1550+ Ear Piercing Names Chart Ideas & Suggestions

Ear piercing is a form of body art loved by people to look fashionable and enjoy their changed makeover. Ear piercing along with fashion has also been seen in a scientific way that says it regulates a healthy lifestyle in both men and women and hence you will see traces of ancient men and women having multiple ear piercings.

Well now that you know you want ear piercing, you need further guidelines to do a proper ear piercing. There are different kinds of ear piercings and each has a different name. The following article will guide you with ear-piercing names as well as their detailed information.

Ear piercing names are created on the positions at which they are pierced. You will find parts of the ear piercing diagrams to give you more elaborated visual information, you can also study the ear-piercing spots names for getting the perfect ear-piercing names without any confusion. Read the article to find more information.

Ear Piercing Ideas For Females

Here are some ear piercing ideas for females with ear-piercing names and ear-piercing ideas you can get the best look for yourself.

Types Of Ear Piercing

Industrial Piercing

Bridal Piercing Magazine Ear Curiosity Piercing Herb Piercing Artsy Ear
Piercingworks Green Thumb Ear Nidra Piercing Delight Piercing Master Piercing
Magic Piercing Nest Ear Wild Ear Rewards Piercing Advanced Piercing
Piercingx Grace Piercing Omega Piercing Humdrum Piercing Primitive Ear
Boss Piercing Plane Ear Shroud Ear Circles Ear Sweety Piercing
Haze Ear Sprites Ear Space Piercing Com Ear Void Ear
Gaia Ear Asset Ear Flax Ear Verse Piercing Butter Ear
Stardust Piercing Precious Ear Tag Ear Challenge Ear Canister Piercing
Piercingry Powder Ear Innovate Piercing Dine Piercing Country Piercing
Pop Ear Cleopatra Ear Turn Piercing Hello Piercing Ahoy Piercing
Industrial Piercing
Industrial Piercing
Delight Ear Decadent Ear Hunter Piercing Project Piercing Flora Piercing
Swish Ear Pitch Ear Fibre Ear Beast Ear Aqua Ear
Obscura Piercing Beckon Piercing Turbo Piercing Bro Ear Oro Piercing
Limitless Piercing Grounded Piercing Assessed Ear Luxury Piercing Barebone Piercing
Blank Ear Atlas Ear Coda Piercing Snap Ear Amity Ear
Hunnybunch Ear Quat Piercing Forage Ear Flourish Piercing Marvel Ear
Total Piercing Rack Piercing Home Ear Seeds Ear Sprinkles Piercing
Punch Piercing Estate Ear Libra Ear Shot Piercing Herald Ear
Bullet Piercing Blueprint Ear Juggernaut Piercing Synthetic Piercing Simulation Ear
Earoont Zoom Ear Bazaar Piercing Creative Ear Collective Ear
  • Frame Piercing
  • Graphics Piercing
  • Base Ear
  • Elite Ear
  • Tulip Piercing
  • Glee Piercing
  • Express Piercing
  • Ablaze Ear
  • Up Ear
  • Sunny Piercing
  • Jawa Ear
  • Dreamland Ear
  • Exotic Ear
  • Simple Ear
  • Organic Piercing
  • Snapshot Piercing
  • Sunshine Piercing
  • Hatchel Ear
  • Clio Ear
  • Miraculous Piercing
  • Punch Piercing
  • Backfield Ear
  • Lighthouse Ear
  • Quipo Ear
  • Lilac Piercing
  • TRUE Piercing
  • Model Piercing
  • Verse Piercing
  • Qualified Piercing
  • Bliss Ear
  • Byte Piercing
  • More Piercing
  • Homeland Piercing
  • Million Ear
  • Wisdom Ear
  • Superior Ear
  • Invest Ear
  • Affection Ear
  • Shimmer Piercing
  • Brilliance Ear
  • Allocate Ear
  • Zoom Ear
  • Mare Ear
  • Tap Piercing
  • Orchids Ear
  • Serendipity Ear
  • Creamy Piercing
  • Refine Piercing
  • Cannon Piercing
  • Universal Piercing

Ear piercing names are used to symbolise the positions of the ear-piercing done specifically for everyone. One such kind is industrial ear piercing or double ear piercing.

