Fancy Name for your fantasy Dwarf Character

Being dwarf is great; life is pretty great on the shorter side. Having fewer inches doesn’t mean you get the short end of the stick when it comes to enjoying life.

Need a fancy name for your fantasy dwarf character? Here we have the best category of names for you. So if you are scrambling for the great unique name for your character, go through below list of fierce and warrior-worthy dwarf name list that you might use.

Female Dwarf names

Dwarf women are great. Sometimes the best thing comes in small packs. Lacking in the height department will probably always have to deal with life challenging things. But, being a dwarf girl is a blessing. The female dwarf names must always sound fascinating and unique.

Amara Arvia Bagma Kyle Mili Lenora
Dilura Moana Oosel Harinda Ursella Dora
Rasp Linka Scarlet Moira Erla Wasalk
Harisa Ash Biba Scoop Carisma Droga
Zeel Heden Kim Kenna Brana Galina
Brana Dilvina Pete Barb Nile Arvin
Jesi Tinnie Capcy Tacy Lua Cola
Linda Camila Bavola Storm Alinda Eret
Hannah Sephora Tiny Duris Braka Cadadra
Liya Ziva Drake Crop Brarynn Wandra


Dwarf name generator

This dwarf name generator will give you many good dwarf names and options for your fantasy dwarf character. Names tend to be similar to the character. Dwarf character names must show uniqueness and boldness. 

Generate as many names as you want. We have an amazing name generator that could help your dwarf character impart a strong presence during your play or any game. 

Fury zymon Archie Snamnengrid Bottlebrow Serdy Harper
Thessoula Windgranite Visi Oswal Brurgrure Dimspine Sigga
Strondrungrid Hornbrewer Ragna Lara Ushur Pepperfry
Rial Jade blue Merv Omaira Tahan
Baby Bobby Brown Ellen Akoudrid Dimfeet Sarella Yalk Nora
Runira Bakrehilde Browncloak Obara Ralvina Liz
Brousgronelynn Silverhand Rervia Scara Waterloom Yara Umildrabyrn Fierydelver
Sishan Torestitelyn Goldenhorn Zerin Quoira Urtha
Rossie Elmrutelin Drakejaw Yuri Alfonmuigit Jadeheart Erikhaegit Copperfeet

Male dwarf names 

Can’t find the suitable name, search for another as we have names for male dwarfs. Mighty and impressive dwarf names could also be used for fictional characters that you might want to use.

When it comes to naming the characters, compromising is pretty absurd, especially when it’s a male character. The impact drawn by the name should be as strong as that of the character.

To make it more catchy and unique, we have listed the most popular and famous dwarf names that will suit your fantasy dwarf character.  

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Magmabender Potter Greybane Beastaxe Pebblemaster
Pebbleshield AxeheartChainbranch Esterfest Haziz Scotty
Barrelbraid Silverbringer Blessedview Ingotcoat Beastbrewer
Runebeard Jadeflayer Trollback Aweswoard Twilightbender
Grayhand Chandler Earthrock Berylheart Koboldbelly
Tyrion Emberchest Runebeard Flinthand Bronzepike
Battlegrip Klene Kragmaster Gatos Metalcoat


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Mountain dwarf names

These mountain dwarves are more reclusive and only focus on mining, forging, and crafting. It is well known that a mountain dwarf is born in armor. Strike dread into the hearts of your adversaries by selecting a furious and powerful dwarf name.

Fender Damia Marine Samson Andra
Mauser Arya Rowan Heath Blazer
Charger Caesar Hooper Hawk Mauser
Ranger Rhodes Scout Trooper Walther
Beretta Bear Lobo Rex Sable
Redheart Fieryhelm Forgefall Little Adams
Clovar Scob Flit Lige Fierce
Bruin Colt Odi Tob Blue

Hill Dwarf Names

Hill dwarfs are the most unique variety of dwarfs. They favor earth tones in their clothing and prefer simple and comfortable garb. The skin can be very dark, but it is always some shade of tan or brown. The hair color can be black, gray, or sometimes brown. Hill dwarfs are average 4 feet tall and weigh as much as adult humans.

When you want your dwarf character to play a devilish role in the play, you can give them any of these awesome names which you find suitable.

Let’s see some hill dwarf names below.

Magmaflayer Stormmantle Honorrock Runehelm Hillarmour
Beast Widget Sand Swab Dutch
Rover Meet Ballistic Plake Fury
Uproar Furor Demented Wrath Mania
Ghostshell Estrophus Savage Frenzy Schizo
Rage Derange Ire Madness Manic

Famous dwarf names

In movies like Seven Dwarfs and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, dwarfs played a major and significant role. Even the most popular show Game of Thrones had a dwarf character. Due to his diplomatic nature, he stole the show and impressed millions of people. 

Thus, what about you want to be a famous dwarf character and wanted a cool name? Here is a complete list of good dwarf names for you.

Dori Grumpy Goblin Dopey Cherry littlebottom
Diggums Little Sheriff Iron foundersson Dumbledore Bugman
Dwalin Fíli Lannister Bofur Balin

Here, we have all the categories ranging from mountain dwarf names to the most badass names. Pick the best and impactful name for your fantasy character. Don’t wait.

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