Superheroes have been a profitable business since the 1930s. One extremely impressive story or a hit story brings the profit of millions of dollars. Even comic books are sold for millions. With the increase in demand, it is a great idea to start a business in this field and have a profitable business.

If you are looking for unique, catchy, cool, and creative superhero names; and tired of searching names in superhero team name generator, then you are at the right place. Here is the treasure of perfect superhero team names to make your naming task easier.

You can accordingly choose from the below-listed superhero team names which have not been taken from anyone. And the most important tip while choosing the name is to select a superhero name that best suits the character. Read also names that mean death

Superheroes are a major source of inspiration and entertainment for people all around the globe. Heroes with an impressive struggle story, who turn out to be successful saviors of humanity are always appealing to the audience and the masses.

Every child has his/her favorite superhero such as Batman, Superman, Deadpool, Hulk, X-men, Spiderman, etc. who inspire tremendously.

When it comes to superheroes, two prominent companies acquire a vast range of the most popular superheroes in the world. These are DC and Marvel. Some of the most popular and inspiring superheroes are a product of these world-famous companies.

Naming your team after your favorite superhero can be an amazing option. The special powers and capabilities of your favorite superhero indicate the specialty of your team. If you are looking for some catchy and awesome superhero names for your team then you can use the following lists as a cool superhero team name generator.

Here is a collection of some of the most captivating and trendy superhero team names. Explore our lists and find the perfect superhero team name for yourself. Scroll down to check the amazing list of Marvel superhero team.

Cool Superhero Team Names Ideas

If you are a huge fan of superheroes and you want to make your own team of superheroes then we have your back. We have a long list of Superheroes Team names that will not only woo you but also make you choose one. 

We have tried the Hero Group Name Generator but most of the names that we have liked were not available so we have got something handpicked and we would love to share them with you. Let’s check out below.

TrailblazersPlatinum WarriorsDestroyers of the DevilsDaredevils
Forever RescuersCommandoesLiberatorsMarvellous Magistrators
Ninja SuperheroesSupreme ForceUltimate ForceUniversal Saviours
All-Star SquadronDarkstarsFreexSatan Slayers
Alpha FlightDefenders of the EarthGen 13Force Works
Birds of PreyDeviationsGeneration XFreedom Fighters
Challenger PatrolDoom PatrolGotham City SirensHeroes for Hire
Chief RebelsExcaliburGreen Lantern CorpsHyperkind
Covert AllianceExilesGuardians of the GalaxyInfinity Inc.
CrusadersFantastic ForceHarbingersPeace Emancipators
The Revelation RangersUniversal ChampsVigilantesGotham City
Cardinal HeroesCursedThe Pinnacle RebelsWorld Watch
The Enigma CenturionsThe StrangersThe Myriad OraclesFreedom Fighters
NextwaveThe Enigma CenturionsYoung JusticeMyriad
Liberty SavioursThe Behemoth HeroesBerserkersParadoxes
Challenger HeroesThe Flux FightersVindicatorsThe Vipers
All-Star SquadronForce WorksExcaliburThe Cardinal Marvels
The AberrationsThe WretchedMarvel liberatorThe Pioneers
The Mirage TroopersTeen TitansGuardians of the GalaxyThe Phantom Oracles
The Cobra HeroesNew MutantsThe Primal MarvelsHerd of superheroes
TrailblazersThe Future LeagueThe VagrantsAll-Star Squadron
Defiance UnitThe WatchmanInfantry of rangersWonder Women
The Eerie MastersThe Freak WatchTranscendent RebelsSuperiors
Great RangersThe Feral SquadThe Revelation RangersDeviations
BehemothsTrinity AngelsThe Mirage TroopersJustice League of America
Birds of PreyVipersThe LunaticsThe Phenomenon Syndicate
The Arachnid CrusadersTranscendent RebelsThe Paradox OutcastsThe Malevolents Renegades
The LunaticsThe Suicide SquadThe Revelation RangersTroops of marvel superheroes
The InfernalsShadow CabinetThe MaestrosPlatinum Warriors
The Daemon LeagueThe Justice DefendersPower PackThe Cardinal Marvels
Four FeathersUltraforceThe fine championsMiscreants
The Demon WatchThe Galaxy DefendersUltimate ForceLiberators
Divine SuperheroesThe NemesesQuantum of samaritanThe Eerie Masters
The CrackerjacksX-MenThe StrangersThe Paramount Watch
Chief RebelsStormwatchGrim MastersThe Revengers
Cool Superhero Team Names Ideas