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As the name suggests itself, it is a double ear piercing done from the upper end of the ear to the cartilage bone and ornamented by a piece of single rod-shaped jewellery that passes through both the ear piercing. It is believed that industrial ear piercing helps in the energy flow of the body. Ear piercing location names are often referred to get the piercing accurately done.

Helix Piercing

Tone Ear Flash Ear Variety Piercing Trio Piercing Creation Ear
Radiant Piercing Turbo Piercing Tasty Ear Exquisite Piercing Sultana Ear
Piercingwind Recover Ear Spring Ear Ware Piercing Shotgun Ear
Piercingaro Sultana Ear Crib Ear Treat Ear Goodwill Ear
Earlada Armor Ear Cannon Ear Jockey Piercing Vege Ear
Earlux Mojo Piercing Alloy Ear Peace Piercing Estates Ear
Bricks Ear Crispy Piercing Raven Ear Maximus Piercing Platinum Piercing
Canon Piercing Public Piercing Chief Ear Planters Ear Sashiko Ear
Discounts Ear Hearty Piercing Public Ear Grower Ear Titan Ear
Lookout Piercing Fall Piercing Daze Ear Rapid Ear Data Piercing
Helix Piercing
Helix Piercing
Grill Piercing Professional Piercing Prue Ear Analyze Piercing Scoot Piercing
Glam Piercing Mainstay Ear Hustle Piercing Bar Piercing Assessed Piercing
Yum Ear Rave Piercing Breeze Piercing Sheer Ear Catch Piercing
Earquipo Odin Piercing Metro Piercing Gravity Piercing Cup Piercing
Holo Ear Uncommon Ear Creations Ear Smack Ear Court Ear
First Piercing Pinnacle Piercing Flair Ear Brainy Piercing Collar Ear
Indicator Piercing Revive Piercing Roadway Ear Rival Piercing Value Ear
Horizon Piercing Accelerate Ear Bay Piercing Puma Ear Lola Ear
Highlight Ear Saga Piercing Alpha Piercing Music Piercing Experience Ear
Eariva Circle Ear Amber Piercing Pinhole Piercing Smooch Ear
  • Hearthstone Piercing
  • Collar Ear
  • Tooth Ear
  • Perspective Piercing
  • Pace Ear
  • Truss Piercing
  • Aphrodite Ear
  • Success Ear
  • Tune Ear
  • Ascend Ear
  • Eternal Ear
  • Mass Ear
  • World Piercing
  • Attain Piercing
  • Heaven Piercing
  • Dreams Piercing
  • Lookout Piercing
  • Pop Piercing
  • Smarts Ear
  • Cornerstone Ear
  • Proper Piercing
  • Hot Piercing
  • Eco Ear
  • Dig Piercing
  • Frosty Ear
  • Squad Piercing
  • Click to check domain availability.
  • Clinic Ear
  • Battleborn Ear
  • Start Piercing
  • Pepper Ear
  • Shadow Piercing
  • Collections Ear
  • Proxy Piercing
  • Magnificent Ear
  • Artificial Ear
  • Mindful Ear
  • Closet Ear
  • Wired Piercing
  • Quite Piercing
  • Allied Piercing
  • Target Ear
  • Flower Piercing
  • Source Ear
  • Love Piercing
  • Adept Ear
  • Artwork Ear
  • Prime Ear
  • Ace Piercing
  • Ameli Ear

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Helix piercing is one of the ear-piercing ideas which is the second most favourite of the people while doing piercing names on-ear. They are pierced on the upper cartilage of the ear bone and usually, the jewellery worn on the helix piercing is a stud and diamond. It enhances the Piercing more.

