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It is a blissful experience when you unbox any of your Apple devices for the first time. Even if you possess several other Apple gadgets too, but a new one always gets special attention.  The Apple devices uplift the owners in such a way that they prefer to video capture it while taking it out of the package, captioning “Unboxing My Apple I-phone X” or whatever may be the gadget generation. For the very first time when you turn your apple device on, you are asked to enter iPhone nicknames of your choice.Funny Iphone Nick Names

Where some people casually name it after their own name, some owners try to express their proprietorship on the tiny shiny innovative device, by just adding their first name before the device like “Pooja’s I-phone”. Sometimes you or other people tickle your inner creative corner to get funny names for your phone or other apple device and which turns out to be more than just hilarious as hell every so often.


Adding a nickname to your I-phone is super easy, when you switch on the apple device you will get a screen asking you to put a name to call your device. Now how to add nicknames to i-phone is a question. Well, you may prefer various techniques to get a good name for I-phone. For example, you may choose funny movie characters from any Hollywood movie, may use the technique of the way many movies name their script after, and you may even choose to be romantic as apple implies romance too. Let us check few funny iphone nicknames to take from and the reasons behind naming so.

Funny Names For Your iPhone:

If you have just bought an iPhone then you obviously need some ideas on the nickname by which Siri is going to call you. Siri will not actually call you by your device name by yo need to set a nickname. Most often people try to set a name that is super funny but honestly, you should also try something that will be funny yet great. However, you might chcek out our collection and we really have some Funny Phone Names idea. Let’s chcek out! 

Adam’s ViagraThe real iPhone
Aladdin The genieThe Apple tale
Angels EyeballsThe Apple of my Eye
Apple CustardDon’t Apple-Y Me
Apple PhoniesMy Dog’s Snout
Apple SagaDetective Apple
Arjun The winnerCripps Pink
Autumn GloryDon’t touch it
Bloody PloughmanThe Cameo
Brutus DeviceBunch of Apple

Clever iPhone Names:

The way of How To Make Nicknames On the iPhone is quite easier and you should not worry about it. But, you really need to set a good name otherwise you will be embarrassed in front of people when Siri will call you and that’s absolutely not done. So, you must be looking for some names that are not only great but cleaver as well. Well, if you think that you are clever enough then you should definitely choose a nickname accordingly. We have got some great names for you. Let’s chcek out!

The return of the iPhoneHow’s it going?
Tim’s WinnfieldChew Burka
Tina Crab AppleFuji my life
The TricolorHey, my doll
Waken PippinWinter stein
Don’t Touch My Cell SteveMy Drona
Donald’s ChuckMister Apple
Hey, DoodleYour McIntosh
H-Apple-Y Ever AfterLady Alice
Hello BlondieiPhone wanted

Cool iPhone Names:

Are you looking for some cool yet amazing names? Well, after buying an iPhone I also found a lot for some cool names that I can use as the nickname of my iPhone, and of course, you must be finding for one as well. We have your back and we are not at all going to make it tough for you as we only have chosen the name that will woo you. And you can choose any name of your choice from the below list. Let’s chcek it out! 

Funny Iphone Nick Names
Funny Iphone Nick Names
My Smitten AppleBlack Death
Razor RussetBadBoy Phone
Sherlock PhoneBloodfang the Destroyer
Side Ch.-AppleThe Communicator
Stark’s EarliestMoney Sucker
Apple “the EyePhone”Hot Sex On A Platter
Captain AppleTony Montana
Charlie Rose GoldThe Terminator
Gordon GekkoThe Apple Fever
Harry’s Apple WandJazzy Fruit

iPhone Name Ideas:

If you are looking for some name ideas for your iPhone then you will not have to look further and we will bring you the best. However, we also have found a lot and there are actually so many names and they are amazing as well. So, we end up being confused but anyway, finally we have got some Good iPhone Names for you and you can literally choose whatever you like without any hassle. 

Maggot BrainMetal gear rex
Zombie’s iPadChampagne baby
Clit CommanderElectric LETTUCE
The Pimp IpizzleiPhone is coming
That’s A Very Big iPhoneMoney Sucker
Pocket PussyToo much information
Gimpybutt’s iPadThe Murder Wizard
My iPad Bitch!!Zoltron’s iPad
Pimp Juice’s iPadPolly the Vampire Saviour
Don’t F*ck It UpVampire-Bella iPod

Nicknames For Phones:

If you are still wondering, What To Name Your iPhone then you should not worry at all. We have already given you a hell lot of names that you can choose from and you can choose one from them. However, if you think that you did not like any name that much yet then we will be sharing more names with you. You may choose a name that will match your personality or vibe so that you can relate every time Siri calls you by that name. Let’s chcek out the names below 

Street PhoneHack Me
Docteur SimGirls Are Gone
Mobile CommunicationHouse Lannister
Net MediaHep, I’m trapped
Mobile MoanHit The Road Jack Input
Ringy-ThingyHouse of Black
Annoying Little BastardSheep Shagging Camera
Battery-BusterIED Booby-Trap
ChattermatterThe Porn Horn
FacebolloxTor Thunderwanger’s Phone


The Apple of my Eye
My Apple Forever
Lady Alice
My Smitten Apple
Hello Blondie
Apple Custard
Angels Eyeballs
One & Only
My treasure
Appley Bappley
Bunch of Apple
The Apple tale
Apple Saga
The ni-pple


  • My Kiku
  • Fuji my life
  • Sifu
  • Spark Pug
  • Chew Burka


  • Honeycrisp
  • Cripps Pink
  • Autumn Glory
  • Cameo
  • Mcintosh
  • Baldwin
  • Tydeman
  • Stark’s Earliest
  • Bloody Ploughman
  • Dog’s Snout
  • Tina Crab Apple
  • Winterstein
  • Puritan
  • Leather Coat
  • Glockenapfel


  • Not an Adam’s apple
  • I have an I-phone Bitch!!
  • My I-phone is my I-phone, none of your I-Phone
  • It’s an “Apple” pimp, “Apple”
  • You can’t handle it baby, it’s an apple
  • Beauty outside with a beast when you try to get my Phone
  • Think of different phone, it’s an Iphone


Aladin; The genie
My Drona
Arjuna; The winner
Don’t Apple-y Me
The return of I-phone
Choone Nahi Dunga
Iphone wanted
Phone No.1
I wala Phone
Apple Phondian
The real Iphone


Funny Iphone Nick Names
  • Spartan
  • Razor Russet
  • Wyken Pippin
  • The American Mother
  • Anonymous
  • Don’t Touch My Phone Steve
  • H-Apple-Y Ever After
  • Adam’s Viagra
  • Tim’s Winnfield
  • Detective Apple
  • Donald’s Chuck
  • Steve’s Job
  • Side Ch-Apple
  • Sherlock Phone
  • Brutus
  • McGruff
  • Big Balls
  • Doodle
  • Mister Apple
  • Have a bite


  • Jazzy Fruit
  • Harry’s Apple Wand
  • Captain Apple
  • Apple “the I-phone”
  • The Apple Fever
  • Tony Montana
  • Ninotchka
  • The Terminator
  • Gordon Gekko
  • Thor
  • Shredder
  • Rambo
  • Charlie Rose Gold
Funny Iphone Nick Names
Funny Iphone Nick Names


Giving your device a name like naming your own progeny. One spent hours while looking for good or funny i-phone names over the internet. These are few examples that people prefer to choose while naming their favorite apple device. Choose any or you already learnt how to name it by your own.

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