Creative And Unique Superhero Team Names

Finding a unique name with a creative twist can be a difficult task. A name is a representative of your central ideas, beliefs, and ideologies. It also holds an idea of your mission and vision that you wish to deliver to the world. The following are some great ideas that you can utilize as creative superhero team names.

Liberty SavioursWarriors of the universeGreat RangersDefenders of the space
Divine SuperheroesFantastic FightersQuantum SavioursMarvel Rangers
Ninja SavioursForever RangersChivalrous ChampionsSky Force
Maestro SoldiersOutsidersUniversal ChampsSquadron Supreme
MASKPlanetaryKnight RidersStormwatch
Metal MenPower PackTorpedo TrainersT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
New MutantsSecret AvengersShadow CabinetTeen Titans
NextwaveSecret SixShadowpactThe Authority
Nova UnitSentinels of MagicSMASHThe Avengers
Omega MenSeven SoldiersThe GolemsThe Defenders
The Aura ClanWarriors of the universeThe Shadow RangersUnity
The Storm ForceNinja SavioursThe Mirage TroopersPlanetary
The CrackerjacksNova UnitHeroes for HireThe Goliaths
Custodian SoldiersSanguine TroopersDaemon CustodiansThe Pioneers
Green Lantern CorpsX-FactorFantastic ForceThe Shepherd Pack
Four Real FriendsThe InventionsInfantry of rangersThe Shadow Centurions
Quantum SavioursThe Aura ClanFriends From WorkThe Maestros
Light HarborsThe Justice DefendersThe Silent OnesYoung Justice
CrusadersThe Enigma CenturionsMaestro SoldiersForce Works
The Blitz GuardsFreak WatchManiacsThe Defenders
The Divine AlliesForever RescuersNova MastersInfinity Inc.
The GolemsThe GolemsThe Inferno GuardiansDaredevils
Daemon CustodiansThe Behemoth HeroesPack of liberatorsThe Prodigy Pack
TrailblazersX-MenDeviations GenerationThe Avengers
Omega MenThe Justice DefendersThe Sovereign SoldiersThe Infernal Knights
Ninja SavioursThe Vigilante CustodiansThe Skirmish HeroesThe Ironclad Crusaders
Deviations GenerationThe MaestrosFantastic ForceX-Force
ExilesNinja SavioursX-ForceYoung Justice
The Custodian CenturionsPower PackMarvel liberatorSentinels of Magic
The Pinnacle RebelsThe WretchedCardinal HeroesSentinels of Magic
Quartet ThreatCommandos of the saviorsThe Jackal SquadThe Paradox Outcasts
The InfernalsRagnarockQuantum of samaritanFour Real Friends
The Prodigy PackThe Paradox OutcastsThe Shepherd PackThe Maestros
The VipersThe Blitz GuardsSatan SlayersThe Augmented Alliance
Chivalrous ChampionsThe Aura ClanDivine mastersThe Global Guardians

Made Up Superhero Names

If you are searching for some Superhero Team Names That Haven’t Been Taken then you will have to check this article. We have shared only names that are not taken and you can choose them accordingly. 

Honestly, we have liked a few Superhero Duo Names but, most of them were either taken or not available for some other reason. That is why we have chosen some names on our own and now, we will be sharing those with you. 

Let’s check out below.

