Trying to find a Kickball Team Names that best describes your team to the viewers and the opponent? You’ve landed on the right page. You’ve got your dream team, the players you wanted and now you have to decide upon the team name.

Choosing your team name is as crucial as choosing the players for your team. Your Kickball Team Names will depict your identity to everyone involved and to the ones watching.

It will set the tone of how you wish to be perceived by others during the game and even afterwards. You need to choose a name that is easy to speak as well as easy to memorize. 

Funny Team Names for Kickball

The Rubber CannonsClub FootThe 40-Year-Old VirginsMVPsNew Kicks On The Block
Foot ClanHobolympiansSchweddy BallsScissorhandsThe Matching TShirts
Kickball RevolutionSuns Out Guns OutQuicksilver KickersWe The BestRubber Lovers
Ball KnockersBalls and DollsTeam ThatIncomingThat Better Team
Balls N DollsThe Flying BallsBallz en FuegoRadioactiveIt’s Not Going to Kick
Alive and KickingDream CrushersWhat She SaidUnderdogsSit on my Base
Tears for BeersOne Kick WondersWe Do Kickin’ RightSmackdownWhere My Pitches At
Looking To ScoreThe Pitch PerfectsBalls and DollsThe Strike MobThe New York Kicks
Grass KickersPitch, Don’t Kill My VibeWe Spiked Your DrinksGolden BoysThe Last Picks
KickballlympiansThe Kickin’ ChickensBall Us, Maybe?Nuclear EnergyThe Fellowkick of the
Basic PitchesPitching a TentKickin’ Grass and Taken’ Power KickersThe Blue Balls
Bad Decision BearsAngels in the Public ParkSweet Fields Are Made of All My Pitches Love MePunt Palace
The Quick KicksThe Ball PunsSlump BustersKickball WarriorsBallers
The Grass StainsKick in a BoxKicking MachineThe New KingsSlim Kickins
Rubber LoversI’ll Cut a Pitch!Life’s a PitchLiquor BallsLife’s a Pitch
Funny Team Names for Kickball
Funny Team Names for Kickball
Kick BeesThe Tar BallsToejammersKickball IncorporatedKickheads
KickerStraight Ballin’The Fastball and the FuriousNot AfraidToejammers
Balls to the WallBalls of FuryBack Feet DriversThe Designated KickersBallz Deep
Has Beens4th BaseYou Never Had a PitchReal HeroesKick it & Quit it
The Ball SlayersRecess AllstarsRecess AllstarsThe MenWe Do Kickin’ Right
Kick it & BounceFree BallersFree BallersAssassinsSons of Pitches
Breaking BallsThe Rubber CannonsWAKAmoleStoned and StarvingThree Kicks to the Win
Balls of FuryBallz en FuegoBundt CakesKickin AssassinsThe Nut Shots
Miami FeetDrinkers With A KickingKick Butt or KickballsGreen Field ElitePitches Be Trippin
I’d Kick ItKicks R For KidsRecreational HazardSmooth OperatorsBrews On First
We Kick BallsBallz to the WallzRock with your WAKA OutNightmarePutting the F-U in fun!
kickian ArmyThe Rubber KnightsBalls DeepSouth Rancho BallasPitches Be Crazy
Be The LightThe KickstartersKickin BackWild AnimalsReKickulous
Battle ReadyI Got 99 Problems,Step BallersWakandans2 Legit 2 Kick
Army of GodKick Butt or KickballsTaco BallsUpper ManagementRisky Ballness
  • Kickators
  • Putout or Shut Up
  • Fahrfrumskorin
  • Kickheads
  • Sons of Pitches
  • Rubber Lovers
  • Kick in a Box
  • Free Ballers
  • Straight Ballin’
  • No Bunt Intended
  • Kick Bees
  • Thousand Kicks
  • Prestige Worldwide
  • Saved by the Ball
  • Pitches Get Stitches
  • Scoregasms
  • Schweddy Balls
  • Pitchy Divas
  • No Base Like Home
  • Straight Kickin’ It
  • A Team with No Name
  • Ball Lovers
  • Back Feet Drivers
  • Avocado Toast
  • 2 Sweet 2 Kick
  • Alive and Kicking
  • All We Need is Balls
  • Bundt Cakes
  • Couch Kings
  • Drinkers With A Kicking Problem
  • All About That Base
  • E=MC Hammered
  • Balls Out
  • Brews On First
  • Close Contact of the Ball Kind
  • Putting the F-U in fun!
  • Big Mac After
  • Touch My Balls
  • Drunk Again & Looking To Score
  • Chest Nuts
  • Beantown
  • 4th Base
  • Breaking Balls
  • Ball Knockers
  • Ace of 2nd Base
  • Kicking on The Edge
  • Ballsagna
  • Where My Pitches At
  • The Ballbarians
  • Kickball is Forever

