Best ORC Names for your fantasy world

Whether you looking to play an online game or find a perfect castle for your escape, choosing an ORC name can have a significant impact on your gaming progress and plan. Brainstorming perfect ORC names is not an easy task and that the reason why we are here to explain to you the same. Read on to know what are things to consider to choose the best ORC names and what are the best ORC names to choose for your fictional character.

An ORC is a fictional creature that is part of a fantasy race. Orcs are a brutish, aggressive, repulsive species, existing in stark contrast with the Elvish race and generally serving an evil power.

Usually, these orcs have green skin, huge muscular bodies, tusks, hatred for nature, and a lack of hygiene. But as they are well-known for their strength and daring personalities, kids and youngsters love to play their character imagining their powers in them.

No matter whether you are planning to play an online game or write your own comic, choosing a perfect ORC name can have a significant impact on your gaming progress and plan. Brainstorming perfect ORC names is not an easy task and this is the reason we are here to guide you with the same. 

Read on to know what are various options to consider before choosing the best ORC tribe names and whether it suits your character or not. So here we are going to suggest you various categories of ORC names so that you can select one according to your requirement.

So basically, we will enlist the names in the different categories.


If you are someone who loves gaming set and seeking good female ORC names for your extraordinary personality then these are some of the examples which can help you choose the best ORC name for your gaming character. Choosing the name according to your personality is actually a task. So in order to solve your confusion we have got you a whole list of such names to choose from-

Eichelberbog Badbog Ugor Ugak
Farghed Gul Murbol Gluronk
Knaraugh Sharn Burzob Ugak
Mug Bulak Murzush Durgat
Snugug Rolfish Gonk Bumph
Igug Shelur Lash Atub
Gurukk Ugor Agrob Lash
Hugolm Ghob Snak Bor
Jogug Homraz Ugak Bagrak
Dushnamub Durz Bashuk Mogak



If you are one of those who have daring personalities, the following names suggested below can surely fit in with your character, no matter what. Whether you are playing a video game and want to name your character or want to use these names for your social media handles, check out the following male orc names as per your personality.

Drikdarok Kaghed Wogharod Faghig
Nar Gutjja Kaghed Urim
Zupgugh Bruigig Darfu Ughat
Surged Dubok Braugh Olaghig
Woglug Olefin Nughilug Bagamul
Laughed Futhark Atulg Xolkug
Bulgan Yagnik Fandagh Opilge
Vatu Zumhug Grommok Xepug
Feldgulg Murbag Xuag Olaghig
I laugh Dular Guarg Lugdum


Half-Orcs are usually the offsprings of humans and Orcs, but they could just as well be the offspring of Orcs and other beings. They’re also usually beings shunned from the societies of their parents as a result of being neither fully one or the other, and thus inferior in the eyes of both.

They usually some of the better traits, which, in the case of human and ORC offspring, is usually increased strength compared to humans and increased intelligence compared to Orcs. Here are some half ORC names suggested below-

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Criark Crull Drauth Hraanirgell  
Drurg Ongaa Dangro Haazvor  
Hrabroraach Hriavuzzet Talrud Thraltrezat  
Dubainguk Thalridhik Cebabron Thoadit  
Trandi Adhon Draagrash Hoch  
Broch Nezvrill Nilkrash Silruvim  
Zaid Trirs Trondradhid Bultrozet  
Tazvar Ciadiderg Loagi Droazzokaash  
Trot Aguzzurg Toktozel Cakduch  
Dech Handra Hrindrudholl Cesdoark  

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Bozru Wel Thaghou Fici
Pattol Odle Wesh Pirlash
Doh Rhoclu Citro Men
Aghu Tuh Fatrox Marutti
Pux Rhavovron Meltuoto Vusro
Belesai Dongo Eraytu Sololral
Thovaysu Evu Thizancah Dacodlesh
Ten Zunucral Sohrax Daromay
Najkil Koumre Rhen Rhudicrath
Rhuohre Kuon Nuvra Wirgu


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Orcs are huge and extremely strong muscular humanoids capable of destroying almost any enemy in their relentless onslaught. They only want to destruct all the civilized races of the whole world, especially those of elves, dwarves, and humans.

Few races of these creatures do not fear the Orcs, but the Orcs themselves know their fears. They fear their gods and their judgments, which they desperately seek to please through combat and offerings.

Their entire life is dedicated to pleasing the gods in the hopes that they will be chosen to fight in an eternal battle once they die.ORC names are strong and harsh sounding, with female names being slightly more melodic. They don’t have last names but do use epithets like Knee Smasher, the Behemoth, etc. Below we have mentioned a list of ORC names- Dungeons and Dragons to choose from-

Lun  Lab  Mok  Bol   
Dhol  Drul  Zal  Dhokk   
Grub Brokk  Zukk  Gab   
Bakk  Nokk  Rhukk  Shad   
Shuvruk Gazzon  Shojag  Grukrall   
Gradgun  Juboll  Shartak  Dragguk   
Grardad  Bhamzod  Obrab  Ruvukk   
Rumukk Romzukk Agvak  Dhuggog   
Zobzon  Rhogzoll  Uvrall  Shozul   
Dradgukk  Zhuvrog  Shudog  Bradgud   


The Orcs are race battle hardy humanoids that once came from the planet of Draenor. They were betrayed by one of their own they fell to the Burning Legion, becoming a part of them as a result.