Commandos of the saviorsUnityThe HeraldsTroops of marvel superheroes
Night teamWild C.A.T.SThe League of Extraordinary GentlemenHerd of superheroes
Marvel liberatorWorld WatchThe LunaticsForever rescuers
Herd of rescuersX-FactorThe StrangersDivine masters
Infantry of rangersX-ForceThe Suicide SquadDivine rangers
Marvel emancipatorX-MenThe WatchmanDivine rescuers
Ninja superheroesYoung JusticeThunderboltsDivine Samaritans
Pack of liberatorsZoo CrewTrinity AngelsDivine saviors
Quantum of samaritanUltraforceUltimatesDivine superheroes
PrimitivesCrisis MastersThe Primal MarvelsUnity
Power PackParableWretchedThe Strangers
The Destiny KnightsUniversal SavioursKickers, Inc.Teen Titans
The MiragesThe HeraldsUltimatesWarriors of the universe
Quantum of samaritanCommandoesThe Custodian CenturionsHeralds
The CrackerjacksThe Phantom OraclesThe Shadow CenturionsShepherd Allies
InhumansThe Paradox OutcastsSquadron SupremeThe Blitz Guards
Oh My Quad!The WondersSMASHThe Destiny Knights
Maestro SoldiersLiberty SavioursThe Paramount WatchThe Future League
Inhuman SyndicateMythic WatchTrinitiesThunderbolts
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenChallenger PatrolNinja superheroesPinnacle Squadron
The Eerie MastersVigilantesThe MaraudersSecret Avengers
Challenger PatrolJuvenilesThe EliteCardinal Heroes
Exile KnightsDaredevilsThe LunaticsIllusion Fighters
Defenders of the spaceX-FactorFeral OraclesTrailblazers
The OraclesGuardians of the GalaxyOutsidersFreedom Fighters
Chaperon DefendersThe Shepherd PackShadowpactThe Daemon League
Freedom FightersSpectralsThe StrangersThe Defenders
Divine superheroesMalevolentsBehemothsCustodian Soldiers
The VagabondsIllusionistsThe AngelsExile Knights
The AngelsFugitive CenturionsThe PioneersDaemon Custodians
Alpha FlightTriad WingsThe Divine AlliesDivine superheroes
Revelation CenturionsWhisper HeroesSecret AvengersThe Infernals
Warriors of the universeStorm LeagueThe HeraldsUltimate Force
The EliteThe Riot WingsSky ForceThe Crackerjacks

Are you hunting for the name of superheroes with the team of 4? Here are some of the amazing and unique names for the teams of 4:

Groups of Four

The superheroes group has a separate dedicated fan base. People love to see their favorite superheroes come together as a team to fight the evil forces. For alluring and inspiring names for superhero groups, you can consider the following names.