What are some cool group names?

When looking to name your Kickball Team Names, if you are anything like I was in high school, you’d want a name that is cool and trendy, a name that grabs the attention of all your peers- making them jealous thinking why didn’t they come up with something like it. If that is what you’re looking for we’ve put together just the right list for you just below.

Heaven Can’t WaitThe Sick KicksTaking Care of BasesThe UntouchablesKickin’ Ain’t Easy
EvaBethelngelistsDon’t Stop BallievingThe Old Ball and ChainsMen of SteelPitchy Divas
KickaholicsFresh Prince of Ball AirSurvival of the KickersThe Masters of DisasterAce of 2nd Base
WAKAholicsKick it and BounceBallz DeepHeavy HittersThe Dropkick Murphys
ApostlesThe C PuntersAlchoballicsThe VeteransThe Weekend Warriors
Soul SurvivorMuch Ado About BallsBall KnockersRogue BallersRecess Ramblers
OvercomersFlat Foot FooziesBooze on FirstReapersBalls Deep
Under His CanopyOur Kicks Don’t LieToo Drunk to KickThe FinishersYour Mom
Saved by the BallThe BallbariansFresh Prince of Ball AirThe Street BallersWe Put the FU in Fun
Chest NutsScared KicklessWe Kick It Right BackTsunamisYour Pitch Makes My Kick Hard
Mighty Midget KickersAlchoballicsAvocado ToastThe New GuysSaved by the Ball
Pitch PleaseDressed to Kick-PressPitch PleaseOrange RulesI am Kick James, Pitch
Sons of GodAll My Pitches Love MeKick it and BounceWild & FuriousKicking it Old School
City of GodWasted PotentialUnder BallsHeadhuntersAfter School Specials
MockingbirdsPitch KickersWe Kicked a Ball,VigilantesThe Sons of Pitches
Kickball Slogans and Taglines
Kickball Slogans and Taglines
First KingsKickin’ GrassTake Our PitcherTornadoesLooking to Score
Under His CanopyThe Belly ItchersKarate KickingThe Kick GodsKicktators
The Body of ChristBeantownOur Kicks Don’t LieSilent AssassinsBaller Status
No Rest for the WickedRubber Ball MC’sMenace 2 SobrietyRenegadesKicker Bees
Fresh Kicks of Ball AirThe Miami FeetFahrfrumskorinThe Bomb SquadKierkegaard
Sons of Pitches.Pitch SlapBall BustersMad HoundsWAKA Shame
RikickulousAlcoballicsSir Kicks A LotSweet but PsychoI’d Kick It
Alpha and OmegaKick TeaseKicking it Old SchoolKickball MafiaSit On My Base
RebornThe Who’s on FirstsWho You Gonna Call?Smoke and TroubleThe Grass Stains
Balled As The BallBundt CakesBrews On FirstSnap TeamThe Gym Class Heroes
The NavigatorsThe We’re ProbablyThe Most InterstingThe InvinciblesGrass Kickersl
Pitch, Don’t Kill My VibeBall BustersJiminy Kick ItLannistersSuck My Kick
ArchbishopsPitch PleaseWines & SpiritsOddballsBasic Pitches
Kicks R For KidsKickatorsPitch KickersNaughty By NatureBad Decision Bears
CanaanitesWe Got the RunsWhiskey BusinessThe ApocalypseDragon My Ballz
  • Hitmen
  • Shutout Kings
  • Humming Wires
  • Renegades
  • You Never Had a Pitch So Good
  • The Sidekickers
  • Too Drunk to Kick
  • Kick Butt or Kickballs
  • Kick it and Bounce
  • Through Kick and Thin
  • Two Left Feet
  • We Kick It Right Back
  • We Kicked a Ball, and We Liked It
  • Whiskey Business
  • Under Balls
  • New Kicks On The Block
  • The Pensioners
  • We Do Kickin’ Right
  • The Fault in Our Balls
  • Balls of Fury
  • 2 Girls 1 Base
  • Kickators
  • Baller Status
  • The Pulverizers
  • Kick Tease
  • Do You Even Kick Bro
  • Kickers Hate the Game
  • Just Another Kick in the Wall
  • Kickball Crashers
  • Get Pitch or Die Tryin’
  • In the Kick of Time
  • Kick Fu Pandas
  • Herbs and Spices
  • In the Kickers Circle
  • No Kickball, No Cry
  • Don’t Hate the Game
  • Don’t Go Stealing My Base
  • In My Fieldings
  • Redemption
  • Safehouse
  • Recess Renegades
  • The Second Coming
  • Kicks R For Kids
  • Bundt Cakes
  • Sons of Pitches.
  • Pitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
  • Saved by the Ball
  • Benwah Balls
  • Kicking Problem
  • Balls of Fire