Snug Piercing

Axe Piercing Aces Piercing Freestyle Piercing Clues Ear Control Ear
Benefit Piercing Strip Ear Imagine Piercing Cloud Piercing Messenger Ear
Gator Ear Elegant Ear Clarion Piercing Developed Piercing Radical Piercing
Soft Ear Inner Piercing Mattress Ear Awesome Piercing Abroad Ear
Wander Ear Phantom Piercing Cleanse Ear Barn Piercing Redstone Piercing
Earsy Terrarium Piercing Engine Ear Simple Ear Honest Ear
Hyper Ear Minuteman Ear Hit Ear In-Group Piercing Floral Piercing
Sigma Ear Joist Ear Buddy Piercing Energize Ear Khan Piercing
Piercingadil Knot Ear Threads Piercing Efficient Piercing Lifted Piercing
Lifesaver Piercing Growth Ear Logic Piercing Absolute Piercing Mane Piercing
Maximum Ear Cut Ear Base Ear Continuum Ear Negative Ear

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Snug Piercing
Snug Piercing
Maximum Ear Cut Ear Base Ear Continuum Ear Negative Ear
Templates Piercing Faro Piercing Score Ear Knot Piercing Haven Ear
Solution Ear Tested Ear Light Ear Atlas Piercing Photogenic Piercing
Earlaza Ablestar Piercing Evolve Ear Crusader Ear Reflect Piercing
Wood Ear Workman Ear Iso Ear Seed Piercing Ry Piercing
Eardeck Intelli Ear Kingdom Piercing Connect Piercing Social Piercing
Circle Piercing Organica Piercing Brain Piercing Dart Piercing Rich Ear
Crusade Ear Hunter Ear Eco Piercing Rider Ear Paws Piercing
Arrive Ear Turn Ear Beyond Piercing For Sale Ear Warrior Piercing
Shrine Ear Supplies Ear Original Piercing A1 Ear Pretty Piercing
  • Sage Piercing
  • Secret Piercing
  • Takeout Piercing
  • Courtside Ear
  • All Star Ear
  • Originals Piercing
  • Vacay Piercing
  • Aprt Ear
  • Aesthetics Ear
  • Fortress Ear
  • Alliance Ear
  • Lighthouse Ear
  • Sense Piercing
  • Browse Ear
  • Pretty Piercing
  • Blink Ear
  • Romantic Ear
  • Nonstop Piercing
  • Directory Ear
  • Synergy Piercing
  • Warehouse Ear
  • Cube Ear
  • Spire Ear
  • Crave Ear
  • Store Ear
  • Activator Ear
  • Grain Ear
  • Treasure Ear
  • Fantastic Piercing
  • Contributor Piercing
  • Review Ear
  • Infinite Piercing
  • Seeker Ear
  • Collab Piercing
  • Obsession Ear
  • Tractor Ear
  • Vagabond Ear
  • Grow Ear
  • Phalanx Ear
  • Guide Ear
  • Hijack Ear
  • Tech Piercing
  • Fluid Piercing
  • Brothers Ear
  • Elite Ear
  • Pink Piercing
  • Flag Ear
  • Epic Piercing
  • Protect Ear
  • Program Piercing

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Consider Snug ear piercing when you want to look unique and innovative. Snug ear piercing is an eye-catching piercing done between the inner cartilage of the ear to the outer rim of the ear. It looks too good but you might need to consult professionals before piercing since all ear structures don’t support this piercing.

Among the pain levels of the piercing, it is considered to be the most painful ear piercing ranked on the top and takes more time to heal from a snug piercing. Refer to the parts of the ear piercing diagram to see the exact look of the piercing.

