Unique Instagram Usernames

Unique Instagram Usernames

Good Instagram Usernames to become a social media sensation :

In case if you are not aware, Instagram is a very popular social media application being used these days. People generally use the app to display a picture gallery of their life.

Though started as a basic photo-sharing app, Instagram has now become a lifeline and people have started getting famous using the app. In recent years, we have seen a lot of bloggers, influencers, fashionistas coming up and inspiring the youth across the globe. Well, many of them gained fame from their Instagram handle.

Unique Instagram Usernames

Yes, you read it right, if used in the right manner, the application can actually make you famous. It the users are to be believed if a user reaches a set amount of likes and followers, he or she is awarded by application authorities. They even start earning from each and every post they upload.

Well, to gain fame and become the apple of the eye for other users, you need to pick a catchy name for your Instagram handle. A user name that stays in a user’s mind, when they come across your Insta handle. IT should actually force them to follow you and explore your exclusive picture gallery.

Catering to the needs of today’s youth, we have collated a list of best, cute, classy, unique and good Instagram usernames. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a unique username for Instagram and rise n shine!! 

Pro Tip: Did you know that social media platforms including Instagram are banned in certain countries? Naming a few, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, and Syria does not allow the use of social media platforms, Instagram being one of them.

Best Instagram names to get followers

Finding the right choice of the best Instagram names to get followers can be a bit of a task if you are not that creative or new to the virtual world. However, the below list is to your rescue.

@americanfailure @filmforher
@apartmenttherapy @gaybestfriend
@babynative @girlwithnojob
@betches @girlwithnojob
@biancachandon @havelesstravelmore
@bigsecret @iamwellandgood
@chillhouse @inkandfable
@collectiveworld @keen
@createcultivate @loversland
@creaturesofcomfort @lusttforlife
@deadofwrite @moss_angeles
@diet_prada @nitch
@dirtybootsandmessyhair @plantifulsoul
@doyoutravel @poemsporn
@drunkbetch @rookiemag
@everydaypursuits @satiregram
@farfetch @sincerelyjules

Aesthetic names for Instagram :

Aesthetic means beauty and nature so, the below list of Instagram name suggestions are all nature themed. Such names appear pleasing to others who search or your Instagram handle online.

People with a soft and pleasing personality generally prefer picking such names that are more earthy and awe-inspiring.

Check out the below list of aesthetic and good usernames Instagram to become an inspiration for other users.

aestetjcgo Cherrycola Moonlight
Almond Cinnamon Pastel Juice
Bangtan Cup of TAE Peach
Bellyache Daydream Pluto
Bluemoon Honey Satans Child
Broken bitch Honey Bxby Sunflower
Brokenvibes Lavie enrose Taekook
BTS Lolipop Taesthetic
Bxby Milktea VKOOK
Bxby doll Mochi Young lust
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Unique usernames for Instagram :

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd in both the real and virtual worlds. While popular names are a thing, some people try picking catchy and unique usernames for Instagram to leave an impression on the profile visitor’s mind.

How to create a unique username for Instagram?

Unique Instagram Usernames

Here are some good usernames combinations of ideas:

  • Color+Brand Name
  • Your First Name+A word that Rhymes with it
  • Flower Name+Music Genre

Other ways to pick unique Instagram usernames:

  • Pick a word from different language
  • Alter your first name
  • Make words appear funny than sensible

Check out the below list of unique Instagram profile names and begin your journey towards fame. Do remember to pick a username that everyone easily remembers.

