399+ Creative Bible Study Group Names

Were you looking for a notable name for the small group in your Church? (Creative Bible Study Group Names)

The church groups’ names serve a broad range of roles, from religious research groups to singers. The bible study group names for Bible study depends heavily on the group’s intention. Various classes can use many of these names, so don’t be surprised when you see either or several occasions.

The group is one of the most popular and will meet in someone’s house as a Sunday school or a small group. In most, but not all, these classes usually stop at the end of the study.

Many churches with themes continue their small group ministry. If you have a well-trained leader, they are quick to start. One downside is that if the leader is not comfortable with the subject, they can sound shallow. Your Church can do something first of all by learning only with the leaders. The subject is very well understood and well-briefed by the leaders.

Shecaniah Jedidah Abraham Kristian
Jethro Abel Barnabas Erastus
Rama Japheth Trophimus Johanan
Amaziah Azaliah Hosea Alexander
Abel Raphael Azariah Elisha
Zachariah Sirion Joash Rueben
Reuel Saul Mattathias John
Abraham Jahmai Arioch Paul
Salathiel Mose Jacob Marcus
Boaz Joab Raphael Gabriel
The Adventure Nu Creations Refresh Abide in Truth
TACO On The Move Soul Fuel Above & Beyond
Earth Tourists Once Blind Storm Chasers Across Borders
Living Way Royalty Youth Task Force Acute Awareness
Safe Rest Rugged Youth Momentum Adorn Messiah
Bible Behemoths Save More The Solution Adventurer
Springwater Seeking His Kingdom Victory All for Jesus
Ends of the Earth Servants of Salvation War Room All in the Mind
Eagle Wings Shaping Clay God’s Protocol All Things Possible
My Strength Shield of Power Crazy world Group All Us Single Ladies
The Inseparable Silent killers Cross Roads All-Time Love
Seal of Love Soul Fields Cross Way ALTARed
New Compassions Soul Fuel Crossroads Ancient of Days

You are just at the right place if you look for the youth group’s names, and you need advice for progress to get catchy youth group names by following this article.

Below are some good names for bible study groups.

Standing in Awe Joyful Congregation  Unswerving Faith Ambassadors for Christ
Leaning on Jesus More to This Life A Place for Truth Mended and Whole
Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus Jesus Eclipses All Awaken Our Souls Called to Greatness
Inspiring Devotion Illuminated We Stand in Awe Anointed
United in Truth Guided by His Holy Spirit Unconditionally Free We Found Hope
Lighthearted Streams of Mercy Disciples of Truth Victorious
Truth-seekers Christ is Our Strength Echoes of Mercy Waiting on the Lord
Consuming Fire Standing on the Rock Be the Light  We Will Thrive
The Truth Shall Set Us Free Fellowship of Souls Peace is Ours  A Faith Revelation
Team Redemption Soul Testament  Conquerors  A Place for Truth
Root Love Soul Harvest CrossTrain Attitude Group
Day By Day Souled Out Dangerous Dynamos Axis
Firm Stance Spare Change Supply Dear ones Baby Got Track
Pure Fire Springs of Life Desire Truth Bathroom of the Ark
Patient Love Star Busts Destiny Youth Battle Ready
Iron-Sharp Staunch Ladies Disciple This Be Still
Kings Way Stench of Lazarus Disciples Union Because of His Love
Chat Corner Straight Cash Homie The Beachhead The Pursuit
Choir of Angels Team Dis Kids Connection The Silly Squids
Chosen Generation Tee Lovers Group Kingdom Youth The Summit
Just Do It The Base Launch Pad The Unknowns People
Just do it Always Youth Group Legacy To Christ’s Love
Forever His FollowerS LightHouse Christ Addicts Connected in Christ

Church Group Names For Adults

Creative Bible Study Group Names
Creative Bible Study Group Names

Imagine the situation that prompted you to check the selected names for bible study groups. One morning, you woke up with a call. That wasn’t just a message. It was a sign from heaven, calling you for leadership. Your religion is your own but tells you have been decided by the call from the Church to be a new leader of the church group. I am sure you will not miss the chance, and you will agree to become the representative of the Christian group. 

