Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Have you ever wondered how exciting it may sound when you are called by a nickname or when you may call a person be your fellow friend or soulmate or anyone else close to your heart by a nickname that they might have never thought of?

In general terms, it has been seen that we human beings allot nicknames to the ones who are very close to us and whose existence makes our life worth living for. Nickname basically refers to a small name that we love to give to our peer friends just to let them know that they are special and unique in their own way.

Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys
Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys

Nickname is given on a certain basis or keeping in mind certain points they may be body personality, mentality, charm, the physique of a person.


It does not matter what nickname you give to the person but what matters is that the name should match the personality of the recipient.


If people have a particular charm related to their body parts than they can be assigned nicknames accordingly.

Nowadays. the trend of giving cute nicknames to your peer ones has slightly gone down. People now do not have an “aww” expression when being called by nicknames like “hubby, chubby, blubbery, Shona, cut to”. These names depict an old era now the emerging trend is of being swag in nature and so people prefer by being called by nicknames which depict their swag, attitude, etc.

The nicknames that will showcase the swaggy nature are the gangster names. YES!! you heard it right “The gangster nicknames”. The gangster nicknames sound like as if a person belongs to a gangster community but the reality may not be so. These names are given just to ensure that your personality is like a gangster troop.

Some popular and fascinating nicknames to be given to guys are-

Gangster Nicknames for Guys

People will cheer out your name with pride and respect. All the names will make you feel cool and tough. Cool nicknames are listed for boys in the table below. Choose the best nickname for your gangster group. 

1.Machine gun  11. Benny 21. Chappy 31. Cavezza
2. Butcher 12. Big Al 22. The Fox 32. Jello
3. Beardo man 13. Augie 23. Harp 33. Gotti
4. Smuggie fuggy 14. The Barber 24. Cowboy 34. Capone
5.Vinny Carwash 15. Fat Tony 25. The Clown 35. Iceman
6.Anthony Bengals 16. Eddie-Buff 26. Luigi 36. Jigsaw
7. Kuhtenia 17. Dutch 27. Manocchio 37. Snappy
8. Dapper Don 18. Boo-Boo 28. The Fang 38.The don
9. Al Scarface 19. Billy Jack 29. Vincenzo 39. The rocky
10. The Ant 20. Big Joey 30. Frogiero 40. Cain


Bang Bangs Ace Crew Born Killers The Greeks
The Harlots Aces or Ace of Spades Young Knives Noble House
Pistols and Popcorn Crazy Samurais Birds Of A Feather Gentlemen’s Club
Pretty in Pink Adrenaline Mob Jokers And Thieves Legacy
Scandalous Gals City Thugs Ocean Elevens Humble Beginnings
Trouble Makers Baller Boyz Kings & Queens The Kings Club
The Kardashians Molasses Gang Outlaws Of Love Chivalry Lives
The Squad Blackstorm Lonely Hearts Mobsters Varsity Team
Angry Girls The Outlaws The Good Fellas Above The Law
Bad Girls Gangster Nation The Lonely Street Boys Supreme
The Wannabes Black Ace Mob Kings Of The City Diamonds In The Rough
The Solitary Knights Ballas Killerz The Devils Disciples Tickle Me Funny People
The Scooby Gang Grove Street Boys Best Street Crew Laughing All The Way
The Bad Touch Trio The Rifa Gang The Best of the West Haha Force One
The Samurai Samurai Band Los Santos Mafia The Legendary Outlaws The Funny Brigade
The Smurfs San Fierro Triads Big Boys Playground The Funny Boys
Captain Spazzmataz Paisas Locos 13 Slayers of The Light The Giggle Gangsters
The Odd Squad Whittier Blvd Locos DeathWish MC Comedy Act
The Code Busters East Side San Fierro Boys Sons of Chaos The Sidesplitters
The Big Kids La Primera Familia The Black Hand Laughs Unlimited
Gossip Geese The Jizz Bandits Grim Reapers MC Jokers ‘R Us
The Loyal League North Cali Mafia Kingsmen Motorcycle Club Clown College

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some other nicknames that could be given to guys are-

Thug Nicknames for Guys

How does it feel when someone calls you with a unique and powerful name? Nicknames are common. But a cool nickname makes you different from the rest of them. The names are unique and must represent bandit for any personality and individual.

