59+ Hunter Names Ideas For Your Characters

I was busy decorating for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. The whole atmosphere was wild and fun-filled. Since she likes wild animals. Her favorite animal is the tiger. Also, she wants to have a cobra as her pet. She asked me to decide on a name for the baby which signifies hunter. For that, I watched many series to find unique, creative, good, funny, cool, sweet, brave, and amazing Hunter names. Zarola, Winda, Sedna, Pakhet, Neith, Mielikki, Kacela, Fianna, Dali, Cyrene, Britomartis, and Auryon I chose if it will be a baby girl and Todd, Rigel, Odin, Nodens, Makya, Hearne, Cocidius, Artemas, and Arawn if it will be a boy. Let’s see which name will be finalized.

If you are interested to give your baby, hunting inspired name to show your love for hunting then we are here to help you with the number of hunter names and hunter name meanings.

The meaning of hunter is “one who hunts”.

Famous Hunter Names Mythology

Human life started with hunting. With the advent of time hunting has been banned in many countries for species survival.  But, it remained in the lives of people through games or mythological movies, or novels in one form or another form. I enjoy watching mythological movies along with my family. In them, I like the hunter’s names. Of them, I would like to share some with you all. These are Actaeon, Nyyrikki, Devana, Flidais, Nijalik, Orion and Theron.


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Hunter Names Male

My sister wished to make his son grow into a fearless individual who has a great level of leadership, confidence, and patience. So, she thought of giving him a hunter name. A few names she shortlisted were Apsat, Arawn, Jaecar, Makya, Odin, and Sidon. She finalized Odin.

hunter names ideas

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Female Hunter Names

My daughter enjoys sports. She is courageous and has high precision for work. Also, she takes care of the group. These qualities made me think to keep her name on Hunter’s name. A few names which I liked for her are Artemis Auryon, Dali, Flidais, Kainda, Neith, Nerrivik, Pakhet, and Sedna. I liked Neith the most.

hunter names ideas

Demon Hunter Names

My son as a kid was afraid of demons so I told him demons and their hunter’s stories. I also gave him a demon hunter’s name, Begrim. As expected it gave a positive result. If you too are facing the same problem you can choose one of the given names. Demon hunter names are as follows: Shadowfury, Flameseeker, Darkweaver, Darkterror, Darksorrow, Sindweller, Painkiller, Hellbourne, Wrathbringer, Ragerunner, Firebrand, Bloodwrath, and Terrorblade.

hunter names ideas

Cool Hunter Names

One of my friends’ sons has a perfect balance of rugged appeal and undeniable warmth. I gave him a hunter’s name for his planning and precision at work, Arawn. A few other cool hunter names are Aristaeus, Chasen, Grosvenor, Makya, and Rigel for boys and Atalanta, Cyrene, Pakhet, Winda, and Zarola for girls.

hunter names ideas

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Conclusion: The mythologies are decorated with the courageous stories of the hunter and huntress. That is why the hunter’s names of that time are still trending. Many of them are directly adopted by the people while many are used after a change. We also think that hunter names are definitely a good source of inspiration for naming your baby.

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