Names That Mean Strength

Powerful Baby Names That Mean Strength (With Meanings)

Listed below are baby names that mean  strength, serenity, or wisdom so that your child’s name will constantly remind you of these invaluable qualities.

Here are a few characteristics that practically everyone would agree we need more of in modern society: A little amount of tranquility, fortitude, and sagacity – attributes that, coincidentally, we aim to teach in our newborn boys and girls. You may be drawn to names with meaningful origins if you seek the perfect baby name.

Boy Names That Mean Strength

1.Ethan: Ethan is a boy’s name that historically signifies “strong,” “safe,” and “solid.” It is the name of several notable celebrities, including Ethan Hawke and Ethan Allen, and has Hebrew origins.

2. Max: Max, sometimes shortened from Maximus or Maximilian, signifies “greatest” or “winner.” This, in our perspective, requires considerable strength. Celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez have given their children variants of the name Max.

3. Liam: The name Liam is associated with the meaning “resolute.” It is a variant of William with Irish origins. It was the most popular baby name in 2019.

4. Alexander: The name Alexander is derived from the Greek parts Alexei (to defend, to aid) and Andros (man), which together mean “defender or aider of mankind.” Logically, Alexander the Great was, well, great.

5. Ekon: The origin of the term Ekon is Nigerian and means “strong.” It is a traditional African name often given to boys. We enjoy how it flows off the tongue. The power of the name is audible the moment it is spoken.

Girl Names That Mean Strength

Names That Mean Strength

1. Axel: This powerful-sounding German name means “father of peace.” Although you may recognize Axel Rose as the Guns n’ Roses drummer, Will Ferrell and Tiger Woods also selected this name for their sons.

2.Paxton: You’ll like the adorable nickname “Pax” for this unisex name of Latin origin that means “calm down.”

3. Oliver and Olivia: These baby boy and girl names have topped the charts for consecutive years and represent the olive tree, which represents peace and fruitfulness. For ladies, you could choose the adorable “Olive.”

4.Oz: This Hebrew boy’s name, which evokes the wizard and can stand alone or be shortened to Osborn or Oswald, is very cool! It signifies “strength, God’s fighter.”

5. Barrett: This unisex German name, “as powerful as a bear,” is particularly modern for a baby girl.

6. Valentina: Meaning “strong and healthy,” this Latin variant of Valentine carries the same meaning. It is also the name of the first female astronaut, the Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Strength

1.Everette: This genderless name is derived from the surname Eberhart, which means “brave,” “tough,” or “strong.”

2. Angus: This name has Gaelic origins and signifies “special strength.” Sure, it’s a bit outdated, but Gus is a cute nickname, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Kwan: Kwan is a Korean word meaning “strong” The single syllable creates a name that is both brief and authoritative. This name would be ideal for a baby boy born a fighter.

Names That Mean ‘Strength’ For Little Fighters

1. Kenzo: This Japanese boy’s name is reminiscent of a modern French fashion business and symbolizes “power and health.” Another variant of the Scottish unisex name is Kenzie, which means “wise leader.”

2. Etan: Etan is a less common form of the Hebrew boy’s name Ethan, which means “strong.”

3. Cato:  This kingly Latin name for boys and girls means “all-knowing” or “knowledgeable and wise.”

Names That Mean Power And Strength

Names That Mean Strength

1.Maude: Maude, sometimes written Maud, is a lacy, mauve-tinged name that was enormously popular a century ago but is now hardly used. Some fashionable parents are beginning to pick it again, particularly as a middle name.

2. Brian: The roots of the name Brian are uncertain; however, it is believed to have derived from an Old Celtic word relating to the aristocracy.

3. Archibald: The revised form Archie is so approachable and popular in the British Isles that some parents are now started to contemplate the once-outdated Archibald.

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Names Meaning Strength And Courage

1.Audrina: Audrina is an uncommon variant of the name Audrey that means “noble strength.” The name is both musical and forceful, graceful and imposing.

2. Bridget: Although we have all heard the name Bridget, many of us from Ms. Jones’s most famous diary, its meaning may be less familiar. Bridget is a name with Gaelic roots that means “strong” or “exalted one.”

3. Mandla: This intriguing Bantu name is both forceful and poetic. Mandla is a perfect example of a boy’s name that carries the meanings of powerful and courageous.

4. Willard: Willard, a name with a unique spin on the common “William,” is certain to stick out in a crowd. The origin of the name is German, and its meanings are “resolute” and “brave.” Plus, it has an interesting piece of trivia: Did you know Will Smith’s complete first name is Willard?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name symbolizes strength?

Angus. The Scottish name Angus means “special strength.” The word derives from the Gaelic god of love and youth, Aonghus.

2. What names mean a warrior or strong?

Bhaltair means “strong fighter” in Scottish.

3. What Greek name means strength?

AIMILIOS: A boy’s and a girl’s name, Aimilios, is of Greek origin.

4. What name means strong and powerful?

Similar to the masculine name Valentine, the meaning of Valentina in Latin is “strong” and “powerful.”

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