307+ Cute Dragon Names List

We all have been fascinated by the creature known as Dragons since our childhood. Dragons are the mythical creatures that have been portrayed as monsters in Hollywood movies and wise creatures in Chinese mythology. The Love for Dragons has bought people to a stage that they want to name their pets after Dragon’s names. Surprisingly there are a number of parents who even want to name their children after some Cute Dragon Names.

So to get you started with your search for names, we have divided the Dragon names into two categories: Female Dragon Names and Male Dragon Names. Moreover, these lists include all sorts of dragons such as Red Dragon Name and Black Dragon Name.

Mentioned below is a list of some cool dragon names you can pick from.


Dragons vary depending on the type of fiction you are to be reading, playing or watching. They vary from huge-world destroying creatures to smaller- docile beings, from evil- coarsely scaled behemoths to friendly- serpentine beasts. Their names share the overall style of big, melodic elements.


FEMALE DRAGON NAMES (GIRL DRAGON NAME): Have you ever thought about naming your little angel after some monster looking creatures like Dragons? If not, then you can give it a chance by going through all the badass bearded dragon names that are given below. Also, these names can be used for the cute little female pets that you love the most. So Scroll down to have a look at dragon names and meanings related to it:

  • Hydra: The word Hydra means water in the Greek language. Hydra was the name of a dragon that had multiple heads but later on, was killed by Hercules. This name comes under the category of water dragon names.
  • Tiamat: This name is composed of Ti which means “life” and Ama which means “mother”, so together Tiamat means “mother of life”. In mythology, Tiamat is the name of primeval sea Dragon Goddess and mother of the first God.
  • Annabelinda: This name has been derived from the Latin names. It means favor or grace in Latin language and according to German names, it means a beautiful serpent. Together the meaning of this name is a gracious and beautiful serpent.
  • Bellinda: It can also be spelled as Belinda in the English language. This word means a bright serpent.
  • Melinda: It is a word of modern English which is composed by Mel (means sweet or dark) and Linda (means serpent). So together the meaning of name Melinda is a dark/sweet serpent.
  • Mindy: Mindy is another word or variation for Melinda which has the same meaning as Melinda (dark/sweet serpent).
  • Dalinda: The meaning of Dalinda is the noble serpent in English that will perfectly suit your little one.
  • Linda: It is an English word that has been derived from the Germanic word known as Lindi (means serpent). However, in Italian language Linda just simply means pretty.
  • Linnie: It is another variation for the name Linda which means serpent.
  • Druk: The meaning of the word Druk is the Thunder dragon which can perfectly explain the unstoppable and naughty as hell like nature of your little ones.
  • Kaida: The word Kaida means the little dragon which looks very cute for your female pets.
  • Libelle: This word has been derived from the German language which means The Dragonfly.
  • Tanit: This word has come from the Phoenician myths, according to which it is the names of Goddess of love, stars and moon which possible means “lady serpent”.

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When it comes to naming a dragon, it is mainly named as per its colour. Dragons come in many colour variants as there are blue colour dragons, red colour dragons, silver colour dragons, gold colour dragons, etc. below is a list of such coloured dragons for you to choose from.

Nezgulgos Rostrasz Mykanrion Zodrassian
Nalmecgos Restrasz Torronrius Hudesian
Zivegos Vestrasz Eramzion Elverrian
Lulnugos Evresanz Gameddomu Ylvedes
Yviros Hefrostrasz Ianilzion Arallian
Arzigos Tastrarasz Pilzamdormu Zidivian
Munragos Tymiostrasz Dozdaldomu Alfizian
Yscacgos Haestrarrasz Zerondormu Nartelian
Ydigos Zeresistrasz Grinnernos Eradion
Rascucgos Covradstrasz Zolerdormu Ynsanion




There are dragons which are named after the element that their character displays. Some are named after the fire, some after water and so on. Here is a list of names for each element.


Fire dragons are highly popular among dragon watchers and are well-known among other categories of dragons. They are most famously known for their fire-breathing abilities. Below is a list of some fire dragon names you can pick from.