Albillus Freezinger Novelsta
Axestion GoofyBrilliant Person Drama
Bauminte HanRae Prodigy Edit
Bergmaw HIppoBlaze Spyder Viking
Biumenli Junglenu Sunset Poshy
Charlikel Massievo The Bester
Cincoor Millingaso Towner
Classuck Mohawkeson Viking Field
DailesWel Marratial Vivid Chronos
Francarela Nomortza Waka Shay
@2Cutrer @Liferyan
@Amyurce @Luckylead
@BrilliantConn @MatterFantastic
@Chinkingt @Multityou
@Dailyzing @Netdals
@Datechit @Netwayer
@Equityre @Olabolli
@Freexce @PlotLuda
@FunPony @RadioFlea
@GalHood @Rollar
@Gunfigan @Sidengin
@Hightgua @Stunnavt
@Janrson @Trompesm
@Keeperbe @Wakeboardie
@KryptoSummers @Warmet

Best Instagram names for writers :

Writers promoting their work on Instagram or other social media platforms can pick from the below list of good usernames for Instagram to reach the maximum audience.

WritersLobster WritersHotteen
WritersAgera OriginalWriters
TrickyWriters WritersStitch
WritersRisen CumbersomeWriters
WritersPotGutted WriterSpite
WrathfulWriters WritersWrinkles
WritersMutter ShimmeryWriters

How To View Private Instagram Accounts:

There are three simple ways to view private Instagram accounts and they are listed below:
Reach Out To The Person Directly
Create A Fake Account
Use An App
For obvious reasons, the first method of asking directly to the user is the easiest one. All you need to do is to send a follower request to the person. You can even send a private message so that you can express your feelings towards the person. If the user is impressed with your message as well as the profile, then the person may accept your request. However, there are occasions when the user rejects the request and you are not allowed to view the pictures.

Unique Instagram Usernames

Don’t lose heart, as you still have the other two methods for viewing those private pictures and profiles! The second method is by creating a fake Instagram account. Although this is against ethics, there are innumerable people using this method for following others on Instagram so you too can follow their steps.

If you do not want to create a fake account for viewing someone’s private photos then the simplest method to use is apps. There are several apps and hacks that have been created especially for those who want to view private Instagram users without following them. If you are inquisitive to view any such private profile then you should start using our amazing app that will let you view confidential profiles without getting your account deleted. It is the safest method that you could ever use! Moreover, it is the only method left to use for viewing someone’s content when that particular person has blocked you.

Cool Instagram names that aren’t taken

Now, keeping aside the obvious ones, the below table enlists a few quirky and cool Instagram names that aren’t taken yet or are in possession of a lesser population. 

@_sightunseen_ @fuckyoumakeart
@_woldandmoon @iblamejordan
@032c @idreamofunicorns
@4thandbleeker @ihateblonde
@bagatiba @jimsandkittys
@basementfox @lackofcolouraus
@bloomingalchemy @latenightsinthecity
@chillwildlife @lesparisiennesdumonde
@clash.studio @loversland
@comefeelme @loveseeker
@coyoteflowers @magicalworld
@darksun @manicpixiememegurl
@digitalf33ls @motelvibes
@dirtydisco @natureangel
@dontfeedtheunicorn @openair
@fogwoodandfig @petiue
@fragmentation @placesplusfaces

@Angel Girl @Max
@Angelberry @Manic Psycho
@Awesome chocolate @Squirrel Nuts
@Beautiful @Brutal
@Bee @Grey Mare
@Beloved @WarSyndrome
@Blossom @Wild Born
@Bubbles @Superb guy
@Bubbly @Technophyle
@Buttercup @CyberKing
@Cute Sugar @Romeo
@Daily Punch @Looney Looser
@Dimples @Muffinhead
@Garden Heart @The Prophet
@Groovy angel @Tech Bro
@Little Miss Piggy @CyberWarrior
@Pie sweetness @Born-confused

Attitude names for Instagram :

If the latest stats are to be believed, more than 400 million people are using Instagram. Well, isn’t that a lot? Now, with so many people to compete with, it is difficult to stand out.

Attitude is something which when showcased in the right manner can do much to kick start your journey of fame. With thousands of celebrities and social media fame influencers, your attitude might subside.

