The Anglo-Saxons are considered Germanic people. These Germanic people consisted of three major tribes Jute, Angles, and Saxons. Anglo-Saxons were migrants who come from Germany in the 5th and 6th centuries. They settled themselves in England, mainly the eastern region of England. 

The name ‘Anglo-Saxons’ were raised to distinguish these people from who leaves in mainland ‘Germany’. The main language of their communication was Old English. That is why Anglo-Saxons Names were derived from the old English and German language (Choose A Necromancer Name Here)

Anglo-Saxon names are still very popular in England. Many of them have modernized due to the passage of time or cultural change.  If parents are inspired by the Anglo-Saxon culture and looking for an Anglo-Saxon name for their baby then we are offering the list of Saxon names with meaning.


We have come up with the number of Anglo-Saxons names from history. Below is the list of female names rooted from the Anglo-Saxons period, which can helpful for you to decide your baby girl’s name.

Ardith One fighting a good war Hairud She of fame and honor 
Annis Unity Ifield Meaning unknown 
Aswig Ass(God) + wig(war)Jeevika Water
Brona A brown-haired or dark-haired womanKendra Prophetess
Blaedswith From splendour and storng Lyveva A beloved gift 
Bysen Unique Mercia From mercia
Cwenhild From woman and war Mildred Gentle advisor 
Cynewise From family and wise Nelda From the elder trees 
Cwen A born queen Ora Money 
Cyneburg Daughter of a king Orva Brave friend 
Denegyth A healthy,cute and a master of great personalityParkes One who is employed in park 
Daisy Day’s eye Rowena White haired 
Daedbot PenanceSibley Friendly 
Dohtor Daughter Sunn Gift of the sun 
Eadnignes Bliss Tate Pleasant and bright 
Eacnung Bear’s childUdele Wealthy 
Fridiswed One living with peace  Wilda Wild 
Fridiswid One who is with peace Willa Desired 
Gaega A topographic name; hill and stream  Wilone Hoped for 
Haeddi One who deserves something Wihtflaed Means wiht (white )+ flaed (beauty) 
FreomundBritheue, wife of LeodhereHildithryth, wife of BrihtnothHerewynn, wife of Tatuini
Eormenraed of PorthtunBucge, wife of RegnheahBaldethiva, wife of EorcenbehrtBrithreth, wife of Osred
Wimund of SuttonAlfilda of DincardenBeorhtwynn of BrewichOsthryth of Caerbrough
Eanbeorht of NantfosEawyn of NorcardenFrethesant of BalltonSunnild of Auchterhurst
Eadweard FiskeErmenburga TraversSomerhild TrappOslafa Ryder
Hereferth CenturyCwenburh StonierOsthryth CleaverBregeswith Butler
Thraesfrith the SingerEorcongota the MillsWitburh the TuckerBregusuid the Inman
Thrydwulf the ChafferBrithrethe the ShieldsGoderun the KeyGoldrun the Webb


In the below-given list, some names are still used by the people as it was. On the other hand people are also using these names after little modification or change.

Rafael Lives at the elder tree, nobleIden Wealthy 
Bellwether Bright nobilityJeffrey Peaceful gift
Almond Defender of the templeJessen Derived for the baptismal name for the son of judd
Anna Graceful Kendric Fearless leader
Baldwin A bold and beautiful personKenway Brave in war
BrandonOne who is a brave, vigilant personLeof Beloved 
Chadwick They are warriorLufian Love 
Courtney From the enclosed landMagan competent
CamdenFrom the winding valleyMillarOne who grinds grain
Dodson A determined and practical person by natureNorvel From the north
Darwin A good and dear friendNerian Protects 
Everett Somebody who is very brave like a wild boarOrdway Warrior with spear
Eric Wealthy rulerOsbeorn The bear like person
Rudolph A peaceful wolfOsment A good and famous person who loves god
Farm on Traveller Pandragon As powerful as the dragon’s head
Graham A guy from the grey house. Grey is the sign of intelligence.Peterkin Form of Peter, a rock
Grimm The meaning of ‘Grimm’ is a fierce person. The person having the ability to do anything bravely.Rawling An advice of the wolf
Highball A courageous man in the battleRicmann A person who has a power to rule
Hubbard Graceful or shining intellectSherlock Light haired
Hefner He who is like a dark ravenWregan Accuses 
Berhtwald of KinsterAlfwold of SterbergAelfred of DunsterHwaetsige of Cwming
Coelfrid of TredeanHeorured of LanggowtOsegod of LlynwychDunstan of Llanburgh
Weohstan of KilsteadBardolph of SutportEcgred of CaerwickJurmin of Carpool
Ricbert FoalFrithowulf SkinnerCoenwulf FletcherGodwine Travers
Egwine ChaplinOrdheah SteeleWilmund FearsonFlodwig Webb
Carileph the PageRaedwulf the TollerWulmar the WarnerHughoc the Hinman
Sexwulf the TrappWyard the SealesBeorhtstan the LushEadmaer the Hunter


The compiled names list consisting of the Old Saxon names for males and females are given as under.

Agga FemaleAvin Male 
IrminMale RosalindFemale
Thunerulf MaleGertrudeFemale
EthelFemaleAdela Female
WilfredMaleHenry Male
Eorcengota, wife of WictgilsAelbehrtSaewynn, wife of GudramEarconbehrt
Burchwen, wife of ErminusAethelmaer of KylethorpeWenfleda, wife of AscferthEorconbeald of Shipdon
Britheue of AstthorpSexmund of PenleyHildelith of SudchesterWynfrid of Sutthorpe
Engeleis of BallthorpLeavold of LangforthBathild of SutpoolWulfbeald of Straththorp
Derehild WardHygbald TaborEanflaed TavernerAilwin Gage
Eadgyd CarterCwenburg KeyWychtleth SealEwald Warner
Modthryth the FowlerSaebehrt the WrightBurwenna the TrotterWulfwig the Conner
Osgyth the CleaverBurghred the ChambersGodelina the PaigeBeanstan the Piper


Among the traditional naming culture, Anglo-Saxon is widely adopted by the people. These German or old English derived names can be perfect for your newborn baby. Parents can select a name and make the changes as per their thought of mind that give a perfect sense to the name.


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