keeping in mind the conventions.

Cierra BrunelAlborada StandJuliemonn FrostIntuition Breton
Argus NestleArinaque FraudAzores HolmesIntellect Generator
Persephone GungBeleneulerys PolniseBlache SetdrimeDev Name
Illuminate NameBretonomaticFocus GeneratorFlash Generator
Key NameCollateral NameSecure BretonCatalyst Breton
Overdrive GeneratorVision GeneratorNamezoidSmart Generator
Mason NameAlt BretonNamequipoGeneratortastic
Nixon GeneratorContractors BretonConnect BretonFortify Breton
Hack BretonPing BretonChrome GeneratorAutomate Name
Faith GeneratorGenerativeVista GeneratorBreton
GeneratoropolisBronxInteractive NameOutlook Generator
Script NameLock GeneratorVelocity BretonFreeze Generator
Pivot GeneratorTotal NameCyber BretonSonic Breton
Condition BretonGeneratorVigilant NameRubicon Breton
Command BretonVariable NameWare BretonGenerator works
GeneratorlyticalCubed NameFusion GeneratorFramework Name
Viewpoint BretonBretonliaTetra NameFaith Breton
Name worksLean GeneratorNamedeckBretondo
Frame BretonCivil NameNameFrame Generator
GeneratorneticApp NameCyber BretonCommand Name
Dock BretonPath GeneratorAffordable NameFramed Generator
Info NameGenerationsCommand GeneratorPerformance Generator
Integration GeneratorChoice GeneratorGamepadGeneratorhut
Sky BretonProgrammatic NameAspect NameThink Generator
Form GeneratorGeneratorliaFramework BretonBretondeck

Elder Scrolls Breton Names

The Elder Scrolls is a series of action-packed role-playing video games. The series focuses on the free play gaming world. Here, new characters are introduced. Bretons are an important part of the game.

Breton Names

It attracted gamers and teens and the popularity increased. With immense popularity, comes the need to find proper Breton names for the characters. Here’s a list of Elder Scrolls Breton Names.

Brain CausBriana JoanaKorsleste DrendegerConventional Elder
Christer YolkMariana UcoCicero GallusGroove Names
Bor CariusGemini HitterJyngogofol HustBeguiling Names
Edline LipipidigConstantius DagerLocos SeeingLynx Names
Marley ParsKiffer Von DanXaxa TesterJazz Elder
Infinite NamesMind NamesResponse ScrollsCarnations Names
Poly BretonActive ElderSanctuary ScrollsKeen Breton
Groovy ElderUnited ElderCommune ScrollsAblaze Names
Heat ScrollsBulletin BretonPush ElderRaven Scrolls
Loyal ScrollsInfinite NamesMind NamesTempt Elder
Odyssey NamesPoly BretonActive ElderDelight Elder
Reflection ElderGroovy ElderUnited ElderAwesome Breton
Aim ScrollsHeat ScrollsBulletin BretonLuring Scrolls
Conquer ScrollsLoyal ScrollsFarewell NamesHaste Scrolls
Byte ElderOdyssey NamesZone ScrollsComplex Breton
Guides BretonReflection ElderPaper BretonWired Elder
Acclaim BretonAim ScrollsCells NamesShoot Breton
Aspect ElderConquer ScrollsWar NamesSpecialty Elder
Ethereal NamesByte ElderLogic NamesMax Scrolls
Meadow NamesGuides BretonBoost ScrollsOp Scrolls
Factory ElderAcclaim BretonShot ScrollsWeight Scrolls
Response ScrollsAspect ElderClinical BretonWildlife Breton
Sanctuary ScrollsEthereal NamesSong NamesBalaji Scrolls
Commune ScrollsMeadow NamesPlants BretonLux Names
Push ElderFactory ElderAmity NamesMogul Breton

Skyrim Breton Names

Breton Names
Skyrim Breton

Another character of the Elder Scroll game is Skyrim. Skyrim’s can easily change the name of their characters based on their race and origin. Here’s a list of some of the best Skyrim Breton Names.

Vista GreenBrest GangOkan KeerDirect Names
Caligari YesterDanger KungTimothee Stak LightSprint Skyrim
Milos SchemeSocucui JesterAndre GraveDawn Breton
Graeme QuihoteUradosou VanderbiltLala TavernClear Names
Midas DarrasMakur StacyFalcon StrikeMidnight Breton
Tale NamesMethod SkyrimFixer NamesPoint Names
Justice BretonSquire BretonCivil BretonPlus Names
Sage BretonEnjoy SkyrimRage BretonA1 Breton
Custom SkyrimWavy SkyrimNexus BretonGlacier Skyrim
Bound NamesTrinity NamesChecked SkyrimArte Names
Brewers SkyrimEarthy SkyrimGrade SkyrimTable Names
Commando NamesLust SkyrimLift BretonDefender Names
Transfer BretonDestination NamesThumb NamesBuys Breton
Egghead BretonWarmth BretonValues SkyrimDesk Breton
People BretonShoot NamesHub NamesEden Names
Pursuit BretonFinish SkyrimRuby SkyrimPlush Skyrim
Clue NamesSmurf SkyrimChomp NamesExact Names
Handy NamesOutpost BretonCrush NamesMeadow Skyrim
Gazetteer BretonIntensity BretonKitty SkyrimDeluxe Breton
Circle SkyrimRail BretonPreserve NamesExemplary Skyrim
Food SkyrimRelieve BretonSpur NamesSpar Breton
Turbo SkyrimArtistry BretonDrill NamesJoy Skyrim
Arise NamesConnection SkyrimGen NamesNova Skyrim
Rainbow SkyrimHideout BretonElectric NamesPassion Breton
Pure SkyrimChain NamesPropel SkyrimProject Breton

What Are Breton Names?