4 Ever FriendsFast foursFour WarriorsQuartet Threat
4-GettaboutitFavourable FoursFour-ever YoungSquad 4
4-MationFinesse FourFour-tified (“Fortified”)The Fearsome Foursome
All 4 YouForce of 4Four-titude (“Fortitude”)The Fly Four
Amazing fourFour FeathersFour-tuitous (“Fortuitous”)The Four Fathers (“Forefathers”)
Combined FourcesFour for the RescueFourth Worth (“Fort Worth”)The Four Femme Fatales
Fab FourFour HorsemenG-team of 4The Four Seasons
Fantastic FourFour KeepsGenius 4The Four-bidden Fruit
Four SureFour RealThe Fourth DimensionThe Four-closers (“Foreclosures”)
Four to the rescueFour Real FriendsOh My Quad!The Four-runners (“Forerunners”)
The Crux ForceInfinity Inc.The Paradox OutcastsBehemoths
Illusion FightersThe Aura ClanPrimalsMasters
Favourable FoursThe SpectralsUltimate ForceTrinities
The SpectralsBanshee ChampionsThe CrackerjacksForce Works
MastersAberration GuardsThe Void UnitOmega Men
Black PanswersCustodian SoldiersThe Demon WatchInhumans
The Flux FightersThe MaestrosFantastic ForceTHE TEEN TITANS
The MiragesFreexThe Crux ForceThe Malevolents
The Paradox OutcastsWorld WatchForever RangersChampions
The Maroon AllianceNova UnitThe WondersVipers
The Prodigy PackThe DeviationsRenegadesShepherd Allies
The OraclesArcane TitansDivine superheroesStormwatch
The EnigmasEpitome MarvelsHarbingersFour Real Friends
The Suicide SquadRascal CenturionsThe WondersThe Enigma Centurions
The Crux ForceParamount WingsThe Cardinal MarvelsThe Prodigy Pack
The DefendersSovereign PatrolDarkstarsNinja Saviours
Ultimate ForceRevelation CenturionsTrinitiesThe Pioneers
The AberrationsPrimitivesMarvel RangersViper Champions
The Augmented AllianceHoundsHyperkindCrisis Masters
DeviationsPinnacle SquadronShepherd CrusadersMiscreants
Paramount WingsAnomaly FightersExile KnightsDivine rangers
Omega MenTime RangersThe MaroonsThe Elite
Birds of PreySanguine TroopersThe Infernal LegionForever Rescuers
The Future LeagueGuardiansThe Behemoth HeroesDarkstars
Forever rescuersKeepersCovert AllianceLiberty Saviours
Groups of Four

Teams of 4

If you are planning to make a team with four people then also you will have a lot of options. In general, we have seen that people do not concentrate on the term four but you should not repeat that mistake. 

There are a few Superhero Group Name Generators available and you need to check them out if you are also searching for some unique ones. Your Super Hero Team Names should not only be about four people but it should also be unique. 

Also, we are sharing some names that would woo you for many reasons. Let’s check out!

Treasure 4The Quad SquadThe OG Four
Troops fourToo Good 4 YouThe Four Seasons
G-team of 4Troops fourFour Corners
Marvel fourSquad 4Four Sure
The Pinnacle RebelsFreaks of NatureThe Terra SyndicateSuperiors
Covert CenturionsApex MarvelsFantastic FightersBerserkers
Chaperon DefendersVitality LeagueUltimatesParadoxes
Reformation AlliesDefiance CrewChief FlightParagons
Aurora SquadCardinal SyndicateChief FlightThe Destiny Knights
The ChampionsInhuman SyndicateChallenger HeroesMarvel emancipator
Squadron SupremeBanshee SyndicateGuardiansThe Fiends
The MaraudersMythic WatchLight HarborsOh My Quad!
Herd of superheroesFreak WatchInfinity incShadowpact
THE POWER RANGERSIronclad CrusadersMetal ManThe Wings
Aura MarvelsSovereign SoldiersGrim MastersDestiny Clan
CrackerjacksFiendsBehemothsAlpha Knights
CovertsPioneersCursedTranscendent Rebels
The Quad SquadUltimate ForceFeralsThe Mirages
The Inferno GuardiansPlatinumGen 13 Force WorksToo Good 4 You
Marvelous MagistratesDeviations GenerationRagnarockThe Pinnacle Rebels
The Mirage TroopersX Freedom FightersMarvel KnightsNew Mutants
MyriadWatchdogshe Justice Defendershunderbolts
Fantastic FourAberrationsThe Elite ForceMaestro Soldiers
Gen 13Sky ForceFreaksSilent Force
Gotham City SirensOh, My Quad!ArchetypesParagons
Green Lantern CorpsPuny GodsSanguine SquadThe Supreme Rebels
Justice LeagueBlack PanswersEerie PatrolThe fine champions
AurasWe Are GrootProtectors of NightKickers, Inc.
RenegadesThe EnigmaDark HeroesHeroes for Hire

Good Superhero Team Names:

When it comes to Superhero Names Ideas, you really name something that would be catchy as well as attractive. We have also come through some general names that were not really great but, here we have got something really great for you.

