Reindeer Names - A Complete List Of Reindeer Names

Santa’s Reindeer Names Full list & Their Personalities

Reindeer are an integral part of the Christmas story, and we all know that Santa relies on these beautiful animals to deliver gifts around the world. And just like there are many different names for people, there are a wide variety of different types of reindeer, each with its unique characteristics.

Reindeer are remarkable for more reasons than their names. Each reindeer has a specific role to perform in the reindeer family, and they proceed appropriately.

Reindeer, from young ones sitting on their mothers’ backs to headstrong bulls that are difficult to control, live in such close quarters and rely on one another for survival.

All About Santa’s Reindeer: Names and Personalities

Reindeer are one of the most iconic animals of Christmas. They are a wonderful animal to learn about and are our favorite Christmas symbol. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and personalities.

They have been used by humans for a long time now because they are excellent animals to have around the home.

BuckDeer or cowboy
DamianServant or little deer
PrancerFriendly reindeer

How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have?

Santa has nine reindeer, but each one has a distinct role to play. Each reindeer is named and has its own personality and characteristics.

Knowing a reindeer’s role helps us understand the story of Santa and his reindeer. Here is a list of all Reindeer names and some more information about them.

Dasher – The Speed DemonCupid – Loves sharing Love
Dancer – The Salsa PhenomDonner – Always a Party
Prancer – The fairest of them allBlitzen – Fast as Lightning
Vixen –  The Most Enchanting ReindeerRudolph – Santa’s Guiding Light  
Comet – An All-Around Wonderful Reindeer  Olive – Not Just Another Reindeer

Our Santa’s Reindeer Female or Male?

The most popular reindeer Rudolph is a boy, but the rest of the reindeer are female. Rudolph is the only reindeer Santa has that is male, and he is also the last to arrive.

When we are naming our own reindeer we should keep in mind that they are all female. Antlers are a feature that is shared by both male and female reindeer.

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Reindeer Names - A Complete List Of Reindeer Names

Quick Look at All the Reindeer :

ReindeerPersonality FeatureSkill
DasherHe loves to go quickly!Sewing
DancerTotally self-confidentAll kinds of dance
PrancerA slightly self-absorbed, though gentle and lovingPrancing
VixenFractionally difficultMagic
CometGood looking and straightforwardGood with kids
CupidLightheartedBringing people together
BlitzenFast as a bolt!Can electrify others
RudolphA bit depressed about himselfNose glows
OliveAcknowledges when she’s incorrectGood at hide-and-go-seek

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Here Are Some Reindeer Names

1. Dasher – The Speed Demon

Dasher is known to be the fastest of the group and he has a lightning bolt on his forehead. His antlers curve at the tips, and if you look closely you’ll see that he has a gap in between them. He is fun, friendly, and very competitive.

His main responsibility is to run ahead and check that the way is clear for Santa and the others. He is one of the two lead deer on the team.

Characteristics of a Dasher

  • Superb in all sports.
  • Has no fear whatsoever of the cold.
  • Skilled in the art of fashion and style.
  • Animal of the party
  • Is cheerful all the time and possesses a huge heart.
Reindeer Names - A Complete List

2. Dancer – The Salsa Phenom

The Dancer has a beautiful little tail on which she loves to shake when she runs around. She has a pretty red nose, a white and black coat, and glistening hooves. She loves to dance, prance, and spin when she performs for Santa. Her main responsibility is to help keep everyone together as they run around delivering presents worldwide. She is one of the two lead deer in the team because of her performance skills.

Characteristics of a Dancer

  • Enjoys herself a good dance on all occasions.
  • On the dance floor, you can depend on finding him at all times.
  • Exuberantly celebrates.
  • Enjoys spending time with friends whenever possible.
  • Is highly popular with his elves.

3. Prancer – The fairest of them all

Prancer is a fun-loving girl who loves to have fun with all the rest of the reindeer. She is known for her fancy and elegant ways, and she even has a little bow tie on her neck. She is one of Santa’s lead reindeer, which means she leads all the other deer in the team and helps them to stay together as they run around the world delivering presents.

Characteristics of a Prancer

  • Always gives a fantastic appearance.
  • Possesses a multitude of accessories and manages to carry them with elegance,
  • Super loyal buddy.
  • Enjoys singing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” as much as possible.

4. Vixen – The Most Enchanting Reindeer

Vixen is a very loving girl who loves to have fun with everyone else in the group. Her behavior always seems to be mischievous on Christmas Eve, but Santa knows that she never causes any real trouble when it matters most.

