Evergreen Viking Names

Viking Names for Your Little Warrior – Discover the Most Powerful Ones

I am working in Denmark as an engineer. I was sharing with my friend the working culture and other aspects of here. He admired that place and asked a few names of Vikings for his newborn kid.

I suggested Ailse (Sweet), Arne (eagle), Bjørn (bear), Erik (absolute ruler), Frode (wise and clever), Gorm (he who worships god), Halfdan (the half Danish), Lemond (Law-man), Magnus (Great), Sigrid (Victory), Tora (Thunder) and Vonn (Of hope). Among these, he liked Tora the most.

Evergreen Viking Names

Popular Viking names

Being a history student I keep on learning about different cultures and civilizations. There I learnt about Vikings and their popular names. These were Åse (goddess), Kåre (with curly hair), Helga (sacred), Thurid (Thor and beautiful), Yrsa (wild or she bear) and Ulfhild (wolf or battle).


Old Norse names for girls

My friend wanted to keep something creative, with great meaning for the name of her baby. So, she chose to keep the Old Norse name for her baby girl. A few names she selected were Artina, Botilda, Dagnija, Freya, Gerta, Helga, Ronna and Svala. She selected the Helga name which means blessed or holy.

Evergreen Viking Names

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Old Norse names for boys

Since I like Viking names I suggested to my friend a few of the Viking names for his son. Those names were  Aelfred, Baldr, Cnute, Dellingr, Frye, Har, Magne, Osborn and Tord. Their family finally agreed to Osborn meaning The warrior of God.


Famous Character Viking Names

Different names that I come across at different places I try to understand their meaning. I was doing the same when I came to know about famous Viking characters whose names were Lagertha, Thor, Torvi, Odin, Rollo, Nótt, Astrid Hofferson, Hrólfr Kraki, Magni and Freyr.

Evergreen Viking Names

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Game Of Thrones Viking Names

I am fond of watching series. One of them I liked the most is Game Of Thrones. One of the interesting things in that were the Viking names, Skadi, Astrilde, Hildr, Nanna, Freya, Verdandi, Gerd, Borghild, and Weth.