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Aura names
Aura names

In final fantasy XIV, the only original and first race is Au Ra. The popular race Au Ra had two clans like all other races in fantasy XIV.

Au Ra race lived in tribes and embraced a life of tranquility and solitude. They abandoned the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors to settle in the deep valleys of Othard’s mountainous eastern reaches.

Au Ra race always engaged in the battle for power and supremacy. They identify themselves as a magical marker that indicates the center of the field and emerged victorious most of the time.

Au Ra race has followed the unique culture and they respect it a lot. They are very particular about everything and hence they followed a naming convention.

Au Ra race men were named after Japanese culture. Au Ra race women were very special, they were beautiful, intelligent, and adorable. They are named after different aspects of nature.

Au Ra race names are so inspiring and creative. You can take inspiration from them and create new names. Otherwise, you can use these names for your characters in stories, plays, originals, novels, and games.

Without wasting much time, let us get explore the fantasy world XIV.

Ffxiv Au Ra Names

In final fantasy XIV, Au Ra is one of the popular races. They are known for their intelligence, they fight battle creatively. They are very determined and hence it is proved on their battlefield. Au Race has always dominated other races and fought for their supremacy.

They fight for supremacy till their last breath. Here we present such determined and powerful Au Ra race names of the final fantasy game.

Click RaLife AuGrown RaLegacy Ra
Melody NamesOutrider NamesRasterLush Names
Jiggly AuStrategic AuAgro NamesTrace Names
Line NamesDevelop NamesDrip RaAuistic
Mite RaNamzoidWiggly AuBuddy Au
Power RaEnemy RaAulyticalSwish Au
RaivaTropical AuAmbiance NamesPreserve Au
Bit NamesBrilliance RaAccure AuAuable
Insight NamesNamioRaryMoo Ra
Mega AuGateway RaDoll NamesEfficiency Names
Aura names
Ffxiv Au Ra Names
Lola RaSpace RaPlumping AuRafluent
RatasticLeader AuUnite AuNamado
Scale RaRadeckBlooms AuBlues Au
Century AuNourish RaMadras AuAuster
NamjetConnect AuRaaholicQuick Ra
Infinite RaCourt RaBright NamesBoost Names
Flor RaOpulence RaDigi RaAuocity
Beyond NamesRepair NamesWatchtower AuArmy Ra
Plonk NamesUnholy AuEase NamesCapri Ra
Cloud RaPlanet NamesCombat NamesNirvana Ra
  • Frumptious Names
  • Place Au
  • Peewee Names
  • Radiate Names
  • Sunny Names
  • Magna Names
  • Play Ra
  • Watchdog Ra
  • Dice Au
  • Macro Au
  • Torq Ra
  • Taper Names
  • Advantage Names
  • Hilltop Au
  • Fortune Ra
  • Flame Ra
  • Haven Names
  • Eager Ra
  • Feedback Au
  • FX Au
  • Consumer Au
  • Bliss Au
  • Auto Ra
  • Major Names
  • Rose Ra
  • Tornado Au
  • Arrowhead Au
  • Rainbow Ra

Au Ra Name Generator

In the final fantasy game, Au Ra was the popular race. Au Ra was the first expansion of the game. Au Ra race sets an example for passion and determination.

The race stood as the market leader and led to victory in every attempt. They are determined and loyal. They fight till the end of their breath for supremacy.

Au Ra race had a great passion for languages, they were able to speak different languages like Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, etc. They are natural explorers and admirers.

With huge respect for nature, they admire women’s beauty after nature’s name. Here we generate such creative and inspiring Au Ra names for you.

Simply AuNambeaSolo RaManage Au
Palace NamesMungo NamesCheer RaAuadil
Lighthouse RaOperator RaAuxPath Au
Mare NamesRaoryxMessenger NamesPass Au
Adora RaFriendly NamesOutlet NamesGreen Names
Fond RaRuby NamesBuzz AuScout Names
Bia NamesDesire NamesCactus NamesConnect Names
Direct AuVideogames NamesHeart AuEnergy Au
Push NamesKnight RaCritique NamesFusion Names
Sage AuGrow NamesDual NamesShare Au
Aura names
Au Ra Name Generator
Bless NamesThough NamesCollect NamesPlethora Ra
Pleasures NamesRates AuHut RaVape Au
Flowers NamesFlash NamesFollow RaScoreboard Names
Guava RaZap RaVirtue RaCare Ra
Pegged RaHeaven RaHorizon AuDough Names
Harvest AuLove NamesPicks RaRich Names
Impulse NamesFarm AuSerf AuWaggle Ra
Velocity AuTransport NamesDivision RaRank Au
Plush RaShout NamesPeach RaOrganic Au
Frame AuBonita NamesPoplin AuMark Ra
  • Rally Names
  • Fusion Ra
  • Visit Ra
  • Fascinating Au
  • Professional Names
  • Tint Ra
  • Article Names
  • Ogre Ra
  • Lure Names
  • Shack Names
  • Cactus Names
  • Stride Au
  • Kilo Au
  • Smar Names
  • Praise Names
  • Theory Ra
  • Dart Ra
  • Aloha Names
  • Sanguine Au
  • Mindful Au
  • Worker Au
  • Maker Names
  • Planner Names
  • Metro Ra
  • Scanner Au
  • Demeter Names

Au Ra Male Names

In the Au Ra race, males are predominant. They are known for their brilliance in attacking and defending. They cover every aspect to become supreme in their race.

