List of Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas


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The newspaper business is widely spread across the country. As you are entering as a new businessman in this newspaper industry it would be a challenge for you to beat other newspapers which are well established and are running great in present times in the market. Still, the horizon and scope for your growth and expansion are wide as people always prefer something new that comes up in the market. Newspaper names ideas

A newspaper is considered a useful part of our life. But now it does not look that much important after the evolution of the digital world. However, some people who feel its importance still buying and reading the newspaper.

Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas
Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas

India is the biggest newspaper market in the world and over 100 million newspaper copies are being sold each day. Nowadays, with the help of internet technology, E -Newspapers are replacing printed versions making it convenient for people to read newspapers on tablets, computers, and phones. Some day if you plan to open your own newspaper publication, then you might need a powerful name for it.

So as you are starting a new newspaper business, you must be facing difficulty as to which name you should give to your newspaper that attracts the people and they remember it for a longer period of time. To help you face this challenge with ease I am here to help you by providing you with a wide range of newspaper business name ideas.

As you are now starting your own newspaper business you are heading towards a profitable field as the people will not stop reading the newspaper even if the news is readily and early available on the sites. Before starting up your own newspaper business you need to keep a good name for your new newspaper so that people can address your newspaper by that name and are at ease in purchasing that newspaper.

Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas
Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas

Also, the name of your newspaper should be such that people can catch and remember the name at the earliest. You should be very wise while selecting the name for your newspaper because people are very particular about purchasing the newspaper. Once they start liking the content, setup, and name of the particular newspaper it is hard for them to switch to some other newspaper. So when you are starting up your own newspaper business make sure that you keep a good and catchy name for your newspaper.

News from city to city, state to state, business and sports makes up the whole newspaper which is then sold to the customers. So as you are starting a newspaper business you should think of a good name. Here I compile some ideas for keeping a good newspaper business name, they are as follows-

The reading times Review
Newspaper for youThe country’s news
The daily news India’s angle
Across the worldThe news report
 The readers dayThe Guardian
The news todayThe national news
 The BulletinThe country’s voice
The planet’s news The news hub
 The Indian post Sunbeam
The India Times The headlight

Catchy Newspaper Business Name Ideas-

Selecting a good and perfect name for any business requires certain strategies. The strategy should be such that your name can get its own recognition in the market. So be very precise when you are selecting a name for your newspaper business. Some of the catchy newspaper business name ideas are as follows-

Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas
Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas
Newsday The news forum
 Rocky Mountain News The New’s era
The street’s news Time
The daily emporium Enquirer
 Evening Enterprise Press
 Patron news Leader
 The news gallery Entrepreneur
The daily edition Messenger
The diaryOutlook
 The daily guideEagle

Creative newspaper business name ideas

A single name can make your business run into profits or can lead you to the early closing of your business as well. It also depends on how smart you are in selecting the name for your business. Some creative newspaper business name ideas are as follows-

Fancy newspaper business name ideas

Thinking of a name and getting it registered is the biggest challenge for any new business setter as the names chose may sometimes be already registered or may not suit the business. So when you are selecting the name for your newspaper business to be sure that it suits the newspaper as well. Some of the fancy newspaper business name ideas are as follows-

 The current newsCitizen
 The daily updates The daily record
The news express Today
 The regular post Union
 The Statesmen The Universe
 Bulletin Advance
 Call Acorn
 Trump of fame The news enterprise
 The news gazette The current news
 The Chronicle Recorder

Some other newspaper Company name ideas-

Here I present you a long list of some catchy, innovative and creative newspaper business name ideas which will be a help for you and will take less time for you to select a name for your newspaper business name. So the compiled list is as follows-

 Advance Modest record Morning society Weekly unity
 Camera Legacy capital The local post Daily narrative
 Breeze Weekly capital Global news Citizen daily
 Signal The morning home Daily business Inside weekly
 Mercury Dawning times The society report Record times
 Media Sunday report Vista news The white paper
 Mail Daily sun Daily account Appeal
 The daily Daily apex Daily Herald Daily Mirror
 The daily book The era times Observer times Star
 Union weekly Break of day news Relay press Pioneer
 The news glory Newsday Voice Republic
 The ultimate Echo Tribune Independent

As it is said the more variety, the better it is and so I have provided you with a great variety of newspaper business name ideas which will give you an endless number of options for the names which you can successfully keep for your new newspaper business. So hurry up and select a good and catchy name for your newspaper and start delivering news to the people as far as possible.

