1010+ Haunted House Name Ideas

Haunted House Names
Haunted House Names

Are you up to setting your haunted house for the upcoming Halloween season? However, maybe you must have trouble coming with a good name for it? Finding out a name for a haunted house can be a difficult task for you. So, here we have got you all the possible Haunted House Names for you.

The goal of the article is to serve you with hundreds of catchy, and trendy haunted house name ideas that are sure to hint at your creativity as well as help you come up with a creative name for your ghost house. Start finding the names below in the article. Also, at the time of reading the list, start making a shortlist.

House Name Suggestions

Halloween is a high time for some fear. You could also have your very own haunted house at home or maybe for others to come. One of the most significant things to do when starting a haunted house ends up with an awesome name.

Ghostly PresenceThe Creepy CastleHouse of DarknessThe Scaries HouseThe Haunting of Bog Manor
The Phantom CastleThe Dark AbyssCursed HouseThe House on Haunted HillManor of Madness
The Haunted ManorBloodcurdling CastleThe Boo HouseFrightologyNightmare Mansion
Abandoned AsylumScreaming MansionThe Ugh HouseHauntington HallWitch Mansion
The Haunted Hospital 🎃The Nightmare CastleThe Eek HouseSpookyologyCrazy Clown House
Abandoned CastleSpooky HollowsSpook HouseThe Screaming SkullHouse of Torture
The Bell WitchHaunted AcresGasp HouseCurse of the MummySigh Hill Haunted House
The Beast of BladenboroDungeon of DoomWhimper HouseMummyologyThe Grudge House
The Black MonkBackwoods HorrorThe Freak HouseFrightensteinologyTerror Mansion
Pontefract CastleTheatre of SinDr. Sicks Horror House 👀The Abandoned Fun House đŸ‘»The Haunted Farmhouse
House Name Suggestions
House Name Suggestions
The Dark WatcherTower of TerrorMadam Eva’s MansionOld Haunted Castle 🏰Addams Mansion
The Devil’s RockScream ParkThe Haversham HouseHorror House on the Hill 🎃The Monster Mansion
The Devil’s BackboneThe Broken DollhouseThe House of MiseryHazardous HalloweenA Creepy Place
Demon’s TeethInsane AsylumStitches MansionAsylum of HorrorsHouse of Worst Nightmares
Devils KneeNightmare HouseChucky’s HouseThe Scary HalloweenPoltergeist House
Ghostly GalleonThe Ghost TrainBoo MansionHalloween NeighborhoodThe House of Usher
The Black Widow HousePhantom ManorBOO-tiful HomesteadScary Go RoundMayhem Mansion
Disaster ManorPhantasma GardensBoos & GhoulsAll Hallowed EveThe Slaughterhouse
House of BloodThe AsylumTrick or Treat PlaceSupernatural HalloweenOld Willy’s Place
Lost Souls InnThe House of HorrorsNight of TerrorThe Hollows of HalloweenMansion of Haunted Memories
  • Murder Dungeon
  • Black Zone
  • Scary Castle
  • Demon’s Lair
  • Demon’s Dungeon
  • Hazardous Den
  • Blood Den
  • Black Abyss
  • Grudge Cottage
  • Terror Gate
  • Nightmare Maze
  • Octagon Abyss
  • Living Dead Letting House
  • Half Moon Catacombs
  • Gilmour House
  • Ghostly Grounds
  • Beating Heart Den
  • Nightmare Hill
  • Fallen Home
  • Raggedy Ann’s Opera House

Good House Names

Many people, when starting a haunted house, give little or no thought to what they are going to call it. Although it is the primary question, we ask at the time we listen about a new haunt that is being created. There is nothing more significant than having a great name for your haunt.

