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999+The Most Amazing Breton Names On The Internet.

Bretons are generally the Celts who live in the North-West region of France. They are mainly considered a minority group. The largest body of information on Breton names begins back in the 9th century with cartularies, for example, the Cartulary of Redon.

 Earlier names were difficult to get, but with time, new methods of naming and the need of finding a suitable Breton name has come up. Here’s a list of Breton names categorized into different subgenres.

Female Breton Names

It is not to mention, that a name portrays and highlights a lot of things. Therefore, it is much needed to give a name with significance.

Breton Names
Female Breton

Female Breton characters have some beautiful Breton names that are full of underlining meanings. Here’s a list of female Breton names.

Adara Tex Alexia Iona Alphihid Sent Female Novel
Arcadia Asta Alva Brown Apollo Ting Names Blues
Edwina Danny Dang Torn Emilia Joanna Names Wavey
Danica Frida Dorothee Gold Kahlo Jim Breton Split
Gerta Iana Greeta Depoy Felix Sun Femalelytical
Christiana Holme Jordis Kaye Kane Cohen Bretonpad
Femalebea Femalepad Female Supreme Female Hook
Female Cause Female Radius Female Count Names Capital
Names Blank Female Tenor Bretonque Female Limitless
Bretonaza Names Feed Manscape Femalequipo
Female Synth Breton Ruckus Female Project Female Ruckus
Breton Blank Breton Radiant Female Chorus Breton Distortion
Female Flight Femalelia Female Spotlight Names Tap
Breton Reckless Breton Bang Female Ride Namable
Names Names Distortion Female Praise Bretononus
Femaletastic Breton Foster Female Mixed Female Assembly
Breton Champion Names Mass Female Clef Names Mass
Names Hook Female Step Female Change Female Triad
Femaleology Breton Voice Female Move Female Crash
Breton Canon Female Pulse Names Round Names Cymbal
Breton Lift Namibia Female Verse Femaleopedia
Name Breton Digi Breton Inside Breton Surge
Names Redux Female Names Sage Breton Fusion
Names Canary Breton Arrowhead Breton Accord Names Grave
Names Assure Female Machine Breton Key Breton Mastered


Male Breton Names

Bretons are a race of humans with the natural gift of magic. They are generally pale and thin, not much of a muscular structure but they are much stronger than the Skyrim clan.

Male Breton

Here’s a list of male Breton Names that are cool and different, not so common and unique.

Agree on Agard King Ashley Aston Green Male Daily
Bedore Iona Berlin Green Stanley Right Male Factor
Agrippina Alvo Radius Sund Duane Tie Bretonoont
Alan Analogue Jesper Kund Durendal Front Breton Base
Bodleire Camus Christo Bright Alin Calixto Maleaholic
Michele Kung Kristofer Kid Christer Elam Bretonporium
Elon Annik Hakon Galus Elano Holmes Breton High
Musk Hume Geol Hye Elander Darius Male Division
Names Express Male Happening Names Atlas Male Strive
Male Bazaar Names Scoot Male Ebony Male Mill
Breton Finished Names Hammer Names After Male Swift
Names Foundation Names Fresh Name Male Detox
Male Olympia Premium Names Stunner Breton Hero
Names Progress Breton Acquire Breton Jasmine Male Mech
Bretonverse Names Off Names Model Breton Dare
Breton Worldwide Male Myna Male Rival Breton Flutter
Breton Vision Male Friends Breton Cut Breton Earth
Breton Create Names Cuisine Breton Hummingbird Breton Solar
Names Crave Male Dime Male Boost Breton Shield
Names Iconic Male Chat Names Fodder Bretonado
Male Viewer Maleaza Names Wood Male Shred
Breton Territory Breton Supply Breton Revenant Names Horizon
Medium Bretonops Names Elegance Bronx
Male Zen Names Ground Male Glee Bretongenics
Bretonooze Names Magic Breton Dockside Names Cube

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Breton Last Names

Bretons were always famous for their beauty and their names. They have contributed famous names to all walks of life. Here’s a list of some beautiful, unique Breton last names, available on the internet.