 Zealous for Jesus  Collective Devotion Exuberant  Redemption Squad
Always Steadfast Awaiting His Guidance Delivering Hope  Sanctified
 Super Soul Sessions Collective Joy Overcomers Propelled Toward Truth
 Awaiting His Guidance Group of Grace Heirs of Salvation Drawing Close to Him
 We Are Transformed Connected in Christ Grace Has Found Us  Gathered In Mercy
Bible Troupe  Soul Squad  Desiring Truth  Refreshing Grace
Seeking Blessed Peace  Cornerstone  Rooted in Christ Getting Personal With God
Breakthrough Brigade  Refuge for Our Souls Forever Changed Collective Truth Seekers
 Endless Hallelujah CrossWay Ever Near Him Glory Unspeakable
Soul Fuel  Dedicated  Faithful and True  Every Chain Will Break
Teens of the Lord Like Glue Christ’s Crusaders Disciples of Truth
Forgot to Warm UP Living Waters Clay Symbol Collective Devotion
Holiness is Calling Mad Monkey Clever Cats Group of Grace
Holy Wisdom Mad Ninjas Coffee lovers Peace is Ours
Ground Breakers Conquers in Chirst Colony of Weirdos Together in Church
Forgot to Warm-up. Consumed Combustion Hearts Overflowing
Freedom in Chirst Consumed by his Glory Conditioned Faithful and True
Freedom Thirst Cornerstone Cristians Faith in Following Delivering Hope
Game Changers Dolls With Balls Family Matters A Faith Revelation
Game of Drones Don’t Peek Finding Comfort Gathered In Mercy
Gift for Gab Eden Fish Impact your world for Christ Super Soul Sessions
Good for God Egyptian Frog Casserole Imprint Christ is Our Comfort
Good Samaritans Element It’s Ladies Group Glory Bound

In Christian cultures, Bible study is a personal religious or spiritual study of the Bible by average people. Certain religions may be named this dedication; however, devotion has some meanings in some denominations. In this way, Bible study is separate from the formal academic discipline of biblical studies.

Exalted Forever Being God’s Beloved Letting His Light Shine His Huddle
Hearts Overflowing Honoring Our Savior Bible Believers Heirs of Salvation
Fields of Grace Illuminated Movers and Seekers Our Chains Are Gone
He Reigns  Inspiring Devotion Seeing the Light Collective Faith
We Belong to God  Jesus Eclipses All Never Ceasing to Worship Him Our Spiritual Lifeline
 His Love Carries Us  More to This Life  No Exclusions Glory Bound
 Jesus Leads Us All The Way  Joyful Congregation His Flock Reconciled
His Ways are Greater  Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus Nothing Is Impossible Our Oasis
God’s Grace Has Set Us Free Leaning on Jesus Good, God-Loving People Pathfinders
Holiness is Calling Standing in Awe One Truth All God’s Family
Gracious Givers Empowered It’s Reality One Eighty
Honoring Our Savior End Zone Journey One God
Hopes Answer Endless Battle Just Chill One Purpose
Hot Shots Ends of the Earth Tower of Hope Open Book
The Compass Energize Transit Youth Open Door
Lord’s Legion Enfuego Trash Overcome
The Desert Eternal Thirst Tree of Life Overcoming Battles
The Desert Roses Everpresence Trolls of disgust Overflow
The Folks Youth Exalted Beings Unbreakable Oxygen
The Bunker Faith Factor Being God’s Beloved Pathfinders
The Camp Strengthened Nerves Bet on Better Pivot Upper Stone
Unfired Open Gates Bethel Hearts Positive Charge
Unity Opening Belief Better Bets Power House

Most church groups have no logo but have names and are generally named after their birthplace. Use this list of imaginative church small group names instead of adhering to conventional names to differentiate them better.

Super Soul Sessions A Place for Truth Jesus Is Our Everything Quenched
Always Steadfast A Faith Revelation  Power in Prayer Looking Above
Zealous for Jesus We Will Thrive Lead to the Cross Professing Our Faith
Waiting on the Lord Good, God-Loving People Praising Without Ceasing Born of His Spirit
Victorious Nothing Is Impossible Hold Us Jesus Revive Us
We Found Hope His Flock Proclaiming Our Salvation Set Us Free
Anointed No Exclusions God’s Hand Leads Forever His Followers
One Truth Never Ceasing to Worship Him Protection From the Storm Shelter in the Storm
Movers and Seekers Seeing the Light Offering Up Our Lives Proclaim His Name
Bible Believers Letting His Light Shine  Pure Devotion Soul Testament
Unto Others Our Uniforms Match Bible Believers Power Walk
Valet Minds Out of the Desert Bible Buddies Prepare Aware
Victory in Jesus Outburst Biblical Proportions Prophet Life
Virtual Reality Storm Chasers Big House Public Square
Walkie Talkies Mountaineers Blessed Souls Radical
Waste Brains Firm Stance Block Heads Raise Reason
We Are Friends The Collective Bold Spirit Raise Retention
We Run the World Journey Breaking Point RazzMaTazz
Well Raised Radical Bringing Life Redemption
White Beginnings Block Heads Brothers From Another Mother Relevant
Willing Soul Choir of Angels Buffalo Wings Renew
Wine Lovers Zealous for Jesus Building on the Rock Resilient
With All Your Heart It’s Reality Lifted Up Revolutionary

