Artificial Intelligence Names

Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate fantasy of all ages. You can see how AI has been a part of our daily lives. Either it’s a video game for kids or the computer chess game, the artificial intelligence is both: You friend and foe. But as artificial intelligence doesn’t come with names like Siri and Alexa, you need to name them because you can’t simply call them “Computer”.

The AI works robotically, you can name it after anything that you love to. But how about being a bit hypothetical and consider the AI to be a real and living creature? So now let’s get some name for the AI who has just come to life.

AI name generator:

The artificial intelligence is fictional, so why not we be inspired by some names from the favorite sci-fi movies of all time? We all love those science fiction movies, and to some extent, we so wanted those characters to be a part of our life. So here is your chance to get that in real.

AI names inspired by sci-fi movie Characters:

The Firefly Battlestar Judge Dredd Scotty
Odyssey X-man Metropolis Yoda
Blade runner Terminator Star War Robocop
Alien Saga Quatermass Thor Boba Fett
Doctor Who Farscape Lucifer Chewbacca
Trancer The Starbucks Barbarella Robby the Robot
Wracked legend Babylon The predator Reynold
Captain Torchwood The Blake Akira Red Dwarf
Paranoid Android Suicide Squad Thoris John Carter

Fantasy Artificial Intelligence Names:

Not bad at all! We all love fantasies. They are surreal and gives us the feeling of imaginary real things. Like the unicorn, we can simply picture the white horse-like creature with horn and soft light everywhere around. Wow! Naming your AI after any fantasy character will be fun. Here are some name ideas you can consider if you want to take some fantasy-tic chance.

Goblin Djinn Faerie Lalafell
Yuna Dryad God Elezen
Elves Cephalid Sphinx Aura
Demon Avatar Orc Necron
Merfolk Centaurs Moonfolk Chaos
Giant Zombie Elf Kasatha
Vampire Wizard Troll Lasantha
Unicorn WereWolve Sylvari Asura


Human Names for your Inhuman Artificial Intelligence:

Many people prefer to have ownership upon everything. They are likely to name their pets, gadgets and everything, as humans. So, if you are among them, don’t worry at all because I have name ideas for your Artificial human intelligence too. Naming after a human, makes sense, at least you feel safe and secure with at least one human 😛

Jessie Zoe Hannah Matilda
Sylvia Millie Florence Layla
Maria Emma Erin Nancy
Moana Georgia Darsy Anna
Erica Sarah Sienna Aurora
Elena Maya Poppy Lara
Amelia Daisy Freya Hallie
Olivia Mia Isabella Heidi


If you choose Artificial intelligence names after color names:

Naming human after color names are very usual. I mean you must have friends called Scarlett, Skye and those are very common. How about naming your AI after some great and fresh color names? It will be a little unusual, but you will love the concept. Let’s check some name of colors that you can use to name your Artificial Intelligence.

Rose Pink Russet Azura
Olive Grayson Violet Mazarin
Indigo Ruby Mauve Xanthe
Morado Moss Hazel Melanie
Ash Ivory Honey Kelly
Brown Blue Aurelia Fuchsia
Beryl Beige Coral Saffron
Lavender Sage Alba Sienna

What about calling your Artificial Intelligence after some fruit names?

We name our siblings after fruit names; the difference is that we call them by the fruit we don’t like. But we love our artificial intelligence, so we can’t be misery at this point. Naming your AI after slushy fruits will be great. Think you are playing chess with mango in a summer afternoon, started feeling fresh already? Let’s see what else is there in the basket:

Kiwi Bean Okra
Berry Pea Ginger
Plum Raspberry Pinto
Apple Citron Kale
Quince Huckleberry Pepper
Mirabelle Crispin Maize
Cherry Lemon Daikon
Juniper Lychee Persimmon

Name your AI with some tech cool AI names:

That’s very obvious. Naming your artificial Intelligence with some technical name is super awesome and suitable too. AI is all about robotics and electronics. Thus your name must sound relevant and quirky.

Here are some name suggestions I found very suitable for your AI:

Simulated Intel Applied AI Cerebro AI Power AI
Hardly Human Bot spot Lucid AI Levito
Prized AI Dreams of Reality Intelligent Replica Big Brain AI
Native Cognitive Intelligent Innovation Intelligence Forever Brillante
Brain Power Innovative AI Artificial Abilities Synthetic Intelligence
AI spy Smart Vision Expertise Intelligence Smart Innovations
Artificial Aptitude CompuBrain Artificial Perfection Dynamic Designs
About Bots Visionary AI Intelligent Mind AI quest

TAKEAWAY: There is one name for everyone in the right name. Hope you have found yours from the lists above. Call it cute, call it intense, intelligent or whatever it may, it has a superhuman brain and we love it. Want more name suggestions? Write to us!

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