Cool Hunter Name Ideas And Suggestions


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It takes a lot of effort into hunting either for your passion or food. Hunting locations are mostly found unpredictable and full of flora and fauna so hunter needs the courage to deal with the passion Hunter Name.

If you are interested to give your baby, hunting inspired name to show your love for hunting then we are here to help you with the number of hunter names and hunter name meaning.

The meaning of hunter is “one who hunts”.


The people’s love for hunting isn’t new; you can find uncountable names from mythology all over the world. Here are some renowned hunting boy names from various mythologies. 

Cool Hunter Name Ideas And Suggestions
WodenA famous wild hunter from the Anglo-Saxon mythology
Mixcoatl According to the Aztec mythology he was known as God of war and hunting.
Endymion In Greek mythology, Endymion was the most handsome hunter who used to graze his flock.
Orion Wow, another handsome but giant huntsman from Greek mythology. He was gifted with the ability to walk over the water’s surface.
Fion Mac CumhaillHe was a hunter warrior who also known as Finn McCool , according to Irish mythology.
Heracles KyngidasGod of hunting in the Macedonian mythology. 
Cernunnos In Celtic mythology, he was popular as God of hunting and fertility.
Wepwawet He was also famous as God of war and hunting, according to Egyptian mythology.
Apsat Georgian mythology says that he was associated with fish and birds.
Podago According to the Slavic mythology, Podaga is a God of farming, hunting, fishing and weather.


Females are not behind the males in concern of dare or courage. Below is the list of famous female huntress from the different mythologies. (Read Also Names That Mean Death)

Atalanta She is a famous virgin huntress according to the Greek mythology. After the birth, her unhappy father left her a mountain’s top to die.
Neith In Egyptian mythology she is a Goddess of war and hunting.
Dali She is associated with the horned beast of mountain as per the Georgian mythology.
Artemis Artemis is considered as the Goddess of hunt, the moon and wild animals.
SednaInuit mythology describes Sedna as the goddess of the sea, sea animals and marine animals.
Nujalik This name is popular among Canadians and it is inspired by a goddess of hunting, according to the Inuit mythology.
Bendis One among the Thracian huntress who is known as the goddess of moon and hunt.
Pinga Another Inuit goddess of medicine, fertility and hunting.
MielikkiAccording to the Finnish mythology she is the goddess of forest and hunt.
Pakhet In the Egyptian mythology she is the famous lioness deity and huntress Goddess.


This category belongs to the hunters ‘who hunt for the demon or devil’. These hunter and huntress names can take away all your worries about the name selection for your baby.

HellbourneMaleTrigon Male 
Adept Sunwing Female  Anton Arcane Male
Kate LockleyFemale Rachel female
BalamborMale Firebrand Female 
Elarisiel Female Hellboy Male 
Cassiel NightthornMale Connor Male 
Shadowfury Female Jo HarvelleFemale 
Wrathbringer MaleBlade Male 
Piper HalliwellFemale Ezra Female 
Paige MatthewsFemale Frankenstein Male 
Doomguy Male Painkiller Unisex 
Slitesh Female Needle Male 
Oxana DemonslayFemale Cordelia ChaseFemale 
DarkweaverMale Sindweller Male 


Parents who are looking for a cool and sweet hunting baby names can check the list below to have a best suitable name for your baby.

Cool Hunter Name Ideas And Suggestions
Arawn It is the name of Welsh god of the underworld and hunt. It’s a good name for your younger baby boy.
Canowicakte No doubt it would be hard to spell but it can be shortened like Canow or other similar words. Canowicakte meaning is ‘forest hunter’.
Holter The meaning of the Holter is ‘hunt’. The name is really cool, sassy and quirky for your baby. 
Auryon A really cool and sweet huntress name for your baby girl.
Brielle The name ‘Brielle’ was traditionally used in Mexico but nowadays it is trending beyond the boundaries. It sounds a fresh and unique name for your baby girl.
Kainda The name has an interesting meaning that is “hunter’s daughter”. Kainda sounds strong and cool name choice for your new-born baby girl.
Art YoungName of an American bow hunter who is still remembered for his hunting art. Art Young is a cool name choice upon legendary hunter’s name.
Makya It is the basically used term in America which meaning is ‘eagle hunter. Makya is also a trending name for the boys.
Rudra A name from the Indian mythology that is associated with storm and hunt.
Zarola It is not a commonly heard name but a gorgeous and classic name for your little girl.
Odin You might hear the name in Thor movie. It was the name of Thor’s father. It depicts the meaning of wild hunter.
Kacela This name is originated from the Africa which means ‘hunter’ in Kacela.


The mythologies are decorated with the courageous stories of the hunter and huntress. That is why the hunter’s names of that time are still trending. Many of them are directly adopted by the people while many are using after a change. We also think that hunter names are definitely a good source of inspiration for naming your baby.

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