Below is a table carrying some attitude worthy Instagram usernames to pick and complete with the flourished users. With almost everyone ready to upload silly, glamorous and behind the scene moments to grab attention, your attitude names for Instagram will definitely contribute to begin your journey towards fame.

Cheesy Nible Greek God Meat Duck
crimson pain ha ve faith in me PowerCordOfJustice
Criss Cross HeyJude Serus Haralain
Diva hot Independent Melvin Silent Eyes
Eifersu itsjohalibro Space Walker
Elegant Jump just some teenager Technophyle
Facer Racer kartier klass Teen Touch
Fear Swag KyoDemer Turnip King
Fresh Face Lovely Dear Wayne
GamingChanging Max Yeah Me

Badass Instagram Names :

Would you like someone calling you Joe Banana or Lord Lenin? Doesn’t it sound cool to be identified with such names?

Such names generally make your personality appear strong and hardcore. Well, if the above statements impress you then the below list of badass Instagram names will definitely catch your eye.

Joe Banana God Father Pzo
Baby Shanks Horse face Quack Quack
Baldy Dom Johny Sausage Sam Sings at Night
Benny Squint Kolya Scarface
Biba Larry Fab Shellackhead
Bondar Lord Lenin St Steve 14th
Boostie Mussolini Tarzan
Butter Ass Owl The reluctant prince
Chee Chee Pat the cat Tick Tock
Chicken Man Pistol Pete Whack Whack

Classy Instagram Names

Classy Instagram Names :

Check out the below list of classy and cool Instagram names for girls and boys. These are some of the most elusive Instagram usernames to pick from.

Check out the below list of classy and cool Instagram names for girls and boys. These are some of the most elusive Instagram usernames to pick from.

RipleyShimmy Vadelect Septenary
Parisyllabic Poiesis Tersive
Tenaculum Cimicide Coniferous
Obluctation Nephelometry Pateriform
Acuminate Slipslop Titrimetry
Succour Decorticate Conation
Exergue Goldenrod Anhelation
Mensaturation Anergia Vulnerary
Sororal Kenophobia Ekphrasis
Stylography Penniform Pomander

Swaggy Usernames for Instagram :

The allure of cute and unique is fine but Swag is something which will surely make a difference. Showcase your swag with the username you posses on Instagram to attract followers.

Usernames need to have a charm that forces the user to click and follow you. YOuse username generally talks about your personality and looks.

For instance, AngelicAcid might be someone who is both good and evil as per requirement. I am sure you must have come across a lot more such example while surfing Instagram 

Here is a list of swaggy Instagram names to pick from basis your personality. We have segregated the list of names differently basis sex.

Swaggy Instagram names for Boys:

Check the compiled list of swaggy Instagram username suggestions for boys.

Bad Captain Deal Cereal Interior Bad
 News Deal Deal Looser Jade Bad
 Racer hell Facer Racer Looney Looser
Bad Chatty Far Racer Looser Bad
Compact Racer Fear Swag Lowercase Guy
Crazy Anyone Feature Swag Plot Racer
Dead Deal Freak Bad Racer Party
Dead Guru Gamer Simmer Swag Football
Deadline Dork Gamer Slayer Tonight Gamer
Deal Anneal Gamer Tales Yoyo Guitarist

Swaggy Instagram names for Girls :

Check the compiled list of swaggy Instagram username suggestions for our cute and happening female Instagram users.

Beauty Babe Live Chic Songbird Garden
Candycane Missy Mystical Dimples Squiggly Munchkin
Cupcake Hugs Princess Fuzzies Sugar Genius
Dazzled Sweetie Rainbow Sweety Sugarplum Chum
Hippy Sunshine Secret Fruity Sugary Heaven
Hot Babe Secret Giggle Sweet Whimsy
Hot Cupid Shy Snicker Tickle Star
Hot Username Here Snowy Secret Triple Adorable
Jelly Cuddles Snuggle Kitty Twilight Queenbee
Lil Cutie Soft Mambo uper Giggles

Cute Instagram names for girls:

Cute and simple usernames for Instagram are for people who wish to keep it calm and subtle. They don’t like much fuss in life even in the virtual world.

