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The Best Gun Company Names

Selling guns and ammunition in the United States is one of the most profitable businesses in the country and it makes a revenue of more than 11 billion dollars. So while it seems a lucrative opportunity for all the people looking for business opportunities in the country, dealing with arms and ammunition is not very easy. Along with many other factors, one needs to pay attention to, the Pistol Store Name, you are choosing also plays an important role in the success story. 

According to a study, every one in three families possesses a gun in the United States and the number only seems to be growing. Assuring the growth of the industry, a store. The industry is profitable in the US which is why it has become competitive as well. To beat the competition, like any other business Branding becomes important. And thus comes the role of Rifle store names in the successful running of a business.

Before we go ahead, let us enlist the existing Firearms Store Names.

Gun Store Names In The United States

556 TacticalArmstrongBraverman Arms CompanyDaniel Defense
ABCO IndustriesArsenalBrowningDiamond Industries
Accurate ArmsAspar ArmsBushmasterDirect Sports Supply
Adcor DefenseBaikalCamProDlask Arms Corporation
Aero PrecisionBenelliCascade AerospaceEfinger Sporting Goods
AirTronic USABersaCenterfire Systems Inc.Elbit Systems
Allegheny Trade Co.Black Creek LabsCentigon Security GroupFirArms Sales Co. LLC
Arcus Co.Black HillsCharter ArmsFreedom Armory Shooting Range
Areios DefenseBlaserColtFuchs Fine Guns
Armor InternationalBombardier Inc.Cranston Gun and CoinGander Mountain
The Best Gun Company Names


One of the first things that any businessman needs to do before naming their store is a background check. The above list of Gun Company Names is just for that purpose. It gives you the inspiration of how to name your store, not that you need to follow the same norms but there are certain things that you need to notice as a trend. (Choose Names That Mean Fire)

For example, the name of the location, using words that explain the business. Also, the length of the names. Every factor of the name plays a role in informing and setting an image of the store.

Gun Company Names Generator

GlockKodiak DefencePro Armanent Co.Santos Lab
Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co.Lawmen Supply Co.ProarmsSavage Arms Inc.
Hawk Investment GroupMcWhorter RiflesProducts LimitedSeekins Precision
Heckler & KochMetal StormRangemaster Precision ArmsSeraphim Armoury
Henry Repeating Arms Co.MossbergRemingtonSig Sauer Inc.
Herstal GroupMPI GroupRiley’s Sport ShopSilver Shadow
Horizon FirearmsPanther ArmsRocky Mountain Supply Co.Sportman’s Supply Co.
Ithaca Gun CompanyPatriot Ordnance FactoryRugerSportsman’s Trading Company
Juniata Trading Co.PGM PrecisionS&WSpringfield
Kel-TecPoly TechnologiesSafehaven marineSteyr

Brainstorming Gun Company Names

Brainstorming is when creativity happens. It starts with writing all the ideas you have about the Rifle Store Names. Make a list if as many names as you have in mind and can name. You may even take suggestions from the following table.

Pistol Store Name Suggestions

2mm Kolibri9mm Winchester Magnum.45 ACPAstra 400
Akdal Ghost TR01AMT AutoMag IVAMT HardballerAstra 600
ALFA CombatAMT Automag VAMT Lightning pistolAstra Model 900
.40 S&WAMT BackupAMT Skipper9×23mm Largo
.45 ACP380 ACPArmatix iP1Astra Model 903
ALFA Defender.38 SuperArsenal Firearms AF1 “Strike One”9×23mm Largo
.40 S&W9×19mm ParabellumItalyAstra A-60
.45 ACP.357 SIGArsenal P-M02Beretta india
AMT AutoMag II.40 S&WAshani.380 ACP
AMT AutoMag III.400 CorbonASP pistolAstra A-60

Team Discussion

If you have a team, then it is best to do the research and brainstorming together. More than one person means better ideas and more creativity. If you are done with jotting down your Naming ideas, it is important to go through the list together and judge to filter out the best and most suitable Gun Company Names. Don’t forget to pick a few names and not one. Though a small is desired but keeping options is necessary and you will know why in the next step. 

