Becoming a makeup artist requires hard work, dedication, and patience. Patience is the key to apply makeup perfectly and also to make fame slowly and gradually. However, once you become a brand in this industry, it welcomes you with the fame and lot of finance. You should also know that to get business fame you must choose a good name as along with the work professional name for makeup artist matters equally.

 Now, whether you want to become a freelance makeup artist or have a desire to open a studio, you need to choose a creative name to become catchier in the eyes of your prospective clients. Below is a list of makeup artist name ideasthat you may use for your business:


  1. Glimmer Gloss
  2. Sassy Girl
  3. Casual Chic Mom
  4. The Girl Does It All
  5. Fashion Coma
  6. Forest’s Fashion
  7. Casual Chic Mom
  8. The women Korner
  9. My Many Loves
  10. Sparkle N Sequins
  11. Obsessed beauty
  12. All Naturals
  13. Me Fabulous
  14. Glamorous minus Guilt
  15. Modern Beauty
  16. Blessed Wardrobe
  17. Styled Mantra
  18. Beauty Blog
  19. Modest Modern Beauty
  20. Enjoy full Journey
  21. In between Girls
  22. Glitter Glaze
  23. DistressBeauty
  24. Closet Confessions
  25. Mistresswith Makeup
  26. Curly Beauty
  27. Blessed N Blissful
  28. Lashes Leather&Love
  29. High Heels in Hair Spray
  30. The Charismatic


  1. Make Up & Me
  2. Minimum Dough Maximum Style
  3. Wannabe Fashion Designer
  4. The Glamourous
  5. Beauty with Brains
  6. Lather Rinse Clean
  7. Style Fix
  8. Pretty Little Things
  9. Wonderland Beauty
  10. Ann About Town
  11. Hidden in Love
  12. Nail Polish Lane
  13. Obsession With Makeup
  14. Glamourholic Mom
  15. Suburban Style Challenge
  16. Bombshells and Beauty
  17. Lisas Nail Obsession
  18. Dear Wallet
  19. Fashion at Its Finest
  20. Little Box Of Treasures
  21. Dliteful Trends
  22. Sense Paradise
  23. A State Of Ruins
  24. Peace Love and Shimmer
  25. Whims and Craze
  26. Beauty by (Your name or nickname)
  27. Bella Makeup by (insert your name)
  28. Blank Canvas Cosmetics
  29. Fleur/Fleurish Beauty (Note: “Fleur” means flower in French)
  30. Flush of Color Makeup
  31. Glow-Up Beauty
  32. (Your name) Artistry
  33. (Your name) Beauty
  34. (Your name) (Your location) (i.e., party Beverly Hills)
  35. (Your name) Cosmetics / Cosmetic Studio
  36. (Your name) Makeup
  37. (Your name) Makeup Artistry
  38. (Your name) Makeup Design
  39. (Your name) Professional Makeup
  40. Makeup by (Your name or nickname)


  1. Everinn
  2. Makeup Journey
  3. Maquillage a la (Your name) (Note: “Maquillage” suggests that makeup in French)
  4. Midnight Beauty
  5. Painted Face Makeup
  6. Radiance Beauty
  7. Splash of Color Makeup
  8. Touch of Rouge Beauty
  9. Vibrance
  10. Duonolic
  11. Ellence
  12. Duefetty
  13. leubon
  14. Wegga
  15. Scrutt
  16. Cappastone
  17. Sailleny
  18. De messa
  19. Angle Curves
  20. Glomorr
  21. Bohemian Muses
  22. Urban Arc
  23. Pink Mommy
  24. Makeup Mistress
  25. Beautiful stories
  26. Indie Prep Girl
  27. Dot Fusion
  28. Makeup Kiss
  29. Little Bee
  30. Curious Lily

Hope you like above makeup artist name ideas. Do pick and choose the one which truly reflects your style and suits your aura. You can also use your own name which in itself reflects uniqueness. Also, you can try makeup names from different languages which will reflect style and uncommon at the same time.

Hope your search for identifying creative names for a makeup artist ends here. Have a good and happy name!!

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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