The Anglo-Saxons are considered Germanic people. These Germanic people consisted of three major tribes Jute, Angles, and Saxons. Anglo-Saxons were migrants who come from Germany in the 5th and 6th centuries. They settled themselves in England, mainly the eastern region of England. 

The name ‘Anglo-Saxons’ were raised to distinguish these people from who leaves in mainland ‘Germany’. The main language of their communication was Old English. That is why Anglo-Saxons Names were derived from the old English and German language (Choose A Necromancer Name Here)

Anglo-Saxon names are still very popular in England. Many of them have modernized due to the passage of time or cultural change.  If parents are inspired by the Anglo-Saxon culture and looking for an Anglo-Saxon name for their baby then we are offering the list of Saxon names with meaning.


We have come up with the number of Anglo-Saxons names from history. Below is the list of female names rooted from the Anglo-Saxons period, which can helpful for you to decide your baby girl’s name.

Ardith  One fighting a good war  Hairud  She of fame and honor 
Annis  Unity  Ifield  Meaning unknown 
Aswig  Ass(God) + wig(war) Jeevika  Water
Brona  A brown-haired or dark-haired woman Kendra  Prophetess
Blaedswith  From splendour and storng  Lyveva  A beloved gift 
Bysen  Unique  Mercia  From mercia
Cwenhild  From woman and war  Mildred  Gentle advisor 
Cynewise  From family and wise  Nelda  From the elder trees 
Cwen  A born queen  Ora  Money 
Cyneburg  Daughter of a king  Orva  Brave friend 
Denegyth  A healthy,cute and a master of great personality Parkes  One who is employed in park 
Daisy  Day’s eye  Rowena  White haired 
Daedbot  Penance Sibley  Friendly 
Dohtor  Daughter  Sunn  Gift of the sun 
Eadnignes  Bliss  Tate  Pleasant and bright 
Eacnung  Bear’s child Udele  Wealthy 
Fridiswed  One living with peace   Wilda  Wild 
Fridiswid  One who is with peace  Willa  Desired 
Gaega  A topographic name; hill and stream   Wilone  Hoped for 
Haeddi  One who deserves something  Wihtflaed  Means wiht (white )+ flaed (beauty) 
Angenlaf Berhtgyth Eawyn Brigthwyna
Aedbald Ailred Burchwen Ecgfrithu
Freomund Britheue, wife of Leodhere Hildithryth, wife of Brihtnoth Herewynn, wife of Tatuini
Eormenraed of Porthtun Bucge, wife of Regnheah Baldethiva, wife of Eorcenbehrt Brithreth, wife of Osred
Wimund of Sutton Alfilda of Dincarden Beorhtwynn of Brewich Osthryth of Caerbrough
Eanbeorht of Nantfos Eawyn of Norcarden Frethesant of Ballton Sunnild of Auchterhurst
Eadweard Fiske Ermenburga Travers Somerhild Trapp Oslafa Ryder
Hereferth Century Cwenburh Stonier Osthryth Cleaver Bregeswith Butler
Thraesfrith the Singer Eorcongota the Mills Witburh the Tucker Bregusuid the Inman
Thrydwulf the Chaffer Brithrethe the Shields Goderun the Key Goldrun the Webb



In the below-given list, some names are still used by the people as it was. On the other hand people are also using these names after little modification or change.

Rafael  Lives at the elder tree, noble Iden  Wealthy 
Bellwether  Bright nobility Jeffrey  Peaceful gift
Almond  Defender of the temple Jessen  Derived for the baptismal name for the son of judd
Anna  Graceful  Kendric  Fearless leader
Baldwin  A bold and beautiful person Kenway  Brave in war
Brandon One who is a brave, vigilant person Leof  Beloved 
Chadwick  They are warrior Lufian  Love 
Courtney  From the enclosed land Magan  competent
Camden From the winding valley Millar One who grinds grain
Dodson  A determined and practical person by nature Norvel  From the north
Darwin  A good and dear friend Nerian  Protects 
Everett  Somebody who is very brave like a wild boar Ordway  Warrior with spear
Eric  Wealthy ruler Osbeorn  The bear like person
Rudolph  A peaceful wolf Osment  A good and famous person who loves god
Farm on  Traveller  Pandragon  As powerful as the dragon’s head
Graham  A guy from the grey house. Grey is the sign of intelligence. Peterkin  Form of Peter, a rock
Grimm  The meaning of ‘Grimm’ is a fierce person. The person having the ability to do anything bravely. Rawling  An advice of the wolf
Highball  A courageous man in the battle Ricmann  A person who has a power to rule
Hubbard  Graceful or shining intellect Sherlock  Light haired
Hefner  He who is like a dark raven Wregan  Accuses 


Tancred Godmund Ordgar Clarembald
Baerbald Sigelac Leuthere Frithugar
Weland Ceolheard Aethelwulf Brithun
Berhtwald of Kinster Alfwold of Sterberg Aelfred of Dunster Hwaetsige of Cwming
Coelfrid of Tredean Heorured of Langgowt Osegod of Llynwych Dunstan of Llanburgh
Weohstan of Kilstead Bardolph of Sutport Ecgred of Caerwick Jurmin of Carpool
Ricbert Foal Frithowulf Skinner Coenwulf Fletcher Godwine Travers
Egwine Chaplin Ordheah Steele Wilmund Fearson Flodwig Webb
Carileph the Page Raedwulf the Toller Wulmar the Warner Hughoc the Hinman
Sexwulf the Trapp Wyard the Seales Beorhtstan the Lush Eadmaer the Hunter

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The compiled names list consisting of the Old Saxon names for males and females are given as under.

Abbi Male Maria Female
Albric Male Ruma Female
Alderd Male Aldburg Female
Abba Female Aldolf Male
Agga  Female Avin  Male 
Irmin Male  Rosalind Female
Radolf Male Ida Female
Thunerulf  Male Gertrude Female
Alaward Male Leonard Male 
Chad Male Ralph Male
Audrey Female Raymond Male
Edith Female Walter Male
Ethel Female Adela  Female
Wilfred Male Henry  Male
Harold Male Hezel Female
Hilda Female Holly Female
Mildred Female Ivy Female
Cuthbert Male Cineburg Male
Edgar Male Adiman Male
Edward Male Alager Male


Brictiua Bothelm Aelfwyn Teowulf
Sunnild Aedilbert Wynflaed Darwin
Eorcengota, wife of Wictgils Aelbehrt Saewynn, wife of Gudram Earconbehrt
Burchwen, wife of Erminus Aethelmaer of Kylethorpe Wenfleda, wife of Ascferth Eorconbeald of Shipdon
Britheue of Astthorp Sexmund of Penley Hildelith of Sudchester Wynfrid of Sutthorpe
Engeleis of Ballthorp Leavold of Langforth Bathild of Sutpool Wulfbeald of Straththorp
Derehild Ward Hygbald Tabor Eanflaed Taverner Ailwin Gage
Eadgyd Carter Cwenburg Key Wychtleth Seal Ewald Warner
Modthryth the Fowler Saebehrt the Wright Burwenna the Trotter Wulfwig the Conner
Osgyth the Cleaver Burghred the Chambers Godelina the Paige Beanstan the Piper


Among the traditional naming culture, Anglo-Saxon is widely adopted by the people. These German or old English derived names can be perfect for your newborn baby. Parents can select a name and make the changes as per their thought of mind that give a perfect sense to the name.

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