Names That Mean Fire

Names That Mean Fire
Names That Mean Fire

Fire is the most important invention in the history of humans. The flame is something that enlightens ups the darkest area as well as provides warmth in winters. Is your child someone who is going to bring light to your dark life and warmth in your life? Names That Mean Fire

Or are you a big fan of campfires whenever you go for trekking? Then probably you would love to name your babies after the names meaning fire. We have got some amazing fire names list for you, from where you can pick anyone that perfectly suits your child.

Fire represents power and celebration. Fire is one of the many elements that are necessary for the sustenance of our life on the planet. We cannot imagine life on earth in the absence of fire. Fire is one of the most important inventions that basically started a revolution in the life of humans.

Names That Mean Fire
Names That Mean Fire

Fire and flames can eliminate darkness, cold and even the enemies. Fire in a very large form can also be destructive and hence indicates the intensity that fire has.


Is your small one on the way and you are looking for some amazing names related to fire? Are you someone who wants some spark in the names of your children? Then wonder no more because we have an amazing list of names that mean fire for your little angel. Scroll down to go through the list to choose the perfect name for your child.

  • Aithne: Aithne word has been derived from the Celtic origin. This name sounds like Etna, which means the famous volcano. Your naughty angel is surely going to love this name.
  • Edana: Edana means “the little fire”. Edana is the female version of the English word Edan.
  • Pele: Pele is basically a unisex name. Pele is the name of the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and also the name of a footballer, who is equally fiery. This name will be perfect for modern girls.
  • Fiammetta: It is an Italian name that is composed of the word Fiamma which means “fire” and its suffix means “the little fire”.
  • Agnimitra: Agnimitra is the female version of the word Agni. Agni is the Hindu God of fire. This name can perfectly suit a little one from a Hindu family.
  • Calida: This is an English name but it has been derived from the Spanish word Calida which means “hot”. Perfect for modern looking girls.
  • Shula: This name sounds very delicate. The meaning of word Shula is “flame”. Perfect for your little one on the way who is going to bring the light of flame in your life.
  • Adena: It is the female version of the English name Aden which means “fire”.
  • Kalama: Kalama is an exotic, unique and very easy to comprehend name. This baby girl’s name means “The flaming torch”.
  • Makenna: Another variant of the spelling of this English name is Mckenna which means “born of fire”.
  • Adara: Adara is a Hebrew name which means fire and will go perfectly for a Virgo baby.
  • Sera: It is the short form of the Latin name Seraphina which means “the burning one” or “the serpent”. Perfect for your little baby who becomes angry at little things.
  • Uri: It is the variant form of the Hebrew name Unit which means “fire or light”.
  • Vesta: This is a Latin name that has been derived from the Greek name Hestia which means “hearth, fireside”. Vesta is also the name of the Goddess of Hearth.
  • Kenna: It is the female version of the English word Kenneth which has two meaning “born of fire” and “finely made”.


Names That Mean Fire
Names That Mean Fire

Are you expecting a baby boy coming your way to enlighten up your life with full of hopes? Are you searching for some exotic names for your boy which means fire? Below is the list of names associated with fire. Check it out to name your little one.

  • Agni: If you are looking for some traditional name for your baby boy, then this name is perfect. Agni is the name given to the Hindu God of fire.
  • Vulcan: Vulcan is a Roman name which means “flash”. In mythology, Vulcan is the name of the God of fire.
  • Aidan: This is a very interesting name that you can use for your little one. Aidan was the name of the seventh century Irish Saint who was known for his kindness and Generosity. Aidan word has been derived from the Gaelic origin which means “fire”.
  • Kenneth: It is an English word which has two meaning “Born of fire” and “finely made”.
  • Brenton: Brenton is a very fashionable name which means “dweller near the burnt land”. If you think Brenton is too common then you can also you Brent.
  • Agnimukha: It is another traditional Hindu name which means “the face of fire”.
  • Mishal: Mishal is an Arabic word which means “torch”. This name provides the perfect spark that you need in your child’s name. It can also be used as a nice surname.
  • Bero: Bero is a Basque name which means “hot”.
  • Edan: It is a variant of English name Aiden which means “little fire”.
  • Ignatius: It is a saintly name which means “fire”. The word Ignatius comes from the root word “ignite”. You can also use word Iggy as the nickname for Ignatius.
  • Fino: It is the short form of the Italian word Serfino which means “the burning one” or “the serpent”.
  • Joash: Joash is the name mentioned for a kid in the bible. The meaning of word Joash is “fire of Yahweh” and it is the blend of two words “Jonah” or “Ashley”. Another interesting variation of word Joash is Joshua.
  • Hrag: It is an Armenian name which means “the fire”.
  • Phoenix: It was the name of the mythical bird that originated from the ashes of the fire that devoured it. It can be a very strong and powerful name for your child.


If your name is related to fire, then you give off an aura of strength, warmth, and seriousness. There are numerous names related to fire as there are several synonyms for fire in every language of the world.


Names That Mean Fire
Names That Mean Fire

When naming their child, people usually like to consider the element of fire. Our name is the first impression that people use to form a picture regarding us without meeting us. Some people also prefer last names that mean fire, but these are really rare.



Names Related To Fire



When your name is embraced with fire, it propagates a sense of progression and power. Fire being one of the crucial forms of energy on earth is also indicative of warmth. With these beautiful translations and metaphors of fire, the names related to fire can be really deep and meaning and generate a sense of respect.

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