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Kickball Slogans and Taglines


Every sports fan knows, if you follow a sport you become a part of its community. There will be fans and there will be haters. There will be haters turned fans and fans turned haters. The one thing that will remain constant is the need of shouting slogans and taglines at your opponents’ Kickball Team Names

  • I kicked a ball and I liked it
  • Kickin’ grass and takin’ names
  • We got 99 problems but a kick ain’t one
  • The bases aren’t loaded
  • Kick me, maybe?
  • We came, we saw, we kicked!
  • Get your kicks!
  • Saved by the ball
  • Our Kicks don’t lie
  • Kickin’ it old school
Clever Kickball Names
Clever Kickball Names


As the fans or the followers of the game, you must uphold the morale of the team you’re supporting.

  • Straight Kickin’ It
  • One Kick Wonders
  • Our Kicks Don’t Lie
  • New Kicks On The Block
  • Fresh Prince of Ball Air
  • 3 Kicks to the Win
  • Recess All-Star
  • Natural Born Kickers
  • Kicking Others to the Curb since 2012
  • Dream Crushers

Clever Kickball Names

Sports players are often stereotyped as all body and with no brains. Shatter the stereotype and amaze those who believe in such stereotypes with clever kickball team names for your next match

Kicking in the NameBalls n’ DollsThe Fairest BallsThe ExorcistsTummy Stix
Foot ClanBenwah BallsThe Lean MeanHellraisersNatural Born Kickers
That Will Beat YoursStraight BallinBad News BrewsI Wanna Dip My Balls In ItJiminy Kick It
Wasted PotentialKicktatorsKangaroosThe Sons of PitchesFoot Clan
Bible BuddiesBundt CakesThe PensionersThe Maine EventPrestige Worldwide
Ball BustersBenwah BallsWe All Ball DownPublic EnemiesRecreational Hazard
Recess RenegadesSafehouseLaunched a ThousandSore ElephantsSwift Kick in the Grass
The VesselsStraight Ballin’Pitches Be CrazyLethal LegsI Already Kicked That
Last TrumpetsI KicksWe Do Kickin’ RightParty WreckersBallsagna
Kickball AngelsDisciplesFlat Foot FooziesWolfpacksThe Pitchforks
Kicking with JesusRubber BustersAlive and KickingInferno Kickball AddictsDon’t Stop Ballieving
Pitches Be TrippinLazarus RisingThe Kill PitchThe KO KingsSmashers
Balls and DollsChainbreakersBalling in LoveOutcastsBalls of Fury
Friends with BenefitsHeaven PleaseThe Team FormerlyScrewballsDon’t Hate the Game
The Salvation ArmyRubber Balls & LiqourWe’ve Got the RunsSouthside BallersHobolympians
Kickball Jersey names
Kickball Jersey names
Balls of FireII KicksThrough Kick and ThinThe Baby-FacedOddballs