1.Dimebag 11. wheels 21. the Sandman 31.Aspect.
2. king 12. baldie 22. mad hatter 32. Kraken
3. stay happy 13. rattler 23. Sharkie 33. Bender
4. Bugsy 14. guttermouth 24. icebox. 34. Lynch
5. rifle 15. kingpin 25. hippy 35. Big Papa.
6. dreads 16. the enforcer 26. Rodo 36. Mad Dog.
7. skinhead 17. bones 27. furious 37. Bowser
8. viola 18. the boss 28. sharpy 38. O’Doyle
9. lord 19. parole 29. fishy. 39. Alibi
10. fat jony 20. snake eyes 30. Benjamin 40.Baby Shakes
Lipstick Lesbians Vicious Ones Misfits And Shifters Royal Blood
The Cheetahs Psycho Butchers The Dregs Of Society Gentry
The Barbies The Guillotine Squad One Percenters The Golden Ones
The Furies Red Dragons Petrol Sniffers Legacy V.2
The Honeys Black Roses Candy Bandits Peaceful Warriors
The Naughty Girls The Blue Stones Bad News Elders
Bombshells Chaos Mobsters The Clueless Titans
Chocolate Cuties Black Souls Nebuchadnezzar The Brotherhood
The Rockelettes Black Legends Wild Horses God’s Army
Red Hots Black Dagger Soldiers Magnificent Sevens All Seeing Eye
Sirens and Sailors Crazy Kings The Guilty Kind High Rollers
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles West Coast Crips The B.O.S.S. The Funny Farm
The Kapp’n Crew Los Santos Vagos 13 The League Of Shadows Funny Guys and Dolls
The Unshakable Bracelets Ballas Locos The Diamond Kings The Funniest of Show
Rubber Bandits Sureno 13 The Vice Lords The Clowning Arounds
The Force of Four La Raza Gangsta The Latin Counts The Lollypop Lickers
Waffle Gang Nordheimers Ghetto Stalkers The Gangster Disciples Jokesters and Jokerz
The Musketeers San Fierro Stoners 420 The Juggalos​ Cutie pies
The Death Eaters Daisies Street Gang Gang of Hearts
The Witches and Wizards Lollipops Los Zetas Kawaii Kitties
The Jokers Unicorns Hell’s Angels Royal Babes

Some popular yet exciting nicknames which can be given to girls are-

Gangster Nicknames For Girls

Girls are quite a fighter and giving them a cool nickname is a great idea. Making a great impression in front of your peers is a great deal. Choose the best nickname for yourself or for your friends. 

Angel Face Magnolia The Cardinal Queen Bee
Baby Mama Cheeks Queenie
Baby Blue Margarita The Cougar Red
Bambi Miss Demeanor Diamond Red Hot
Bandit Missy Dollface Rosie
Banker (as in bank robber) The Monalisa Duchess Ruby
Bonnie (as in Bonnie and Clyde) Nails Felony Stiletto
Brooklyn Pearl The Flamingo Tammy Gun (as in Tommy Gun)
Bug Pinstripes Frenchie Trigger
Cadillac Pistol Gams The Vicereine
The Queens Gangsta’s Paradise Avengers Assemble White Hats
The Vixens Ghetto Boys or Ghetto Nation Moonshine Bandits Young Justice
Black Pearls Misfits James Dean & Friends Aristocrats
Dangerous Beauties Badd Boys The Dapper Dans Kings and Queens
Dangerous Belles Cool Kids Crew Troublemakers Wolf Pack
Deadly Beauties Tub of blood bunch The Pint Size Gang Royalty
The Yellas BAXTER STREET DUDES The Junk Food Junkies Light Bringers
The Bombshells Alpha Gang or Alpha Dogs Lone Star Kickass Pure Creation
Vagitarian Vixens Almighty or Seven Hills Almighty Sneakers Pure Bloods
Gangster Gurlz Bomber Boys Thugs The good guys
Jailbirds Bomb Squad Tommy Gunners The clean-cut crew