Their shamanistic ways were not lost forever though, as they eventually rose up against their demonic masters, found a new home, but this home is still something they still fight for. ORC names usually contain more guttural sounds due to their orcish language. Here are some of the choicest orc names-World of Warcraft suggested below-

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Ruvorn  Cuhluk  Merngarg  Drekzek   
Thohlmakk  Buszar  Thromm  Dohli   
Hutzan Maggo  Throltokk  Muvgakemm   
Arntokk  Sek  Anza’torm Thrikna  
Guzank  Thugdokk  Crovnurte  Grust   
Kidach Alzarl  Murast  Sech   
Him’guszamm  Gruk  Zoth Crade   
Dogg  Kromzukk  Dres Beggas   
Gukzes  Ruvurg Bari  Agrimurm   
Droma  Enter  Badoth  Trardel   

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There are many different types of orcs. All the known names of these types seem to be very similar to each other. But here is a list of the most badass orc names for you to choose from-

Zguk Trilug Sudagog Hig  
Hrolkug Urul Valthurg Ertguth  
Igug Julakgh Komarod Uraugh  
Kupgugh Hanz Xujarek Winug  
Kertug Nakgu Yokgu Kraugug  
Duluk Zoughat Opathu Aghed  
Xoroku Zoughat Kog Yregh  
Zoughat Zurgug Opilge Bugharz  
Oggugat Zurpigig Vrograg Xagok  
Ushamph Corgak Xugarf Sombilge  


As some people want their character names to be humorous, so considering that we have suggested some good, funny, cool orc names below for you. You can pick any one of them to make your character sound funny and humorous.

Sharamph    Sugbu Murbol Raghat  
Homraz    Yambul Bashuk Brokil  
. Sharn    Zalthu  Ugor Pargu  
Murob   Snaglak Mog Hibub  
Oghash   Noogugh Ghak  Jughog  
Shagdub    Varbu Murob Nurghed  
Durgat    Podagog Ulumpha Ditgurat  
Atub    Cukgilug Ushug Durz  
Bolar   Xarpug Sharn Kurdan  
Snak   Jughragh Dura Bugdul  

Things to look for when choosing a wow ORC Name

Root Meaning: If you do not know the root meaning of the word that you are going to choose as an ORC name, it is of no use as it will provide no sense to the character that you are going to play. Thus, make sure to know the meaning of the name beforehand so that it defines your dragon or whatsoever character you are going to play. Here are some examples:

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Provide ORC Girl names according to your age: Providing names as per your age is necessary while playing an online game. It influences the role of the character that you are going to play for your game. Thus, make sure to choose your own era. If you are under 18, your era will different. On the other hand, being an adult will allow you to provide you with numerous options which we will come later on. Here are some examples:

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Specify your gender: Whether you are a girl or a boy, make sure to specify your gender on the first hand as choosing the name depends a lot on the gender. Female ORC names and a male ORC name varies a lot from each other. While searching for the ORC name specifying your gender will provide you with effective search results that you are looking for. Thus, make sure to keep this in mind while choosing the best ORC name for your character. Here are some examples:

Male ORC Names for the daring personality:

If you are one of those daring personalities and a male, the following names stated below can surely go with your character no matter what. Check out the following names as per the daring spirit.

Grimfang   Naznob Badbog Badsnik
Wortsnaga   Throdrok Ogrumbu Heddrak
Orknack   Mekuz Snanagor Rotstuf
Rokblorggor   Zug Zug Ugdumph Thokgrim
Bagul   Wazgut Ghorlorz Ongne

Female ORC Names for the Warcraft personality:

If you are someone from the Warcraft set of mind and you are seeking good ORC names for your extraordinary personality then these are some of the examples which can help you choose the best ORC name for a Warcraft character female character.

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If you don’t like these names, you can always create a name of your own so that it best matches you and your game personality.


Fantasy stories are always fun to read, as kids and other teenagers love to read or watch about their favorite fictional characters. It is even better when you have a video game or another game to play so that you can yourself name your character and play.

We have covered almost every category of orc warrior names. These names are the best in each category and you can pick one according to your personality and wish. We hope you find these lists of orc names dnd useful and these names would definitely help you with your choices.

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If you need more than one orc name, you can pick from different categories of the list like Skyrim orc names or orc hunter names. The names in each list can be recombined to make more new names, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just this list. You can name your gaming character using these names which will definitely make a good impression of yours among your peers.

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