FreeballersJesus WalksA Few Loose BallsMisfitsBalls to the Wall
Made in His ImageRedemption2 Legit 2 KickThe BallbariansKickators
Light of GodOur Kicks Don’t LieA Team with No NameWeapon Of Choice4th Base
Soul SquadRivers of LifeThe Kick BustersTerminatorsBalz to the Wallz
Saved by the BallTeam DavidThe SidekickersThe BrutalizersIn Your Base!
ArchangelsTeam JoshuaThe Kick Ball TheoryKings & QueensKickin’ Ain’t Easy
Kicking ProblemThe Kickball TeamRight Here For Flip CupWorld on FireChug Norris
Team SamsonEphesiansThe Game of OverthrowsShifts and CracksKeep Calm and Kick On
The Second ComingGrace Gang2 Sweet 2 KickImmortalsHere 4tha Beer
Children of YahwehSons of PitchesPretensesThe Kick Ball ArmyBalls of Fury
TequilaNatural Born KickersRecess RamblersThe KickballKicking Down the House
One Kick WondersThe Rising SonWAKA Straight LineHamstringsBetween a Rock
Friends with BenefitsBallersFree SnowconeThe AnnihilatorBall on The ground
Menance 2 SobrietyBlackout CityTwo Left FeetThe Captains3 Kicks to the Win
  • Shifts and Cracks
  • Golden Boys
  • Reapers
  • Smoke and Trouble
  • Ball Busters
  • Balls and Dolls
  • I’d Hit It
  • Chug Norris
  • Smashers
  • We All Ball Down
  • The Team Formerly Known as Pitch
  • Pretenses
  • Wines & Spirits
  • Bad News Brews
  • Who You Gonna Call? Kickballers
  • We Spiked Your Drinks
  • The Kick Busters
  • Survival of the Kickers
  • The Old Ball and Chains
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgins
  • The Kick Ball Theory
  • Flat Foot Foozies
  • Sweet Fields Are Made of This
  • I Got 99 Problems, But My Kick Ain’t One
  • Kicking it Old School
  • The Game of Overthrows
  • Kickin’ Grass and Taken’ Names
  • Taking Care of Bases
  • Ballz Deep
  • Take Our Pitcher
  • We’ve Got the Runs
  • Recess Ramblers
  • Step Ballers
  • Bundt Cakes
  • Ballin Under the Influence
  • WAKA Straight Line
  • Karate Kicking
  • The Most Intersting Team in the World
  • Right Here For Flip Cup
  • Toejammers
  • What She Said
  • Alchoballics
  • Hot Dogs & Tacos
  • Fahrfrumskorin
  • Slump Busters
  • Brews On First
  • A Few Loose Balls
  • Jiminy Kick It
  • 2 Legit 2 Kick
  • That Will Beat Yours

Kickball Jersey names  

No sport in the history of sports has ever survived without the support of its fans. Support not just on the day of big matches but on the days before and after that. One way to do that is by wearing your team’s jersey.

You can get your team’s name or a common saying of your team on your jersey.