The Best Gun Company Names

Our branding experts sat together to brainstorm and filter out the best names for Rifle Store Names. If you don’t have a team and finding the naming process difficult,  use the table of naming suggestions below, for a readymade filtered names from our team.

Gun Company Names Ideas

Heavy Pulse CannonMulti-Shot Fusion ZapperPolarized Photon EqualizerChaos Ray Shooter
Close-Defence Ray PistolWarp Fusion DisintegratorThermal PhaserEnhanced Gatling Pistol
Cataclysm Meson BlasterHeavy Gatling ShooterStandard Phase EraserSupernova Gatling Cannon
Long-Range Meson PhaserAdjustable Proton PistolAttuned Flux PhaserHigh-Power Phase Blaster
Hero’s Photon BlasterReplica Pulse PistolGrieving Anti-Matter DisintegratorPrimitive Thermal Cannon
Warlord’s Phase ZapperWarlord’s Hand DisintegratorCommando Ray EqualizerTrans-Warp Photon Rifle
Trans-Warp Proton EqualizerRetribution Gatling EqualizerPeacekeeper Gatling GunTremor Laser Cannon
Blaster of Hellish TormentAgent of the ForgottenDawn of the VoidCrusher of the Forgotten
Disposer of the CrownHope of PrideDisintegrator of the DamnedExecutioner of Silence
Equalizer of the VoidRifle of the SunSmasher of TormentBond of Degradation


Things don’t end at filtering out the best names. Here is when you will understand why you need to have a few names handy before finalizing on a Pistol Store Name. Naming a company doesn’t end at naming, as we mentioned before,  it is a process. The registration of a company or a store requires a name that has to be unique, which means it hasn’t been used before. 

The Best Gun Company Names

Registration and licensing first require a unique name that you can buy copyrights for. So,  in this step, you need to find out, amongst the final list of names you have prepared for your Pistol Store Name, how many are available and can be officially used as your Gun Company Name. 

Logo and Feedback On The Gun Company Names

The Rifle Store Names you decide on are not going to stay a name just. They will be turned into a logo, an identification mark that not only will tell what your brand is about and remind your customers of your brand. 

Of the names you choose and fix after finding its availability, the next step is to figure out which name would have a better-looking logo. This is where you will realize the importance of having a shorter name. (Choose Also Here Necromancer Name)

Along with the logo designs, you must take feedback from people around you or outside for their thoughts on the logo design that consists of the pistol store name. The best way to do this is by carrying out an A/B testing. To do that you place your decided Gun Company Names next to an already existing Rifle Store Name. Then ask random people, where would they buy a gun from. Don’t forget to ask why both when they choose you and when they don’t.

Cool Rifle Store Names Ideas

Party PooperCrimsonAmnesiaDespair
ReignMighty MouseTwilightNighttime
Incarnated RepeaterWhistling BlasterRelentless RifleMalevolent Longrifle
Extinction RepeaterPrimal ShooterPrimal CarbineSinister Sniper
Mercenary Bronze RifleFurious Bronzed RepeaterHateful Obsidian LauncherHopeless Carbon Launcher
Conqueror Chromed FusilFortune’s Ebon FusilWarlord’s Obsidian RifleKeeper’s Mithril Launcher
The Light, Pact Of The LionValkyrie, Musket Of Lost HopeThe Light, Executioner Of PowerBrutalizer, Bearer Of Misery
Downpour, Last Stand Of InceptionArmageddon, Memory Of The WorldLast Words, Scepter Of The WhispersEclipse, Legacy Of Summoning
Tribunal, Bringer Of The NorthReign, Foe Of TruthThe End, Pact Of Ending HopeCrimson, Incarnation Of Agony
The Best Gun Company Names

Decision- Gun Company Names

Never miss the feedback sessions as people are the best judge to judge the Gun Company Names you have decided for your business. Ask your people always and take a piece of their mind before taking a business decision especially when it comes to Marketing and Branding. Hopefully, in the last step, you have been able to come out with a final Pistol Store Name for your new gun business.


Naming as mentioned is a very important marketing element. The importance of which is not taken much seriously in most of the cases. It is one factor that can be held responsible for earlier acceptance of the store amongst the target audience and attract them to itself for a visit at least. Also, good catchy Gun Company Names stay in the mind of the potential and returning customers for future purchases. 

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