Names and Nicknames for Dark Souls

1015+ Names and Nicknames for Dark Souls

Dark Souls is gaining a lot of popularity recently. Both human and hollow forms of players are found in the game and therefore there are choices for both antagonists and heroes to choose from. 

Cool And Funny Dark Souls Names

Why not create a fun side while being adventurous? Look at some funny and cool dark souls’ names along with their nicknames.

Souls Body Souls Cattle Soulsonus Souls Aesthetic Souls Eye
Souls Sustainable Souls Eagle Dark Voluptuous Souls Objective Dark Carefree
Soulsx Dark Iconic Dark Endless Dark Smart Dark Hazel
Dark Wrap Soulsiva Dark Intellect Dark Natural Souls Cha-Cha
Souls Mode Souls Hero Dark Dope Souls Cornerstone Dark High
Dark Citadel Souls Balanced Dark Hover Soulsara Dark Dug
Souls Caffeine Soulsly Dark Accure Souls Nest Souls Apex
Dark Unreal Soulsporium Souls Well Darkoryx Dark Crossroads
Souls Sun Dark Stop Souls Perfect Darkscape Dark Buddy
Souls Force Soulsocity Dark Spin Dark Center Dark Rabble
Dark Atlantis Souls Ping Souls Soul Souls Strike Souls Bounty
Darkwind Dark Succulent Souls Unholy Dark Throttle Souls Spot
Souls Reference Darkooze Dark Specials Dark Gory Dark Relax
Dark Habit Souls Energise Dark Survey Souls Move Dark Bunch
Dark Thrive Souls Vector Dark Reinvent Dark Thunder Souls Flora
Funny Dark Souls Names
Funny Dark Souls Names
Souls Charge Darkprism Dark Intimate Dark Divine Souls Dove
Dark Quality Dark Summit Soulsopedia Souls Lima Souls Desire
Dark Ultra Souls Spartan Dark Feedback Dark Simple Souls Meetup
Souls Hop Darkistic Dark Tales Dark Fido Dark Charm
Dark Unit Souls Zoom Dark Challenge Soulsado Souls Skin
Dark Bee Soulsquipo Dark Artha Soulsorzo Souls Profits
Darklux Souls Grind Souls Direct Dark Byte Dark Torque
Souls Blue Ocean Souls Shed Dark Leaders Darkzoid Souls Agile
Dark Articles Souls Asset Soulsgenix Souls App Dark Bumberell
Souls Enchanting Souls Poster Dark Unite Souls Mage Dark Rage
Souls Clio Souls Mass Dark Magnet Souls Cherry Souls Patrol
Dark Captain Souls Frost Souls Taste Dark Taste Dark Legend
Souls Host Souls Intrigue Souls View Souls Script Souls Vital
Souls Invest Dark Scrapbook Dark Royal Souls Botany Dark Scope
Dark Infinity Dark Total Dark Ark Souls Shade Dark Society
  • Souls Segment
  • Souls Centre
  • Souls Assist
  • Souls Buxom
  • Souls Ambrosial
  • Dark Base
  • Souls Spire
  • Souls Locator
  • Souls Skedaddle
  • Dark Aware
  • Souls Dynasty
  • Dark Radiant
  • Souls Force
  • Dark Solid
  • Souls Sage
  • Souls Tone
  • Dark Boss
  • Souls Blossom
  • Souls Scale
  • Dark Markets
  • Dark Kilo
  • Souls Enigma
  • Dark Phoenix
  • Souls Siege
  • Souls Alley
  • Dark Ink
  • Souls Leap
  • Souls Insurgent
  • Souls Zap
  • Souls Splendor
  • Dark Infinity
  • Souls Goal
  • Dark Lounge
  • Dark Strike
  • Souls Blur
  • Dark Dashboard
  • Souls Road
  • Souls Approach
  • Souls Affair
  • Dark Key

Male And Female Dark Souls Names 

Ahh! this fight will remain forever. Pink for girls, blue for boys. But, here’s a mixture: go find the name which suits you.

