Scavenger Hunt Team names


Scavenger hunts are loved by one and all. Children love to take part in scavenger hunts when they visit a fair or birthday party. Even corporates are known to encourage scavenger hunts in official parties so that the game can incorporate a sense of team building amongst the participants. In this game the participants are divided into teams and each team is handed over a list of things or objects that they need to hunt for. This is mainly an outdoor activity where people have loads of fun looking for the things on the list. Whichever team gets to collect the maximum number of things is the winner.

Scavenger hunts are loved by all age group due to the randomness it involves. It is a chaotic activity where a group of people are hunting for a list of objects and can lead to major chaos if not dealt with carefully. This is why this game is often a part of team building events and challenges as it helps the team to evolve above the chaos and work in a strategic manner.

Scavenger Hunt Team Names

If you are planning to organize a Scavenger hunt for a party or event then ensure that you choose interesting team names to spruce up the game. Here are some Scavenger Hunt Team Names that you can take cue from and incorporate in your game for a corporate event.

Bosses in ChargeBotton Line
Bull market BunchBusiness as Usual
The Bull DozerThe cannon ball team
The Cannon ball teamClash of Titans
Crazy ChapsCreative Juices
Creative crewThe Team Spirit
Digital destroyersDream Team
Win over chaosDrean to Win
Finance wizardfollow the leader
Find the truthgadget Gurus
Giant eaglesGPS team
Giant teamGold diggers
Gold HuntersGranger Danger
Head HonchosHungry bear
Product PushersSilver Snakes
Sniff it outTech geeks
Piratestech Pirates
search it outSleepy heads
Winner takes it allNut Cracker
The transformerThe Surfers
The paper pusherthe achiever team
the excellencethe Best
Inceptionteam to win
Team ProsperityTeam to Swing
Swinging teamAlpha Team

Treasure Hunt Names

If you are planning a kid’s party with scavenger hunt as one of the games then they are sure to have loads of fun. Here are some Treasure Hunt Names that are appropriate for a kid’s birthday party. These names and fun and help to build the excitement amongst the kids.

The Piratesthe Diggers
The Mulethe Winners
BestAce of Base
The Hunting Gridthe party lovers
the baby teamSniff it
the first teamWinning Team
the Hunting teamChaotic Team
The SearchersThe treasure seekers
the seekersthe builders
the Ground BreakerThe hunting ground
The path Breakerthe path finder
The FinderThe Search Party
Love to playThe Players
The FoundersThe Hunting dogs
The Magic Teamthe magic finder
the magic momentsthe fun team
the bondthe love team
The Magic wandthe Hercules
harry PotterThe Horatio team
the Hogwartsthe school
Best friendsFriends team
The Party Goersthe Best friend Group
The hunting friendsthe Best Hunters
The magic wandthe double whammy
Play to winWin to play
players pridethe honest team
the perfect teamThe kid’s team
the Beta Teamthe gamma Team
Alice In WonderlandWanderlust

Scavenger hunts can be made interesting by keeping the place cluttered and ensuring that the teams have to look for at least 25 to 30 items within a time frame. To add a twist to the game , ensure that you hide the one’s that are mentioned in the list so that the team has to look around in order to find the items. Also keep the items specific as in keep a number of small balls and mention in the list that you need to look for the red ball. These small specifications will make the game fun.

Here are some Scavenger Hunt names that you can take inspiration from

path findingLook it out
Emerge from the Chaosthe Guiding team
The searching teamThe Bulding team
fastest gamethe treasure for hunt
the hunt for the goodsthe goodies search party
the Search for the goodiesthe perfect team
Play for the teamTeam Spirit
Team must winWinners will emerge
The Winning strikeStrike Gold
the minersthe Gold hunters
The Mining gamethe Gold digging
Hunt it outdig it out

These are a few names that you can take heed from.


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