Some other names that could be given to girls are-

Thug Nicknames for Girls

Yes, new trendy nicknames for you are right here! The names represent toughness and attitude that suits very well for a personality like you. Let everybody call with any of these names listed.

1. Duchess 11. Frenchie 21. Margarita
2. wifey 12. flamingo 22. missy
3. battalion 13. felony 23. red plot
4. Tommy gun 14. cheeks 24. Vicino
5. red 15. cougar 25. vixen
6. thereto 16. bamboo 26. Bonnie
7. nails 17. pinstripes 27. jersey
8. stiletto 18. miss demeanor 28. Harlem
9. fierce 19. baby blue 29. Rosie
10. ruby 20. Brooklyn 30. witchy.
Foxes Block Boys or Gang of Blocks Desperados Shining stars
Tiny Ladies Gang Bad Boyz or Bad Boy Gang The Anointed Ones Androgynous gangsters
Tough Cookies Bad Boyz Mob Vendetta Cartel The Strong Ones
The Mean Girls Bandidos Slick Fellas Truer Champions
Playas Black Dragons Avengers Angels Among Us
Unbreakable Bitches Bloods or Bloodline Posse Speedy G’s The knights
Teflon Divas Bounty Hunters Gangster Disciples The Chosen Ones
King Dames Bullyz Havoc Boys Noblesse Oblige
The Streetwolves Chaos Crew or Chaos Boys Assault & Flattery Benevolent Mobsters
The Hell’s Horsemen Aztec Dogs Assassins of Acceleration The Golden Elite
Grim Reapers of the Highway Bad Asses Accelerated Culture The Honorable Society

Are you ready for some laughter as I am bringing you a set of funny gangster names which will cause you pain in the stomach by laughing-

Funny Gangster Names

Who says gangsters cannot be funny? Call them with a funny nickname. Giving a nice and funny name to your friends will give you pleasure and happiness at the same time. Your name will bring happiness on the face of the people you love and respect.

1. Joe bananas 11. Shellackhead 21. Doc 31. Welder
2. Whack-whack 12. Socks 22. Patriot 32. Crow
3. Oopey benny 13. The hump 23. Mac 33. Eagle
4. Chee-chee 14. Jimmy dumps 24. Brick 34. Man
5. Horserace 15. Jommy kumps 25. Buzz 35. Knuckles
6. Tick-tock 16. Jeets beats 26. Ink 36. Crush
7. Jimmy nap 17. Pat the bat 27. Brute 37. Kiwi
8. Butterass 18. Quack sack 28. Snake 38. Kiki
9. Ice pick willie 19. Big juna 29. Tiny 39. Lashes
10. Jehny sausage 20. eyed you. 30. Texas 40. Corset
Death Cycle Riders Bad Newz Kennels Assassinators of Acceleration Upstanding citizens
Scavengers of the Highway Black Panthers Archangels Of Speed The royalty of the Underworld
Brothers of the Road Ambush Posse Bad Touch Trio Justice Served Daily
Tuff Riders Asian Assassins The Unknown Rebels Noble Street Kings
Black Rebel Riders Club Bad Boys (or Badass Boys) Last Man Standing Bad Company
Hells Angels Balanced Crew Tre’ Killaz The Syndicate
Renegades Forever Best in Show Reckless Youth The Best Ever
Black Stallions Black Paint Crusaders The 1% Club The Legendary Crew
The Reapers Bullet Proof Bandits The High Rollers Black Dragons
The Outlaws Chrome Kings of the Highway Rebel Syndicate Kings of War
Sons of Anarchy Criminal Fastness Out For Blood The Best Damn

