Unique Instagram Usernames

59+ Savage, Crazy Instagram Usernames To Grow Fast

Though I am not asocial I don’t have much interest in social media. On the contrary, my best friend is the one who can be online 24*7. One day she asked me to open a new social media account on Instagram and I refused without a second thought. This upset her and she said if I didn’t open one she’ll discontinue talking to me. Though she was not serious about it to make her happy I started the procedure. Everything was going fine but I was unable to choose the username. I am a bit choosy and the names I decided on were unavailable. After a long search, I queued a few. Those were luckygirl, sunshinegirl, wanderlustgirl, foodieforever, sweetwhimsy, miss_mystique, galaxygirl, fearlessandflawless, spicysugar, gypsysoul and girlwithbigdreams. Though these were also unavailable but I added birthday after spicysugar to make it my username.

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Unique Name For Instagram

The username should be unique as no two people can have the same. For that generally, people add numbers or some special character to the existing word but the talent is really shown in creating a username that does not exist. Such names I created for my family and friends by collecting words from different languages and altogether making a new word by assembling them like galaxiagirl, girlwithbigSueños, valienteandimpecable. All of my friends and family liked them and praised me.

Unique Instagram Usernames

Savage Usernames For Instagram

I wished to create a really very strong impression on Instagram, something savage. So I looked for the savage usernames for it. Finally, I came across a few such names. They were Twisted Mind, Red Haired Commando, Digital Nomad, Late Bloomer, Favorite Superitendent, Winter Lover, Stylish Vet, Handsome Monster, Digital Soldier, and God’s Gift to Women. I was most happy with Twisted Mind so I finalized it.

Unique Instagram Usernames

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Badass Instagram Names

I am a badass bank employee so I thought of creating a badass name for my Instagram username. A few names I selected were GoGeek, Genesis, Runway, Make Web, Droplet, The Rhyme, Reverse Co., Symmetry Skip, The Symbol, and Web Alike. Among these, I liked the Runway the most.


Crazy Username For Instagram

Being crazy never goes out of fashion so do crazy usernames. I created my Instagram for fun so I decided to keep the username of Instagram crazy. A few I selected were smart swag, racer hell, showrunner, candy cough, heart ticker, and hello hell. I finalized Fearlessaura.

Unique Instagram Usernames

Cool Usernames For Instagram

My nephew was looking for a cool username for his new Instagram account. To help him I suggested a few wearelivingart, workparty, inkandpaper, accidentalinfluencer, thetrendymood, vintageparis, and havelesstravelmore. He finalized havelesstravelmore as he is a big traveler.

Caption MasterBald Saloon
Daily PunchImported Sense
Cool SamuraiPick a Stick
Extra LoudInsta Master
Day Owlfake_guy

Classy Instagram Names

My grandparents were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary so to make them happy I opened an Instagram account for them. The account I created was full of pics of them from the last 50 years along with a long list of followers of our family, friends, and colleagues. They are classy and choosy so the toughest part was the username. A few I selected were Angelic Touch, Blossom Garden, Starry Eyes, Sunshine Curtain, Giggly Soul, Crown Heights, and Happy Saint. Finally, we all selected Angelic Touch.

Unique Instagram Usernames