Are you about to start your Record Label Business, and waiting to get a catchy name? Well, that’s worth, and I do understand what you feel. A right name is an essential factor for your business. Not because people do judge you by that, but they don’t do any less. Your Record Label name will be your first impression in the market, and thus you deserve one that fits well.

Here are some Record Label Names, that is not only too good to be yours but is written for you.


When it comes to choosing a name for your business, you can’t be hard and fast. You can go through all the names we have right here and select the one that best fits your business. First of all, you need to know what are the terms which are related to naming a record label, and I can find some like music, labels, and records.


Crystals Music Group Studio Magic Beatnik Records
Nationwide Record Label Music Laboratory Artist Alliance Recording
Classic Music Group Mic Biz Record Gauge
Sunny Snipes Music Group Repro Records Retro Mix Records
Royal Records Sound Supremacy Tempting Tunes
Plainsong Records A Cappella Tunes Records Tone Records
Harmonized Moans Music Singing Tunes Records Gospel Gains Records
Melody Marvels Souled Out Records Iron Violin
Magic Brothers DIY Music Rock Life
Perfect Note Boogie Land Harmony Record
Power Strings Land of Music Cyber Tune
MusiX Swingtime Music Music Magicians
Music Lab Blues Boys Old School Records



You can’t do any better without a musical instrument. I mean, how about a song without beats? Boring isn’t it? Many old and famous Record Label names have decided to choose instrument names to use in their business name. You can do it too.

Naming your business after musical instrument names will never go old school. Here is the list for you!

The Symphony Sound Guitar Man Violin Verdict
Crazy Guitar The Drum Life New Century Violin
Piano Legend Smart Accordion The country Bagpipes
The Queen’s Flute Berimbau Buckles Cello Recording Studio
Banjo Benjamin Bassoon Supply The Melodica Machine
Youngo Bongo Octobass Record Label Saxophone Stories
Clarinet Bounce  Bounty Piccolo Sitar and more recordings
French horn Music Studio and recording Cymbal Curation Soft Synthesizer Music Label
Tambourine Tempting Tunes  Didgeridoo Sound Systems  Trumpet Chart Toppers 
Zither Music Laboratory  Euphonium Trusted Tunes  Double bass Sound Studio 
Super Viola Music Label  Glass harmonica Music Masters  Glockenspiel Hype Beasts Music 
Whamola Voices Records  Theremin Tuned In Records  Gong Aired Out Music 

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There are ample of music genres. Sometimes it’s according to the tribe, according to the country, people and culture. There are many known and unknown tunes of music, and most of them are signature to belong to a particular genre. How about naming your record label business by the name of a music genre? You can use related prefixes and suffixes to make the name more attractive.

Fusioned Tunes Records Hymms Lives Records The Classics Music
Rocked Out Music Acoustic Cool Records Blues Boys
Jazz Jives Music Double Rock Reggae
Classic Sounds Records Pop Aria Polka
Rap Rock Rules Music Country Music Basement Records
Folks Love Music Retro Sound Rockzzz
Pop Anthem Boom Music Let’s Rock
Acoustic Cool Records Soulmen Records Studio Soft Key Note


Record Label is a cool business thing. Music, instrument, Sound and everything just sweet to the ears- that is what a music label 0r record studio is all about. Here are some more cool names that you can prefer to have as your record label name.

Showcase Music Pixie Records Juve Sounds
New dawn Label Top shots Records Mushroom Music
Blimp Records Song Cry Records Girl Chat Music
Good vibes Records Kiwi Music Music Mastery Unlimited
Alpha pop Records We Make Music Records Well Recorded
Melody House Black Jack Music Exceptional Enterprises Music Label
Moon Records Bebop Babes Music Plainsong Records
Bright dawn Music New Kids On The Block Music Studio Doctors

TAKEAWAY: You don’t need to merely copy business names from businesses of the same kind or from old labels. You can simply go unique and choose yours. Naming your music label is way too easy than calling your I-phone. You can go cool, classy, old-school or extremely out of the box while doing so. Just be sure that your record label name sounds like a record label only, not like any other type of business.

Choose any that you liked, or reach to us to get customized names for your business. We are full of ideas. Thus, there is always a right name for your business.

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