199+ Weird Roman Names


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Rome became the biggest kingdom in the ancient world undoubtedly. Its influences on all features of life, for political science and way of living. Art and architecture too. The impact is still the same.Roman Names

Ancient Roman names are in demand by today’s parents. Names are being discovered again. The famous TV show as Game of Throne which pulls creativity from Roman life.

Decimus Herminius LibaniuDecimus Ateius FlorensAlbinaAugustus
Titus Egnatius HerminaLucius Flavius ConstantiusCassiacicero
Proclus Fulvius TyphoeusDecimus Spurius ProfuteriusDomitiaFelix
Galerius Tremellius BambalioCaius Verginius SaloniusHadrianaJulius
Flavius Scribonius VibennisOpiter Sidonius NeroMarcellusHortensia
Rabiria EgbuttiaVibia OvidaFaleria MajorAlbania Rustica
Acilia MutiaVipsania SeusoCaedicia AugustaSabucia Primula
Vesnia TurpilinaArsinia MarsallasGavia EnnodiaGellia Melita
Macrinia CulleolaLivia CimberLutatia ScaevolaMunatia Genialis
Fulcinia IustaFulvia CapitoServilia MontaaAlbatia Volusiana

Take a look at the following series of ancient names which may shorten your name list followed by trends. Rome has gained the largest empires in the eighth century BC from the beginning.

Name from long ago on today’s list allows for some familiar choices with some engrossing unique names.

Common Roman Names

The fad for fadles baby names is another effect on the recent novel trend of Roman names. People also choose Roman Goddess/God names to follow the ancient names.

Roman Names
Roman Names
Camillus Cloelius ReginusAmor- loveGallus Munatius BurrusAchaca- province
Gnaeus Oranius BritannicusDenarius- silver coinSextus Munatius HerenusClaucia- Bluish gray
Manius Sertorius PetreiusSolidus- gold coinPotitus Camelius CalenusGaleo- helmet
Oppius Placidius PraetextusNero- strongCassius Stertinius VitalionMerula- black
Gnaeus Insteius MaiusTrio- starGnaeus Vagennius EmeritusRalla- tunic

You will remark some names used commonly for unisex as Roman names. Let’s check the series for some more common Roman names,

Kaeso Verginius PaulinusNerva- vigorousAmulius Tettidius SellicNatta- and artisan
Decius Tettienus MarciporStolo- platePublius Volumnius SpendiusAnnalis- relating to years
Secundus Novius FullofaudesBarba- a beardServius Sabucius SenecioBestia- like ana animal
Quintus Caesetius DurusFlora- fowerProclus Pontidius PriscusJuno- Queen
Octavianus Octavius RemusCardea- goddess of changeDrusus Ausonius CaerelliusAquila- eagle

Names are more than their identity. They explain your characteristics. So here, we will never waste your time. We assure you by giving amazing names for your bundle of joy.

Roman Names For Boys

The renewal of Roman baby names is followed by The Hunger Games. Though the amazing book features Roman male names.

Flavius Baebius QuiriacMarcellus Calpurnius TullasConan- little wolfRakan- noble
Servius Menenius AhalaTitus Sertorius VenatorRoan- RavenConsus- God of harvest
Lucius Marius NigrinusCanus Sabucius CrotiloFaunus- God of fertilitySilvanus- God of forests
Oppius Cicereius SandilianusGaius Didius AndronicusVulcan- God of fireSaturn- God of agriculture
Vel Secundinius BibulusArruns Bruttius TullasBrutus- heavyCato- wise

Amatia NertomaraPescennia MartianaAccoleia CaprariaMaecilia Globula
Ateia LaenasCalavia MathoMetilia ClassicianaSalonia Cethega
Cornelia RectaVibenia OptataCocceia AmantiaAufidia Reburra
Julia BitucaJulia BitucaPlinia MaccalaCaeparia Lupis
Hortensia AlbanaHortensia AlbanaCalpurnia MaritimaVelia Augusta

As we talk earlier in this article, in today’s era thanks to the shows like Game of Thrones who have inspired parents to keep their newborn names on such themes.

Tip Always try to find names for your lookout or way of thinking. Never follow some other choice as you choose it for once and for a lifetime. So choose the name carefully. And a meaningful name gives a charm to selection!