Devil’s KnollShrieking Hills AsylumHaunted Mansion of MadnessThe Slaughter HouseThe Devil’s Dungeon
Devils and DustSteppingstone MansionThe Revenge of Dr. SpinePumpkinhead Haunted MansionBloodshed House
Devils’ Place đŸĄđŸ‘»Ghost HouseTerror in the CornfieldAll Hallows FireBackwoods Mansion
The Devil’s CrotchRaven’s CastleNightmare ManorThe Haunted MansionBurnt Down Manor
The Devils DoorwayThe Twisted WoodsThe GhouleryAbracadabra HauntDevil’s Castle
Devil’s DenThe Mummy MuseumThe Haunted MansionThe Halloween MassacreThe House of Pain
Devil’s ElbowThe Dark TowerCastle of DoomBlack Cat ManorThe House from Hell
Nosferatu’s CastleThe Fallen ManseThe Creepy HouseThe Devil’s CryptTerror Asylum Haunted House
The Haunted AtticThe Beast’s LairMonster MansionSpooky HomeThe Gore House
Gothic Castle AtrocityBrainzzGruesome CastleThe House of ShadowsThe Haunted Mansion
Good House Names
Good House Names
Demon HouseThe CryptGhoul TownHaunted CottageThe Amityville Horror House
Elvira’s Haunted AtticGhost TownThe Forgotten CemeteryShadow ManorThe Old Haunted house
Castle of Terror 💀Old Murder HouseThe Screaming RoomFeary HallowsEnchanting the Night
Blood-Letting HouseThe Black Cat’s RevengeToil & TroubleMansion of HorrorsThe Old Mill Escape
The Black Opera HouseBlood Moon ManorThe AsylumThe HellhouseThe Big Cab
Funhouse of HorrorsThe CatacombsHell’s Gates of DawnThe Spooky PlazaGhost House Craze
The Pitt Haunted HouseAnciently Cursed HouseCreepy Cabin in The WoodsThe Zombie MazeThe Old Slimy House
Raggedy Ann’s Nightmare HouseCauldron ManorTipping Tombstones ☠The Butcher of BethlehemScreaming Wolf
Haunted House of HorrorsThe Witch’s CauldronThe Old PrisonUnder the Red MoonCrawley’s Lair
Black DungeonChateau La Morte,The Hospital of HorrorsHouse of The Dead 🎃A Ghostly Entrance
  • Late Night Basement
  • Half Moon Tombstones
  • Murder Townhouse
  • Broken Tower
  • Mummy Tower
  • Blood side Prison
  • Chucky’s House
  • Blair Witch Maze
  • Disturbed Cottage
  • Boo’s Crypt
  • Hazardous Woods
  • Evil Attic
  • Hell’s Fire Tombstones
  • Chucky’s Gardens
  • Berryman’s Family Gate
  • Beating Heart Basement
  • Monster Townhouse
  • Ancient Curse Motel
  • Terrifying Letting House
  • Berryman’s Family Lair

Check it out:-

Haunted House Name Generator

Blair Witch HouseThe Crypts Of Doom đŸ”„ 🌜Dracula’s Castle of TerrorThe Nightmare HouseHaunted Favor
Dark Castle of DoomCastle of TerrorAbandoned HousesDead AsylumTranquil Hell
Sinister HouseThe Shining HouseThe Haunted MirrorBlack Widow’s LairThe Old PGH
Stonehill ManorHaunted HillThe Ghost RoadHaunting GroundsExterminator 20
Witches CastleThe Abandoned MansionBlood Bath ManorThe Haunt FactoryThe Grave Bearer
Evil SanitoriumThe AmalgamationHell’s GateThe Screaming RoseJilly’s Soul Flock
Dr. Giggles Haunted HouseThe Evil AsylumGoblin RunThe Friendly MumUnmarked House
House of The UnexpectedBeating HeartScream QueensAerie’s EdgeMansion Accent
The Mad MansionThe Bayou PlantationHaunting HappensHaunting SteamRestless Ghoul
Berryman’s Haunted HouseThe Blood CountessGangster HillThe Horror DenThe Old Stone Cold
Haunted House Name Generator
Haunted House Name Generator
Doctor Death’s LabThe BludgeonerFiction Opera TheThe GoblinverseThe Old Zombie
Rising LightPhoenix CastleHaunted MajesticPiercing the VeilThe Freak Party
Loose FolkWitch’s CastleReaper’s ClosetThe Old WitchhouseMansion Engineered
The Ravenous BrideThe Ghostly ManorThe Witch’s BoneThe Siren’s CallSqueaky Cooze
Door 20The Witching HourUnmarked HeadstoneFear The Old DevilDune Legacy
Horror MeisterDevil’s CastleThe Abiding CryptCornerstone MansionCrown Horror
Pactical LimboThe Ghastly CastleThe Ghoul’s TollGhoul’s FineryStingers Ghost Tours
Haunting OperaThe House of ScreamsThe Ghosts of EbankMansion OutlookDeath’s Embrace
Haunt the NightDeja Vu Haunted HouseTres VidasThe Old Gravy Co.Door Kickers
Ongles Nightlife IIITerror ManorThe Greenfield houseFear’s EmporiumCthulhu’s Lair 2
  • Terrifying Zone
  • Disturbed Letting House
  • Witch’s Cauldron Hill
  • Living Dead Train
  • Hell’s Den
  • Living Dead Doorway
  • Clown’s Funhouse House
  • Full Moon Estates
  • Hell’s Fire Crypt
  • Fallen Hollows
  • Tainted Souls Inn
  • Dr. Know’s Catacombs
  • Devil’s Motel
  • Nightmare Castle
  • Black Widow’s Den
  • Demon’s Tower
  • Mummy Cottage
  • Dead Man’s Hollows
  • Half Moon House
  • Lost Souls Museum