What Do You Name A Bible Study Group?

Bible study groups are also identified within congregations as cell groups, but there are various bible study group names. In informal small groups and groups, the Bible is also discussed within para churches. These groups also become small societies that share this personal path into the exploration of the transit.

Below are some religious group names

Flock of Believers Words of Life Fellowship of Souls United in Truth
Sessions of Encouragement Ablaze for the Lord Standing on the Rock Walking With Jesus
Crying Out to Jesus We Will Testify  Christ is Our Strength Following the Savior
Following the King Our Spiritual Voyage Streams of Mercy Way to Emmaus
Worthy Warriors Set Us Free Team Redemption Christ is Our Comfort
Gathering for Him Revive Us  The Truth Shall Set Us Free We are Changed
Collective Hope Born of His Spirit  Consuming Fire  Devoted to Him
Seal Our Hearts Professing Our Faith Truth-seekers Turning Our Eyes to Jesus
Company of Christ Looking Above Lighthearted We are Redeemed
Quenched Walking With Jesus Guided by His Holy Spirit Together in Christ
With You Youth Group Mighty Youth Righteous Kingdom
Worthy Wellness It’s Ladies Group Miracle of You Risen Life
Xplosion Always Steadfast Mountain Movers Rock
Pavement Princesses All in the Mind Mountain Talk Cast Your Cares
Peace Refuge Samson Mullet Mountaineers Casting Away Burdens
Pipeline Acute Awareness Movers & Seekers Cereal Killers
RockStars Be the Light We Surrender Chamber of Secrets
Rooted Leaning on Jesus Getting Personal With God Just Talk
Every Chain Will Break Agape Eagle Wings Murder of Crows
Stench of Lazarus We are One My Strength Navigators
Desire Truth Unfired Fierce Nile Blood Squad End Zone
Bold Spirit Overcoming Battles Glory Unspeakable Gateway
The Desert Roses Wine Lovers On Fire Seal Our Hearts

Biblical Team Names

For years to come, your biblical team names should stay at the center of these children. It needs to be wise! It should be strong, too. More specifically, your mission statement should be reflected.

Follow the list of biblical team names.

Disciples of Hope Team Good News We are One We Will Rise
We Will Rise We Want to Tell the World Collective Believers Disciples of Hope
Revered Truth Glorifying Our Creator We Surrender Our Spiritual Voyage
The Agape Set Christ’s Crowd Christ’s Crowd We Will Testify
Following Our Redeemer We Surrender Glorifying Our Creator Ablaze for the Lord
Collective Believers We are Redeemed Following Our Redeemer Words of Life
We are One Turning Our Eyes to Jesus  The Agape Set Company of Christ
Together in Christ Devoted to Him Revered Truth Seal Our Hearts
We are Changed Christ is Our Comfort We Want to Tell the World Collective Hope
Way to Emmaus Following the Savior Team Good News  Gathering for Him
Launch Pad Consumed by his Glory The Unknowns People Group of Grace
Biblical Proportions Holiness is Calling Axis Revolutionary
Hopes Answer Staunch Ladies Opening Belief Lifeline
Springwater Because of His Love Arising Generation Valet Minds
Finding Comfort Contenders Overcomers All Things Possible
Dear ones Christ is Our Strength Waiting on the Lord Pathfinders
Exalted Beings Kingdom Youth Flock of Believers Awaken Our Souls
Shears of Delilah Forever His Followers Once Blind[3] Attitude Group
Living Way Our Spiritual Lifeline We are Changed Connected in Christ
Christ’s Crusaders Endless Hallelujah Forever Changed Cornerstone Cristians
The Folks Youth Forgot to Warm UP Proclaiming Our Salvation Day By Day
The Silly Squids Faith in Following Shelter in the Storm Peace Refuge
Faith Factor Crossroads Amplified Rooted in Christ

Women’s Bible Study Group Names

There is a special sisterhood of Christian women that exists. Seeking the strength and empowerment of the Lord through the ties, you share with your sisters will continue to get you to some of the hardest circumstances. The creative names for women’s groups will also encourage you to start your Christian women group to support others.

