Best Summer Party Names To Drool About

While a summer party can be a fun idea, deciding on a summer party name can be confusing! But don’t fret! Here are a few summer event names that can surely help you!

The warm summer season is the ideal time to arrange for parties. It’s the perfect time to get together with friends and family and have a blast!

But in addition to picking the perfect summer party theme, you also have to find a few interesting summer event names so that people get attracted to your event.

Always remember that unique and cool sounding things gather the maximum attention.

Thus make no mistake while choosing the ideal summer party name. It can either make your party a successor can also dash it to the ground.

If you are successful in choosing the right name, it can create some form of buzz, stick to the minds of your audience and can also get RSVPs rolling in. But I am sure you already know about that. So why would you be reading this blog?

For two reasons, firstly it will give you the factors to consider before you pick out the ideal name for your summer party. Second, I will give you an awesome list of possible summer party names that you can explore.

With all that said, let’s begin with the factors which must be considered in the naming process.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Summer Event Names:

Before jumping into the entire naming process, there are a few things that you must consider.  Your homework should begin by researching about the types or themes of the party, the audience who will be a part of it, and of course your competitors (if any).

Following that, here are a few more points to seek answers to:

How do you aim to separate this summer party from all the others taking place in and around the city this summer?

Will it be a themed party? Will it be a good idea to aim the naming process that way?

Once you have got answers to all these questions it’s time to move onto the points of consideration.

Selecting Names: Consideration Points:

  • Take Word Almost Popping From the Dictionary:

Your attendees may know the meaning of the selected words for the name. But the idea here is to use something unique differently. For instance, “Summer Fantabulous”. Almost everyone knows the meaning of fantastic and fabulous and by combining the two you are letting your attendees know that the party is going to be bang on!

Metaphors can also be good for the name. For instance, Mr/Ms. Summerzilla. The name is both funny and metaphorical as it shows the link between summer fun and nad the size of the party!

  • Create Something With Made-up Words;

Coin some fancy words for your summer theme party. In the age of hashtags and stories, having a new word and making it viral using hashtags is no big deal. Select something sheer out of your imagination, something like “Summerilous” and make it popular.

That way not only will people be curious about coming to your summer party, they will also be willing to use the name as their Instagram hashtag when they share their crazy party pictures!

  • Search For Some Party Specific Words:

You can find the name of your party while preparing for it. Maybe, this new brand of booze that you will be serving has a very quirky name. Or maybe you want the party to have a personal touch and you name it after your pet?

There are a lot of combinations that you can try.  A friend of mine threw a party last summer and called it “Azure Blue” because that was the color of her swimming pool and the main stage area for the party!

Great, by now you have surely got an idea about how the naming process for your summer party should proceed. So let’s take a look at a few names which you can use or take inspiration from to come up with a few names of your own:

Summertime Party Names:

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Kiddie Pool Party Takin’ A Dip Fun in the sand. In The Good Ol’ Summertime
Cool like a Fool in a Swimming Pool Summer baby Summer Fun Cali Dreamin Kiddie Pool Party
Summer, Here We Come In The Good Ol’ Summertime Sailing Away Sunny Days & Cozy Nights Little Mermaid
Fun In The Sun It’s A Beautiful Day Summer Heat Wave Seasons In The Su Endless Summer
Pool Boy Summer Days Swinging Summer Fun Water Bugs Aqua Kid(s)
Lil’ Swimmer Slide Ruler ICE CREAM Beat The Heat Easy Living
Hot, Hot, Hot The First Day Of Summer Lil’ Swimmer Our Little Miss Sunshine Beyond The Sea
Let The Sunshine In Barefootin’ Let The Sunshine In The First Day Of Summer Ain’t No Cure For The Summer Time Blues
Where’s The Lemonade Fabulously fantastic fun Good Clean Fun Pool Fun A Slice of Summer
A Slice of Summer Oh, Those Summer Nights A Quick Dip Where’s The Lemonade Cool By The Pool
Catching A Ray Summer Days Are Here Again Same Old Rind Fabulously fantastic fun Heat Wave
Girls Just Want To Have Sun Guppy School Summertime… When The Living Is Easy Cool Fun In The Hot Sun The Girls Of Summer
Untamed Night Funky Fest Booty Ball Razzle Dazzle Rockin’ Rollick
Saturday Soiree 1st Annual Uncanny Hootenanny Nunya Business 2019 “Bring Your Own Booty” Dance Party Muthalovin Dance Party
Dawg Daze 2019 Fantastic Fridaze Sum Like It Hawt 2019 Fantastic Fridaze Thirsty Weekend
Born to Be Wild Magic heat Summer Fling Black and White Ball Get Sum 2019
Last Call Before Fall Rock and wet Bright Lights, Big City Hollapalooza Moonlight and Roses
Mystical Journey Summerzilla Summer Shindig What The Fun! Booze and Groove
Pool and Chill Wet and Wild Prime Weekend Summer Fall Sizzling Summer
BBQ Summer Kiss of Love Chasing Summer Bikini Ball Back To School;
Breaking Dusk Hoppipolla Netflixing! A Party To Remember Adamant Eve
Midsummer Night Aqua Beats Sultry Fun Music and Summer Breaking Dawn
Melting Ice-Cream Adieu Summer Vodka and Ice Groove Chills Call of Fall
Summer Batlle Cool Blue Last of The Best Summer Magic Frost Candy
Summer Games Roated Summer Thrill Counchshell Jumbo Enthralling Beats

So there you go peeps, here are some names that you can try out! Let these names inspire you to come up with some more fun summer party names!