Greek Names

10 Greek Names You’ve Never Heard of But Will Fall in Love With

My husband and I are fond of the Greek language so we decided to give our baby a Greek name. Few names we selected if it will be a baby girl are Ophelia, Iris, Daphne, Penelope, Cora and Atticus, Theodore, Atlas, Theo, and Sebastian if it will be a baby boy.


Greek Boy Names

Greek culture has influenced the world over and over again while keeping its originality. For this reason, my friend decided to keep his child’s name in this language. A few names he shortlisted were Damon, Athanasios, Christos, Messiah, Constantine, Nicholas, and Vassilis.

Greek Names

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Greek Girl Names

My sister-in-law has got a very beautiful baby and she finds Greek girls very beautiful. So she thought of keeping her daughter’s name in Greek. Ophelia, Iris, Daphne, Evangeline, and Penelope were a few of the Greek names.

Greek Names

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Popular Greek Names

My friend is living in Greece. He keeps on sharing his experiences. When I asked for a few good names for my play characters he suggested those in the Greek language. They were popular Greek names Cosmo, Zephyr, Calliope, Margaret, Sophia, Amara, Andrew, Cynthia, Apollo, Agnes, Lysander, George, Peter, Helena, and Althea.


Greek Last Names

I was studying the culture when I came across Greek Last Names and their meanings. Few were Papadopoulos (the son of the priest), Pappas (Priest), Vlahos (Early Greeks from the Roman era, as in Romios), Nikolaou (of Nikolaos), and Vasiliadis (Son of Vassilis).

Greek Names