Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls

Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls

Names that mean or represent the color blue can enhance the entire persona of your child as blue and all of its shades combined are considered one of the most influential and elegant hues of all.

The attributes of calm, tranquility, and peace that the color blue represents are fantastic to include in your child’s future name.

There seem to be countless shades of blue, and there are myriad associations with them, including anything from the furthest reaches of space to the deepest parts of the ocean.

There are numerous valuable gemstone names that can be inspired by this color, which is also present in many precious jewels and stones.

Look at our collection of names with blue meanings, which includes the greatest ocean-inspired names, additional terms for blue, and synonyms for blue.

We have covered almost every existing genre of this shade so you’re sure to find something here that catches your eye.

Names That Mean Blue

Names That Mean BLUE For Boys and Girls

Long linked with feelings of peace and tranquility, blue may also be energizing. When considering baby names, colors are a wonderful place to start because they are very symbolic and have a variety of lovely meanings. Here is a collection of miscellaneous names that mean blue with a variety of different meanings.

  • Neel – Hindu origin, means blue.
  • Okko – Finnish origin, means blue.
  • Oldrik – German origin, means ‘blue hill’ or ‘blue peak.’
  • Puskara – Indian origin, means ‘blue lotus’.
  • Araceli – Spanish origin, means ‘alter of the sky’.
  • Ciel – French origin, means ‘sky’.
  • Atasi – Indian origin, means ‘blue flower’.
  • Kailani – Hawaiian origin, means ‘sea and sky.
  • Azura – Spanish origin, means ‘sky blue’.
  • Bay – Latin origin, means ‘sea inlet’.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Blue

Names That Mean BLUE For Boys and Girls

As beautiful as it sounds, the color blue has several aesthetics that go really well with boys and children as a whole. See if you can add one or two boy names to your list by looking through this collection.

  • Asciano – Spanish Origin, means blue.
  • Aoki – Japanese origin, Aoki means ‘blue tree.’
  • Azraq – Arabic Origin, means blue.
  • Azul – Spanish Origin, means blue.
  • Bisman – Indian origin, Bisman is a dark blue or black color.
  • Blu – shorter spelling for Blue.
  • Bleu – French Origin, stylish spin on ‘Blue’.
  • Cerulean – Latin Origin, means dark blue.
  • Cielo – Italian Origin, the blue color of the sky.
  • Zeru – Used in the Basque region, means blue.

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Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

Names That Mean BLUE For Boys and Girls

Blue is exquisite in itself and is mostly associated with female names especially because of the color and attributes like “calm” and “serenity” attached to it. You’re likely to find a favorite among the many lovely female names that embody our blue theme.

  • Afina – Romanian origin, means ‘blueberry.’
  • Atasi – Hindu origin, Atasi means ‘blue flower’.
  • Azure or Azurine – Azure means blue sky.
  • Bluesette – Song that has “blue” in it.
  • Celeste – Celeste is associated with the color of the sky.
  • Ciel – means ‘sky’ in French.
  • Claramay – It is a combination of blue and pink.
  • Nilam – Hindu Origin, refers to a lighter shade of blue.
  • Odeta – Romanian and Albanian origin, Odeta means ‘blue sea.’
  • Owaissa – means ‘bluebird.’

Unisex Names For Blue

Let’s not separate genders anymore. Look at some names that can be used for both genders equally in different aesthetic veils.

  • Bleu – French origin, means blue.
  • Cerulean – English origin, derived from the Latin word caeruleus
  • Dion – Greek origin, means ‘child of heaven and blue earth’.
  • Hinto – Native American origin, meana ‘blue haired’.
  • Indigo – Greek origin, means Indigo.
  • Kalani – Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘chieftain or spirit of the blue sky’.
  • Robin – English origin, this bird lays bright blue eggs.
  • Royal – English origin, refers to the color royal blue.
  • Teal – English origin, darker turquoise blue color.
  • Thanh – Vietnamese origin,means ‘bright blue’.

Names That Mean Blue Ocean

People these days seek out baby names with oceanic connotations as they desire for their child to grow up with an ocean-like all-encompassing environment. Let’s have a look.

  • Athena – Greek mythology, she is the Goddess who defeated the God of Sea.
  • Adira – of Hebrew origin, refers to an enormous water body.
  • Asherah – means “one who can walk on the sea”
  • Bloom – German origin, refers to marine flowers.
  • Beryl – Oceanic jewel
  • Cari – means “one who flows like water”
  • Coraline – English origin, means “from the coral of the sea”
  • Cordelia – Latin origin, means the heart or origin of the sea.
  • Doris – means “gift of the ocean”, Greek Origin
  • Firth – Scottish Origin, means the arm of the ocean. 

Exotic Names That Mean Blue

Searching for some exotic names that mean blue? You’ve come to the right section, this is all about unique names for “blue”. Look at these beautiful names down below.

  • Marilee – Welsh Origin, means star of the blue sea.
  • Afina – refers to Blueberry.
  • Sky – refers to something that’s Blue like the sky.
  • Azula – Spanish or Portuguese origin, means blue.
  • Kehlani – Means sea and sky.
  • Firuzeh – Persian for turquoise, a shade of blue.
  • Cyane – Greek origin, means a bright shade of blue 
  • Neelu – Hindu origin, refers to a blue gloomy diamond.
  • Mazarine – French for a deep dark shade of blue 
  • Atasi  – Indian for blue flower.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Name Means Blue Flower?

Atasi is a name of Hindu origin which means/ refers to a flower that’s blue in color.

2. What Is The Greek Name For Blue?

There are still two officially used words from the ancient Greek language for the color “blue.” Glaukos was a lighter blue compared to kyanos, from which the English word “cyan” evolved.

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3. What Is An Exotic Name For A Blue?

Firuzeh is an uncommon, lovely name among names that signify blue that is as vibrant as it is unique. The Iranian word for turquoise is called frozen.

4. What Boy Name Means Blue?

  • Aouli.
  • Azraq.
  • Bisman.
  • Bluford.

There are more such names that mean blue for boys. For more, scroll up in the article.

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