50+ Cute Girl Group Name Ideas


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When you call your girls gang with a name, it surely makes an imprint on the people around you of what kind of bond the ladies cum sisters have. Also, it reflects the bond among the daughters from another mother. To call your girl’s squad with a name is an amazing idea to pose your group different from the rest of the crowd.

So, why not have a unique girl squad names? Well, here we are presenting you with the Female group names which will give your female squad different attention from the rest girls or boys. Cute Girl Group Name Ideas

Girl Squad Names

  1. Manterrupted
  2. Spicy Senoritas
  3. PWR GRL
  4. Slick Chicks
  5. Swag Girls
  6. Leading Ladies
  7. Matriachy group
  8. We Babes
  9. Princess Sisters
  10. Pantsuit Sisters
  11. Fearless girls
  12. Selfie Queens
  13. Venus Vixens
  14. Queen Boss
  15. Spicy Sugars

It sometimes pops up in mind that why to have Girl group names. Well, when you have an amazing girl’s gang and the bond which you guys have is really very hard to find, and then why not flaunt it among the people around you? Having a Girl gang names gives you the confidence and affection which you seek. Cute Girl Group Name Ideas

Also, it is really very cool to show off to the people what your group is actually about. But your girl squad names should be such, which reflects the personality and the affection which your girlfriends share with each other. So, the name should be chosen with an intense research which gives a perception in the minds of other people about your group. Therefore, to lessen your load, our team has researched the dynamic names which will be suitable for every kind of girl gang names and are presented below,

Female group names written below which can be considered are,

Female Group Names

  1. Mischievous Mermaids
  2. Ferocious gang
  3. Heartbreakers
  4. Queen Bees
  5. She-Unit
  6. Mocking Birds
  7. Pyjama Gang
  8. Mafia Girls
  9. Fly girls
  10. Lovable girls
  11. Blue Girls
  12. Lovely Chicks
  13. Power Puff Girls
  14. Her Story Makers
  15. Red Hots
  16. Chicks holding Sticks
  17. Galaxy Girls
  18. Lady bugs
  19. Eye Candies
  20. Super Girls
  21. Sassy Sistahs
  22. Winner Girls
  23. Dazzling Divas
  24. Fusion Girls
  25. Bubblicious
  26. Sonic Boom
  27. Hippy Chicks
  28. Angelites
  29. Pink Monsters
  30. Diamond Girls
  31. Groovy Girls
  32. Rainbow Turtles
  33. Fearless Lioness
  34. Cunning Stunts
  35. Sassy Cats
  36. Grasshoppers
  37. Jalapeno Hotties
  38. Sweethearts
  39. Stray Cats
  40. Bunny Gang

Girl Club Names

  1. Naughty Riders
  2. 50 Shades of awesomeness
  3. Ice queens
  4. Slammer
  5. Pink Panthers
  6. Team love
  7. Dream Killers
  8. Girls with a Shot
  9. Rough n Tough
  10. Pink Poodles
  11. Cubby Bears
  12. Sizzlers
  13. Invasion girls
  14. Pink Buddies
  15. Deep sea
  16. Dangerous Divas
  17. Hippie Chicks
  18. Cleats and Cleavage
  19. Stealers
  20. Cuties
  21. Runs in Stockings
  22. Sonic
  23. Pink Rage
  24. Dream Team
  25. Purplicious
  26. Ice Breaker
  27. Pink panthers
  28. Ladybugs
  29. Pink Wizards
  30. Hotties
  31. Pink Dolphins
  32. Team Sweety
  33. Blue Unicorns
  34. Doomsday divas
  35. Short Cuts
  36. Womenbledon
  37. Purple Princess
  38. Groovy Girls
  39. Wild Cats
  40. Soccer Chicks

Girl Gang Names

  1. World Cup Girls
  2. Smarty Pink Ladies
  3. Ice Queens
  4. Fireflies
  5. Trivia Tramps
  6. Pink Pixels
  7. Lucky Duckies
  8. Twisted Blisters
  9. Lady Leopards
  10. Pink Flamingos
  11. Infinity power Girls
  12. Blue Jays
  13. Lil Divas
  14. Dragon fly
  15. Universal Girls
  16. Screaming Divas
  17. After Shock Princess
  18. Sunshine squad
  19. Jumping Squad
  20. Lovely Mermaids

Yes, I know how confusing it must have become from choosing from above many names. Therefore, below are few of the steps which you need to follow before putting your girls’ gang a name.

Step 1: Screen out most of the probable names which you are deciding for you girls gang.

Step 2: Discuss with your girlfriends.

Step 3: Come to a conclusion which everyone agrees.

Step 4: Announce your girl squad names to your other friends.

Step 5: Enjoy the attention attained

Hope, this article helps you with identifying your Girls gang name. Have a lucky name!

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