Ghost House Names

A good name can help you stand out from the folk as well as also be memorable so that customers will be talking about it for a long time. It can go a long way in advance it as well as saving you so much advertising amount.

La Grande TerreScary PlaceThe Old CemeteryCrave the HauntHaunted Tiger
Lucille’s RestFunhouse of TerrorScooby ScentHouse of the DeadCthulhu’s Attic
The Monkey’s GrottoScare ZoneEscape the MomentGhouliesCrawlspace Ghost
Horizon ExcaliburHaunt ZoneThe Old Doc’s HouseHaunting OuimbatLantern Ghost
LaJax Opera HouseScariest AttractionsMooring ParanormalNetherworld BurialThe Old Haunting
ScaryHouseTerrifying HouseA Nightmare On ElmThe Ghoul HideoutDeadbeat Productions
Mystery MortalityGhostly ManorA Witch and A GhostA True EscapeThe Ghost Rider Co.
The Biltmore InnThe HauntingHorror of HeightsGhost House ToursThe Dead Cave
Scream FortressHillside ManorThrilling ThrillerEscape the OctagonThe Haunting Factory
Just Earthen BakingOld Manor HouseGhoul’s Head TavernTarkisThe Dread Rat
Ghost House Names
Ghost House Names
Horror on the HillAbandoned Haunted HouseReduce The RiskShack GuiderThe Ghostly Hound
Riddle Me DeadHexagon HouseHorror LabyrinthOld School HauntNightmare on Concord
Ostrovskie NemaThe Scary ManorSoma OnyxRustle & Roll GhostsPassage Mansion
Lorelei LeeHatboxes of EvilLa-Zombie-EscapeEerie ManorSKELETON HOUSE
The Old Mad Hatter’sHouse on Haunted HillCoven of TerrorDogs EternalThe Scary Witches
Escape The PestDragon’s CastleThe Old Mother GooseScary RightJumping Ghosts
Escape The PresenceGateway to Hell HouseThe Horror TheaterLa Belle EcceLe Ciel des ghosts
Door 2GoThe Horror HouseHorror House USAThe Slime ZoneEerie House Inc
Crawling HillOne-Eyed Jack’s Haunted HouseHalloween 6Nightmare AddictBeech Grove Cemetery
Dark side TerrorsThe Old HauntThe Deadly LairThe Old Grimy PubThe Queen Mary
  • Screamer’s Grounds
  • Beating Heart Train
  • Phantom Road
  • Raggedy Ann’s Train
  • Blood Moon Letting House
  • Full Moon Church
  • Haunted Abyss
  • Dr. Know’s Estates
  • Hillside Catacombs
  • Late Night Room
  • Clown’s Funhouse Lair
  • Curse of Moira Townhouse
  • Eek Dollhouse
  • Murder Roadhouse
  • Demon’s Estates
  • Murder Park
  • Bloodcurdling Acres
  • Old Man’s Road
  • William’s Family Dungeon
  • Bloodcurdling Den

Famous Haunted House Names

However, at the time it comes to working on the perfect name for your haunt, scrolling via yellow pages or brainstorming thoughts from scratch can bring on some serious creative block.

