Wolf Names

Wolf Names


Wolves are marvelous and majestic creatures. Wolves are the most beautiful creatures on earth; however, they are so strong and fierce that nobody would like to mess with them. Wolves have always been represented in everything such as movies, pop cultures, and all the way into ancient history. Calling your dog by a wolf’s name will be interesting, isn’t it? Let us straightaway jump into the list of interesting wolf names that we have got for you.


There is always an excitement when you are going to bring a new pup in your family but have you thought about what are you going to name them? One should always look for a name that will complement his/her dog’s personality. If your dog is a wolf-dog, wild or any dog with a very strong personality, then you can pick a name for them from the wolf-dog names list that we have for you.

Wolf Names
Wolf Names

Although many wolf dogs do not resemble their ancestors in appearance, if you have got one that looks like a wolf, then you can consider yourself lucky enough. Now as you have got your favorite dog, it’s time to choose a name for them that really stands out and show off your pup.

We have a list of wolf-dog names that are sure to bring the wild side of your little wild pups. In these articles, we have divided the names into two categories: female wolf dog names and male wolf dog names. But I must say that you must go through all of them as many of these names are unisex.

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If your wolf dog or wolf-like dog is a female, then you can choose a name for her from the list below that can bring out the wild, hunting and crazy side of your pup.

  • Alaska: We all know that Alaska is one of the 50 states of USA. If your little female pup loves snow or has got Alaskan blue eyes, then what else can be a better name for her? This name is quite feminine which has got a really nice bite to it.
  • Aiyana: People feel that most of the wolf names are harsh but it is not like that. Not every name is meant to show toughness, some names simply show the power and elegance. Aiyana means “forever” or “flowering” which sounds very elegant for your female dog.
  • Electra: If your pup is spicy and full of life, then you must go for this name. Electra generally means “sparkling”. If your little spicy pup were a human, then no man would be able to handle her as she is that much handful.
  • Duchess: If your little pup looks like a princess, then you can hit the jackpot with this name. Moreover, we all know that every duke needs a duchess, so if you have one male and one female pup in your family then it will be a cute combination to name them duke and duchess.
  • Hera: Hera, also known as the goddess of marriage, is the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology. Hera is a perfect name for your dog because it’s strong and powerful.
  • Keesha: if your pup is very bossy and like to do things according to her, then this name will suit her best. Keesha means “her life”, which is idle for your little bossy dog.
  • Luna: Luna is a romantic and beautiful name for a female wolf, especially if she is known to be a late night howls. Luna is a Latin word which means “moon”. So if your little pup loves to look at the moon in the night, then why not to name her after it?
  • Maya: The meaning of Maya in Hindus is “illusion” which has been derived from the Hindu goddess named Durga. However, in Hebrew, the meaning of Maya is “spring” or “brook”. This is the perfect name for your pup that is filled with warmth and love.
  • Nadie: Do you see hope and happiness in the eyes of your little pup when she looks at you? If yes then you can go for this name as it literally means “hope”.
  • Storm: Is you little pup a little mess and always in the mood to create the mess? Then this name will perfectly resemble your dog. This name is not gentle at all, it aggressive. So why not to name your pup a storm? Who never misses a chance to create the mess but never mind she’s cute.
  • Orca: Orca is a type of whale that is known to be strong, emotional and resilient just as the wolves. So Orca can be a beautiful name for your pup.
  • Seska: Seska is another name for “Saskya” which means “Saxon woman”. This is not a gentle name, but it is for a strong female dog that does not get pushed around at the dog park.
  • Willow: Do your pup enjoys a relaxed and easy life? Then this might perfectly suit her. Willows are the most beautiful trees that have long, colorful and flowing branches that give a very majestic and romantic look. Perfect for a dog who loves to be at ease and relaxed.

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Are you looking for a name that matches your male dog and his essence? Then don’t worry we are here to make your work easier. We have picked out some of the best names for your male dog. Some of these names are unisex so you can use them for your female dogs as well.

