Creative Bible Study Group Names


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God is one however the ways to worship them are many. People worship god according to their own customs and traditions. One dislikes one tradition and the other dislikes the another one although the target or aim of every follower of god is to reach to the god through the medium of their prayers and devotion towards there god. Although we have categorized as we have categorized the people but the respect and devotion still exists in the hearts of people for each and every religion.

Christians when visit the church for there mass prayers they generally visit in a form of group. The group may be of younger ones,friends or adults. They form there own groups and than visit church regularly. Also the days of the groups are decided as to which group is going to recite the prayers on which day. So for the same reason and also to distinguish your group with the other the groups it becomes crucial to decide a name for your group which could be known in the church.  It is the culture of the church that demands for the name for the Bible study.

Tips for selecting a Bible study group name-

Selecting a name often becomes difficult as i myself have gone through that phase where i was stucked in between as to which name show i go with it. Therefore to make your decision making we are here to provide you with certain tips for selecting a group bible study name-

  • Do not force the naming process- The naming process should not be forced for anyone and also it should be kept keeping in the mind the purpose for which the name is to be kept.
  • Select the right time for naming your group-Naming your group at initial stages is not a good idea you should try keeping up a name when you think that your group as a whole is performing well and is now being appreciated by the church authorities and so gradually it is becoming popular.
  • Choose a name that is everlasting- You should pick up a catchy name that is different from the others. Your name should be such which leaves an impression over others for a longer period of time.

Creative Bible Study Group Names-

As i told earlier that your name should be such that remains in the minds of people for a longer period of time so in that case  a creative bible study name should be selected for your group. So the list is set forth of creative bible study group names-

  1. The Lord’s Daily Bible Study Group
  2. Gateway Bible Studies
  3. Christian Warrior Bible study group!
  6. Trust in the Lord ~ Bible Study
  7. Experiencing God through Bible Study
  8. Seventh-day Adventist Bible Study Online
  9. Hope Out Loud Online Bible Studies
  10. Womens Bible Cafe Study Groups
  12. Open Bible Study
  13. Bible Baptist Church Youth Club
  15. Biblical Hebrew Study Group
  16. Bible Questions & Discussion Group
  18. Christian Community Bible group
  21. Bible Study Connecting the Dots
  22. Daily Bible Devotion

Church Group Names for Adults-

Adults are no way else that young ones they try there best to be a part of bible study in the church and thus form their own groups and than name them accordingly. So few names for adults are there as follows-

  • TFG: Teens for God.
  • CIA: Christians in Action
  • Truth-seekers
  • The Biblions
  • The F.O.G. (Family of God – or Friends of God)
  • SLRM : Sarah, Leah, Rebekkah and the Matriarchs
  • GFC’s Girls for Christ
  • Team Insanity
  • Fellowship of the Divine Trinity
  • Bible Thumpers
  • Biblical Smackdown
  • JC’s BF’s
  • Holy Rollers
  • Bible Buddies
  • Biblical Brethren
  • Latin King of Kings
  • GD’s (God’s Deciples)
  • Bloods of Christ
  • Three cords of salvation

Catchy youth group names-

The youth is fast and also have their own understanding and so they select the name with their choice. Sosome catchy youth group name for bible study are as follows-

  • Go
  • Three Pillars
  • By faith
  • Four thirteens
  • Everpresence
  • All time love
  • Ends of the heart.
  • Safe rest
  • Treelife
  • day by day
  • Compassion
  • Living way
  • Fullfillment

So these were certain names which you can keep for your own bible study group. Although the names are not confined to these list only there are multiple amount of names which you can keep for your group undr various categories.

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Creative Bible Study Group Names

God is one however the ways to worship them...
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