Get your creative names for women’s groups here. 

Ruby for Women Sent By Jesus Worthy Warriors SLRM : Sarah, Leah, Rebekkah and the Matriarchs
New Christian Woman Revive Our Hearts Following the King GFC’s Girls for Christ
Candidly Christian Peaches and Pearls Crying Out to Jesus Team Insanity
I Need a Miracle Mothers of Boys Sessions of Encouragement Fellowship of the Divine Trinity
Women of Grace Missional Women Flock of Believers Bible Thumpers
Women of Faith Managing Your Blessings TFG: Teens for God. Biblical Smackdown
Women Living Well Look Up Sometimes CIA: Christians in Action JC’s BF’s
Unveiled Wife Lies Young Women Believe Truth-seekers Holy Rollers
Spiritually Connected Today Just Joy Ministries The Biblions Bible Buddies
Spirited Woman Simple Mom The F.O.G. (Family of God – or Friends of God) Biblical Brethren
Well Raised Energize Breakthrough Company of Christ
All for Jesus Endless Battle Waste Brains Consumed
To Christ’s Love One Purpose His Ways are Greater Hold Us Jesus
Ground Breakers Peace is Ours Looking Above Delivering Hope
Being God’s Beloved Living Stones Mad Monkey Positive Charge
Following the Savior Worthy Warriors We Found Hope We Stand in Awe
A Place for Truth Like Glue ReGeneration Once Blind
Set Us Free RazzMaTazz We are Redeemed Be Still
Refreshing Grace Adventure Kids Team Redemption New Compassions
Good News Faithful and True Revered Truth Resilient
Bible Buddies Adorn Messiah The Unpardonable Win Movers and Seekers
Risen Life Casting Away Burdens Element Kid Zone
Echoes of Mercy Arise and Shine Redemption One Eighty

Christian Group Names

Christianity’s worldwide growth has inspired the growing need for team names reflecting the Christian values and beliefs structure. The following list explains the names of Christian teams used in churches and young people around the globe.

Pure Devotion God’s Hand Leads Go Compassion
Offering Up Our Lives Proclaiming Our Salvation Three Pillars Living way
Protection From the Storm Hold Us Jesus By faith Fullfillment
Praising Without Ceasing Lead to the Cross Four thirteens Latin King of Kings
Power in Prayer Our Oasis Everpresence GD’s (God’s Deciples)
Jesus Is Our Everything Reconciled All time love Bloods of Christ
All God’s Family Glory Bound Ends of the heart. Three cords of salvation
Pathfinders Our Spiritual Lifeline Safe rest bible study topics for youth
Collective Faith Our Chains Are Gone Treelife bible study fellowship lessons
Heirs of Salvation His Huddle day by day free bible study guides
Cross Roads Kids Connection Jolt Jubilee Unbreakable
Outburst Fellow Citizens No Exclusions Christ is Our Comfort
Clay Symbol Mended and Whole Soul Harvest Xplosion
Dolls With Balls Hearts Overflowing Power Surge Root Love
Jesus Eclipses All Letting His Light Shine Gift for Gab Fuel
Proclaim His Name God’s Protocol Murder of Crows Bringing Life
No One Reads Philemon The Pursuit One Way Soul Squad
Walkie Talkies Conditioned Never Ceasing to Worship Him Just Talk
Professing Our Faith Bethel Hearts Catch Fire Just Chill
Forgot to Warm-up. CrossTrain God Gang God’s Hand Leads
Sanctified Freedom Thirst Our Chains Are Gone Gathering for Him
Cornerstone Rugged Reconciled Pipeline
For the King Above & Beyond Absolute Truth Changed

Men’s Group Names

The church group’s name here provides you a free resource full of new names and designs for your new group. The best men’s group names can be a challenge, but we can help. You will find that we go even beyond the usual church name.

Find your men’s group names from the below list of names.

