Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Have you ever wondered how exciting it may sound when you are called by a nickname or when you may call a person be your fellow friend or soulmate or anyone else close to your heart by a nickname that they might have never thought of?

In general terms, it has been seen that we human beings allot nicknames to the ones who are very close to us and whose existence makes our life worth living for. Nickname basically refers to a small name that we love to give to our peer friends just to let them know that they are special and unique in their own way.

Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys
Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Nickname is given on a certain basis or keeping in mind certain points they may be body personality, mentality, charm, the physique of a person.


It does not matter what nickname you give to the person but what matters is that the name should match the personality of the recipient.


If people have a particular charm related to their body parts than they can be assigned nicknames accordingly.

Nowadays. the trend of giving cute nicknames to your peer ones has slightly gone down. People now do not have an “aww” expression when being called by nicknames like “hubby, chubby, blubbery, Shona, cut to”. These names depict an old era now the emerging trend is of being swag in nature and so people prefer by being called by nicknames which depict their swag, attitude, etc.

The nicknames that will showcase the swaggy nature are the gangster names. YES!! you heard it right “The gangster nicknames”. The gangster nicknames sound like as if a person belongs to a gangster community but the reality may not be so. These names are given just to ensure that your personality is like a gangster troop.

Some popular and fascinating nicknames to be given to guys are-

Gangster Nicknames for Guys

People will cheer out your name with pride and respect. All the names will make you feel cool and tough. Cool nicknames are listed for boys in the table below. Choose the best nickname for your gangster group. 

1.Machine gun 11. Benny21. Chappy31. Cavezza
2. Butcher12. Big Al22. The Fox32. Jello
3. Beardo man13. Augie23. Harp33. Gotti
4. Smuggie fuggy14. The Barber24. Cowboy34. Capone
5.Vinny Carwash15. Fat Tony25. The Clown35. Iceman
6.Anthony Bengals16. Eddie-Buff26. Luigi36. Jigsaw
7. Kuhtenia17. Dutch27. Manocchio37. Snappy
8. Dapper Don18. Boo-Boo28. The Fang38.The don
9. Al Scarface19. Billy Jack29. Vincenzo39. The rocky
10. The Ant20. Big Joey30. Frogiero40. Cain

some other nicknames that could be given to guys are-

Thug Nicknames for Guys

How does it feel when someone calls you with a unique and powerful name? Nicknames are common. But a cool nickname makes you different from the rest of them. The names are unique and must represent bandit for any personality and individual.

1.Dimebag11. wheels21. the Sandman31.Aspect.
2. king12. baldie22. mad hatter32. Kraken
3. stay happy13. rattler23. Sharkie33. Bender
4. Bugsy14. guttermouth24. icebox.34. Lynch
5. rifle15. kingpin25. hippy35. Big Papa.
6. dreads16. the enforcer26. Rodo36. Mad Dog.
7. skinhead17. bones27. furious37. Bowser
8. viola18. the boss28. sharpy38. O’Doyle
9. lord19. parole29. fishy.39. Alibi
10. fat jony20. snake eyes30. Benjamin40.Baby Shakes

Some popular yet exciting nicknames which can be given to girls are-

Gangster Nicknames For Girls

Girls are quite a fighter and giving them a cool nickname is a great idea. Making a great impression in front of your peers is a great deal. Choose the best nickname for yourself or for your friends. 

Angel FaceMagnoliaThe CardinalQueen Bee
Baby BlueMargaritaThe CougarRed
BambiMiss DemeanorDiamondRed Hot
Banker (as in bank robber)The MonalisaDuchessRuby
Bonnie (as in Bonnie and Clyde)NailsFelonyStiletto
BrooklynPearlThe FlamingoTammy Gun (as in Tommy Gun)
CadillacPistolGamsThe Vicereine

Some other names that could be given to girls are-

Thug Nicknames for Girls

Yes, new trendy nicknames for you are right here! The names represent toughness and attitude that suits very well for a personality like you. Let everybody call with any of these names listed.

1. Duchess11. Frenchie21. Margarita
2. wifey12. flamingo22. missy
3. battalion13. felony23. red plot
4. Tommy gun14. cheeks24. Vicino
5. red15. cougar25. vixen
6. thereto16. bamboo26. Bonnie
7. nails17. pinstripes27. jersey
8. stiletto18. miss demeanor28. Harlem
9. fierce19. baby blue29. Rosie
10. ruby20. Brooklyn30. witchy.