Dark Directory Souls Kids Dark Wake Dark Ify Souls Machine
Dark Bravo Souls Dreamer Souls Sprout Souls Snuggly Souls Spark Plug
Souls Vendor Souls Khan Souls Unite Dark Footprint Dark Burn
Dark Alpine Souls Odyssey Souls Galaxy Dark Challenge Dark Showcase
Dark Apollo Souls Fab Souls Copywriter Souls Creative Souls Valley
Souls System Dark Luster Souls Unholy Souls Isolate Dark Pulse
Souls Rejuvenation Dark Odyssey Souls Hall Dark Mesmeric Dark Bazaar
Souls Rack Souls Fine Dark Sigma Dark Brigade Dark Elegance
Souls Buzz Souls Incubator Dark Shore Dark Suite Souls Central
Souls Institute Dark Sound Dark Social Dark Rise Dark Cocoon
Souls Land Dark Shaman Souls Arctic Dark Patch Souls Commune
Dark Scout Dark Bin Souls Cloud Souls Aero Souls Prominent
Dark Loan Dark Bulletin Souls OT Souls Quality Souls Sell
Dark Conventional Dark Affordable Dark Natural Souls Trend Souls Stack
Dark Panther Dark Tropical Souls Partners Souls Runway Souls Mad
Female Dark Souls Names
Female Dark Souls Names
Dark Activator Souls Club Souls Savor Souls Chip Dark Chew
Dark Canon Dark Max Souls Hound Souls Habitat Dark Dogma
Dark Wave Dark Lovely Souls Program Dark Ease Dark Opulence
Dark Soul Dark Iced Dark Angle Dark Bottle Souls Drive
Dark Select Dark Direction Dark Days Souls Cutie Souls Freak
Dark Wavy Souls Boudoir Souls Landscape Dark Passport Souls Division
Dark Tropical Dark Tera Dark Easy Souls Steady Dark Document
Souls Nest Souls Radiance Souls Accent Dark Tree Dark Collision
Dark Sprint Dark Story Souls Land Souls Bolt Souls Legion
Souls Unit Dark Camp Dark Humdrum Souls Sprout Souls Mech
Souls Scanner Souls Street Dark Hi-Res Souls Sizzle Souls Utli
Dark Plasma Dark Praise Souls Blocks Dark Click Dark Team
Dark Peace Souls Bet Souls Spot Souls Huddle Souls Beaver
Souls Absolute Souls Frost Souls Ninja Dark Dime Souls Rank
Souls Funk Dark Sonic Dark Imagine Souls Den Souls Outright
  • Souls Specialty
  • Souls Aristotle
  • Dark Bench
  • Dark Cold
  • Dark Action
  • Dark Score
  • Dark Defy
  • Souls Connection
  • Dark Clever
  • Dark Proto
  • Dark Maestro
  • Souls Bark
  • Souls Pure
  • Souls Rush
  • Dark Optimism
  • Dark Interactive
  • Dark Energize
  • Dark Pantry
  • Souls Earth
  • Dark Skin
  • Souls Graphics
  • Dark Opponent
  • Souls Garnet
  • Souls Swel
  • Souls Smarts
  • Souls Happiness
  • Souls Carnations
  • Souls Pitch
  • Souls Niche
  • Souls Soil
  • Souls Climate
  • Souls Grow
  • Souls Sleek
  • Dark Development
  • Souls Clinical
  • Souls Infinite
  • Souls Acute
  • Dark Ya
  • Dark Urbane
  • Souls Madras

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Badass Dark Souls Names

Toughness is the game’s main theme. You stay tough and you win. 

