Samurai Sword Names

Samurai Sword Names ideas

The history of making Swords in Japan goes way back to the Kofun Period which was 300-538 AD. Samurai Sword Names’ ideas have differed in different time-periods, bringing with them variations. The kind of Samurai Swords we see today started to develop from the Heian Period that ran from 794 to 1185.Samurai Sword Names ideas

Katana Names

The famous Japanese swords Katana is nothing like the first swords of Japanese History which were plain and simple double-edged blades inspired by the Chinese Jian. 

The first sword of Japan that still looks like the well known Katana was developed by a man named Amakuni and was called Tachi. Tachi despite looking similar to what Katana looks, was not as curved as we see Katana is. Because these Swords were skillfully created and passed on to generations, many of these old versions of Samurai swords still exist. 

The world is filled with people who love action and are extremely interested in weapons. Katana is one of the most powerful weapons in the world and thus there always stays a piqued interest in Samurai Swords which is proven by the Legendary Katana Names. The popularisation happens with storytelling, while many are fictional and mythological, there are some real Katana Names in the history of Japan, of which the stories itself will give you goosebumps if not adrenaline rush.

Legendary Katana Names

  1. Beatrix’s Katana in the movie Kill Bill – It can be counted as one of the Fictional Samurai Sword Names. The angry Bride, Beatrix Kiddo from the famous TV show Kill Bill who receives a sword personally developed by the Swordmaster Hanzo Hatori to kill her murdered Bill, also her husband. 
  2. The Baio-Doku Sword – Adding to the list of badass sword names, another fictional still one of the legendary katana names because it belongs to the famous game Samurai Shodown. You can get a lot of cool Japanese sword names from the game that has inspired various other Samurai Games and with them invented some cool Japanese sword names. 
  3. The Cursed Katana: Hina – Fictional but counted in the names of legendary swords comes from the famous Manga Series Love Hina. The famous katana is also recognized with other badass sword names such as the Cursed Blade or the Hina Blade, the Youtou Hinata or the Ominous Blade. 
  4. Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi also is known as the Grass-Cutter Sword – One of the funny sword names in the names of legendary swords of Japan, the grass-cutter sword is a mythological sword that many people believe to be real. There’s a long story behind this one of the most famous Japanese Swords,  according to which, found in the body of an 8-head giant serpent, was a symbol of Goddess Sun (descendants). 

Long story short, in the reign of the 12th Emperor Yamato Takeru, the sword saved the emperor from fire by cutting grass and then by controlling the wind.

  1. Honjo Masamune – Finally one real sword in the list of famous Japanese swords. Brought into the Edo Period by Masamune, Master Swordsmith. This is one of the most legendary katana names for the famous Japanese Sword was declared a Japanese National Treasure way back in 1939.

After getting sold and resold several times it came to the Tokugawa family who then at the time of World War II donated the weapon to a mysterious allied sergeant named “Coldy Bilmore”. There is no record of any sergeant named Coldy Bilmore and the sword goes missing since then. 

Long Katana Name

Katana is not the name of a famous Samurai Sword but is rather a name that is used for a family of swords also known as nihontō that is as long as 24 inches or around 60cm. In a battle, Katana was paired with wakizashi or tanto, together they were called daisho. Wakizashi is a smaller version rather a much smaller sword to be used in case the Katana is lost or for close combat, whereas the long Katana Name is given to the Katana itself meant to be used at open combat. 

Funny Sword Names

With the advent of video games like Samurai Shodown that lets you have the Samurai Battle action with the real Katana Swords allowing you to experience it all. These games also let you name your swords and thus naming the Samurai Sword Names ideas creatively adds to the experience.

So here’s a list of Funny Sword Names for you to make your gaming life a bit more interesting or rather happening.

Funny Sword Names
The Penetrator
Bare Hands
Your Mom
Block of Dirt
Please tickle my sack.
Pinky finger
A fish


Lightning Sword Names

What do you do when you have to name your sword with Lightning Sword names? You name it with names that speak for its characteristics. Here’s a list of Lightning Sword Names for your Gaming Swords that just don’t give your sword one of the cool Japanese sword names but also suits your personality.

Lightning Sword Names
Blade of storms
Storm Caller 
Thunder Blades  
Lightning Blades 


Japanese Sword Names And Meanings 

Inspired from Fantasy, Myth, Legends and Real Stories,  here’s a list of Japanese Sword Names And Meanings.

Japanese Sword Names And Meanings 
Mugenjin: Rising from the Infinity
Shisui: Water Stopper
Suzaku: The flaming Bird
Zantetsuken: The Blade that cuts Iron
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi: The Grass-Cutter
Shichishito: The  Seven Branched Sword 
Zangetsu: Slaying Moon
Nozarashi: Weather-Beaten One
Kazeshini: Wind of Death
Zabimaru: Snake Tail


Cool Japanese Sword Name

If you still haven’t found your sword name then this is the last list that includes a mix of cool Japanese Sword Names, Badass Japanese sword names and famous Japanese swords for you to get inspiration from. 

Cool Japanese Sword Name
Katen Kyokotsu: Bones of Heavenly Blooming Madness
Wabisuke: The Wretched One
Shinken Hakkyoken: Eight Mirror Sword
Kyoka Suigetsu: Mirror Flower, Water Moon
Kubikiri Orochi: Beheading Serpent
Tenken: Heavenly Punishment
Benihime: Crimson Princess
Sharp Ends 
Powder Power 


There is a lot of curiosity and interest in the Samurai Swords for the power they possess and the stories that they bring with them. And to be able to possess any of them even in a virtual world can be nothing less than an
adrenaline rush to anyone who loves battle and desires power. These Samurai Sword names give you the key to be a Samurai with your own magic Samurai Sword Names ideas!

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