Another category that stands in the line of gangster nicknames is –

 Thug Nickname

Bandit  T- Bone Minor Paiyaso
banker  Da Boss  Mr. Scrappy  Mr. Cisco
Pistol  The Prophet  Spider Creeper
Diamond  Bumpy Joker Wicked
Beauty and brains  Ace of Spades Shorty Gizmo
games  Ice Box Sniper Swifty
Cadillac  Big Frank Pelon Spyder
kitty  Dreads Bullet  Popeye
Jailbird Stacks Oso Cruzito
queen  The Cobra  Demon Bonafide
Road Dawgz Burnt Rubber Black Disciples Almighty
Hell Riders Road Believer Bloods & Crips House of the Rising Sun
Highway Kings The Racists The Black Angels Spinners
Trible Riders Team Ford The Presedatile Black Label Society
Vicious Cycle Tight Corridors Unforgiven Ones Best Around
Zombie Bikers See You on the Streets 3rd Eye Killas Infamous Mob
Devils Breed Wild Ones Outlaws The Renegades
Grim Riders Rolling Thunder Redneck Syndicate Best Friends Forever
Lone Wolves The V8 Hooligans Ruthless Riders Enforcers
Hooligans Road Masters North Side Mafia Nobodies Best Friend
The Hounds of Hell Road Evils The Murder Mamas The Unbeatables

Best names for all the thugs are here. The word ‘thug’ is misinterpreted with danger or crime. Prove everyone wrong by giving the best thug nickname. You can use these names for your social media accounts where people will refer you or remember you with the best name.

Cool Gangster Nicknames

1. Pitbull 10. Little insane 20. Chongo 30. Brutally honest
2. Head Buster 11. Pee-wee 21. Slingshot 31. Johnny no shoes
3. Greasy thumb 12. Repo girl 22. Burnout 32. Straight curve
4. Lil man 13. Bugsy 23. Baldo 33. Bite the bullet
4. Bigger 14. Sonny Black 24. Adonis 34. Gabby
5. Blue eyes 15. Sharpie 25. Fierce wings. 35. Roadkill
6. Jelly 16. Wadd 26. There is no mafia 36. Patch eye
7. Smallville 17. Kid Blast 27. The Fuzz 37. Two holes
8. Fangs 18. Freakers 28. Pork n bears 38. Bobby tweaks
9. Zookeeper 19. Razor 29. Da provoker 40. Skidmarks
Sons of the Road Road Samurai Capital City Kings Death Dealers
The Lost Boys Road Arsonists Crime Syndicate Big Ballers On a Mission
Bad Company Superfly Drift Trio Gods & Monsters Black Diamonds
The King’s Men Sidewinders The Unholy Ones The One Percenters
The Wraith Riders Speed Demons The Forsaken Chaos Incorporated
Road Hogs MC Rat Racers Infamous Disciples The Best Of All Time
Aces High Riders Race War Youth 2nd Generation Killas The Defiance Crew
The Iron Riders The Royal Knights The Sons of Lucifer Gone in 60 Seconds
Marauders MC Rendezvous with Destiny Marauders Best of the Best
Angel’s Sinners Speed Freaks United Nightshift Best Way Out
Blind Skulls Speed Merchants Hells Angels Big Boys Club

Gangster Group Nicknames

Here we present some names for your gangster group. Gangster group names are amazing for all the purposes. Use them for your friends, cousins and colleague. Gangsters never sound low or hidden. Their name is always at the top of the bulletin.