Here we have compiled a list of names and ideas on how to name a newspaper. Check out our list of names that will leave you with a list of cool and creative newspaper names.

Creative names

Students can get huge benefits from reading newspapers. It increases knowledge, vocabulary, especially for English learners. Giving a catchy plus creative name to the publication services will make a huge impact on the readers. So there’s a list of creative news names. Check out the list and find the perfect name for your newspaper.

AcronAppealCameraDaily Mirror
Advance BulletinBreezeConstitutionExponent
Minute MirrorObserverOracleMonitor
TabloidThe Golden StarTribuneWhigs
TelegraphThe IndependentThe News GloryZeitung
The BirdThe UltimateThe Plain DealerWatchmen

Best newspaper names

The idea of naming a newspaper brand should come with quick research about people’s choice and interest. We have a name generator that will help you find the most prominent name for your newspaper business.

Reader’s mindOracle beepsReader’s choiceFantastic dayEmpower globe
International glimpseSolid newsNews a dayFinding newsRoasted words

Perfect newspaper name ideas

Who doesn’t need a perfect name! We have a few names for your newspaper brand which is suitable for all kinds of newspaper, magazines and employment newspapers. The names are also perfect for kids’ magazine. Choose your favorite names of newspapers out of our listed names and make a boom on the television and newspapers across the city or state.

Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas
Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas
Bulletin boardNew York TimesTrappedChronicles post
Rush hushTimes of worldTestifyChattery pots
Minute to win itWake ForestFist bumpRiverfront
Watch itWall Street JournalNewsdayUnder armour
Fast tracksJournal of the dayHouston ChronicleUnder the bridge
Wise papersLos Angeles TimesBoston GlobeNew York Post
Fever upEasy lifeGlobe gossipNewark Star Ledger
Rise papsWashington PostBulletin overseasDallas Morning News
Night mistMorning mistNews BarrierNews up right
Morning coffeeNews channelCreditsEverything in one

Funky newspaper title ideas

Apparently, we only focused on getting a rightful name for a newspaper brand. But who says it can’t be funny and cool. Some might want their publication to have a cool name. For those, we have a bunch of funny newspaper names as well as cool newspaper names. Find the best news name for your newspaper company.             

The Bulletin MirrorDistance farEvolutionaryHitler’s journal
Observer NewsSpice upMad bookBoring stuff
Paragon DailRecordsFaded wordsRight era
TheBeacon Gazette  Cool GazetteRough nightFire and fog
Enquirer DailyMirrorlessSoar truthBest posts
The Enterprise RecordRocky bottomsJob fearFiled books
Era DailyReporters watchKids miracleBlinky eyes
Weekly RelayFictionless TruthMagic mysterySherlock’s journal

Fake names

Some fake newspaper names for your journal publications are listed below. Check them out and make the best prank with your fake newspaper copies.

The Diem HeraldAurora DailyMorning Local VoiceEcho Time
The Insider InquirerEyewitness DailyEvening MorningtideDawning Time
Explorer RecordThe Dayspring TimesMorrow WeeklyWeekly Capital
The Saturday reporterThe Leading ChroniclesMorning GlobeMorning Independent
The Public MirrorModest RecordThe Break of Day InquirerPioneer Weekly
Evening PioneerMorning Star DailyDaily ChroniclesWeekly News
Journal DailyThe Lodestar GazetteMail MorningDaily Day Break
Report MorningUnity EveningMorning NetworkPatron Morning


We have the creative news names for your major jump in the media industry. Newspapers have always played an important role since the time of urbanization and world wars. The old newspapers’ names were unique and special.

Public media that include newspapers, televisions, radio stations, etc gets recognition easily than any other way. So, when it comes to naming a new newspaper business name, one must be extremely careful about selecting the perfect name. The newspaper names should be classy and catchy.   

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