Some of the popular cute Instagram username suggestions include @rubysunn, @naturebasket, @lovehunter, @alwaysaugst and so on. You can check the entire list of good username suggestions below:

AweAmerican Elegant Jump Honey Pot
Awebeauty Elegant Pin-Up I Best
Awesome Dreamer Elegant Point I Best
Awesome Honey Follow me well Instantinsta
Awesomeme Garden heart Loveinsta
Baby Base Gold Grace Rose Rain
Baby dream Gold Unseen Splendor
Crazy snow rider Grace Shower Tight Sight
Doll Face Honey Hug Top to follow
Ego Ever Honey Maker Tulip Wind
Unique Instagram Usernames

Professional usernames for Instagram :

Keeping aside the quirk and fun, some people prefer maintaining professionalism, even on social networks. It is said that professional-sounding profiles are taken more seriously than the quirky ones.

Millennials generally pick professional Instagram usernames to keep it all formal and classy. For such serious users, we have created a list of professional usernames for Instagram.

Billiantgrammer Eatll Nearlynn
Blaze Simple Elmstriz Petrache
Cakeythu Emiolori Plexemit
Candyspld Exospeads Pressoft
Cewoodit Heheim Relexus
Charious Hippoha Roninkush
Communique Ledgerat Temple Jame
Cortestei Lin Lin TrendyBabixz
Dandicin Mohawkly WarStein
Dockshdi Natech Wasbe

Thug and Savage Instagram names:

Jump to the gangster street names to add fun and quirk to your photo gallery on Instagram. THe below signature names are perfect to suit a thug personality.

Alertervi Funrdac Mr Dragon
Amyri Gurlyze PhobicMint
ANimeWeblog IffyMister Ravenolin
BurkeShcam Kingui Redoc
Championidol LastingGlitz Renatine
Crayonbaly Log Suave Spiceinfamous
Crayonsk Marcsvant SraSpork
GDavEpic Megstysh Suntr
Forvander Misteratra Taryst
Funnyon Mohawkes TeamThug

Couple Instagram names :

Go all lovy dovy by finding a right Instagram username that illustrates your couple identity. Below is a specially curated sassy list of names to choose from for couples having joint accounts on Instagram.

Benkera Gadamesa Simplurgo
Blikitc GeniusFerdy Simplyra
BuddieBeast Geworkwo Sixtymi
CornyFire HumanLinkin StahYes
Doorpacce Markto TaoCaptain
Eatsency MowerCist Thereston
FanJame Muchem Thiersus
Freeducid PeakRunning Tiphays
Freshweb Semight TopicGlory
Fullnesta Seuralth TrimblePress

While we generally use our names in place of other adjectives to pick usernames on various social media apps including Instagram, a few people look for unique, funny, cool , badass and various other categories to pick the best Instagram usernames for  themselves.

Picking a username is as difficult as picking a name for your newborn. The above article gives you multiple lists of Instagram usernames mentioned under various category subheads. The lists have been segregated basis category because some people like cute names while others want classy names. Others might also look for funny or savage names for being their Instagram usernames.

Wait no more, just pick a name and do not forget to tell us which one did you pick. You can also tell us any more additions to the above-enlisted categories. 

Tips for having the best Instagram names to get followers

Enlisted below are some tips to guide users on how to get more followers by picking unique Instagram handles.

  • To start with, the name should be interesting which compels the user to click and explore
  • Pick a unique one with not much competition
  • It should have the perfect count of characters, not too long or short


We hope the above Instagram name suggestions helped you make the right choice. Do let us know your thoughts. Also, pitch in your picks to be added to the above list if in case we have missed on some.


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