You really need to convince the audience that your team is a force to be reckon with. For that, the very first thing you will ever require is a good name. Let’s check out some below.

The Arachnid CrusadersThe Behemoth Heroes
The Augmented AllianceThe Crux Force
The Aura ClanThe Crisis Troopers
The Cardinal MarvelsThe Custodian Centurions
The Blitz GuardsThe Demon Watch
The Destiny KnightsThe Divine Allies
The Enigma CenturionsThe Justice Defenders
The Freak WatchThe Ironclad Crusaders
The Future LeagueThe Infinity Squadron
The Galaxy DefendersThe Global Guardians
Castaway GuardiansTitansTeam InfinityThe Jackal Squad
Vigilante CustodiansNova MastersPerfectly BalancedManiacs
The Shadow CenturionsFallen AngelsFright fillersNova Clan
The OmensWonder WomenViper PackSovereign Guardians
Vagrant OutcastsEvil EyesDestiny GuardsDefiance Rebels
Infinity SquadronRed ForcesPinnacle GuardiansColossals
Apex DefendersWomen SaviorsDevilsMemento Knights
Defiance OutcastsDaemon OraclesShepherd CrusadersInferno Fighters
Carnage SoldiersThe Enigma CenturionsPinnacle MastersNemeses
AurasThe Crux ForceVitality ChampionsTricksters
CobrasDefiance UnitChief CrewBattalion
Guardian WarriorsChaperon DefendersCustodian PatrolPrimals
Prodigy SentinelsFour FeathersMyriadUndying
BattalionChief FlightKeepersRevelation Pack
CrusadersGreen Lantern CorpsMiscreantsOutcasts
ImmortalsShepherd CrusadersHeraldsWildlings
Mad DogsRenegadesDefiance UnitLunatics
VindicatorsThe Prodigy PackDevil BattalionDemon Allies
HeraldsPrimalsNova RebelsBehemoth Troopers
Omega AlliesInhumansPower PackDefiance Force
Invasion ForceThe StrangersThe GoliathsUniverse Legion
Maestro LeagueBlack PanswersParableMiscreants
NebulasThe Paramount WatchThe Cardinal MarvelsAberrations
Assault WatchThe WretchedSky ForceParamount Patrol

Above mentioned are the most exciting, catchy, unique, and trendy names for superhero teams and groups. These superhero group names are alluring and distinctive. Be the first lucky one to use these made up superhero names that best suits your superhero character.

Marvel Team Name Generator:

Are you looking for some Super Hero Squad Names? If yes, then you are going to get some amazing ones here.

We have collected a few marvel teams’ names and if you are a marble fan then you cannot help but fall in love. We are also got some ideas from marvel lovers and asked them how they would like to name their team.

Finally, we have successfully collected some names and will be sharing them below. Let’s find out.

The RevengersThe Hardest Choice
Puny GodsPerfectly Balanced
Lo-Ki WinnersWe’re Not Feeling So Good
We’re Always RightThe Snappening & Dust in the Wind
We Are GrootThere Are No Strings on Us
Trash PandasThe Winner’s Soldiers
The GamoronsAssguardians of the Galaxy
Black PanswersKick Names and Take Ass
Hawk-I Know All the AnswersThe Copper Legion
Mew-MewFriends From Work
Whisper SentinelsParamount WingsDivine saviorsLegion
Exile PackExplorers of the spaceSanguine TroopersCastaways
Silent SyndicateThe Future LeagueThe NebulasLunatics
Enigma CenturionsTranscendent RebelsInvasion ForceWretched
ParableHeraldsAberration GuardsExclusives
FiendsWarriors of the universeFavourable FoursMemento Centurions
DivinesThe Paradox OutcastsAberrationsChallenger Champions
NovasFreak WatchThe Aura ClanFeral Oracles
CovertsDaredevilsWhisper HeroesCovert Centurions
Anomaly AllianceThunderboltsThe OraclesVisionary Unit
Monster RebelsThe Cobra HeroesAnomaly AlliancePinnacle Masters
UntamedBehemothsThe NightmaresDefiance Outcasts
Divine rangersFugitive CenturionsThe Myriad OraclesPlatinum
ImmortalsThe Crisis TroopersThe Riot WingsMaestro Soldiers
Sanguine SquadDivinesPinnacle SquadronThe Feral Squad
PrimitivesThe Inferno GuardiansInferno FightersStorm League
Memento CenturionsVitality LeagueCommandoesFreex
NovasThe WatchmanShadow CabinetBehemoth Troopers
The Flux FightersPeace EmancipatorsAnomaly FightersX-Men
HyperkindDeviationsMythic WatchSovereign Guardians
Deviations GenerationTrickstersWonder WomenFiends
RagnarockSpectralsVindicatorsParamount Patrol
WildlingsThe Quad SquadMyriadUltraforce
he Justice DefendersApex DefendersChampionsHerd of rescuers