The Old Sleepy HouseThe Black HallThe Red Hood EstateClaire in WonderlandThe Bell Witch House
Doll Eyes BellyThe Devil’s DungeonThe Creepy VaultPsychic Ouija BoardEdmond Building
Mansion genicThe Haunted HouseHouse of GhoulMansion AnchorCecil Hotel
Old Cemetery ManorDead Man’s BluffThe New GrimZombie FrenzyThe National
The Ghost Palace IINight TerrorClosed For GoodPhantom BustersBerry Pomeroy
Closets To GoHaunted ManorMansion InstituteThe Old Man’s FearThe Hermitage
The GhouliesHouse of HorrorsRe ZombieScreaming WindsThe Overlook Hotel
The Empyrean OasisQueasy HouseThe Crawl SpaceThe Scare FactoryCentralia Mine Fire
The Deadly Lair IIHouse of The DevilScared SpeedyDoorway ManorBraxton House
Dreamscape HauntNight of The Living DeadEscape The LimitlessThe Old Zombie MillGracey Manor
Famous Haunted House Names
Famous Haunted House Names
The Closet FeverAbandon MansionBears Eye ViewEerie HouseGhost Little
Le MoliĂšre Ă  PivotsDisturbed GravesTwisted StaircaseThe Haunted ShedBorden House
Shack DeterminedThe Spooky MansionEpicenter of TerrorCleveland OperaBlenheim Palace
Hell’s BargainThe Haunting GroundsReaper’s KeepGhost MocDowers House
Lucifer’s FuryThe Haunted LoftThe Old Mad OneScreamin’ CrowBly Mansion
Zombie LabyrinthA Ghostly PlaceThe Nightmare RitualThe Old Grim GhoulBodie Lighthouse
Death by CryptHaunting HillEchoes of FearOld Creepy HouseCalcasieu Courthouse
Fear and TremblingMonkey’s SkullThe Ghost TrainThe Ghostly SerpentThe Shandaken Tunnel
Wyld’s GhostThe Screaming EagleMacabre EmbraceThe Ghoul TrailCraigside Mansion
Voodoo NightmareThe Old Devil’s RestThe Eerie BinderCrypt of Ent SnakesDisneyland
  • Pumpkin Head Basement
  • Exorcism House
  • Raggedy Ann’s Hollows
  • Witch’s Cauldron Horror
  • Hexagon Manor
  • Demon’s Gardens
  • Scary Cottage
  • Devil’s Dance Dungeon
  • Devil’s Dance Cabin
  • Witch’s Cauldron Crypt
  • Bell Witch House
  • Dr.Mouth’s Revenge Letting House
  • Raggedy Ann’s House
  • Terrifying Townhouse
  • Curse of Moira Lair
  • Screamer’s Plantation
  • Brain’s Hospital
  • Black Monk Crypt
  • Blood side Basement
  • Toxic Cottage

Other Names For Haunted House

It is the reason, we have finished such a collection of ghost house name list to help you pick the haunted name for your haunted attraction. Let’s scroll down more.