Conch Piercing

Lilac Ear Ghost Ear Delight Ear Artist Piercing Edition Piercing
Legacy Piercing Crimson Piercing Cluster Ear Strange Ear Smart Ear
Excalibur Piercing Nouveau Piercing Exchange Piercing Unite Piercing Elegant Piercing
Mirage Piercing Dharana Piercing Aura Piercing Insta Piercing Assorted Piercing
Own Ear Rule Piercing Lapse Piercing Scratch Piercing Crew Ear
Frame Piercing Share Piercing Trowel Ear Guarantee Ear Winter Ear
Pro Piercing Burner Piercing Rich Piercing Pioneer Piercing Tip Ear
Divinity Ear Audience Piercing Ville Ear Gladiator Piercing Prodigy Piercing
Module Ear Rebirth Ear Drag Piercing Collaborate Ear Barbell Ear
Tulip Piercing Grander Ear Swag Piercing Frame Piercing Speed Piercing
Agro Ear Organics Piercing Speedy Ear Service Ear Heaven Ear
Splendor Piercing Wonderland Piercing Superior Ear Tootsie Piercing Lab Piercing
Breeze Ear Power Piercing Valley Ear Wise Ear Loyal Ear
Earlytical Quaint Piercing Review Piercing Pact Piercing Generation Piercing
Gang Ear Portfolio Piercing Space Piercing Thunder Piercing Launch Ear
Phoenix Piercing Utopia Piercing Solution Ear Budget Piercing Hush Piercing
Earado Native Piercing Detail Piercing Jet Ear Emporium Ear
Piercingcog Radiant Piercing Colony Piercing Pak Ear Cog Piercing
Chat Ear Effect Piercing Extra Piercing Graph Ear Street Piercing
Joint Ear Canvas Ear Tags Piercing Cluster Ear Alley-Oop Ear
  • Pillar Ear
  • Spirit Piercing
  • Maniac Piercing
  • Fair Piercing
  • Ground Piercing
  • Romance Piercing
  • Feed Piercing
  • Cove Ear
  • Aftermath Piercing
  • Heroine Ear
  • Joy Piercing
  • Scout Piercing
  • Command Piercing
  • Tastings Piercing
  • Phoenix Piercing
  • Lasting Ear
  • Closet Piercing
  • Lab Piercing
  • Tower Ear
  • Mente Piercing
  • Analyze Piercing
  • Zoom Ear
  • Landscape Ear
  • Tootsie Ear
  • Engine Ear
  • Finest Piercing
  • Design Ear
  • Titan Ear
  • Gear Piercing
  • Muse Piercing
  • Slab Piercing
  • Get Piercing
  • Iconic Piercing
  • Dime Ear
  • Quake Ear
  • Grinded Piercing
  • Genius Ear
  • AAA Piercing
  • Marine Piercing
  • Tact Ear
  • Accelerate Ear
  • Swap Ear
  • Enquire Ear
  • Test Ear
  • Hype Ear
  • Purity Piercing
  • Shares Piercing
  • Fuse Piercing
  • Aqua Piercing
  • Wink Piercing

Conch ear piercing is one of the popular piercing names on the ear, it’s location enhances its beauty as well as you can also find Scientific studies that say it’s beneficial for health. Conch piercing is done in the middle of the ear and appears as a conch shell fixed on the ear.

You can use any diamond or stud to enhance the piercing. It is usually done as a single piercing however people suit themselves with their choices like doing it in the inner ear or outer rim, you should always do it on the thicker and centre part of the ear to ease the pain. See the ear-piercing location names chart to get the correct position.