Roman Female Names

Choosing a trendy yet beautiful name is always my favorite activity. What about you?So, here we will give some tricks to you to keep Roman girl names.

Roman Names
Roman Names
Paullus Hortensius FrontinusSisenna Granius HilariusAngerona- Goddess of Winter solsticeBellona- Goddess of war
Titus Caesulenus UmboniusMamercus Manilius SuraCeres- Goddess of agricultureConcordia- Goddess of peace
Julianus Clodius FrigidianOppius Vibenius GalvisiusFauna- Goddess of fertilityJuno- Queen of heaven
Canus Lafrenius AmphionTullia NosterJuturna- Goddess of a fountainJuventas- Goddess of youth
Decimus Epidius AmbrosiusGegania AeacaLucina- Goddess of childbirthMinerva- Goddess of wisdom

If you are having a great interest you should check the following series of Roman female names. You will get the ideal one for your bundle of joy.

Even you have a juju for fabled stories then this list will be the shortlist for you. Let’s check the gorgeous names.

With no doubt, you will be finalized from this lavish series of Roman catholic baby girl names with meaning.

Roman Surnames

Roman Names
Roman Names

Last names are always meant to be anyone’s identity. There is always the meaning of surnames. We will watch out some of the Roman Surnames here.

Sepurcia DignaLaelia EboriaBarbaCurio
Nipia CecilianaVedia AdventaNattaTrio
Gratidia PorcaMucia GalvisiaStoloBestia
Ummidia VarroMucia GalvisiaCaesarDives
Quinctia FaustaPisentia CommidaGaleoAnnalis
Lollia GregoriaNorbana AetiaArmenia HilarisHostilia Damian
Bruccia GluviasBabudia DurioHosidia CameriaFadia Proba
Cluntia BuccioHelvia ServatiLucceia AemilianaLusia Betto
Maelia SiliaPontidia HortensisBantia AetiaSittia Bodenia
Blossia IuvenlisDuccia SaunioSpuria BitucaSuedia Ordia

There are always absorbing the reality of last names.

  • Significance & the past
  • Where your family based from
  • Average life anticipation
  • Some ordinary jobs

You can find your Roman last names history online and search. Last names help you to discover your genetic realities too.

Roman Name Generator

Now, in this fast pace life and globalization era, people like to keep the Roman names of their kids from other countries too. They keep as love symbols some keep as keep foreign names.

Pompeia GalenaGaleria AcaciaPetellia CatullaLonginia PostumaFloria Geminiana
Servilia VitaAvidia ScaroCaninia ClementMarcia CalatinaOrania Horatia
Bruccia SiculaFloria GrumioSilia DardaniaPalpellia DuvianaVagionia Candidia
Caria QuintilianaSeptimia CorbuloCalvisia VitaPontia IndaTitiedia Docila
Plotia HonorataBetiliena CrescentiaUulia ArmigerJunia HonorataTettiena Dacien
Pisentia ProcyonFlavia QuirinalisCaninia PompolussaSergia VitalinaQuinctilia Adventa
Cilnia CyricaFulcinia LepidaPapinia AgrippaMilonia MaximiniaCicereia Quintiliana
Galeria BassaAtria LuonercaTremellia TiburtiaScribonia LeontiaMallia Durio
Burriena HardalioLoreia PantheraCaecia BettoSalvia EugeniaDesticia Vespasiana
Coiedia FlorianaBlandia AngelaVipstana DamasaAppuleia MutiaAppuleia Mutia

If you couldn’t find a suitable name for your newbie you can generate the name of your choice using a Roman name generator.

Sometimes it is difficult to find baby names from a long list you are having. Even the baby name generator takes the name from you and combines their suitable qualities and shows you some more names. Using a baby name generator is easy but if you stuck somewhere you can follow step by step guides too.

So guys this is the one-stop solution for your baby name journey followed by Roman names. You are all up with the best Roman names. We have provided you all the cool and trendy concepts and related names for your baby.


We hope that you can select a beautiful name from this article. You can also share with your friends and families if you like our research for names. However, if you couldn’t find a proper name you can generate it with the use of the name generator even.

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