Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions

Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions

As individuals become new parents, they face a new challenge, naming their kids. A name is very essential, as they become the identity of the kids in the days to come. Thus, for parents its important to come up with names that their kids are going to be proud about. 

It’s a good thing that parents have a lot of options while naming their kids. While some parents choose to aide by the family names, others look for inspiration from around the world, like places they visited, their honeymoon destination, and such other things. In that light, we have names like London, Paris, Florence, and much more. 

Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions

While it is a good idea, naming your kid after Gods and mythological characters can have a lasting impression. Your kids will grow up to know the powers of these Gods and Goddesses and will try to live up to their name, thereby becoming successful human beings. Though it sounds too deep now, naming your kids after mythological characters does have its benefits. 

Orion Arthur Aeson Isolde
Echo Nyx Ammon Chloe
Chloris Anat Deirdre Demetra
Aria Charon Diva Eros
Atlas Erato Endymion Melaina
Alvis Aditya Damocles Triton
Troy Bellona Oya Finola
Eachna Lance Lachesis Medea
Bran Damon Yaritza Wak
Delia Amphion Eudora Leto

However, where do you find so many names that mean Goddess in one place? Does it mean you have to hunt tons of books? Of course not, we have researched for you, and here are the results. (Also Choose Creative Ideas for Scary name for Monsters)

Goddess Names For Girls

If you look at the various mythologies from around the world you will see that there were quite a few powerful Goddesses with beautiful names, just ideal for your baby girl. Here are a few to look into. 

Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions
Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions
Harmonia Chryses Dylan Belinda
Kyron Cael Mars Cerberus
Ceres Artemis Cephalus Grendel
Cepheus Morgan Claudia Makena
Sif Amy Gwenn Melanthios
Calypso Pax Althea Thanatos
Wieland Euphrosyne Astraea Briseis
Phyllis Davy Perseus Flora
Melanie Persephone Pistis Kallisto
Demetria Fiona Demi Grace

Goddess Names For Boys

Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions
Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions

Like Godesses, the Gods too are mighty and all-powerful. Its time to pick an ideal God name for your little mischief-maker. 

Diane Daedalus Andreas Evander
Iris Marian Camilla Helen
Eithne Cassandra Hector Ithica
Paris Leander Apollo Aeolus
Dion Zephyr Danna Bia
Helios Adrasteia Paul Neoptolemus
Fauna Theseus Adrastos Ulysses
Isadora Sabrina Freyja Melissa
Phaedra Maddox Vesta Kai
Aphrodite Argos Phaenna Terpsichore

Things To Consider While Naming Your Kid

Naming your kids is not easy, especially since it is something that is going to last forever. In that light here are a few things that must be considered before you pick out names for your baby. 

Pop reference

Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions

Before you begin the name selection process, consider the pop reference of the name. Has the name been used in some books, movies, or songs before? It’s okay if it’s a classic, but if you select a name that has been used in a chick flick movie then maybe it is going to get very annoying for your kids later in life. 

Callistro Dillion Aeron Glaucus
Diarmaid Ajax Marcus Arjun
Harmony Zaria Eos Dionysius
Demeter Corbin Phoebe Anahi
Isis Leda Rhiannon Hestia
Freya Iacchus Poseidon Tethys
Troilus Nero Olwen Achilles
Easter Andromeda Irene Julius
Gawain Gaia Owen Vivian
Alcippe Brontes Juno Penelope

Length of the name

Even while choosing baby goddess names, make sure you opt for names that are short, for instance, Loki, though it might not be a good idea to name your kid after the Norse God of mischief! The point is that the kids should be able to remember their name, and in that light the length of the name becomes important. 

The popularity of name

The popularity of the name matters, even for Goddess baby names. Though you should not select a name that is way too common but selecting a popular name is going to give your kids that leverage in school and they are going to be confident about their name and that is important. (Also Choose Witch Names With Meaning)

Aubrey Hera Cressida Anemone
Morpheus Maximus Lilith Alethea
Felicity Thalia Evadne Cynthia
Cian Elaine Lorelei Loki
Osiris Guinevere Tom Xana
Aither Ares Celeste Anne
Britt Tristan Doris Demetrius
Enid Kana Anubis Jason
Kalliope Selene Balder Sylvia
Ianthe Angus Diana Semele

Easy to pronounce

Cool & Catchy Goddess Name Ideas & Suggestions

While selecting Baby Goddess Names make sure that the name you decide upon is easy to pronounce. Often mythological names are difficult for kids to say since they are complicated. Thus try to select names that do not involve a lot of alphabets. 


Naming kids can be an entertaining activity. Of course, it is never quick since you have to shortlist again and again till you find the ideal name. However, if you have a clear goal, to begin with, it will not be that difficult to find a suitable name for your kid.