Not In the FaceAnonymousThe Fault in Our BallsHumming WiresE=MC Hammered
Pitching a TentThe Rapture KicksIt’s Not Going to Kick ItselfSupremeBaller Status
Kick TeaseSaint NationsBall LoversThe Other GuysKicks R For Kids
Ball Me, MaybeTurn to ChristStraight Kickin’ ItHit SquadThe Pulverizers
Menance 2I’ll Cut a Pitch!I Got 99 Problems,HitmenGet Pitch or Die Tryin’
One Kick WondersChildren of ZionBallin Under the InfluenceRacketeersWhere my Pitches At?
Ball RageGoshenI’d Hit ItThe OpportunistsBad News Brews
Oops! I Kicked It AgainJesus SavesHot Dogs & TacosYoung GunsAll We Need is Balls
Slim KickinsTears for BeersKick in a BoxThe Contract KickersKickball Crashers
Kick Balla’sDrinkers With ABait and PitchThe Angels of DeathKicker? I Didn’t
WAKA, Texas RangersStairway to HeavenBalls N DollsShutout KingsAce of 2nd Base
Let us down slowlyAngel HeartSit on my BaseKickers WrathThe Ballbarians
Much Ado About BallsNew Kicks On The BlockThe Fairest Balls of Them AllKickelob Ultra
Fresh Prince of Ball AirAll My Pitches Love MeThe Sons of PitchesKicking MachineSlim Kickins
Club FootI Wanna Dip My Balls In ItThe Masters of DisasterQuicksilver KickersGot You By the Balls
Kickball Ground Names
Kickball Ground Names
Much Ado About BallsThe Other GuysThe InvinciblesThe Lean MeanCatch of the Day
LMFAOThe MenPublic EnemiesTeam ThatCouch Kings
I Already Kicked ThatOutcastsTornadoesThe Kill PitchBeantown
Eleven Deadly SinsParty WreckersThe New GuysBalls N DollsKickers Hate the Game
Sit on my BaseWolfpacksThe New KingsThe Fastball and the FuriousKick-Fil-A
Drunk and Looking To ScoreWakandansThe Contract KickersKickin BackTouch My Balls
Flat Foot FooziesWild AnimalsThe Kick GodsRecess AllstarsKickball is Forever
Kick Balla’sWeapon Of ChoiceTsunamisOur Kicks Don’t LieWe Do Kickn’ Right
Dogs on the RunWild & FuriousYoung GunsKick in a BoxGreat Balls of Fire
Bad Decision BearsUpper ManagementThe Designated KickersTaco BallsGot The Runs
Kick PleaseWorld on FireThe KO KingsLife’s a PitchBases May Not Be Loaded,
Pitch KickersVigilantesWe The BestLaunched a Thousand KicksDrunk Again & Looking To
Sofa So GoodThe FinishersThe Maine EventSit on my BasePerpetual Motion Squad
Bloody PitchersThe Street BallersNightmareSchweddy BallsDream Crushers
CountlessUnderdogsThe ExorcistsKangaroosWhere My Pitches At
  • Alcoballics
  • Scared Kickless
  • Bad News Brews
  • Don’t Stop Ballieving
  • Slim Kickins
  • Balls of Glory
  • Here 4tha Beer
  • Ballz to the Wallz
  • Leading Off a Cliff
  • Where my Pitches At?
  • Hobolympians
  • Kickelob Ultra
  • Ballz Deep
  • Perpetual Motion Squad
  • Balled As The Ball
  • Liver Let Die
  • Bases May Not Be Loaded, But We Are
  • Not In the Face
  • Kicker Bees
  • Suns Out Guns Out
  • Got The Runs
  • Oddballs
  • Our Kicks Don’t Lie
  • Ballsagna
  • Ball on The ground
  • Grass Kickers
  • Kicking Outside the Box
  • Urine Trouble
  • Kicks R For Kids
  • We Do Kickn’ Right
  • Get Your Kick On
  • Got You By the Balls
  • Kicking Down the House
  • Don’t Drink and Kick
  • Kick It Like It’s Hot
  • In Your Base!
  • Kick Me Baby One More Time
  • Kicker? I Didn’t Even Know Her
  • If These Balls Could Talk
  • Keep Calm and Kick On
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • Four Score and How Many Balls Ago
  • Kicker in the Middle
  • Kick, Kick, Boom!
  • Kick-Fil-A
  • Soul Survivor
  • Archbishops
  • The Rising Son
  • Team Joshua
  • Team David