Breton is a race that is deeply influenced by the French and Franco-Canadian culture along with the Celtic link.  Breton is closest to Welsh among Celtic languages.

Breton Names
Breton Names

Now, each person has a name, unique and different. Earlier Breton names are harder to come by but with time, there developed a convention to name the Bretons. Given above, in the categorized groups, there are a lot of Breton Names, which will give a sense about Breton Names.

What Does The Name Breton Mean?

The name Breton is a boy’s name of French origin, deriving the meaning from ‘Brittany’. Breton is also used as a term for the people and language spoken by the inhabitants of the Breton region, Brittany, a region of northern France has a unique culture.

What Are Bretons Based On?

Bretons are the descendants of either an Aldmeri-Nedic or Aldmeri-Atmoran Hybrid race and the consistently termed as the Mongrel race of Tramiel. Breton are a Celtic ethnic group and are native to the region Brittany.

They derive much of their heritage from the groups of Brittonic speakers who emigrated from the other parts and settled in Bretons.

Do Bretons Have Last Names?

Breton Names

Definitely, Bretons have last names and they are quite meaningful. Bretons have a French twist in their surnames or to say last names. Bretons have the last names unique and have a connection to the region they resided or their region of origin.

Medieval Breton Names

Breton Names
Medieval Breton

With time, with the century, names have taken a graph and changed drastically. Though the term Breton is an age-old word, during the medieval period, it attained popularity and came into the focus. Here’s a list of Medieval Breton Names.

Alex BrandonCanto FriendBarnabas XontoSpark Breton
Beltane CartridgeBritain ConbritCatalanBerserker Medieval
Belto VernerCadwobri AskenGraysonBretonvio
Yellow UiterConbrit ConnorEnter AskGhost Names
Hamilton Maza JungGemini GustGion AltoAce Names
Rage BretonOffence NamesMarksman BretonLore Breton
BretonopediaStrategy MedievalFrag MedievalSage Medieval
Videogame BretonBuff BretonMedievalPaladin Medieval
Champion MedievalMediumChip MedievalGeek Names
Script NamesVault BretonBretonluxDestructor Breton
NamlazaMax NamesShock NamesFighter Names
Gamer NamesMech NamesScribe BretonArk Names
Grind NamesStealth NameHorizon MedievalShadow Medieval
BretonsGladiator BretonFighter MedievalAccelerate Breton
Heart BretonForce MedievalCleric MedievalRaid Breton
Share NamesAffliction BretonVibe NamesTerror Names
Fox NamesMedievalismLethal MedievalAssault Medieval
Samurai NamesPortal BretonNamomaticLoud Names
Strike MedievalDudes MedievalStudios MedievalSuper Names
Guardian MedievalPush BretonInteractive NamesBretonscape
Tactics BretonNamoLink NamesMod Medieval
Hotline BretonLime MedievalEmporiumSpar Medieval
Frame BretonBlackout MedievalMage BretonMedievverse
Orc MedievalMonk BretonQuest NamesOrigin Names
Alpha MedievalMedievalBretonqueBreton

Breton Necromancer Names

Breton Names
Breton Necromancer

A necromancer is a person who performs and practices necromancy. It generally means a sorcerer, a magician or a wizard. As told before, Bretons had a natural power of magic. Here’s a list of Breton Necromancer Names that are quite cool.

AlviroHornell IzabellaJane JulioFreya Breton
Luner MenaceIvan KonionAlbus CumulusPasha Names
Milan Dosto DanKonvelen MastNeither OpenRedhot Breton
Brew BretonAdvisor NamesFood BretonMode Necromancer
Den NamesFor Fewer NamesHabit NecromancerHammer Names
Dream NamesBrew BretonAdvisor NamesCrown Names
Recycle BretonDen NamesFor Fewer NamesRhubarb Breton
Shack NamesDream NamesDragonfly NamesInspire Breton
Linear NecromancerRecycle BretonBeyond NamesGrassland Breton
Hopper BretonShack NamesLotus BretonAssembly Necromancer
Grade NecromancerLinear NecromancerRegister NecromancerDarkroom Breton
Wonderful NamesHopper BretonWard BretonSmar Necromancer
Donna BretonGrade NecromancerPuffs NecromancerPharaoh Necromancer
Tingle NecromancerWonderful NamesEsthetic NamesSwift Names
Mob NecromancerDonna BretonAlive NecromancerTango Necromancer
Ticket NamesTingle NecromancerDove NamesCheer Names
Chart NamesMob NecromancerBeacon NamesMusic Necromancer
Glare BretonTicket NamesGiggles NecromancerJackpot Breton
Chat BretonChart NamesEngine NamesPiglets Names
Crossover BretonGlare BretonReview NamesTinged Breton
Split NecromancerChat BretonLuring NamesGround Breton
Engine NamesCrossover BretonVelocity BretonAbstract Names
Bravo NamesSplit NecromancerSpade NamesTornado Necromancer
Food BretonEngine NamesGrave NecromancerWired Breton
Habit NecromancerBravo NamesDungeon NecromancerImmersion Necromancer

Given Above, are a bunch full of Breton names and the best part is that they are categorized into a different group which makes it easy to find the best Breton names according to each choice and selection

So, you all can choose your apt Breton names from the list and the ones who do not much about the Bretons can also get to know what actually Bretons are and how they are named.

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