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Good, Cool, Funny Necromancer Names

Are you in search of an evil necromancer name? Well, necromancy was a practice in which magicians communicate with the dead to gain evil powers. 

Necromancer used evil customs and practices to become more powerful than an ordinary human being. Are not you feeling the terror? So, the name should also be filled with evil feelings and haunting memories.

But don’t you worry, we are here at your support and guide. Following is a large collection of different wizard name ideas both for males and females. Simply choose anyone, ideal for your needs. 

Female necromancer names

Searching for a female necromancer name? Dig into your dead feelings and find out the name. Below is a wide range of different female necromancer names. Choose the one that suits you.

Wild IgravrisDeadly Soul eaterDead red plasmaRed bloody soul
The Sin eater hawkDarky the MadSoven The EvilThe Immortal
The dead evilRed dark shadowMad blood evilMoxaura The Insane
The Red Blood queenTaxis of the DeadVrixor The GorishQueen of fire and blood
Queen of deathlandNelian the undertakerThe death stormMallus The Evil
Laereda The deadthSahilde The CorpseGrabrum The NightfallVrotulah The Undead
Yaurina Alure of EvilsEmaress The nightmareAmohilde Molder of deathMissDeathwhisper
The Pumura CraneGireas The MuteBeihilde the GorishUwradita Anatomy

Necromancer name generator

Krebea The DeadthwhisperMoxuara The AbominationAniobea The ReviverVriovris The Deathstorm
Pibea of evil MaleficumTuroti The Devil stormZragrid The RottingBrisin Morte the deathwhisper
Moughana The MadWromira Howling UmbraMargery Daw darkeMerlin the Mad
Antioch Peverell VerminBob Ogden nightmareRehagan The RottingDoyus The Evil
Cuthbert KarkaroffDoge The Evil SpiritIgor Binns The DeadAmare The Sineater
Salazar Swine SlytherinColin cold CreeveyYireas The Evil SpiritConstructor of dead evils
Morag of HallowXeixaura devil IncarnateMayfair Witches of deathlandStoxiem evil Vacuity
Dead Mad FlandersPablo Swine NecrobarConstance Hardbroom MadChiothum The Necromancer

Still worrying about finding a necromancer name? You need to worry at all. We have a 
necromancer name generator for you. You name it and we have it for you. Different necromancer names are provided below to appeal to your evil spirits.

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Badass necromancer names

Necromancers are regarded as evil, dangerous and frightening people, were annoying. Are you looking for some badass necromancer names? We are here for your help. Our experts have suggested some of the best badass names for necromancers.

Vrazhar The NecromancerWrakar The RottingFester The BlightWoqurThe Paranoid
Xexhin The SineaterThe Evil DecayerStoxiem The MadVemorn The Curropted
Shexor The CorpseAsedulus The UndertakerOdrovok The CorruptedKadulus The Crippled
Shalazar The MuteSeipent The EternalThe Eternal evilThe Black Evil
Spirit of deadsMolazr The DarkThe Dark nightmareThe Dark Vice
Striodan The DeathwhisperVaxir The ConstructedGelekai The DeathhandKredan The Necromancer
Vaudulus The HaggardThe Inquisitor of sinsKing of DeathlandVavash The Haggard
Gitic The DecayerNatulah The CorpseLocia The CorpsemakerThe evil Nightmare

Good necromancer names

Though necromancers perform evil rites to gain powers and strength. They cannot be regarded as good people. But still, we have put some names that are considered as good necromancer names.

Kragami the DecayerSoven The MuteSoven The MuteSoven The Mute
Turoti The RottingGreirina The MadChririna The DecomposerZareas The Blight
Moughana The AdeptNeilian The RottingCedrem Sanguis herminNeilian The Putrid
Sahilde The UndeadProviah The CorruptedCresin The DarkmasterNomirn The Necromancer
Cupeth The RenovatorNelian The NecromancerGreirina The ShadeThe Dark Sorceress
Nazeebo The DarkAgner The SineaterCroucrux The ReanimatorHekai The Living
Sharael The DemonWazor Dark NightshadePuness The CrippledKridrex The Desecrator
Stepeste The SoulreaperPitulah The Evil CorruptorVourina The DecomposerNarcissa the death evil

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Cool necromancer name

Necromancers are human beings who give way to the dark magic of death. They gained strength and powers from the graves. Searching for some cool names? We have made it easy for you. Here is a list of cool necromancer names. You will find them both cool and terrifying.

Strureda The WraithDark EvilUmbraMaxime The DeathwhisperWrerow The Sineater
BoneDock Evil SaintZelig La CroixPaxton Dark RexDylan Cromwell
Killian Raven EvilPetra The SineaterStaumona The DecrepitBringer of nightmares
Melinoe The MadPiocilia The BlightWreireda The MadPriselm Evil Diction
Ustrunoth The GorishFeibetha The ParanoidWapris The MadThe Dead Entity
Horned Preying ScorpionDead Grim BoulderEvil moon deathwhisperDeath Insane figure
Gilgameth Evil MadEdebrix The SoulreaperGourotia The CarverMatriarch Broken Savage
Vicious Mocking BehemothParallel Howler DeathwhisperWild Sun SwineFeline Evil whisper

Funny necromancer names

Necromancers performed evil rituals on the dead bodies. In this way, they gain extra powers more than an ordinary human being. Till now we discussed different ordinary and fearful names for necromancers. But now let us make it funny and humorous. So, here comes a whole range of funny necromancer names. These names will surely leave you laughing.

Burnt Butcher SwineForsaken lich of DeathTangle brute of terrorGrisly cave Sin Eater
Mad black berserkerEcthrois Wild GravesKaiser Death WhisperJinx Hunt Willow
Crisenth of Dead CromwellAshen Borges of MadCaeda Morgan of wildCalamity Lestat reviver
Lucia Vigil Sin eaterClarita Dark MaleficumEstella Tempest Of DarkChurel Destructer Graeme
Supreme Phantom ViperFirion Victor WhisperEcthrois Evil GravesCrimson Horror Vermin
Evasive Mist ViperIvory Warp LynxThe Lone Razorback swineVicious Blight Deathwhisper
Ravaging Nether GargoyleThe Dark Skeletal CorpseStorm Cloud doomFurry jester Hawk
Howling dark grieveThe Skeletal ScreamerThe Ugly haunt devilThe Canine Death Being
Vicious Mocking BehemothParallel Howler DeathwhisperWild Sun SwineFeline Evil whisper

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