Breton Names
Ash Field Hawksmith Copperhouse Seek Last
Gar-Field Yenkong Green Stone Novel Names
Term Field Kingsley Weekhart Collective Last
Kingston Marley Moothart Exist, Breton,
Morston Goldsmith Kingsford Glow Last
Williamson Hawkstone Greenford Deluxe Last
Gold Field Ashwin Morsley Andromeda Names
Seacroft Ashton Coopersley Infinite Last
Seek Last Airborne Names Merchant Breton Coordinate Breton
Novel Names Frame Names Candy Breton Vox Last
Collective Last Trance Names Buffer Breton Wildflower Last
Exist, Breton, Ink Last Ambient Breton Workman Last
Glow Last Develop Last Nation Names Watch Last
Deluxe Last Intuition Names Floral Names Fast Last
Andromeda Names Paragon Names ABC Breton Creative Breton
Infinite Last Detail Last Care Breton Meter Names
Coordinate Breton Mast Breton Amber Last Splendour Breton
Vox Last Touch Last Cafe Last Airborne Names
Wildflower Last Buff Breton Medium Names Frame Names
Workman Last Clinical Last Nirvana Last Trance Names
Watch Last Donna Names Queens Last Ink Last
Fast Last Tog Breton Fluid Names Develop Last
Creative Breton Max Breton Detail Last Intuition Names
Meter Names Buff Names Mast Breton Paragon Names
Splendour Breton Break Last Touch Last Fluid Names


Good Breton Names

Just like any clan, Bretons were an important part of history. Due to the fictional world and the gaming earth, these characters gained immense popularity.

Good Breton
Good Breton

This popularity urged for new unconventional Breton names. Here’s a list of really Good Breton Names.

Debate Inwood Herbert Green Black Wrath Dr Breton
Soule Dand Denster Fright Andre Varnan Natural Good
Robentre Bernard Gravy Vandal Nelda Dren Goodarc
Oliver Kant Irene Gon Simine Langie Vitality Names
Jenifer Markram Alam mo Irethe Roberto Finigan Feed Breton
Robert Settee Give Sentral Delivery Jung Minty Breton
Verna Listie Varne Raphael Members Bernard Goodtastic
Urdasou Xanadu Umbridge Yokong So Tense Sense Names
Whole Breton Central Breton Ward Breton Grow Good
Sound Breton Name Born Names Dished Good
Busters Names Nouveau Names Repair Breton Fantastic
Zest Good Born Good Healing Good Bretonaro
Lucha Names Wave Good Namely Uptown Good
Superior Names Wedge Good Vibrance Good Crispy Names
Care Names Quest Names Refresh Names Wish Names
Citron Names Yummy Names Bulk Good Relish Breton
Repair Names Cafe Breton Namara Hardy Names
Vital Names Baked Good Check Good Takeout Names
Bronx Check Breton Welfare Good GoodRx
Motivate Good Ramjet Fix Names Cater Names
Palace Breton Street Names Energise Breton Juicy Names
Progress Breton Mozilla Spices Good Energy Names
Pure Good Bretonhut Bretonlia Central Breton
Repair Good Enhanced Names Real Names Cuisine Names
Carte Breton Rescue Breton Ease Names Bretondo

Breton Naming Conventions

Firstly, for naming a Breton character, one must choose a relatively lore-friendly name. The names are mostly a combination of English, Celtic, French, faux-French Names.

Breton Naming Conventions
Breton Naming Conventions

The surname for Bretons in Arena and Dagger fall consists of thirteen prefixes. There has been a convention to name a Breton name, but with time, new and unique methods of naming have come up.