They always work towards making Au Ra the best race in the final fantasy game. Au Ra’s men are very strong physically and mentally. They are blessed with the intelligence to overcome barriers in their path. Along with that, they are muscular and handsome and they possess curved horns and beautifully patterned scales.

These good-looking men are named in Japanese. Here we present awesome and unique Au Ra men names.

Island NamesPublicist NamesQualified NamesAffiliate Names
World NamesAgeless RaConnoisseur AuCore Ra
Butterscotch NamesEntice AuPiggy AuPictures Au
Outrider RaGold RaYeta RaSimple Au
Novel AuTable RaPlanned RaPhalanx Au
Adorn RaTreasure AuThrive AuBenefit Au
Peta RaPassport AuDays NamesChaos Ra
Fresh RaPassion NamesTasteful AuAllurement Names
Experienced AuLegacy RaFountain RaShower Names
Lift RaApollo NamesFlirt AuSplendor Ra
Lookout NamesBulk AuKeys AuPacific Ra
Integral NamesFanbase RaAcquisition RaSoft Names
Mortal NamesCabin NamesUrbane AuAstronaut Names
Aura names
Au Ra Male Names
Creatives NamesBolt AuParley NamesEmerald Ra
Rehbar RaFresh AuDrag NamesUnbound Names
Misfit AuTrend NamesPair AuIntegration Ra
Raid NamesDainty RaActive NamesPhilosophy Ra
Spirit AuRising RaForce AuDeco Names
Paradise NamesCocoon AuUnholy RaSurge Au
Timber RaAttune RaRepublic AuTyrant Ra
Glory RaOlympic RaHealing RaWander Ra
Belief RaGrabber AuAngelic RaSpecialty Au
Scholar NamesWare RaUnited NamesBug Ra
Prevail AuScope RaRetro NamesMinority Au
Outlet AuTreat RaGoods RaGoal Au
Power AuImpeccable RaRainbow RaJungle Ra
  • Division Ra
  • Peach Ra
  • Poplin Au
  • Qualified Names
  • Connoisseur Au
  • Piggy Au
  • Yeta Ra
  • Planned Ra
  • Thrive Au
  • Days Names
  • Tasteful Au
  • Fountain Ra
  • Flirt Au
  • Keys Au
  • Acquisition Ra
  • Urbane Au
  • Parley Names
  • Drag Names
  • Pair Au
  • Active Names
  • Force Au
  • Unholy Ra
  • Republic Au
  • Healing Ra
  • Angelic Ra
  • United Names
  • Retro Names
  • Goods Ra
  • Rainbow Ra

Xaela Name Meaning

Xaela means moon. It is believed that Xaela is the creation of the goddess Auri. Xaela, a close-knit tribe takes care of hunting, gathering, and warring.

Xaela is soft-spoken and kind-hearted, they tend to forgive people quickly. Most often they are mistaken for this, they are very brilliant. they are good at analyzing situations well.

They believe that they are special gifts of goddess Auri hence they are more into spiritual life. They propagate their beliefs and promote harmony and peace.

Xaela tribe is very rich, prosperous, and wealthy. They honor unique cultures, hence they are very particular about the names. here are some of the special names for the Xaela tribe.

Asset RaMob NamesOdyssey RaForums Ra
Phoenix NamesCuppa NamesChakra RaPatch Names
Club AuAddict AuDash NamesDepend Au
Superhero NamesDaisy RaUp NamesGita Ra
Floral RaTale NamesChoose NamesRocky Ra
Victor NamesChaos AuPriority AuDig Names
Shower NamesExperienced AuLegacy RaFountain Ra
Splendor RaLift RaApollo NamesFlirt Au
Pacific RaLookout NamesBulk AuKeys Au
Soft NamesIntegral NamesFanbase RaAcquisition Ra
Astronaut NamesMortal NamesCabin NamesUrbane Au
Emerald RaCreatives NamesBolt AuParley Names
Unbound NamesRehbar RaFresh AuDrag Names
Integration RaMisfit AuTrend NamesPair Au
aura names
Xaela Name Meaning
Philosophy RaRaid NamesDainty RaActive Names
Deco NamesSpirit AuRising RaForce Au
Surge AuParadise NamesCocoon AuUnholy Ra
Tyrant RaTimber RaAttune RaRepublic Au
Wander RaGlory RaOlympic RaHealing Ra
Specialty AuBelief RaGrabber AuAngelic Ra
Bug RaScholar NamesWare RaUnited Names
Minority AuPrevail AuScope RaRetro Names
Goal AuOutlet AuTreat RaGoods Ra
Jungle RaPower AuImpeccable RaRainbow Ra
Forums RaAsset RaMob NamesOdyssey Ra
Patch NamesPhoenix NamesCuppa NamesChakra Ra
Depend AuClub AuAddict AuDash Names
  • Creatives Names
  • Rehbar Ra
  • Misfit Au
  • Raid Names
  • Spirit Au
  • Paradise Names
  • Timber Ra
  • Glory Ra
  • Belief Ra
  • Scholar Names
  • Prevail Au
  • Outlet Au
  • Power Au
  • Asset Ra
  • Phoenix Names