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Orbital Piercing  

Tadpole Piercing Consult Ear Ringer Ear Daily Piercing Odyssey Ear
Piercingscape Breakdown Ear Butterfly Ear Call Ear Integration Ear
Hero Ear Glance Piercing Point Ear Destination Piercing Infinity Ear
Express Ear Boho Ear Aid Piercing Elite Piercing Flow Piercing
Earlia Sharp Ear Idol Piercing Subtle Piercing Jupiter Piercing
Earya Sky Piercing On-Court Piercing Command Piercing Speedy Ear
Registry Piercing Form Piercing Marker Ear Great Piercing Dream Ear
Collaborate Piercing Foundation Piercing Ghost Piercing Buxom Piercing Pro Ear
Beauty Piercing Interactive Piercing Sculpt Piercing Frost Ear Bed Piercing
Pop Piercing Collab Piercing Peta Ear After Piercing Hotspot Piercing
 Conch Piercing
Conch Piercing
Club Piercing Script Ear Beacon Piercing Connoisseur Piercing Rebirth Piercing
Reflex Ear Grip Ear Seductress Ear Move Piercing Bridge Piercing
Kings Ear Genie Ear Inside Ear Lit Ear Acknowledged Piercing
Glass Jaw Piercing Answer Piercing Triad Ear Sawdust Piercing Homeland Ear
Depot Piercing Spire Piercing Workbench Ear Self-Portrait Ear Thumb Ear
Build Ear Ego Ear Salve Ear Rad Ear Stargazer Piercing
Quarter Piercing Force Ear Thrive Piercing Digital Ear Sway Ear
Vitality Ear Tip-off Ear Split Ear Calibre Piercing Vignette Ear
Kingdom Piercing Revive Ear Tribal Piercing Mechanics Ear Clue Ear
Misguided Ear Motivation Piercing Widget Piercing Kings Ear Sprinkle Ear
  • Fathom Piercing
  • Works Piercing
  • Badge Piercing
  • Comparison Ear
  • Blitz Ear
  • Finish Ear
  • Scene Piercing
  • Elevate Piercing
  • Skypass Ear
  • Journey Ear
  • Absolute Piercing
  • Rapid Ear
  • Pact Piercing
  • Renew Piercing
  • Bond Ear
  • Monkey Piercing
  • Finished Ear
  • Warmth Ear
  • Vacay Ear
  • Que Ear
  • Farmer Ear
  • Cast Piercing
  • Optimal Piercing
  • Limited Piercing
  • Younger Ear
  • Supreme Ear
  • Bytes Ear
  • Affinity Ear
  • Adore Piercing
  • Dreaming Piercing
  • Scoreboard Piercing
  • Signal Piercing
  • Patent Ear
  • Magnolia Piercing
  • Crafter Piercing
  • Loop Ear
  • Boost Piercing
  • Plant Piercing
  • Bud Piercing
  • Quint Ear
  • Plume Ear
  • Puma Ear
  • Nest Piercing
  • Pack Piercing
  • Awards Piercing
  • Launch Piercing
  • Veil Ear
  • Addict Ear
  • Vinyl Ear
  • Council Piercing

Orbital piercing is a double piercing done on the ear lobe (either lower ear lobe or higher ear lobe section) as per the individual’s preference. The ear-piercing ideas of the name orbital piercing come from the jewellery that is worn in the piercing. It is a ring that looks like an orbit in the piercing and passes from both piercings. See the ear-piercing location names to know the perfect location of the piercing.

Lobe Piercing

Ear lobe piercing is the first known ear piercing name in the world. It is also the most common ear piercing idea followed by females. It is done on the fleshy soft part of the ear lobe to ease out the pain. Among the most painful ear piercings ranked, it stands on the low pain rate. All the other ear piercings can be categorised as the subtypes of the lobe piercing names.