Bouncers Paco Magic Bonafide  Scarface
La giggles  Bouncer Ace of spades  The roach.
Koyla  Tank Wild rippers  Montana
Kings United  Rascal  Bugs of wamp Red Ryder
Gang of love Baby Gangster  Fierce troop  Happy
The shocker’s tribe  Miklo  Necktie challengers  Lil’ Loco
 Bakha gang  Sluggo  Dread pool  ter
 Stacks  The chaplain  Pelon’s rage  Dog
Red Ryders Cartridge  Spiders  Bear
Tank tan  Weasel  Shorty gang  Red light
Born to Lose Speed Junkies The Devil’s Rejects Paragon
Brothers of the Sun The Fast and the Furious The Wolfpac Legendary Gangstas
Chrome Destroyers Turbulence Racers Goon Squad Best Ranger Battalion
Crucified Ones Turbo Rockets The 6 Mile Killers The Kings of Los Angeles
Devil’s Advocates Racing Crusaders The Ghosts Riders Mortal Sin
The Broken Dolls Racing Savages A.T.F. (All The Folks) Chrome Destroyers
The Fallen Angels Motion Racers Ain’t No Thang The Laughing Outlaws
Born Dead Road Dancers Criminal Minded The Comedy Club
Reapers with Attitude Redline Rebels Cashville Hustlers The Jokers
Chaos Theory The Highway Legends Da Mobb Mr. and Mrs. Funny
Warlocks of the Universe Highway Pirates Church Boys Nation The Laugh Factory
The Girls Next Door Rainbows Love Bugs Fashionistas
The Humans of Hogwarts Butterflies Lemon Drops Lively ladies
The Avengers Bumblebees Chocolate Drops Tough and Tender men
The Crew Hello Kitties Ladybugs Silly Sausage
The Squad Pretty Princesses Flowers Boys n’ Arrows
The Secret Circle Cupcake Lovers Teddy Bears High Hopes
The Elite Squad Fluffy Bunnies Bunnies Blackjacks
The Forever Ensemble Pink Fluff Monsters Fluffy Clouds Dimpled Darlings
Kitties Girly Gang ladies Tropical Birds Non-Sweaty Spartans
Lollipops Bold and Brawny dudes Lightning Bolts Icing Iguanas

Black Gangster Nicknames

Best dapper names for all the black gangsters are here. This definitely doesn’t sound offensive to everyone. Your name will give everyone a brief idea about your personality and will treat you with respect. They will appreciate you for your name and fame.

Minor  Big bass  Da boss  Gunner
 The roach  Slider  Knees  Gearhead
 Greasy thumb  Winger  Weasel  Hawk
 Sluggo  Band-aid  Rudy  Rubble
 Crazy yuan  Forger  Squirty  Shotgun
 Beerme  Gears  Bigfoot  Smokey
 Da provoker rich  Boulder  Skidmarks  Rock
 Loveman  Shovelhead  Mad hatter  Saddle
 Situ dollar  Iron  scratch  Rider
 T-BONE  Snoopy  Plugs.  Buffalo
The Fellowship of the Ring Highway Renegades Black Mafia The Funnies
The Misfits Gang Racer Xs The Bloods Class Clowns
The Party Posse Los Santos Vagos The Crips The Funny Sidekicks
The Clique Grove Street 5 Nine The Latin Kings Comedy Kings
The Bond Gang Ballas Territory The Aryan Brotherhood The Funny Fools
The Power Puff Girls San Fierro Rifa The Reapers MC Comic Relief
F is For Friends Who Do Stuff The Pimps The Assassins Jokers and Tricksters
The Cutie Mark Crew Tuna Town Mafia The Lonely Kings Jokers and Clowns
The Regular Pals East Side Ballas The Mob Jesters
The Teammates Crips 4 Life The Mafia Funny Guys and Dolls
The Troublemakers West Side Crips The Outlawz Comedy Geeks
Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys
Exciting Gangster Nick Names for Girls and Boys


All the categories of names are the best for your gangster nickname. One can feel powerful, united and energetic with the list of our cool gangster names. Choose the best name for your peer friends and cousins. 

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