Fallen angels are terms that signify the fallen angel, or the angels that fall from the good grace of God. The titles of the fallen angel are referred to as the angels that fall from the grace of Christ. These past angels will never return to heaven and are considered as disqualified by the holy angels.

Many fallen angel titles are embedded in biblical tradition and ancient civilizations, including Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt. The Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions have contemporary practices.

150+ Cool & Catchy Fallen Angel Names

Over thousands of years, the names of the angel have developed to reflect mysticism, significance, and usage within religions – including sorcery, where the name of the angel is thought essential for the intent of summoning angels’ aid. Some rituals call for virtuous angels, while certain rituals evoke evil angels.

Names Of The Fallen Angel

The names of the fallen angel refer to individual angels that are considered evil, rather than good angels. The list of fallen angel names from various religions, myths, and lore is provided below. 

AyaanshRamuelNaberiusLix Tetrax
150+ Cool & Catchy Fallen Angel Names

Over the years, the names of an angel grown in spelling, sense, and usage of mysticism or sorcery in religions. An angel’s name is used to invoke angels. Rituals are used to call an angel by the names of good angels or to invoke fallen angels.

Names Of The Seven Fallen Angels

Since slipping from the grace of heaven and moving against the will of heaven, dark angels received their names. Some of these “evil” angels are expected to walk amongst us. These are the angels that have fallen from heaven separating the divine forces of the gods of heaven.

Concerning the seven days of the week, names of the seven fallen angels are given: 

  • Michael (Sunday), 
  • Gabriel (Monday), 
  • Raphael (Tuesday),
  • Uriel (Wednesday), 
  • Selaphiel (Thursday),
  • Raguel or Jegudiel (Friday), 
  • Barachiel (Saturday).

Biblical Angel Names

Some people traditionally assume that both the right names and the fallen names of the angels are essential. Some of the biblical angel names are given below:-

AndrasJoveAngels of MercyAkibeel
GurdatRumjalPeace AngelsAbisai
ThammuzRazielOeilletPower Angels

Such debauched souls are devoted to the religion of the Jezebel, so prevalent in our Religions and throughout the modern universe. Fallen angels rejoice throughout appearances Portrayed through the Goddess. Women were the protector of genuine honesty and loyalty in homes throughout the past period of humanity. (Also Choose A Names That Mean Fire)

150+ Cool & Catchy Fallen Angel Names

The populism in our society has brought us to the worst condition against Biblical values and ideals that once transformed into the world’s most significant spiritual force.

Flower AngelsManhaSimapesielErtael
BaraqelGomoryHelper AngelsAnane

The Bible mentions angels 273 times. While we do not see every case, this analysis should have a comprehensive insight into what the Bible says regarding these exciting creatures.

Some of the fascinating information about the Bible’s angels is given below:-

  • God formed the angels
  • Angels have been made to exist forever
  • Angels arose as God built the universe.
  • Angels are not married.
  • Angels are smart and wise.
  • Angels became involved in men’s affairs.
  • Angels are supernatural beings.
  • Angels are Christ’s focus.
  • Angels convey feelings such as joy and desire
  • Angels are not all-present, all-powerful, or all-knowing.
  • Angels sing in choirs.
  • Angels have nobodies.

Angels may not share the same sense and knowledge as people, male or female. However, the term “angel” also is used in masculine form when angels in the Bible are mentioned. They were often known as a man as angels came to people in the Scriptures. The titles were often masculine as they were given names.

Female Angel Names In The Bible

Therefore, the conception of female angels would come from outside of Christianity and Judaism. And from just about anywhere it might have happened.

There were many pagan religions with winged servants of the gods, some of which were female. Some pagan goddesses also had wings and behaved like angels: they made sudden appearances, gave messages, fought, waged swords. Old pictures of the Greek triumphant goddess Nike appear remarkably like the more western winged ladies as they imagine Angels.

150+ Cool & Catchy Fallen Angel Names

Some of the female angel names in the Bible are given below:-

MurmurIpsosLuciferMessenger Angels
UzzielAgaresAnanaelStar Angels

You can also take help from the fallen name generator apps available online. But that will not give you your desired result as they have some predetermined names and will tell you to choose from there which you may not like. Your fallen name should be taken with proper care and responsibility that should not be fulfilled by the app.

150+ Cool & Catchy Fallen Angel Names

The emotion and the desire to give a unique name will make a better name for you. So by following the procedure mentioned above and take help from the names given in this article, you can give you a unique name that will define his or her identity in the future.


As of now, you can understand how a name is essential for you anything, and giving a unique fallen angel name will provide a distinct identity. And if you follow the procedure, it will never be difficult for you.Hope from the above suggestive angel names you have taken a reference and choose a name for your baby.


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