Dark Guarantee Souls Bright Dark Wisdom Dark Segment Souls Seek
Dark Max Dark Breed Dark Operator Souls Tribal Dark Unity
Souls Plug Dark Beryl Dark Sweep Souls Territory Souls Phoenix
Dark Peewee Souls Backpack Souls Chew Dark Wiggly Dark Clutch
Souls Adoring Dark Hound Souls Tasty Dark Capture Dark Perspective
Dark Fine Dark Magnolia Souls Body Dark Kitten Dark Falcon
Souls Form Souls Genuine Souls Self-Portrait Souls Organic Dark Escapade
Souls Grasp Souls Blank Dark Blink Dark Lodge Dark Kin
Souls Chubby Souls Garrison Dark Hyper Souls Garrison Souls Heritage
Souls Craftsman Souls Tattoo Souls Angel Souls Globe Souls Pitch
Souls Floral Souls Hungry Dark Nexus Souls Garage Souls Invasion
Souls Acquire Souls Anime Dark Launch Dark Revenant Dark Pause
Souls Workout Souls Breathtaking Souls Syndicate Dark Cuts Dark Natural
Souls Blurred Souls Meter Souls Excel Souls Zone Dark Frost
Souls Nourish Dark Sentinel Souls Magnolia Dark Divine Souls Chamber
Badass Dark Souls Names
Badass Dark Souls Names
Dark Drip Souls Precision Dark Riot Souls Butter Souls Orzo
Dark Vivid Dark Rise Souls City Souls Sunny Souls Asset
Dark Champion Souls Propel Souls Stardust Souls Attitude Dark Roadway
Dark Strong Souls Clef Dark Horde Dark Amazement Souls Castle
Dark Tap Dark Rave Souls Dream Dark Option Dark Speech
Dark Protect Souls Ops Souls Kith Dark Dive Dark Designs
Dark Zilla Dark Tango Dark Grave Dark Wild Souls Grand
Souls In-Group Dark Enchant Dark Pro Souls Sell Dark Havana
Dark Extra Souls Trigger Dark Dreamworld Souls Compass Dark Fiery
Dark Target Dark Grip Souls Mobile Dark Praise Dark Warm
Souls Morning Souls Shift Dark Rebalance Dark Taper Souls Cool
Dark Venom Souls Bismuth Dark Dame Souls Ancestor Souls Pact
Dark Core Souls Rocket Dark Energise Souls Energy Souls Insta
Dark Action Souls Grub Dark Irrigation Dark Scarlet Souls Pad
Dark Chapter Souls Space Souls Life Souls Ash Souls Luxuriate
  • Dark Trendy
  • Souls Bloom
  • Souls Spotlight
  • Souls Vendor
  • Souls Equity
  • Souls Dramatic
  • Dark Hotlap
  • Souls Mob
  • Dark Capitol
  • Souls Mind
  • Dark Collab
  • Dark Serum
  • Souls Enviro
  • Souls Feminine
  • Dark Midnight
  • Souls Sew
  • Souls Magic
  • Souls Future
  • Souls Rident
  • Dark Delish
  • Dark Clue
  • Souls Rebel
  • Dark Sakura
  • Souls Czar
  • Dark Serendipity
  • Souls Mojo
  • Dark Aftermath
  • Dark Galvanic
  • Dark Demon
  • Souls Touchback
  • Souls League
  • Dark Patrol
  • Souls Dive
  • Dark Bark
  • Dark Sub
  • Dark Rule
  • Dark Treasures
  • Souls Favorite
  • Dark Piper
  • Souls Inside

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Dark Souls Names for Pets 

Pets are lovely to most of us so why not assign a dark soul’s name to them also. Then you are a true dark souls’ fan.

Dark Booth Dark Cabin Dark Atomic Dark Exchange Dark Born
Souls Unit Dark Nectar Souls Insight Souls Cloud Souls Progression
Souls Vigilant Dark Hustle Souls Fun Souls Comfort Souls Scan
Dark Tempean Souls Talkline Souls Bomber Dark Approve Souls Lab
Souls Fisheye Souls Star Dark Cue Souls Case Dark Peek
Dark Adorable Souls Clear Souls Legion Dark Administrate Dark Sight
Souls Sumo Souls Odyssey Souls Tickle Souls Guardian Dark Fission
Dark Compass Souls Themes Dark Parley Souls Pure Dark Mindful
Dark Display Souls Huddle Dark Master Souls Propel Souls Poly
Dark Lit Souls Irrigation Dark Spad Souls Lounge Souls Film
Souls Mirage Dark Sense Dark Axe Dark Res Souls Ademia
Dark Pine Souls Machines Dark Calibre Dark Foster Souls Sight
Dark Ademia Dark Aspect Souls Visage Souls Adorable Dark Stretch
Souls Hippie Souls Secret Dark Pixel Dark Sprout Dark United
Souls Frame Dark Luscious Souls Remarkable Dark Pumpkin Dark Access
Dark Souls Names for Pets
Dark Souls Names for Pets
Dark Bolt Souls Start Dark Bloodline Souls Tribe Souls Unreal
Souls Istic Dark Complete Dark Feed Dark Deep Souls Deluxe
Souls Cents Souls Yamas Dark Progress Souls Fox Dark Forum
Souls Curiosity Souls Retreat Souls League Souls Visit Dark Perfection
Souls Fix Dark Robe Souls Sunrise Dark Active Souls Campaign
Souls Hamper Dark Guide Souls Road Dark Rose Souls Able
Dark Lux Dark Do Dark Ward Souls Bubble Dark Gloss
Dark Morning Souls Go Dark Advice Dark Slim Dark Hotspot
Dark Eclipse Souls Academy Dark Vanity Souls Complex Souls Enemy
Souls Centaur Souls Grave Souls Astound Dark Attune Souls Soundwave
Souls Farm Souls Growth Souls Customs Souls Source Souls Huddle
Dark Dub Dark Measured Dark Utopia Souls Digital Souls Ease
Dark Take Souls Fast Dark Tease Dark Iva Dark Cafe
Dark Guru Souls Groovy Souls Shady Dark Tape Souls Tastings
Dark Cheap Shot Dark Cutting Souls Razzle Dark Unbound Souls Blossom
  • Souls Qualified
  • Souls Target
  • Souls Artistry
  • Souls Buttons
  • Souls Bare
  • Dark Source
  • Dark Magazine
  • Souls Smashing
  • Souls Sugar
  • Souls Hook
  • Dark Trust
  • Souls Harmony
  • Dark Faith
  • Dark Expert
  • Souls Eagle
  • Dark Youthful
  • Dark Etch
  • Souls Magnolia
  • Souls Joey
  • Souls High
  • Souls Trim
  • Dark Dawn
  • Souls Bulk
  • Souls Trick
  • Souls Bush
  • Souls Rank
  • Souls Preview
  • Dark Optimum
  • Souls Vintage
  • Souls Astute
  • Souls Bit
  • Souls Mite
  • Souls Progressive

