200+ Cool & Catchy Dating Business Name Ideas

A dating app helps users find someone involved in developing a romantic relationship. Internet dating has been seen as a desperate last chance to find a life partner for single men. 

That is no longer the case. Online dating company now thrives on the back of rising numbers of people from all walks of life using these platforms to find their soul mate.


How exactly would you do to select an appropriate name for your new dating company? Dating is all about positive feelings of hope, happiness, and joy.

Creative Dating Business Name Ideas

Dating is a thriving business, as people are finding new friends and partners in life. A curated list of new names for your dating company is provided here. (Also Choose Gamertags Idea for Girls)

JuicyBuys Dating Passion Purrfectladies Business Wish
Business Transition Business Flame Dating Lift Business Spire
Business Influence LoveToFlirt Dating Citadel Dating Flow
Business Faithful Business Administrate Dating Mesh Dating Arouse
Dating Flirt Business Desire Dating Dash Dating Support
Business Discover Dating Engine Business Vista Business Up
Business Persona Dating Partners Meeting Of Hearts Dating Social
Datry Dating Dynamic Business Agitator Businessops
himnother Businessgenics Businessvio Business Allied
Business Agent Dating Loop CareplusClinic Dating Think

Concentrate on your target clients when naming your dating site. Who is the best customer for you? Get an exact answer to that. While some dating websites target teenagers, some target mid-age people, and some target older genes.

Inspiring Dating Business

So, the first thing is determining who’s going to visit your dating site? Keeping in mind your target market, choose a name.

Lovely Flirt Dating Syndicate Dating Ecstasy Businessex
Dating Insta ClickHeart Business Promo Dating Spellbound
Dating Romeo pawesomematch Dating Faithful Dating Sense
Business Quest Anotherfirstlove Businessly Dating Pitch
btrateggcf Dating Entice Dating Perfect Business Forge
Mustlovebarks Dating Tag Business Nurture Business Tight
Business Token LeaderMentor Dating Traffic Business Entangle
Dating Engaged Business Indicator Dating Wire Business Generate
Amarta Business Paramount Business Pursue Dating Hypnotic
Business Bloom Dating Source Supergeeker Dating Link


For example, you can choose a humorous name for audiences below the age of 30 but for those above the age of 60 go for a serious and sophisticated name. The name itself shows which group of customers has been targeted for the platform.

Inspiring Dating Business Name Ideas

It’s critical that you go through some inspiring dating world business name. You will definitely get an idea of what a business name would be like for dating. (Also Choose NGO Names Here)

Simple Dating Business
Dating Entrance Dating Forge Business Absolute Business Together
Business Concord Dating Push Dating Chase Dating Find
Dating Soul Art Of Dating Flirtperfect Dating Cornerstone
Dating Pursuit Dating Origin Dating Sustained Business Sweet
Dating Build NewsFrontline Dating Soulmate Dating Enchant
UnrealAdventures Business Share Dating Intel Datverse
Dating Point Dating Guider Dating Viral Learnmatic
Loveliveslong Sweet Love innovmtion Business Primer
Dating Impulse Here Comes Love Meet Me ZuperDeals
Business Foster Business Origin Dating Pillar Business Found

Check out some influential business names from the dating industry for a good look. You get some insight into how a name would look like. 

Note that the first requirement for developing your dating logo design is an inspirational business name which will be your core visual identity.

Simple Dating Business Name Ideas

The name you choose for your dating business ought to be special and easy. Trying to pronounce, spelling, and writing should be easy. You should choose a simple name with a logo design which is easy to remember.

200+ Cool & Catchy Dating Business Name Ideas
Dating Institute Business Arrow findmyhim StartingHost
PandaFriend Dating Honest Business Arrange Datable
Business Traffic Business More Business Dynamic Dating Destiny
Dating Unique Business Faith Dating Peak Fullywooly
Business Plan Business Special Dating Persona Dating Funnel
Business Juliet Dating Impression Dating Strive Business Crusade
Business Velocity FashionGlitter Business Inform Dating Spire
Business Motion Dating Turn Key Datque Dating Happy
Business Pursuit Lastinlove weddingDing Dating Desire
hismate luvtruly Business Advantage Dating Progress

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Emotional Dating Business Name Ideas

Although you can use some terms to build new terms that can suit your dating company, emotion-filled words can also be used. 

Dating Share Dating Action Dating TRUE Business Know
Dating Enhanced Dating Model Dating Grace Business Flow
imart Dating Target Business Tag Dating Amor
Businessoont Business Match LovelyMeet Dating Real
Business Powerhouse Business Sprout Businessonus Business Infinite
Dating Elevate Get Us Together Datjet Dating Strip
Dating Multiply Business Reinvent GoFlirting Dating Fancy
PhotographyFx Business Sweetheart DatingManiacs Datx
Dating Guide Dating Aspire Business Professional Business Fond
Dating Cohort Dating Joy Business Strip DatingNotes
Emotional Dating Business

There are words that evoke compassion and affection, and that quickly grab people’s attention. Make sure that the emotional words in your company name are reflected in your company logo too. So, pick words wisely.

Trendy Dating Business Name Ideas

Every business venture seeks ways to make a name out of itself. A symbol is people’s perceptions. If your target market perceives your company as a favorable rating, then it shows your brand’s authenticity.

Businessworks Business Honest Dating Worldwide Dating Strategy Dating Powerhouse
Comfaststr Dating Search Dating Rose Dating Discover Dating Deep
Dating Paramount ReflexNews Business Adapt Business Social pawsmeow
55inlove Business Globe LovingmyBaby Dating Excite Dating Devote
ReleaseBeauty Businessarc Dating Lust furyflirty Business Real
Dating Special Business Push Business Vital Meet & Live Forever Dating Interactive
Dating Invest Business Rose Dating Pulse Business Cheeky Business Wild
Business Wired eyeonhim Business Hypnotic Business Sight Dating Horizon
Joyride Business Heaven innovftion BargainHype hunkslove
Business Steamy Dating Spark Knowdad Business Outlook Dating Decision
Emotional Dating Business

Also, choose a name no one could misinterpret. Most significantly, ensure that the name is kept free from any sexual connotations. 

Remember that your dating site’s impressive username will make an excellent first impression on the public about your business.


Your dating business needs a simple but unique name that helps you to project your services among the target audience as a reliable brand. When it is available as a trademark and domain name, a memorable and easily understood name is nice too. Such a name is ideal, with a social handle.

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