Major Breton Fodder Breton Start Now Conventionsiva
Vine Breton Launch Breton Rockstar Games Depend Breton
Galore Breton Masses Breton Tooth Breton Allegiance Conventions
Chic Breton Ratings Breton Bargains Last Vapour Breton
Pop Naming Doll Naming Contemporary Last Flair Naming
Plethora Conventions Howl Conventions Flossy Names Eagle Breton
Platinum Conventions Fresh Conventions Vape Names Vita Naming
Rainbow Breton Jar Conventions Plonk Breton Horizon Naming
Flora Naming Voice Breton Scope Names Chorus Breton
Propel Naming Qualified Breton Ape Breton Patch Naming
Sleuth Breton Pronto Conventions Ally Names Horizon Conventions
Light Naming Prairie Breton Shed Names Probe Naming
Blink Conventions Agena Naming Priority Breton Logic Conventions
Motion Naming Closet Naming Flight Names Heaven Breton
Blur Conventions Beast Conventions Pursuit Breton Galaxy Conventions
Blush Naming Realm Naming Zoom Breton Villa Naming
Flex Conventions Story Conventions Ignition Names Achilles Conventions
Hatch Breton Tune Naming Egy Breton Tender Breton
Unlimited Naming Fad Conventions Thrifty Last Watchdog Breton
Stretch Conventions Goo Breton Celebration Breton Tender Conventions
Objective Conventions Cocoon Breton Army Names Depot Conventions
Rush Conventions Savvy Naming Boo Names Enforcer Breton
Sage Naming Icarus Conventions Quirky Breton Surya Breton
Haven Naming Knowledge Conventions Desire Names Fortune Breton


Breton Name Generator

Breton Names
Breton Name Generator

There are certain rules and conventions which are considered while deciding a Breton name. Both males and females can share the same last name. Here’s a Breton name generator, which provides the best and suitable Breton names for both males and females, keeping in mind the conventions.

Cierra Brunel Alborada Stand Juliemonn Frost Intuition Breton
Argus Nestle Arinaque Fraud Azores Holmes Intellect Generator
Persephone Gung Beleneulerys Polnise Blache Setdrime Dev Name
Illuminate Name Bretonomatic Focus Generator Flash Generator
Key Name Collateral Name Secure Breton Catalyst Breton
Overdrive Generator Vision Generator Namezoid Smart Generator
Mason Name Alt Breton Namequipo Generatortastic
Nixon Generator Contractors Breton Connect Breton Fortify Breton
Hack Breton Ping Breton Chrome Generator Automate Name
Faith Generator Generative Vista Generator Breton
Generatoropolis Bronx Interactive Name Outlook Generator
Script Name Lock Generator Velocity Breton Freeze Generator
Pivot Generator Total Name Cyber Breton Sonic Breton
Condition Breton Generator Vigilant Name Rubicon Breton
Command Breton Variable Name Ware Breton Generator works
Generatorlytical Cubed Name Fusion Generator Framework Name
Viewpoint Breton Bretonlia Tetra Name Faith Breton
Name works Lean Generator Namedeck Bretondo
Frame Breton Civil Name Name Frame Generator
Generatornetic App Name Cyber Breton Command Name
Dock Breton Path Generator Affordable Name Framed Generator
Info Name Generations Command Generator Performance Generator
Integration Generator Choice Generator Gamepad Generatorhut
Sky Breton Programmatic Name Aspect Name Think Generator
Form Generator Generatorlia Framework Breton Bretondeck


Elder Scrolls Breton Names

The Elder Scrolls is a series of action-packed role-playing video games. The series focuses on the free play gaming world. Here, new characters are introduced. Bretons are an important part of the game.

Breton Names

It attracted gamers and teens and the popularity increased. With immense popularity, comes the need to find proper Breton names for the characters. Here’s a list of Elder Scrolls Breton Names.

Brain Caus Briana Joana Korsleste Drendeger Conventional Elder
Christer Yolk Mariana Uco Cicero Gallus Groove Names
Bor Carius Gemini Hitter Jyngogofol Hust Beguiling Names
Edline Lipipidig Constantius Dager Locos Seeing Lynx Names
Marley Pars Kiffer Von Dan Xaxa Tester Jazz Elder
Infinite Names Mind Names Response Scrolls Carnations Names
Poly Breton Active Elder Sanctuary Scrolls Keen Breton
Groovy Elder United Elder Commune Scrolls Ablaze Names
Heat Scrolls Bulletin Breton Push Elder Raven Scrolls
Loyal Scrolls Infinite Names Mind Names Tempt Elder
Odyssey Names Poly Breton Active Elder Delight Elder
Reflection Elder Groovy Elder United Elder Awesome Breton
Aim Scrolls Heat Scrolls Bulletin Breton Luring Scrolls
Conquer Scrolls Loyal Scrolls Farewell Names Haste Scrolls
Byte Elder Odyssey Names Zone Scrolls Complex Breton
Guides Breton Reflection Elder Paper Breton Wired Elder
Acclaim Breton Aim Scrolls Cells Names Shoot Breton
Aspect Elder Conquer Scrolls War Names Specialty Elder
Ethereal Names Byte Elder Logic Names Max Scrolls
Meadow Names Guides Breton Boost Scrolls Op Scrolls
Factory Elder Acclaim Breton Shot Scrolls Weight Scrolls
Response Scrolls Aspect Elder Clinical Breton Wildlife Breton
Sanctuary Scrolls Ethereal Names Song Names Balaji Scrolls
Commune Scrolls Meadow Names Plants Breton Lux Names
Push Elder Factory Elder Amity Names Mogul Breton