Dark Souls Names for Reddit 

Souls Max Souls Capital Souls Matrix Souls Methodical Dark Command
Dark Parachute Souls Radar Dark Photoshoot Souls Crimson Souls Origin
Souls Together Souls Crave Souls Skylink Dark Quirky Dark Vital
Dark Raven Dark Peer Dark Exquisite Souls Finest Souls Lighthouse
Dark Slabman Souls Idolize Dark Strike Souls Flash Souls Acre
Dark Launch Souls Steep Dark Box Dark Scope Souls Blackboard
Souls Dynasty Souls Lust Souls Shotgun Dark Void Dark Fury
Dark Focus Souls Hyper Dark Corps Souls Splash Souls Wake
Souls Hit Souls Wise Souls Explosive Dark Ship Souls Drift
Dark Remarkable Souls Pots Souls Fine Souls Bodhi Souls Beast
Dark Vault Souls Hustle Souls Micro Dark Nexus Dark Momentum
Souls Exchange Souls Victor Souls Greens Souls Angel Souls Accelerate
Souls Comely Dark Surprise Dark Elevate Dark Champion Dark Sprint
Dark Captivating Souls Chard Dark Heaven Dark Mother Dark Brew
Dark Queen Dark Obey Souls Outlook Dark Attractor Souls Culture

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Dark Souls Names for Reddit
Dark Souls Names for Reddit
Dark Row Dark Reflect Dark Smart Souls Key Souls Heracle
Souls Optimal Dark Incoming Dark Comet Souls Candid Dark Bud
Souls Metro Souls Taste Dark Feast Souls Seaside Souls Work
Souls Halo Dark Develop Souls Wish Souls Breakfast Souls Father
Dark Mebel Dark Neon Souls Stacked Souls Sweet Dark Calculator
Souls Explosion Souls Copywriter Souls Brawn Dark Value Souls Wallet
Dark Elevate Dark Hercules Souls Aquarius Souls Playground Dark Exotic
Dark Romeo Souls Table Souls Rangers Souls Produce Dark Advocate
Dark Spot Souls Sprint Souls Lada Dark Useful Dark Pebbles
Souls Food Souls Disk Dark Viewer Dark Advanced Dark Zip
Souls Real Souls Lucha Dark Knockout Souls Incredible Dark Topic
Dark Aero Dark Ranger Dark Roshan Souls Click Souls Aisle
Souls Hop Dark Toast Souls Together Souls Loop Souls Flow
Dark Opedia Souls Grounds Souls Vamp Dark Aftermath Souls Heights
Dark Pop Souls Power Dark Nexus Souls Smarter Dark Road
  • Godlina
  • Beyhuold
  • Aedilberg
  • Eadwyn
  • Balther
  • Elwin
  • Alriec
  • Throduc
  • Fulbert
  • Bewding
  • Hildelith
  • Hounhilf
  • Aelewith
  • Guthilf
  • Cienberig
  • Winferedd
  • Bedrick
  • Saegar
  • Eanlac
  • Ailwin
  • Agilbert
  • Jaenbert
  • Heroic
  • Waerblith
  • Trunmt
  • Freumund
  • Dunnere
  • Archibald
  • Alred
  • Poltrs
  • Elite
  • Alfwen
  • Denegyth
  • Engelise
  • Brictiva
  • Godderun
  • Exarch
  • Eluric
  • Clastry
  • Inios

Dark Souls Names Generator

Be unique, be creative. Create and generate your own dark soul’s names idea.