She has a beautiful white coat, a little black muzzle, and there’s a little star on her forehead. Her main job is to scout ahead and make sure that everyone is safe. She has one of the longest tails in the group so she could help Santa by leading them around when it gets dark.

Characteristics Of Vixen

  • Brings in a lot of people.
  • Loves to entertain people.
  • Maintains a smooth performance of the magic trick.
  • Is frequently tardy for work.
Reindeer Names

5. Comet – An All-Around Wonderful Reindeer

Comet is known for wearing sunglasses and carrying a guitar around everywhere that she goes. You can often find her in the corner of Santa’s Workshop singing one of her many songs while she plays her guitar.

She is very confident yet easily distracted, so she often loses track of time during the rush around to deliver presents on Christmas Eve morning. Comet’s main responsibility is to help Santa carry his sack of presents around the world and show them to the children.

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Characteristics Of Comet

  • Intelligent and good-looking.
  • Bottom to earth.
  • Always ready to help people around him.

6. Cupid – Loves sharing Love

Cupid is a very silly girl who likes playing pranks on everyone else in the group. She loves dancing and singing, but she can also be very sneaky when she tries. She has a heart-shaped nose and wears a little red bow on top of her head. Her main responsibility is helping Santa deliver presents all over the world by carrying his sack of gifts around with her as they run through towns and cities.

Characteristics Of Cupid

  • Loves to wear red and green.
  • Considers hawthorn.
  • Loves to share pleasure and love.
  • Has a sweet appetite but also appreciates crunchy treats.

7. Donner – Always a Party

Donner is a very tall and strong girl who loves to use her shoulders as a bridge when she’s leaning against them. She has a long body and will often stretch way up in the air to look over buildings and trees. Her main responsibility is helping Santa carry his sack of gifts around the world so they can deliver them to children all over the world. She also likes to do her own little dances and pranks when she is not working with Santa.

Characteristics Of Donner

  • Always seeks to guide people.
  • Creative and adept at discussions.
  • Loves to sing Christmas music, particularly the ones featuring Santa.

8. Blitzen – Fast as Lightning

Blitzen is Santa’s favorite reindeer, he is by far the tallest and most majestic in appearance of all of them. He is known for his beautiful snow-white coat and his antlers which are very long and thick.

His main responsibility is to lead the team of reindeer around the world on Christmas Eve as they deliver presents to all the children. Blitzen likes to stand out from the rest of the group; he enjoys giving long, dramatic speeches and making sure that everyone knows what he is doing.

Reindeer Names

Characteristics Of Blitzen

  • Productive workaholic.
  • Always complete his task on time or even earlier.
  • Absolutely adores doing things for kids.

9. Rudolph – Santa’s Guiding Light

Rudolph is the last reindeer to join the group, but he has a very important job to do. He has a very noticeable red nose and large antlers which make him easily recognized by everyone in town. His nostrils are always lit up with a bright red glow because of his bright red nose.

His red nose is what helped Santa and Santa’s Elves find him when he first got lost trying to find his way home. Rudolph plays a major role on Christmas night delivering presents so that children everywhere can enjoy Christmas morning.

Characteristics of Rudolph:

  • Quite meek and with a trace of modesty.
  • Enjoys assisting his fellow reindeer.
  • Completes all of the assigned duties.
  • At the appropriate moment, be playful with your companions.

10. Olive –  Not Just Another Reindeer

Olive is a very quiet and shy girl who likes to keep her head down and stay unnoticed by everyone. She has a little green light on her nose that lights up when she’s excited.

Her main responsibility is to simply follow the others around and help deliver presents as they run all over town on Christmas Eve morning. She can often be found in Santa’s cot sleeping soundly when she is not out delivering presents.

Olive’s Characteristics

  • Possesses the ability to keep friendships throughout time.
  • Intelligent and not afraid to have fun.
  • Amusing and full of good spirits.
  • Not someone who craves the spotlight.
A Complete List Of Reindeer Names

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What Are Santa’s Reindeer Called?

The names of the reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen and the rest of the team is Olive and Rudolph.

2. What are all the 9 reindeer’s names?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph are 9 reindeer names.

3. What are the reindeer names for Christmas?

Olive, Olive, Olive, Olive, and Rudolph are the reindeer names for Christmas.

4. What are good girl reindeer names?

Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Donner are some of the good girl reindeer names.


You now know all about the ten reindeer who help Santa to deliver presents on Christmas Eve, and they are all part of the team which makes it possible for Santa to get all his presents delivered. They each fill their own role and that has helped make sure that the children get their presents on Christmas morning.