Skyrim Breton Names

Breton Names
Skyrim Breton

Another character of the Elder Scroll game is Skyrim. Skyrim’s can easily change the name of their characters based on their race and origin. Here’s a list of some of the best Skyrim Breton Names.

Vista Green Brest Gang Okan Keer Direct Names
Caligari Yester Danger Kung Timothee Stak Light Sprint Skyrim
Milos Scheme Socucui Jester Andre Grave Dawn Breton
Graeme Quihote Uradosou Vanderbilt Lala Tavern Clear Names
Midas Darras Makur Stacy Falcon Strike Midnight Breton
Tale Names Method Skyrim Fixer Names Point Names
Justice Breton Squire Breton Civil Breton Plus Names
Sage Breton Enjoy Skyrim Rage Breton A1 Breton
Custom Skyrim Wavy Skyrim Nexus Breton Glacier Skyrim
Bound Names Trinity Names Checked Skyrim Arte Names
Brewers Skyrim Earthy Skyrim Grade Skyrim Table Names
Commando Names Lust Skyrim Lift Breton Defender Names
Transfer Breton Destination Names Thumb Names Buys Breton
Egghead Breton Warmth Breton Values Skyrim Desk Breton
People Breton Shoot Names Hub Names Eden Names
Pursuit Breton Finish Skyrim Ruby Skyrim Plush Skyrim
Clue Names Smurf Skyrim Chomp Names Exact Names
Handy Names Outpost Breton Crush Names Meadow Skyrim
Gazetteer Breton Intensity Breton Kitty Skyrim Deluxe Breton
Circle Skyrim Rail Breton Preserve Names Exemplary Skyrim
Food Skyrim Relieve Breton Spur Names Spar Breton
Turbo Skyrim Artistry Breton Drill Names Joy Skyrim
Arise Names Connection Skyrim Gen Names Nova Skyrim
Rainbow Skyrim Hideout Breton Electric Names Passion Breton
Pure Skyrim Chain Names Propel Skyrim Project Breton

What Are Breton Names?

Breton is a race that is deeply influenced by the French and Franco-Canadian culture along with the Celtic link.  Breton is closest to Welsh among Celtic languages.

Breton Names
Breton Names

Now, each person has a name, unique and different. Earlier Breton names are harder to come by but with time, there developed a convention to name the Bretons. Given above, in the categorized groups, there are a lot of Breton Names, which will give a sense about Breton Names.

What Does The Name Breton Mean?

The name Breton is a boy’s name of French origin, deriving the meaning from ‘Brittany’. Breton is also used as a term for the people and language spoken by the inhabitants of the Breton region, Brittany, a region of northern France has a unique culture.

What Are Bretons Based On?

Bretons are the descendants of either an Aldmeri-Nedic or Aldmeri-Atmoran Hybrid race and the consistently termed as the Mongrel race of Tramiel. Breton are a Celtic ethnic group and are native to the region Brittany.

They derive much of their heritage from the groups of Brittonic speakers who emigrated from the other parts and settled in Bretons.

Do Bretons Have Last Names?

Breton Names

Definitely, Bretons have last names and they are quite meaningful. Bretons have a French twist in their surnames or to say last names. Bretons have the last names unique and have a connection to the region they resided or their region of origin.

