Bedroom Nicknames

Bedroom Nicknames Suggestion

Isn’t it an amazing idea to name your bedroom with a nickname? The place is filled with lots of memories and love. Therefore, bedroom names are essential to give in today’s modern life so that you can get attached to the feeling when you go back at your home after a heavy day work or to relax on weekends with your family.

Few things to keep in consideration before naming bedroom nicknames:

  1. The name should reflect Bond:   The name should reflect the bond and the love which family shares so that whenever any family names that they are going to the bedroom, the subconscious mind gets filled with the love.
  1. The name should be sweet: Name given to the bedroom must be sweet and loving which must be preceded with the love and care which family members have within themselves.
  1. The name should be small and easy to pronounciate: Name given to the bedroom must be short and easy to pronounciate. Since if it will be difficult in pronunciation or if it is long, family members tend to refuse the calling bedroom with the nicknames due to the difficulty in speaking or speaking a long name.
  1. Name given should be according to the bedroom: In a home, there is a bedroom for children and self as well. Therefore, the name should be allotted as per the members who are in the respective bedroom. Hence, enough consideration must be given regarding who is the family member who is living in a particular bedroom.
  1. The bedroom should contain nameplate of the bedroom nickname: Bedroom must contain a nameplate so that the bedroom nickname does not get faded away in the minds of family member slowly and gradually. Therefore, whenever you decide the nickname of your bedroom, it must be imprinted on the nameplate and must stand beside the wall of your bedroom.
Bedroom Nicknames
Bedroom Nicknames

After considering the above facts, have a look at the below list of the bedroom nicknames which you can give to your bedroom:


Aladdin and Jasmine Beautiful world Buttery world compartment
alcove bed case container
anchorage bedchamber cavity cot
antechamber wharf cell cubicle
apartment bedroom Cheesy guys Daddy and sugar lady
Babes n Tots Big guy and little girl chest Diamond heartz
Baby’s cave billet Children’s cloud dock
Bad boy & bad girl Boo Bear Children’s Den dorm
Bao Bei room box Chocolaty world dorm room
Beautiful planet Bright kids Colourful world enclosure



flat Huggy Bears levee My shiny world
Fluffy candies Itty Bitty Little Ducklings Our Jungle
Funny Bunnies jetty lodging pier
hall Kiddie city Love planet Playhouse
hammock Kiddie cloud Love Universe pocket
Happy kidz Kiddie clubhouse Love world port
Happy world Kiddie Cove Lovebirds Precious world
haven Kids cave Miles of Smiles quay
Hero and Heroin King Queen Mother Goose’s Rainbow bunnies
hollow Lamb tails Mr Cutie and Mrs Cutie room



Hope we have helped you in identifying the perfect nickname for the bedroom of your own and children. However, you can always customise it as per your desire. You can also insert initials of both the couple and have a unique name for your bedroom have a happy and good name!!

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