Honoring Our Savior Every Chain Will Break christian group names A Chosen Generation
Being God’s Beloved Exalted Forever church group names for adults Adventure Kids
Holiness is Calling Hearts Overflowing creative bible study group names A Place for Truth
God’s Grace Has Set Us Free Fields of Grace christian team names Access
His Ways are Greater He Reigns church youth group names Abide
His Love Carries Us We Belong to God christian group names Absolute Truth
Glory Unspeakable Collective Truth Seekers bible study group names Ablaze
Jesus Leads Us All The Way Getting Personal With God bible study fellowship criticism Agape
Refreshing Grace Drawing Close to Him bible study groups online About Face
Gathered In Mercy Propelled Toward Truth Aftershock Above & Beyond
Dangerous Dynamos Trash Destiny Youth Standing on the Rock
We Belong to God Silent killers Seal of Love Woven[2]
ALTARed Patient Love Across Borders Kings Way
Baby Got Track Trolls of disgust Open Door Our Uniforms Match
Grand Central Gracious Givers Lifeforce Pathfinder
Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus Empowered Our Spiritual Voyage Prophet Life
Occupy Ends of the Earth Mighty Youth Cross Way
Christ’s Crowd Rooted Safe Rest Teens of the Lord
Pivot Upper Stone We Surrender Royalty Youth Unswerving Faith
Soul Fields Collective Believers Lighthearted War Room
We Will Rise Unto Others Aftershock Renew
Egyptian Frog Casserole Collective Joy Power in Prayer Holy Wisdom
Souled Out Guided by His Holy Spirit Gomorrah Forecas Disciple This

Guideline For Youth Group Name Generator

With the aid of biblical texts, adoration songs, and popular themes by religious writers and speakers, we built our list. If you build your name for the church group, you have to take inspiration from the youth group name generator, and you have to follow the guidelines to choose the right name.

  • Consider sticking to the purpose of the group.
  • Ensure that the name’s sound is sufficient for the overall mission of the group
  • Try to make a unique group name.
  • Select a short name.
  • Keep the name simple with catchy language. 

Youth Group Names And Meanings

You may have recently begun in the Church or begun as a volunteer heading a youth group, and you wish the group must have an inspirational name for youth groups. Maybe your youth group wants revitalization urgently, and you’re looking for youthful group names as a way to get started again. 

Below are some of the youth group names for 2020

Grace Has Found Us Collective Joy
Overcomers Awaiting His Guidance
Heirs of Salvation Collective Devotion
Delivering Hope Soul Fuel
Exuberant Endless Hallelujah
Dedicated Breakthrough Brigade
CrossWay Seeking Blessed Peace
Refuge for Our Souls Bible Troupe
Cornerstone We Are Transformed
Group of Grace Awaiting His Guidance

Recommend: Tag Team Names 

Soul Testament Quenched Eternal Thirst Oxygen
Glory Bound Unity The Solution Relevant
We Will Thrive We Will Testify Cereal Killers Catalyst
Big House Power House Willing Soul The Camp
Unconditionally Free Exuberant Imprint The Truth Shall Set Us Free
Refuge for Our Souls Straight Cash Homie Buffalo Wings Tower of Hope
Breaking Point Disciples of Truth Spare Change Supply Chamber of Secrets
About Face One Truth Pure Devotion Victory
The Inseparable Star Busts Good, God-Loving People Drawing Close to Him
Way to Emmaus Tree of Life Adventurer Hot Shots
With All Your Heart Ambassadors for Christ Give Me Back My Rib Overcome
Awaiting His Guidance One God Job Had It Coming Collective Hope
Colony of Weirdos Living Waters Raise Reason Abide in Truth
We Are Transformed Our Oasis Exalted Forever Turning Our Eyes to Jesus
The Desert With You Team Good News Seeing the Light
Unswerving Faith Cross Walk Team Dis Called to Greatness
A Place for Trut Collective Truth Seekers Pavement Princesses Disciples of Truth
Awaken Our Souls CrossWay Christ Addicts Echoes of Mercy
We Stand in Awe His Flock Exodus Be the Light
Unconditionally Free Overflow Nothing Is Impossible Peace is Ours

There are valid reasons to search for the good names for bible study groups, but I might also like to warn you that the youth groups’ starting names are really important. It is also why we want to provide you with some assistance in picking inspirational names for youth groups.

399+ Creative Bible Study Group Names
399+ Creative Bible Study Group Names


To exercise the religion calls for devotion and understanding the Word of the Lord carry it out. These great Christian group names post a lot of theologies and teachings from the Holy Book.

I hope you have got the bible study group names from the above list.

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