The Embrace MortuaryEerie HouseHaunted ProgressionAmber Horror AsylumBulfinch Mansion
Signature MansionThe Devil’s DoorScreaming HellThe Dread HorrorAmityville
Al Ghoul MillThe Great Red DevilHaunting UsThe Screaming BullThe Murphy House
Brillant MansionVoodoo Doll HouseThe Old HorrorThe Haunt HouseCanterville Chase
Mansion VirtuosoHouse of ScreamsScary PlanOde to the DeadThe Bram Stoker House
Aeolian MemoriesRed Lantern CabaretVegas Old CemeteryThe Old Town GrimThe Red Room
The New HiveThe House of OuijaDoom the HouseZombie MayhemElks Club
The Nightmare PeopleThe Haunted StairHorizon’s SoulGhost BrideThe Amityville Horror House
Mansion StructureThe Scare FactorThe Old Main ChamberThe Buried CityThe National
Crazy Haunted HouseVince’s HellraisingSwelling GroundTombstone HunksEverard Baths
Other Names For Haunted House
Other Names For Haunted House
Escape The GraveAnchorhead SpiritsThe Old Coal GrilleClue Me InAmityville Horror
Castle of HorrorMister MunchkinEscape the NightThe Old Grimy InnDandridge Plantation
Fuego HouseParamount MansionThe Lying ZombieK9 BraindeadTransylvania
Pennywise The ClownThe Ghostly InnKlotho KlothoThe Old Scare MillDover House
Hell House HauntedVoodoo Night HauntSin City SymphonyHaunting BellesSavoy Opera House
Haunted Stair EscapeDevil’s LairCatch a HauntingHaunting Oz HauntThe Winchester Mystery House
Horror House LLCMystery Manor GhostMystery ManorThe Old Man’s GrottoBrown Sugar
Screaming CrowAllo HorrorSpirit Me HauntUse Code :10offBell Witch Cave
Frosted GlimpsePerk of the BellesEternal GhoulNamaste DarkroomThe Stanley Hotel
The Stage HorrorA Dying GhostHaunting HistoryThe Abominable BrideThe London Tower
  • Curse of Moira Horror
  • Ghostly Zone
  • Haunted Tower
  • Disturbed Hollows
  • Raven’s Catacombs
  • Fallen Acres
  • Chucky’s Basement
  • Full Moon Train
  • Half Moon Abyss
  • Raggedy Ann’s Crypt
  • Blood side Hotel
  • Boo’s Roadhouse
  • Blood side Estates
  • Toxic Maze
  • Scary Abyss
  • Witch’s Cauldron Den
  • Full Moon Inn
  • Pumpkin Head Catacombs
  • Demon’s Castle
  • Living Dead Church
  • Dead Man’s Woods

Help Me Name My Haunted House

At the time of naming a haunted house, you need to pick a name that will make your visitors scream so loud that people will think your house is really haunted.

To save your time as well as effort here is a long list of scary haunted house name ideas to get your trendy juices flowing.

Mansion DistrictAnimated NightmareA Ghost Story TooFear’s DoorDorris House
The Ghoul TaintGhoulies HellThe Old HilltopThe Old Town LampsBran Castle
The Zombie HiveGhoul Fever HauntThe Oldgrim hauntMVP ManorThe Old Rectory
Sirens & SealsZombie TumblerScreaming Crow’s InnMansion ObeliskEureka Theatre
The Old Irish Co.The Haunting TaintPete’s Devil’s HouseHorror in the NightCorcoran Museum
Ghoul’s TerraceMansion ExecutiveMansion GlobeHaunted HauntsCasa Loma
Door To Toe TaintShack OperateDooring HauntingThe Old FearThe Addams Family
Mister Mummy’sHorror Opera VegasThe Devil’s CastleMansion RadianceCliffview Asylum
Restless GhostsHaunting OrchestraThe Osmow’sAnimate Ghost StoryBorley Rectory
The Crypt of HorrorThe Lying Dead RoomMansion DevelopedCrow & OwlThornewood Castle
Help Me Name My Haunted House
Help Me Name My Haunted House
Evil Dead IIThe Haunted ShackDoor DivingDead by DaylightElmhurst Mental Hospital
Haunting AsylumThe Ghoul ClubThe Ghoul HouseShack ArrowOld Man’s Hotel
Go Haunted ShowScreaming GhoulEerie OriginsThe Old ScaryhouseBlack Doorway
Haunted InvisionHorror Me InsideL&L Zombie Co.The Haunted OneMonster Presence
Unmarked By HeavenGhoul FeverGhosts of VermeerCastle Haunted HouseDemon’s House
Angels in DistressStinger’s SoulThe Ghost of EerieLegion’s LairPhantom Roadhouse
Slimes & MonstersGloblie TavernVoodoo EmporiumZombie EnigmaHaunting Opera House
Mystery of the DeadScared Lion RoomSewer’s Reggae HouseHaunted AlliedFallen Plantation
Strange CasketsBlack AtticToxic GardensMansion TrustBell Witch Horror
Creepy ConsultantDemon’s ManseDark DungeonBelly Dancing HauntsDisturbed Attic
  • Insane Crypt
  • Octagon Den
  • Grudge Hospital
  • William’s Family Roadhouse
  • Tainted Souls Mansion
  • Gilmour Museum
  • Hazardous Cabin
  • Nightmare Crypt
  • Exorcism Catacombs
  • Evil Dungeon
  • Old Roadhouse
  • Scary Go Round Tombstones
  • Mummy Estates
  • Devil’s Dance Tombstones
  • Blood side Opera House
  • Octagon Park
  • Brain’s Church
  • Black Monk Letting House
  • Moon Bay Hospital
  • Dead Man’s Theatre