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Firestar Ashley Cloud Slush
Fireball Flame Chrysophylax Icy
Burnedette Astarot Drachenstein Flow
Blizzard Hypaethral Dart Fen
Chill Celeste Drago Greattooth
Myrtle Blaze Drogon Sanity
Sienna Bullet Everest Soak
Rageforger Blacksmith Ember Wonderful
Wreckage Bonescraper Fafnir Sinai
Dignity Crimson Froststorm Cerastes
Beauty Cyndaquil Flurry Pelagic
Pebble Dratini Falkor Marine
Hediondilla Deadheart Galeru Heaven
Brine Deathclaws Glaurung Zenith
Echinus Eingana Avalanche Violence


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Water dragons are the ones which indicate characteristics of water as the main element of their body. They are one of the most gentle and noble dragons. They have a friendly nature towards every other species of dragons except for fire dragons. They are named after water in order to show presence of water as an element in their features. Here is a list of some water dragon names.


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Ice dragons are beautiful and gentle species of dragon and are known for being friendly to humans but aggressive towards their enemies. Dragons which are white or light blue in colour can be categorized in ice dragons. Ice dragons have a cold nature and have the characteristics of ice in them. This is the reason they are named after ice. Some of the ice dragon names are listed below.

Sidewinder Orphnoch Tamer Kaze
Yukari Dojo Berfomet Skulblaka
Taimat Tamashi Skyrim Onaga
Snowflake Lombardia Seto Sandr
Onslaut Shingan Methuselah Bitbeast
Dmytro Sleepihead Mizuna Azul
Itsu Leviathon Volva Komodo
Daisuke Hyuug Grampa Sunbright
Vervada Voldy Nivara Chidori
Ceralyn Tira Talon Soltic
Myao Atilea Gazille Leafre
Lightening Narga Kurikara Professo
Axew Toutousai Varu Demian
Barf Funaho Tarane Reddie
Draigon Tien Cephied Coredramon

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Lightning dragons are some greedy and powerful beasts. They are often called storm dragons or thunder dragons. Dark blue and black dragons fall under this category. They are known for terrorizing smaller species and are very evil in nature. Below are some lightning dragon names for you to choose from.

Floe Frigid Clinch Frappe
Nivial Serac Bleak Crymodinia
Maremma Rush Muck Umber
Sable Auburn Sedge Slough
Ire Insight Fiercebreath Dawnmind
Wreck Bane Wildteeth Abolition
Blazing Magnificence Mottle Selva
Smare Saman Striking Splendor
Negev Shore Gila Tan
Caracal Burrow Sahara Hemen
Brine Nereid Auk Actinia
Submarine Archipelago Manatee Naumachy
Aether Sphere Meridian Cerulean
Celestial Serein Hemisphere Dyaus

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Many youngsters name their pets or any of their fictional character on the basis of their favourite Game of Thrones character. There are three dragons in the Game of Thrones series. So here we have mentioned a list of Game Of Thrones dragon names for you to pick from.

Lizin Nolgudar Glirash Silvod
Oliavod Irgood Monosh Sonruk
Zevralish Ilgaonok Ignon Dorlaosh
Avrun Silgamo Ladac Oldorod
Starbird Oldaar Seldad Signian
Emroon Zalli Ilnonan Megnugas
Elnird Egal Zilmon Olvimurd
Begnaar Vimru Glamroon Badash
Olduvur Dagrush Sordal Dandoc
Edrozoon Zogak Egnor Stelduzoo

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List Of More Female Dragon Names:

Tiamat Annebelinda Linny Hydra
Belinda Mindy Libelle Tanit
Mellinda Dalinda Kaida Druk
Inferno the Diabolical Vengeance Newes the Smoky Fire Inferno the Fang
Blackcat the Destroyer Black Zakor the Fury Silver Fyrebird the Fury Chaos Vladile the Whip
Blue Lizzar the Blaster The Puny Sanypho The Tender
Rinna Icebreath The Adorable Vepes
Pormy Nondono The Rabbit Slayer Tize
Mergess Camryn Chigur Villa
Zegho Chevie Hyvnalol Pymra
Cege Longtail Sovy Lady Of Fire
The Careful ope Handi The Kind myrro Zupu
Rindein Vyse Aikiss Edionto

MALE DRAGON NAMES: Next we have a list of dragon names and meanings that are meant for male humans or your male pet. So go through the list carefully which includes fire dragon names and ice dragon names to decide an apt name for your little one.