Funny Superhero Team Names:

If you are looking for some funny yet Best Superhero Team Names then your search ends here. If you are a fun-loving person then you should name your team with something funny. That would be perfect according to me.

Let’s check out some of the funny yet great superhero team names below for your better understanding.

The Pinnacle RebelsThe Arachnid Crusaders
The Void UnitThe Cobra Heroes
The Inferno GuardiansThe Blood Oracles
The Behemoth HeroesThe Infinity Squadron
The Feral SquadThe Vagrant Outcasts
The Destiny KnightsThe Nightmares
The Augmented AllianceThe Paramount Watch
The Infernal KnightsThe Shepherd Pack
The Vigilante CustodiansThe Primal Marvels
The Shadow CenturionsThe Enigma Centurions
Young JusticePlanetaryFreaks of NatureRascal Centurions
The GolemsThe VagabondsSecret SixGen 13 Force Works
Kickers, Inc.Banshee SyndicateWatchdogsCastaway Guardians
Freedom FightersBerserkersFantastic ForceThe Maroons
Infantry of rangersUntamedThe Revelation RangersDemon Allies
The Elite ForceMonster RebelsCovert CenturionsThe Vindicators
The MiragesForever RescuersUltimate ForceThe Primal Marvels
The WondersLegionWretchedTriad Wings
Alpha KnightsTeam InfinityUltimatesCarnage Soldiers
Grim MastersThe Storm KnightsMad DogsPioneers
The Destiny KnightsWe Are GrootDestiny GuardsTrinities
Arcane TitansFeral OraclesFantastic FourSilent Force
CobrasGuardians of the GalaxyDaemon CustodiansChallenger Patrol
Guardian WarriorsDivine mastersCardinal HeroesThe Pioneers
HoundsMarvel emancipatorNova MastersShepherd Allies
KeepersThe AngelsFour CornersRed Forces
The Silent OnesMalevolentsThe Void UnitAuras
Universal ChampsInfinity Inc.Gotham City SirensThe Infernals
Alpha FlightRevelation CenturionsTeen TitansAll-Star Squadron
The OmensExile PackThe AvengersThe Defenders
The InventionsHerd of superheroesPuny GodsThe Freak Brawlers
IllusionistsInfinity SquadronQuartet ThreatMarvelous Magistrates
Visionary UnitEerie PatrolLight HarborsVitality Champions
NemesesFallen AngelsHeroes for HireDefiance Rebels
World WatchFeralsDaemon OraclesThe Mirage Troopers
Funny Superhero Team Names
Superhero Team Name Ideas
Superhero Team Name Ideas


These superhero team names will provide you with the basic ideas and tips to create your very own superhero name. A superhero name is an implication of power and justice. 

The greatest and the most popular superheroes in the world today are followed by millions of people. Therefore, a name that is inspired by a super-hero can be very beneficial and representative. Read more: The Best Gun Company Names


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