Superhero Team Name Ideas


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Superheroes have been a profitable business since 1930’s. One extremely impressive story or a hit story brings the profit of millions of dollars. Even comic books are sold for millions.With the increase in demand, it is a great idea to start a business in this field and have a profitable business.

If you are looking for unique, catchy, cool, and creative superhero names; and tired of searching names in superhero team name generator, then you are at the right place. Here is the treasure of perfect superhero team names to make your naming task easier.

You can accordingly choose from the below listed superhero team names which have not been taken from anyone. And the most important tip while choosing the name is to select a superhero name which best suits the character. Read also names that mean death


Superheroes are a major source of inspiration and entertainment for people all around the globe. Heroes with an impressive struggle story, who turn out to be successful saviours of humanity are always appealing to the audience and the masses. Every child has his/her favourite superhero such as Batman, Superman, Deadpool, Hulk, X-men, Spiderman etc. who inspire tremendously.

When it comes to the superheroes, there are two prominent companies that acquire a vast range of the most popular superheroes in the world. These are DC and Marvel. Some of the most popular and inspiring superheroes are a product of these world-famous companies.

Naming your team after your favourite superhero can be an amazing option. The special powers and capabilities of your favourite superhero indicate the speciality of your team. If you are looking for some catchy and awesome superhero names for your team then you can use the following lists as a cool superhero team name generator.

Here is a collection of some of the most captivating and trendy superhero team names. Explore our lists and find the perfect superhero team name for yourself.

Scroll down to check the amazing list of Marvel superhero team.

Cool Superhero Team Names Ideas

Are you looking for the made up superhero names? Then continue reading to know about the catchy superhero names.

TrailblazersPlatinum WarriorsDestroyers of the DevilsDaredevils
Forever RescuersCommandoesLiberatorsMarvellous Magistrators
Ninja SuperheroesSupreme ForceUltimate ForceUniversal Saviours
All-Star SquadronDarkstarsFreexSatan Slayers
Alpha FlightDefenders of the EarthGen 13Force Works
Birds of PreyDeviationsGeneration XFreedom Fighters
Challenger PatrolDoom PatrolGotham City SirensHeroes for Hire
Chief RebelsExcaliburGreen Lantern CorpsHyperkind
Covert AllianceExilesGuardians of the GalaxyInfinity Inc.
CrusadersFantastic ForceHarbingersPeace Emancipators

Creative And Unique Superhero Team Names

Finding a unique name with a creative twist can be a difficult task. A name is a representative of your central ideas, beliefs and ideologies. It also holds an idea of your mission and vision that you wish to deliver to the world. Following are some great ideas that you can utilize as creative superhero team names.

Liberty SavioursWarriors of the universeGreat RangersDefenders of the space
Divine SuperheroesFantastic FightersQuantum SavioursMarvel Rangers
Ninja SavioursForever RangersChivalrous ChampionsSky Force
Maestro SoldiersOutsidersUniversal ChampsSquadron Supreme
MASKPlanetaryKnight RidersStormwatch
Metal MenPower PackTorpedo TrainersT.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
New MutantsSecret AvengersShadow CabinetTeen Titans
NextwaveSecret SixShadowpactThe Authority
Nova UnitSentinels of MagicSMASHThe Avengers
Omega MenSeven SoldiersThe GolemsThe Defenders

Made Up Superhero Names

Commandos of the saviorsUnityThe HeraldsTroops of marvel superheroes
Night teamWild C.A.T.SThe League of Extraordinary GentlemenHerd of superheroes
Marvel liberatorWorld WatchThe LunaticsForever rescuers
Herd of rescuersX-FactorThe StrangersDivine masters
Infantry of rangersX-ForceThe Suicide SquadDivine rangers
Marvel emancipatorX-MenThe WatchmanDivine rescuers
Ninja superheroesYoung JusticeThunderboltsDivine Samaritans
Pack of liberatorsZoo CrewTrinity AngelsDivine saviors
Quantum of samaritanUltimatesDivine superheroes
The fine championsUltraforceExplorers of the space

Are you hunting for the name of superheroes with the team of 4? Here are some of the amazing and unique names for the teams of 4:

Groups of Four

Superheroes group has a separate dedicated fan base. People love to see their favourite superheroes come together as a team to fight the evil forces. For alluring and inspiring names for superheroes groups, you can consider the following names.

4 Ever FriendsFast foursFour WarriorsQuartet Threat
4-GettaboutitFavourable FoursFour-ever YoungSquad 4
4-MationFinesse FourFour-tified (“Fortified”)The Fearsome Foursome
All 4 YouForce of 4Four-titude (“Fortitude”)The Fly Four
Amazing fourFour FeathersFour-tuitous (“Fortuitous”)The Four Fathers (“Forefathers”)
Combined FourcesFour for the RescueFourth Worth (“Fort Worth”)The Four Femme Fatales
Fab FourFour HorsemenG-team of 4The Four Seasons
Fantastic FourFour KeepsGenius 4The Four-bidden Fruit
Four SureFour RealThe Fourth DimensionThe Four-closers (“Foreclosures”)
Four to the rescueFour Real FriendsOh My Quad!The Four-runners (“Forerunners”)

Teams of 4

Treasure 4The Quad SquadThe OG Four
Troops fourToo Good 4 YouThe Four Seasons
G-team of 4Troops fourFour Corners
Marvel fourSquad 4Four Sure

Above mentioned are the most exciting, catchy, unique and trendy names for superhero teams and groups. These superhero group names are alluring and distinctive. Be the first lucky one to use these made up superhero names that best suits your superhero character.


These superhero team names will provide you with the basic ideas and the tips to create your very own superhero name. A superhero name is an implication of power and justice. The greatest and the most popular superheroes in the world today are followed by millions of people. Therefore, a name that inspires from a super-hero can be very beneficial and representative.

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