Haunted Name Generator

You must try this fantastic haunted name generator. Also, you will get many free names within this generator and thus you will have a great idea about this. Our readers mix-match the words from the name generator and make their own name.

Voodoo GlowGrudge DollhouseMummy DenLone Eagle’s FearHaunting Manse
The Buried SoulLost Souls RoomCurse of Moira GroundsGhoul’s TollDemon’s Catacombs
Tainted BloodsRaven’s CabinNightmare ParkThe Walking Dead LVSinful House
Mansion EndeavorHell’s Gate TombstonesHell’s Gate GateJust Like I ThoughtDracula’s Grounds
Unbearable BunniesInsane AbyssHaunted TombstonesAncient Curse ParkDevil’s Dance Theatre
Mansion TigerBerryman’s Family CabinTrick or Treat TheatreDark MuseumBlood Grounds
The Old Monkey HouseMonster CryptGilmour ManseWitch’s CastleOld Man’s House
Cthulhu’s FearNightmare TheatreHillside ManorBloodcurdling RoadGrudge Ghoulery
Old Devil’s EateryScary Go Round HorrorScreamer’s HollowsDead Man’s TownhouseHaunted Letting House
Scooby’s ZombieTerrifying PrisonShrieking CabinBerryman’s Family InnBlair Witch Crypt
Haunted Name Generator
Haunted Name Generator
The Creepy Ghost StoryBlair Witch GroundsNightmare HotelLate Night ManorTerrifying Ghoulery
Half Moon PlantationBlood ChurchToxic TrainScary MansionHell’s Horror
Black Letting HouseBroken RoadhouseNightmare HospitalExorcism DollhouseToxic Castle
Pumpkin Head GardensChucky’s Opera HouseBlood side ChurchFull Moon TowerHell’s Gate Roadhouse
Dark DollhouseTerror RoomHexagon MotelDevil’s WoodsAbandoned Plantation
Bell Witch AtticBerryman’s Family ManorBlood Moon WoodsToxic HillHell’s Prison
Old Wives CabinHell’s Fire PrisonScary Go Round CastleChucky’s InnBlood side Grounds
Terrifying ChurchMonster RoadLost Souls ChurchTainted Souls ManorFallen Roadhouse
William’s Family CatacombsWilliam’s Family HollowsBlack AcresWilliam’s Family TowerScreamer’s Letting House
Hazardous HorrorLiving Dead TombstonesDemon’s TrainDevil’s DollhouseDemon’s Presence
  • Sinful Horror
  • Old Mansion
  • Old Man’s Manse
  • Creepy Ghoulery
  • Mummy Ghoulery
  • William’s Family Lair
  • Blair Witch Train
  • Phantom Theatre
  • Blood Moon Gardens
  • Hillside Zone
  • Hell’s Grounds
  • Haversham Roadhouse
  • Ancient Curse Horror
  • Dark Letting House
  • Hillside Hill
  • Twisted Hospital
  • Blood side Museum
  • Mummy Hollows
  • Exorcism Crypt
  • Black Monk Road

Haunted Trail Names

Scroll down below to get more names for your haunted house list. Have started made a list for your haunted name?