Au Ra Names Reddit

Au Ra is the first expansion of the original game final fantasy 14. Au Ra race is gifted with warrior skills and intelligence to be victorious in the game. They flaunt their beauty, skills, intelligence, passion, and culture. Here are Au Ra Reddit names for you.

Gita RaSuperhero NamesDaisy RaUp Names
Rocky RaFloral RaTale NamesChoose Names
Dig NamesVictor NamesChaos AuPriority Au
Shower NamesCrop RaTricks AuCommune Ra
Splendor RaAcre RaPoster RaEternity Au
Pacific RaBrite NamesWater RaSplash Ra
Soft NamesGrove NamesCollective AuLimited Ra
Astronaut NamesArmoury NamesArrive RaBond Au
Emerald RaNovel NamesWelfare AuAces Names
Unbound NamesEclipse AuManiac AuSpeedy Au
Integration RaTender NamesIce AuResolution Ra
Philosophy RaConvo NamesFlair AuDrive Names
Deco NamesSunshine NamesIlluminate RaZoom Au
Surge AuFreedom AuShot RaSnappy Au
Aura names
Au Ra Names Reddit
Tyrant RaCircle RaBear NamesGrinded Au
Wander RaAdvance RaBug NamesUnderdog Names
Specialty AuChop NamesAction AuSixth Man Ra
Bug RaRident NamesSponsor NamesDefine Au
Minority AuPlains AuTech NamesDrop Au
Goal AuSunset AuAxis RaVanguard Au
Jungle RaPure NamesClassy RaRevolution Names
Forums RaTastings RaGlittery NamesStock Ra
Patch NamesUnicorn AuRadiant RaWaggle Au
Depend AuCreate RaExecutive RaDeck Au
Gita RaBin AuCrazy AuGallery Ra
Rocky RaGang NamesBambi AuCollective Au
Dig NamesBounce RaBorn NamesErase Names
Bent RaAce RaMore NamesGlum Names
  • Palette Names
  • Plots Names
  • Yearn Names
  • Sunrise Au
  • Guild Names
  • Life Names
  • Outlook Names
  • Avenue Au
  • Shift Names
  • Phase Ra
  • Velvet Au
  • Brig Ra
  • Lucid Au
  • Minotaur Names
  • Bit Names
  • Bliss Au
  • Bloodline Names
  • Debt Names
  • Hustle Names
  • Timeout Au
  • Invest Ra
  • Sept Ra
  • Outlook Names
  • Hometown Names
  • Strive Au
  • Crate Ra
  • Quint Ra
  • Top Ra
  • Warfare Au
  • Asylum Ra
  • Familiar Names
  • Rain Ra
  • Wonderland Au
  • Stitch Names


1. What is Au Ra called in the first?

Goddess Auri gifted God of sun Azim and god of moon Nhaama Au Ra race. They hail from the Far Eastern continent of Othard. In the beginning, they were known as Drahn.

2. Is Au RA a dragon?

Au Ra is a popular race of final fantasy XIV game. They are often referred to as dragons. The Au Ra are a race of humanoids with dragon features, most noticeably curved horns, and patterns of scales on their otherwise smooth skin. They are notable differences between dragons and Au Ra.

3. What is Au Ra ff14?

Au Ra is the first original race in the popular game final fantasy 14. Au Ra race is gifted by goddess Aura. Goddess Auri gifted God of sun Azim and god of moon Nhaama Au Ra race. They are born with a natural ability to hunt, gather people and manage them. These social skills help them to be victorious in the game, they are the mastermind. The curved horns and beautifully patterned scales characterize the Au Ra. Au Ra has a great passion for culture and languages. They can speak multiple languages.

4. Is Au Ra a girl?

Au Ra race is gifted by goddess Aura. Both men and women are in this race. They both are strong, and intelligent and fight for their powers. There is a special place for girls in the Au Ra race. They honor girls with the name after different aspects of nature.

The Bottom Line

Au Ra is the popular race in final fantasy 14. they are known for brilliance, warrior skills, leadership skills, culture, and beauty. They have a passion for languages and nature. Au Ra race names are inspiring and very creative. Here we present some of the powerful and creative Au Ra race names.

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