Are you ready for some laughter as I am bringing you a set of funny gangster names which will cause you pain in the stomach by laughing-

Funny Gangster Names

Who says gangsters cannot be funny? Call them with a funny nickname. Giving a nice and funny name to your friends will give you pleasure and happiness at the same time. Your name will bring happiness on the face of the people you love and respect.

1. Joe bananas11. Shellackhead21. Doc31. Welder
2. Whack-whack12. Socks22. Patriot32. Crow
3. Oopey benny13. The hump23. Mac33. Eagle
4. Chee-chee14. Jimmy dumps24. Brick34. Man
5. Horserace15. Jommy kumps25. Buzz35. Knuckles
6. Tick-tock16. Jeets beats26. Ink36. Crush
7. Jimmy nap17. Pat the bat27. Brute37. Kiwi
8. Butterass18. Quack sack28. Snake38. Kiki
9. Ice pick willie19. Big juna29. Tiny39. Lashes
10. Jehny sausage20. eyed you.30. Texas40. Corset

Another category that stands in the line of gangster nicknames is –

Thug Nickname

Bandit T- BoneMinorPaiyaso
banker Da Boss Mr. Scrappy Mr. Cisco
Pistol The Prophet SpiderCreeper
Diamond BumpyJokerWicked
Beauty and brains Ace of SpadesShortyGizmo
games Ice BoxSniperSwifty
Cadillac Big FrankPelonSpyder
kitty DreadsBullet Popeye
queen The Cobra DemonBonafide

Best names for all the thugs are here. The word ‘thug’ is misinterpreted with danger or crime. Prove everyone wrong by giving the best thug nickname. You can use these names for your social media accounts where people will refer you or remember you with the best name.

Cool Gangster Nicknames

1. Pitbull10. Little insane20. Chongo30. Brutally honest
2. Head Buster11. Pee-wee21. Slingshot31. Johnny no shoes
3. Greasy thumb12. Repo girl22. Burnout32. Straight curve
4. Lil man13. Bugsy23. Baldo33. Bite the bullet
4. Bigger14. Sonny Black24. Adonis34. Gabby
5. Blue eyes15. Sharpie25. Fierce wings.35. Roadkill
6. Jelly16. Wadd26. There is no mafia36. Patch eye
7. Smallville17. Kid Blast27. The Fuzz37. Two holes
8. Fangs18. Freakers28. Pork n bears38. Bobby tweaks
9. Zookeeper19. Razor29. Da provoker40. Skidmarks

Gangster Group Nicknames

Here we present some names for your gangster group. Gangster group names are amazing for all the purposes. Use them for your friends, cousins and colleague. Gangsters never sound low or hidden. Their name is always at the top of the bulletin.

BouncersPaco MagicBonafide Scarface
La giggles BouncerAce of spades The roach.
Koyla TankWild rippers Montana
Kings United Rascal Bugs of wampRed Ryder
Gang of loveBaby Gangster Fierce troop Happy
The shocker’s tribe Miklo Necktie challengers Lil’ Loco
 Bakha gang Sluggo Dread pool ter
 Stacks The chaplain Pelon’s rage Dog
Red RydersCartridge Spiders Bear
Tank tan Weasel Shorty gang Red light

Black Gangster Nicknames

Best dapper names for all the black gangsters are here. This definitely doesn’t sound offensive to everyone. Your name will give everyone a brief idea about your personality and will treat you with respect. They will appreciate you for your name and fame.

Minor Big bass Da boss Gunner
 The roach Slider Knees Gearhead
 Greasy thumb Winger Weasel Hawk
 Sluggo Band-aid Rudy Rubble
 Crazy yuan Forger Squirty Shotgun
 Beerme Gears Bigfoot Smokey
 Da provoker rich Boulder Skidmarks Rock
 Loveman Shovelhead Mad hatter Saddle
 Situ dollar Iron scratch Rider
 T-BONE Snoopy Plugs. Buffalo


All the categories of names are the best for your gangster nickname. One can feel powerful, united and energetic with the list of our cool gangster names. Choose the best name for your peer friends and cousins. 



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