25+ Best Ideas about Badass Team Names


I realize that using the word BADASS might offend some people. But, right or wrong, it is now a mostly accepted part of our vocabulary, even listed in traditional online dictionaries. If you find the word objectionable, please focus on the message rather than on the, for some, the inappropriateness of the word. Badassness isn’t about all of the macho things that are commonly associated with being a badass. It isn’t about anything that pop culture says it is because following that crowd, which is what popular culture is all about, goes against everything that real badassness stands for.

25+ Best Ideas about Badass Team Names
25+ Best Ideas about Badass Team Names

A real badass is driven by values such as responsibility, justice, honor, courage, compassion, humility, integrity, and selflessness, which pretty much disqualifies most every self-proclaimed badass out there. A badass does what needs to be done, no matter how difficult it is, without complaint or need for fanfare. A bad-ass doesn’t take the path of least resistance. A badass is someone who stands up for the weak and oppressed, speaks the truth, and calls out those who lie, cheat, and steal. A badass is someone who takes a “hit for the team,”.

A team is a group of individuals that cooperate and work together to compete against an opponent or achieve a shared goal. Teamwork makes the task easier. Your efforts with Team, Club names, Friend Circle etc. will provide inspiration and support in achieving the determined objectives.

Here are some BAD-ASS  NAMES for Teams, wariour military , Group, Club, Crew, gaming name etc

Badass Warrior Names

A badass does what needs to be done for the betterment of mankind and protest for any injustice happening around. These names could be used for any purpose, a corporate team or a political party, sports competition or a dance group etc. Here are a few of those names to inspire you to take a step towards greatness.

ExecutieStargodBig PapaMad Dog
Brew MasterDeathstompCannonRanger

Funny Badass Team Names

Who says badass cannot be funny? Sarcasm with a little motivation is a great combination. Have a look at the following names. Whether you’re looking for a game tag name or simply choosing funny names for people around you. Give them the best names from our list.

FenderSkull CrusherNo tie for this guySociety of the Rotten
FesterSlasherShuh girls one cupJustice of the Joyful 
FisheyeSteelshotCrew of honoredLadies and Edelman 

Badass Military Nicknames

A badass always speaks for the truth and uprightness. These names truly define militancy and courage which best suits any team or a group. You don’t have to be in the military to seek out an army- themed nickname. You can choose any name as per your choice.

SirNerfedalotDo the Sankey leg DissentTito
AxenhammerPact of the Dog InsurgentTitanium
CourageousCommandos of the natureKevlarIron-Cut
RoidrageHook shot slimBullet-ProofSteel Forge
cpt. slaughterIronsidesTempestFire-Bred

 Badass Team Names for Games

An individual or group needs motivation for any sport they participate in! Such should be the name which can motivate them. Team spirit comes only with unity and coordination. Ask your teammates about the name and let it represent you in your office, club or college.

One Shot KillerIron HeartLochGolem
TerminatorSteel FoilRexHydra
Skull DudeGuest KillerBalrogManticore
Jack TorranceBehemothCerberusMothman
Lord VoldemortGorgonCharybdisOrthros
Mirror KillerAzraelFurorWrath


A group, a squad or a team whatever we call it, these names are the best choice for all. Who doesn’t have a squad? Give your squad the best name that attracts everybody’s attention.

Vengeance of the faithfulIreTerminatorConqueror
Betrayed honourMadnessSiddharthaSuleiman
Fluttering alliance SavageThorNapoleon
Blaze of darknessManiaKhanGeronimo
Redemption of the strong DementedHannibalDux
Red rats SchizoAgrippaJesse James
EbonsongManicMad MaxMaximus
SunlightDerangeBilly the ButcherLeon
Spite of the faithCyrusMr. BlondeMatrix

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Crew shows heroism and support in achieving the determined objectives. Check out the below names. The crew is the backbone of any organization. Without them, the work feels incomplete. So, choose the perfect name for your crew and make it their pride.

Witches of the land BleedX-SkullGut
Poisonfield NailJawboneSocket
Holy butchers FistSkeletonFootslam
Noble shadows ToothCraniaxHead-Knocker
Tasty nightmareK-9BoneRazor
Ordinary soldiers KneecapCutSlaughter
Fighters of the crooked BloodScabTorque
Twilight predatorsFinisherOvertakerSaboteur

 Female Warrior Names (Girls)

The term badass might sound offensive to some people. But they don’t know the word Badass exists in traditional dictionaries. Girls are quite a fighter in everything they deal with, so only the best names will suit them! Girls out there choose the best nickname for yourself and make a buzz in everyone’s mind and heart.