Souls Mandala Dark Love Souls Bot Dark Refine Dark Chief
Souls Trainer Souls Pal Souls Bio Dark Preview Dark Tranquil
Dark Living Souls Sensor Dark Catalyst Souls Altitude Dark Scooby
Dark Jam Dark Emerald Souls Task Dark Glow Dark Athletic
Dark Move Dark Ranch Dark Lumber Souls Rocky Dark Zoom
Dark Attract Dark Speed Dark Celestial Dark Token Souls Rapid
Dark Furry Dark Harley Souls Watering Dark Flow Dark Formed
Dark Home Souls Defy Dark Vagabond Dark Fission Souls Distortion
Dark Flare Dark Voice Souls Magnificent Dark Blends Dark Acute
Souls Leash Dark Skinwork Dark Athena Souls Goddess Dark Io
Souls Saints Souls Bang Souls Delta Souls Crystal Dark Angel
Dark Aroma Souls Cave Souls Commune Dark Vineyard Souls Heaven
Souls Orn Dark Digest Dark Intelligence Dark Millenium Souls Limitless
Dark Crimson Souls Cubs Souls Den Dark Psycho Dark Living
Dark Rancher Souls Atlas Dark A1 Souls Drip Dark Injection
Dark Souls Names Generator
Souls Cupid Dark Intense Souls Toddler Souls Hideaway Souls Friendly
Souls Exchange Souls Speedy Souls Taurus Dark Sunrise Dark Sky
Souls Foreground Souls Factory Souls Taffy Souls Sunshine Dark Succulent
Souls Omega Souls Crimson Dark Blind Dark Advise Dark Blitz
Souls Fumes Dark Trivia Dark Enigma Souls Com Dark Sprite
Souls Bench Souls Zen Dark Beast Souls Smith Souls Bandha
Dark Tune Souls Tetra Souls Delicacy Dark Defender Dark Seek
Dark Colorist Souls Amor Dark Nation Souls Kingdom Souls Reactor
Dark Raw Dark Captain Dark Club Dark Surge Dark Viewer
Souls Forever Dark Mode Dark Switch Souls Interactive Dark Junction
Dark Rating Souls Crunch Time Dark Splendor Dark Accelerate Dark Majesty
Dark Plant Dark Principal Souls Hi-Res Dark Cantina Dark Backboard
Souls Grounds Dark Fascinating Souls Rush Souls Brumby Souls Family
Souls Cheap Shot Dark Angel Souls Super Dark Zest Souls Nourish
Dark Booster Dark Admire Souls Offset Dark Attractor Dark Root
  • Exarch of smoke
  • Curator of glass
  • Deaf consul of hate
  • Grim master of blood
  • Grieving blood
  • Cold commander
  • Hate cooommander
  • End counselor
  • Prime minister
  • Seer monster
  • Mercy divinity
  • Radiation preacher
  • Herald of fires
  • Grave curator
  • Witch funerals
  • Eminence of snow
  • Aged exarch
  • Charity tribune
  • Wicked prince
  • Tribune of charity
  • Alonold
  • Balther
  • Cenred
  • Heregyth
  • Onlibs
  • Erwald
  • Reverend
  • Brunloc
  • Grenad
  • Wynhuyn
  • Saewynn
  • Matilda
  • Maethlid
  • Wendreda
  • Beronwynn
  • Rimiloida
  • Aelfwyn
  • Aesdwen
  • Xernce
  • Kleret

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Dark Souls was the hardest


1.What was Dark Souls’ original name?

Before 2010 From software took Dark Souls as the main name but it wasn’t acceptable and so at the end of 2010 dark ring and dark lord were proposed.

The dark lord trademark was not provided so finally From software decided to choose a dark ring as their name. But, unluckily in England dark ring is slang for the anus and thus got rejected. Therefore, dark souls won the race.

2.What is the character name in a Dark Soul?

The main character of the protagonist in the dark soul series are

  1. Ashen One 
  2. Chosen undead 
  3. Bearer of curse

The antagonist or the opponent is as follows

  1. Gwyn
  2. Aldrich 

3.Which Dark Souls was the hardest?

Different people have their own opinion and so one cannot fix any dark soul as the hardest. But if we see a potential ranking and put the top three hardest ones. They are  

  1. Bloodborne 
  2. Dark souls 3 
  3. Dark souls 2 


The concealed mythology of Dark Souls has been in use for discussion for many years. but it has been concluded that all the games are following a cycle for almost a thousand years and that also in between the forces of dark and light.

In this article, we ended with more than 599 names from funny to badass, and also some dark souls’ names for our pets where one can easily choose from. 

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