These male dragon names can be used to name your hero of your fictional comic or any other male character of your choice. The dragon names are quite harsh in a tone that adds strength to any of your characters. You can also opt for such names to name your pet. Below is a list of some male dragon names.

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  • Doryu: Good name for the one who understands the ways of a Dragon.
  • Dracon: The meaning of word Dracon is a modern and mighty dragon that has a desire to understand. Perfect for your little one.
  • Astarot: Astarot is the name of the Prince of hell in demonology who is often considered as a naked man with dragon-like wings and crown.
  • Dracul: The word has been derived from Romania. The meaning of Dracul in Romania is a dragon or devil.
  • Knucker: Knucker was a winged dragon whose name came from the old English legends. It also means a water monster.
  • Yong-sun: The meaning of Yong-sun is the dragon in the first position. So if your little one likes to lead everyone, then this might be a perfect name for him.
  • Apalala: This name has been derived from a Hindi myth, according to which it was the name of a water dragon in the stories.
  • Pendragon: The meaning of word Pendragon is as powerful as the Dragon’s head. You can go for this name for your little one in the hope that they can become as powerful as dragons.
  • Vasuki: Again this word has been derived from Hindu mythology, according to which it was the name of a king who was a serpent.
  • Vritra: Came from Hindi myths and means dragon or serpent. Vritra was the enemy of Indra (meaning “the enveloper”) and the personification of drought.
  • Drake: This word is used as a surname in most English names but it can also be used as a first name. The meaning of Drake is the one who has the power of a dragon as well as the snake.
  • Ejder: Ejder is referred to a Dragon. The word also means one who has got a serious and thoughtful nature.
  • Hiryur: Hiryur is referred to as a Dragon who flies. In general, the meaning of Hiryur in English is a versatile and spontaneous individual.
  • Samael: The word is derived from the Jewish myths, according to which it is the name of a fallen angel who was the angel of death, also known as the Grim Reaper. He was considered to be both good and evil. He was said to be a Biblical serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.
  • Tatsuo: The name comes from the Japanese language which has got different meaning like the far-reaching man, dragon man, and Imperial man. This name comes under the Chinese dragon names.

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Some More Male Dragon Names:

Chaos Slither the Eyes Azula Liarna Dragoneel
Baal the Calm Bowser Kuribo Kanji
Croc the Hostile Alazar Zuko Fung
Vengeance Clawzilla the Saurus Mordred Spiria Gheed
Zile the Convulsor Huma Sansa Obelisk
Hexadzillabar the Lightning Caster Raun Mannariel Slaye
Croc the Abomination Malon Akiko Afrien
Dark Khurd the Shroud Isia Tien Mizar
Vlackar the Watcher Airdramon Dilandau Blueflame
Elder the Scorcher Dreyar Horsemeat Harriso
Yuugou Marvolo Seika Frostbite
Fanelia Sakuya Granblue Friar
Sariah Moby Fissure Ayaka
Kaijin Braindead Yuugi Oathkeeper
Kirman Hydramon Beansie Ripto


Cute Dragon Names
Cute Dragon Names
Drago Draken Shesha
Abraxas Ananta Brinsop
Scatha Manasa Norbert
Mayland Long Shen Lung Smaug
Smerg Typhon Charizard
Apophis Galeru Glaurung
Apsu Gleep Kalseru
Eingana Haku Naga
Fafnir Ladon Ness
Falkor Ketu Nidhogg
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People also do have some amazing fantasies about colored dragons such as blue dragon, red dragon, white and black dragon etc. All of these colorful dragons are all-time children’s favorite. They can be seen on various cartoon shows as well as series such as games of throne. So here we have another list of dragon names that will bring out their color theme:

Drogon Rhaegal
Viserion Balerion
Vhagar Meraxes
Sunfyre Syrax
Morghul Tyraxes
Shrykos Dreamfyre
Sheepstealer Silverwing
Vermithor Stormcloud
Valryon Ghiscar
Arrax Meleys


So these were we all had for you in the list of Cute Dragon Names. Definitely check all of them before picking anyone for your pet or children. Also, do check their meaning before you finally pick your suitable name.

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