ArminaLady NinjaSmashhy
GertrudeChalie’s Angel56Churri
HarimannaRed ChillyCammi
HarimanneDragon’s MotherLace
HildaSweet DeathLouella
LoisLady bondLouise/Louisa
LoyceSuper GirlMarcella
TrudaHot CandyCeallach


Eternal JacklesAssasinsHitmenTerrifying Tarantulas
Bane of ImpurityDevastating DobermansBlistering BlazersMagic Mustangs
Alpha SingularityBiting BarracudasGravely GravediggersInferno Inflictions
Ebonflags Badass Badgers69er’sStealth Stingrays
Switchcrushers Aegis AssaultThunderboltsHurricane Hawks
Enraged PrestigeBulldog BombersWicked WarriorsDemons
GentleforceDropZoneTerrible TigersRage
Amused ValerCrazy CannonballsEnforcersLaser Leopards
Service of the DragonAwesome AvengersExplosive EliminatorsManiax
Last of the PromisedFeisty FalconsMother ****ersDynamite Dragons

Badass Guild Names

Choose the best from the below listed badass guild names for your team. Here are some great guild names for you. You’re not bound to find one. Choose the perfect one that fits your needs. 

Fighting IrishCereal KillersRuiner
Spitfire SharksTwo Maidens One ChaliceRebel
Shocking ScorpionsPulp FictionEliminator
OutlawsBeing Racist Pays OffHell-Raiser
Big Dumb GuildHarlem GnometrottersMutant
DestroyerKick Their DarnassusClencher
StabberBird is the WordMasher
ObliteratorSet Sail For FailSlammer
ExterminatorWiping as IntendedThrasher


These names serve all kinds of purposes suitable for office games teams and young competitors. Sports bring happiness and motivation and giving a powerful name to yourself will energize your spirit and you will fight till the end.

Lost Boys  Annihilators Chaos 
Power tippers Avengers  Chargers
Spikers Bad to The Bone Chernobyl 
Rescheduled Black PanthersCollision Course
Blockbusters Black WidowsDeathwish
Bumpin’ Uglies Blitzkrieg Defenders
Cunning StuntsBraindead Zombies  Demolition Crew 
Smack your BoysBrewmaster Crew Desert Storm
Fusion Brute Force Divide and Conquer
Shock Wave Butchers  Dominators 

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Badass Viking Names

The names will remind of the vintage era with a remembrance of Europe. We have a list of few names for the most badass Vikings. Check them out and suggest your friends select names for themselves.

  • Deathwish
  • Max
  • Fury
  • Haomarush
  • Gorebath
  • Ballistic
  • Spartan
  • Warcry
  • Recon
  • Foresworne
  • Recoil
  • Redline

Badass Dragon Names

We have a list of names for the most badass dragon fiction character. Dragons can be the best evil character in your play or fictional drama. Choose the name which fascinates everyone.



The military is proud of every country, and the name matters a lot so choose the best name. Soldiers are dedicated to the country’s protection they serve the country and choosing the best name for them is pride.

  • Hell On Wheels
  • Old Iron Sides
  • Bloody Bucket
  • Red Bull
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Gunslingers
  • Diamondbacks
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Betio Bastards
  • Destroyers

Cool Team Name for Gaming

Cool Team Name for Gaming
Cool Team Name for Gaming

Badass Gamer Names

Either a sports club or a political club these names are a perfect fit for all! Any game needs enthusiasm and you can get it all with your name. Choose the best name and here your team’s name from the audience.

Hell On WheelsTerrorDemisePhantomSeekNDstroy
Old Iron SidesFreakGrimSepulcherBulletz4Breakfast
Bloody BucketAxeMenaceDamnedBond007
Red BullAxe-manDementorKafkaBigDamnHero
Yellow JacketsExecutionerNightshadePhantasmLaidtoRest
DiamondbacksGarrotThe UnholyShriekXenomorphing
Bounty HuntersAbyssRotWraithTylerDurden
Betio BastardsChasmOmenBodybagPennywiseTheClown

 These names are a great way to provide inspiration to others. Being compassionate and tough would even increase the chances for the one to stay in the spotlights and even provide the one with greater opportunities. The Bad-ass might also play the role model because of his never giving up personality and helps out in achieving greater goals.


All of these names will enlighten your spirit and give your team the courage to deal with any circumstances. Being compassionate and mighty will help you fight till the end. The badass might also play the role model because of his never giving up personality and helps out in achieving greater goals.

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