Medieval Breton Names

Breton Names
Medieval Breton

With time, with the century, names have taken a graph and changed drastically. Though the term Breton is an age-old word, during the medieval period, it attained popularity and came into the focus. Here’s a list of Medieval Breton Names.

Alex Brandon Canto Friend Barnabas Xonto Spark Breton
Beltane Cartridge Britain Conbrit Catalan Berserker Medieval
Belto Verner Cadwobri Asken Grayson Bretonvio
Yellow Uiter Conbrit Connor Enter Ask Ghost Names
Hamilton Maza Jung Gemini Gust Gion Alto Ace Names
Rage Breton Offence Names Marksman Breton Lore Breton
Bretonopedia Strategy Medieval Frag Medieval Sage Medieval
Videogame Breton Buff Breton Medieval Paladin Medieval
Champion Medieval Medium Chip Medieval Geek Names
Script Names Vault Breton Bretonlux Destructor Breton
Namlaza Max Names Shock Names Fighter Names
Gamer Names Mech Names Scribe Breton Ark Names
Grind Names Stealth Name Horizon Medieval Shadow Medieval
Bretons Gladiator Breton Fighter Medieval Accelerate Breton
Heart Breton Force Medieval Cleric Medieval Raid Breton
Share Names Affliction Breton Vibe Names Terror Names
Fox Names Medievalism Lethal Medieval Assault Medieval
Samurai Names Portal Breton Namomatic Loud Names
Strike Medieval Dudes Medieval Studios Medieval Super Names
Guardian Medieval Push Breton Interactive Names Bretonscape
Tactics Breton Namo Link Names Mod Medieval
Hotline Breton Lime Medieval Emporium Spar Medieval
Frame Breton Blackout Medieval Mage Breton Medievverse
Orc Medieval Monk Breton Quest Names Origin Names
Alpha Medieval Medieval Bretonque Breton

Breton Necromancer Names

Breton Names
Breton Necromancer

A necromancer is a person who performs and practices necromancy. It generally means a sorcerer, a magician or a wizard. As told before, Bretons had a natural power of magic. Here’s a list of Breton Necromancer Names that are quite cool.

Alviro Hornell Izabella Jane Julio Freya Breton
Luner Menace Ivan Konion Albus Cumulus Pasha Names
Milan Dosto Dan Konvelen Mast Neither Open Redhot Breton
Brew Breton Advisor Names Food Breton Mode Necromancer
Den Names For Fewer Names Habit Necromancer Hammer Names
Dream Names Brew Breton Advisor Names Crown Names
Recycle Breton Den Names For Fewer Names Rhubarb Breton
Shack Names Dream Names Dragonfly Names Inspire Breton
Linear Necromancer Recycle Breton Beyond Names Grassland Breton
Hopper Breton Shack Names Lotus Breton Assembly Necromancer
Grade Necromancer Linear Necromancer Register Necromancer Darkroom Breton
Wonderful Names Hopper Breton Ward Breton Smar Necromancer
Donna Breton Grade Necromancer Puffs Necromancer Pharaoh Necromancer
Tingle Necromancer Wonderful Names Esthetic Names Swift Names
Mob Necromancer Donna Breton Alive Necromancer Tango Necromancer
Ticket Names Tingle Necromancer Dove Names Cheer Names
Chart Names Mob Necromancer Beacon Names Music Necromancer
Glare Breton Ticket Names Giggles Necromancer Jackpot Breton
Chat Breton Chart Names Engine Names Piglets Names
Crossover Breton Glare Breton Review Names Tinged Breton
Split Necromancer Chat Breton Luring Names Ground Breton
Engine Names Crossover Breton Velocity Breton Abstract Names
Bravo Names Split Necromancer Spade Names Tornado Necromancer
Food Breton Engine Names Grave Necromancer Wired Breton
Habit Necromancer Bravo Names Dungeon Necromancer Immersion Necromancer

Given Above, are a bunch full of Breton names and the best part is that they are categorized into a different group which makes it easy to find the best Breton names according to each choice and selection

So, you all can choose your apt Breton names from the list and the ones who do not much about the Bretons can also get to know what actually Bretons are and how they are named.


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