Scary ParkTerrifying RoadEek PlantationTainted Souls CottageBoo’s Basement
Bloodcurdling LairFallen ManorScary DungeonCurse of Moira CottagePhantom Home
Tainted Souls Opera Evil HotelTerrifying LairHell’s Gate RoadCreepy Lair
Old Wives HouseWilliam’s Family GhouleryMoon Bay TheatreHillside AtticBlack Dollhouse
Mummy CryptCreepy EstatesFallen CatacombsPumpkin Head HollowsBerryman’s Family Opera
Evil ParkHazardous CottageHalf Moon AcresInsane RoadhouseBrain’s Attic
Raggedy Ann’s GateOld Wives LairNightmare GhouleryChucky’s GateWilliam’s Family Road
Haunting BasementScary GhouleryBroken Letting HouseOld GhouleryTwisted Letting House
Dead Man’s of DoomHalf Moon TheatreScary Go Round RoadhouseBurnt Haven DenBlood side Hollows
Old PrisonBloodcurdling TowerHaversham BasementWitch’s MansionTainted Souls Museum
Haunted Trail Names
Haunted Trail Names
Twisted BasementCreepy MansionHell’s PlantationNightmare RoadDead Man’s Manor
Ancient Curse DenFallen MotelOld AtticDracula’s CabinTainted Souls Gardens
Phantom TownhouseBlack Widow’s AbyssMonster MazeBloodcurdling GateNightmare Acres
Scary Go Round ChurchDisturbed MuseumToxic ManorBroken MotelOctagon Manse
Chucky’s MazeHell’s Gate AbyssLiving Dead AtticDevil’s DenHell’s Gate Crypt
Monster Dollhouse13th Floor GateWilliam’s Family AbyssPumpkin Head CastleToxic Basement
Exorcism Acres13th Floor ZoneTwisted HomeCurse of Moira EstatesDr.Mouth’s Revenge Grounds
Black Cat’s Tower13th Floor RoadhouseTerror MazeBoo’s HouseChucky’s Doorway
Blood PresenceDead Man’s TowerTerrifying MazeHaunting GhouleryDark Hospital
Shrieking CryptTainted Souls DollhouseBlair Witch ZoneDemon’s CryptHazardous of Doom
  • Lost Souls Basement
  • Insane Tower
  • Dr. Mouth’s Revenge Tombstones
  • Moon Bay Dungeon
  • Raven’s Letting House
  • Blood side House
  • Hell’s Gate Plantation
  • Toxic Manse
  • Ghostly Acres
  • Screamer’s Mansion
  • Hillside Lair
  • Terror Hill
  • Hillside Plantation
  • Disturbed Horror
  • Murder Tower
  • Ancient Curse Maze
  • Fallen Manse
  • Eek Gardens
  • Hell’s Opera House
  • Grudge Manor


1.What Are Good Ghost Names?

Along with Genesis and Trinity, other spiritual baby names in the US Top 1000 include Bodhi, Eden, Haven, Justice, Mercy, Messiah, and more. But still stylish spiritual baby names, you might consider Galilee, Honor, Loyal, Or Sunday.

2. What Are Haunted House Called?

A haunted house, spook house, or ghost house in ghostlore is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were otherwise connected with the property.

3. What Is The Most Scariest Haunted House In America?

McKamey Manor is an American haunted house attraction in which survival horror-style events are enacted. McKamey Manor is considered a pioneer of “extreme” haunted attractions. It was founded in San Diego by Russ McKamey and was originally located on his property.

4. What Would You Find In A Haunted House Name?

Many haunted houses are believed to contain ghosts. They can also contain the spirits of dead people. The rumor that a house is haunted often starts after something violent or tragic happens in the house, such as a murder or suicide.


So, we have covered all the possible names here in the above article. Also, now you have a plethora of ideas about how will you create Haunted House Names. This is the best place where you will find some best names for haunted houses.

With all of these ideas for haunted house names, you must have enough to get started. You must feel free to ask us any questions regarding the haunted house name.

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