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Transverse Lobe

Apollo Ear Duke Piercing Edgy Ear Yeta Ear Rise Piercing
Fresh Piercing Incoming Piercing Shot Piercing Exciting Piercing Peapod Piercing
Gang Ear Little Piercing Spread Piercing Slue Ear Meadow Piercing
Interval Ear Tech Ear Perfect Piercing Sound Ear Oxen Piercing
Simplify Piercing Finish Ear Vertex Piercing Creations Ear Shanti Piercing
Sense Piercing Acclaim Ear Club Piercing Crunch Piercing Prix Ear
Aware Ear Ecstasy Piercing Foundry Piercing Outpost Piercing Swel Piercing
Exact Piercing Chakra Ear Bold Piercing Agent Ear Etch Piercing
Refresh Ear Pose Ear Domain Ear Scape Ear Taurus Ear
Valued Piercing Force Piercing Exposure Ear Salve Piercing Faille Ear
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Orbital Piercing
Orbital Piercing
Order Piercing Berry Piercing Shopper Ear Experience Ear Experienced Ear
Quest Piercing Garb Piercing Tender Piercing Spring Ear Water Ear
Sunshine Ear Type Ear Line-Up Ear Shopper Ear Endless Ear
Gas Ear Ace Ear Deep Ear Capacity Ear Above Piercing
Unlimited Piercing Bloom Ear Ratchet Piercing Precision Ear Foster Ear
Dev Ear Style Ear Plug Ear Intelligence Ear Notch Piercing
Juliett Piercing Nimble Piercing Pavilion Piercing Bard Ear Reflect Piercing
Operator Piercing Reflex Piercing Phenom Piercing Refined Piercing Raw Piercing
Stream Piercing Deck Piercing Script Piercing Places Ear Collect Piercing
Wizard Ear Aid Ear Lucid Piercing Value Piercing Hypnotic Piercing
  • Aladdin Piercing
  • Trust Piercing
  • Command Ear
  • Life Piercing
  • Elite Ear
  • Domestic Piercing
  • Corral Ear
  • Scope Ear
  • Rover Ear
  • Zen Piercing
  • Community Ear
  • Phoenix Ear
  • Amaze Piercing
  • Adrenaline Piercing
  • Ghost Ear
  • Line Piercing
  • Champions Piercing
  • Trap Piercing
  • Stream Ear
  • Institute Piercing
  • Revenant Ear
  • Republic Ear
  • Grove Ear
  • Commando Piercing
  • Tadpole Piercing
  • Sesame Piercing
  • Nimble Ear
  • VIP Piercing
  • Prosper Ear
  • Ridge Piercing
  • Exhibit Ear
  • Mother Ear
  • Mass Piercing
  • Refinement Piercing
  • Mob Piercing
  • Groove Ear
  • Affiliate Ear
  • Prince Ear
  • Fad Piercing
  • Rare Piercing
  • Action Ear
  • Victor Piercing
  • Chip Piercing
  • Avenue Piercing
  • Unit Ear
  • Intoxicate Piercing
  • Presto Ear
  • Ash Piercing
  • Navigator Ear
  • Trove Ear
  • Breeze Ear
  • Cannon Piercing

As the ear-piercing name itself suggests it is done transversely on the lobe section of the ear and is very minimal in pain. However, you may require a lot of attention towards the healing process. In transverse lobe piercing, people wear a horizontal bar studded with balls or diamonds at both ends. See the ear-piercing diagram names to check out the clear information.

Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing, also commonly known as the Sideburn Tragus Piercing, is done on the outer and upper cartilage of the ear bone. The ear-piercing location names are needed to consider before getting yourself pierced.

Daith Piercing

Accelerate Piercing Brewed Piercing Eco Piercing Foster Piercing Return Ear
Exquisite Piercing Trim Piercing Gladiator Ear Ivy Piercing Arrowhead Ear
Boho Ear Poppy Piercing Variety Piercing Mesh Piercing Lux Ear
Universal Ear Joy Ear Royalty Ear Samurai Ear Ground Piercing
Joe Ear Pirate Piercing Immerse Piercing Spirit Ear Measured Ear
Negative Piercing Perky Piercing Broker Ear Drape Piercing Dr Piercing
Public Ear Love Piercing Hush Ear Bang Ear Sells Piercing
Roadway Piercing Gazetteer Ear Appear Piercing Mad Piercing Pillar Piercing
Jumbo Piercing Cottage Ear Commune Ear Posh Piercing Culture Piercing
Intuition Ear Buttons Ear Classics Piercing Syndicate Piercing Ghost Ear