Wolf Names
Wolf Names
  • Arctic: The Arctic is the northernmost continent on the earth which has the clearest area where you will be able to see stars at night and the crisp white snow. If your little male pup has got blue eyes and the outer pure white coat, then what can be a better name for him than this?
  • Balto: Balto is the name of the famous Siberian husky sledding dog. This name is perfect for those dogs who never like to sit or relax; they just keep running over here and there.
  • Duke: Well we all know about duke and duchess. So if you have a pair of dogs, one male and female, you can name them as duke and duchess to make a perfect cute pair of names. Duke and Duchess are used to in representing royalty.
  • Titan: Titan is the name derived from the Greek mythology that means Race of Gods. Apart from being a God, titan means powerful and influential to others. So if your dog is someone who loves to lead and not to follow, then this is perfect for him.
  • Flash: One second he is here and another second he is somewhere else. If he goes totally out of your sight within seconds because he’s too quick, then what other names can be better for him?
  • Gage: Gage generally means “measurer”. So if your pup is someone who doesn’t like to do things what everyone else is doing and calculate his own options and decide, then this is the perfect name you can give to him.
  • Keeva: Keeva means gentle, kind and beautiful. If you have a pup that looks like a giant teddy bear, then this can suit him the best.
  • Maverik: This name is meant for dogs that are mentally strong and resilient. The dogs with these personality traits stand out from the rest of the pack.
  • Nomad: Is your pup someone who doesn’t like to listen to other but keep on doing he wants? Then you can name him Nomad which means one who likes to roam around and take the smell of everything he wants to.
  • Loki: Although this name sounds to be playful, its meaning is very different. Is your dog someone who likes to get into some trouble every now and then? Then yes go for this name. Loki is the name of the God in Norse mythology who is known to be a trickster and has the powers to change his shape and sex. So this can relate to your dog as well who is a trickster and gets into trouble easily.
  • Meeka: This name probably may not sound for male dogs but it is a unisex name. It is a stunning name for the wolf dogs that have got piercing eyes because the meaning of Meeka is “eye” in Hawaiian.
  • Teva: Is your pup in love with outdoors and never get enough of it? Then this is something you can name him. Teva means “nature” which will perfectly suit your nature-loving dog.

Have you ever thought of giving a wolf name to your child? If not, then keep the boxes of your mind open because wolf names can also be used as your child’s name. If you want to name your child after this beautiful and strong creature with the hope that they will become equally strong and fierce, then you are on the right platform. Here we have the list of names that mean wolf which is divided into again two categories: girl wolf names and boy wolf names.

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WOLF NAMES FEMALE (Girl names that mean wolf)

  • Adolfa: It is the female version of Adolf which means “noble wolf”.
  • Blevine: It is a unisex name which can be given to a child who looks like a wolf cub.
  • Cathwulf: The meaning of this name is the woman pure as a wolf. It can be categorized under wolf spirit names.
  • Due: Due is the name given to one who belongs to the wolf tribe and has got that wolf power.
  • Lovetta: For those who resemble young wolves.
  • Lovota: This is a name given to fast and good-natured wolf.
  • Lupe: meaning “river of the wolf”.
  • Mingan: It is a grey wolf. This name can be given to a person who is as intelligent and furious as the wolf.
  • Rudina: Can be given to a person who is legendary like a wolf.
  • Sassaba: It is the name that means wolf.

WOLF NAMES MALE (Boy names that mean wolf)

  • Borris: Can be given to the child who is like a short wolf.
  • Fridolf: Meaning “peaceful wolf”.
  • Liudolf: It is a famous wolf from the Germanic word Hludwolf.
  • Nirmolak: Nirmolak is a wolf name from the northern areas.
  • Owaisy: It is also a wolf name which means courageous and brave warrior.
  • Raff: Name was given to a red wolf.
  • Randoll: It is the last name that means wolf
  • Raulfe: This name can be given to a person who is wise like a wolf.
  • Rawling: This also comes under the category of “Last names that mean wolf”. Rawling means and advice of the wolf.
  • Rollin: Legendary men like a wolf.
  • Seaxwulf: Means wolf of the sea.

So these were the wolf spirit names that we have for you so that it can make your search for wolf-like names for your dogs and children much easier than ever. So go through all the names and pick the one that suits and resemble your little ones.

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