Kickball Ground Names

Read My KicksThe Kick Ball ArmyThe KickballMenace 2 SobrietyAlcoballics
Pitches me CrazyThe Strike MobThe VeteransSir Kicks A LotKick Me Baby One More Time
Pitches Before MissusThe OpportunistsThe UntouchablesFresh Prince of Ball AirScared Kickless
I am Kick James, PitchNuclear EnergyLiquor BallsBallz en FuegoLeading Off a Cliff
Lifes a PitchThe CaptainsInferno Kickball AddictsBooze on FirstClub Foot
KicktatorsKickball WarriorsKings & QueensFree SnowconeFaces Loaded
Kickin BackSouthside BallersKickers WrathWe Do Kickin’ Right2 Girls 1 Base
Our Name is Ball, KickballIncomingThe BrutalizersBall KnockersOur Kicks Don’t Lie
Pitch, Better Have My MoneyAssassinsKickin AssassinsFree BallersKick It Like It’s Hot
Two Teams One Flip CupTerminatorsStoned and StarvingPitch KickersLiver Let Die
Pitches Be CrazyHeadhuntersHeavy HittersRecreational HazardKicker Bees
Scared KicklessSouth Rancho BallasThe Baby-FacedRock with your WAKA OutChest Nuts
Slump BustersOddballsThe ApocalypseWAKAmoleIn the Kick of Time
Legal Kicking AgeThe Bomb SquadHamstringsPitch PleaseHerbs and Spices
See U NeverLethal LegsThe BallbariansPitches Be CrazyBreaking Balls
cool group names
cool group names
Balls To The WallMVPsMen of SteelBalling in LoveDon’t Drink and Kick
Abusement ParkSweet but PsychoSupremeIt’s Not Going to Kick ItselfKicks of an Angel
Punt PalaceLannistersNaughty By NatureBall Us, Maybe?Drinkers With A Kicking
Daylight BallersThe AnnihilatorSmooth OperatorsBait and PitchDeck the Balls
Smells Like Kickball SpiritMad HoundsThe Angels of DeathBalls DeepKick Tease
SaloonanticsSnap TeamOrange RulesAnother One Kicks the DustBalls of Glory
Pitch SlapImmortalsSore Elephants3 Kicks to the WinRed Balls and Vodka
WAKA ShameMisfitsNot AfraidBalls to the WallKick Fu Pandas
Star BallsPower KickersKickball IncorporatedDeck the BallsBallz to the Wallz
Remember the KickersKickball MafiaRacketeersFaces LoadedGet Your Kick On
New Kicks On The BlockScrewballsScissorhandsCatch of the DayIn My Fieldings
Our Due DateHellraisersSmackdownBalls of FuryGrass Kickers
Rubber BustersRogue BallersSilent AssassinsDream Crushersthe Ball Kind
Grass KickersGreen Field EliteHit SquadClub FootPutting the F-U in fun!
Sofa KingsReal HeroesRadioactiveBetween a Rock and a Hard BaseSuns Out Guns Out
  • All About That Base
  • Kicktators
  • If These Balls Could Talk
  • Not In the Face
  • No Kickball, No Cry
  • Another One Kicks the Dust
  • Don’t Go Stealing My Base
  • Kicking on The Edge
  • Do You Even Kick Bro
  • Ballsagna
  • Bundt Cakes
  • How Many Balls Ago
  • Kicking Outside the Box
  • In the Kickers Circle
  • Ballsagna
  • Big Mac After
  • Kick, Kick, Boom!
  • Urine Trouble
  • Ballz Deep
  • Balled As The Ball
  • Kicker in the Middle
  • Ball Knockers
  • Just Another Kick in the Wall
  • Brews On First
  • Balls Out
  • Children of Zion
  • The Rapture Kicks
  • Light of God
  • Army of God
  • Reborn
  • Jesus Walks
  • Heaven Please
  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • Ephesians
  • Kickball Angels
  • Apostles
  • Kicking with Jesus
  • Kicking in the Name of the Lord
  • Turn to Christ
  • Heaven Can’t Wait
  • Battle Ready
  • Grace Gang
  • EvaBethelngelists
  • Soul Squad
  • Chainbreakers
  • Team Samson
  • The Vessels
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • The Vatican Army
  • Overcomers


Kickball essentially came into existence to help school students get an idea about baseball if incase in the future they wish to pursue a career in it. It was made so anyone and everyone could participate and enjoy it. It has the fun of baseball minus the technicalities of it.

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