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Lobe Piercing
Lobe Piercing
Devote Piercing Echo Ear Pedigree Piercing Rumble Piercing Power Ear
Cozy Ear Partner Piercing Champions Ear Boom Ear Unreal Ear
Crystal Ear H20 Ear Arts Ear Zing Piercing Manage Piercing
Magma Ear Plains Piercing Skyline Ear Push Piercing Achala Piercing
Bright Ear Bang Piercing Zita Piercing Lord Ear Barons Ear
Jet Ear Malasana Piercing Sniper Ear Pastel Ear Pick Ear
Green Space Piercing Groovy Ear Strip Ear Cave Piercing Patience Piercing
Ava Ear Essence Piercing Mania Piercing Basics Piercing Altitude Piercing
Segment Piercing Terrace Ear Ready Piercing Truth Ear Original Ear
Globetrotter Ear Typewriter Ear Micron Piercing Stuff Piercing Wake Ear
  • Dirt Ear
  • Raider Piercing
  • Punish Ear
  • Pleasure Ear
  • Planters Ear
  • Big Ear
  • Frosted Ear
  • Watch Piercing
  • Quantum Piercing
  • Avid Ear
  • Foreman Piercing
  • Entrance Piercing
  • Hue Piercing
  • Lucky Piercing
  • Trail Piercing
  • Ally Piercing
  • Lavish Piercing
  • Hearty Piercing
  • Mate Piercing
  • Creations Ear
  • Invincible Ear
  • Desire Ear
  • Lakeside Ear
  • Feed Ear
  • Disrupter Ear
  • Regency Piercing
  • Superior Ear
  • Paradise Ear
  • Gross Ear
  • Lifestyle Piercing
  • Kyat Piercing
  • Classic Ear
  • Jelly Piercing
  • Romeo Piercing
  • Chew Ear
  • Supreme Piercing
  • Anime Piercing
  • Exciting Piercing
  • Share Piercing
  • Venus Ear
  • Transit Piercing
  • Magnolia Piercing
  • Craft Piercing
  • Action Piercing
  • Enhancer Ear
  • Ara Piercing
  • Stockman Piercing
  • Contact Ear
  • Chakra Ear
  • Vignette Piercing
  • Spirit Ear

Get this ear-piercing done if you want attraction. Yes, faith piercing looks wonderful and breathtaking at once, it is done in the centre of the ear on the middle ridge and ornamented by a hoop ring that looks bold. You can refer to the parts of the ear piercing diagram to get the accuracy of the look.

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Rook Piercing

Rook piercing is not common among the ear-piercing ideas, since it requires a specific eating structure. It is done on the uppermost and inner cartilage of the ear which is parallel to the upper rim, although it might look wonderful it is a painful ear piercing. If you want to do it make sure you have fully prepared yourself for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which ear piercing is most attractive?

While all the ear-piercing looks good, some piercings look top of the rest. According to group polls taken collectively, results have shown that people find the Conch piercing ideas the most attractive and are doing it on a large scale.

2. What ear piercings look good together?

Several ear-piercing combinations go together very well. It also depends on the personality of the person, which makes any ear piercing combinations good for him/her. It is suggested you do a proper enquiry about the piercing combinations with your piercer before jumping to the conclusion. Given below are some of the most famous and good together combinations of ear piercing.

  • Flat + Triple lobe
  • Single lobe + Daith + Helix
  • Single lobe + Industrial
  • Conch + Double helix + Single lobe
  •  Triple lobe + Conch

3. What is the name for ear piercing?

Ear piercing is the Piercings that is done as a form of body art. Usually, they are known as ear piercing, but you will also find the presence of names like clangorous, stentorian, earsplitting, ringing, tumultuous, blasting or reverberating.

4. What is the most uncommon ear piercing?

The uncommon ear piercing is the piercing that ranks on the lowest choice by the people known as the rook piercing. It is done on the opposite end of the spectrum which sits along with the inner ear. Usually, the rook piercing is held by the curved bar or by a ring on the uppermost ridge of the spectrum.

5. What’s the most painless piercing?

The most painless piercing is considered as the earlobe piercing by the piercers since they are done on the fleshy, soft and easy-to-pierce portion of skin. This makes it easy to heal compared to the other piercings done on the body.

To Summarise

Always remember no matter what ear piercing names you choose to go with, you will look beautiful. Do it for yourself rather than for any reason. Make sure you get all the details about the piercing done beforehand since it is irreversible body art. Many people get infections and other health issues, so be careful and be up to date with ear-piercing name ideas.

If you found this article good and informative make sure you share it with your friends and give them some fashion tips. Readout our other similar articles here.

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