Indian Horse Names

Indian Horse Names

A horse is a majestic creature. It is a symbol of strength, agility, beauty, and power. Owning a beautiful horse is equal to owning an asset. The kings, in ancient times, always took great pride in having a large stable. The stories of the legendary kings and their most beloved and favorite stallion are always captivating. Indian Horse Names

Thus, the importance of a horse in one’s life cannot be undermined. Horses have always played a major role in the life of human beings. Be it the battlegrounds, sports or transportation, horses have become a pragmatic part of the human civilization.

Indian Horse Names

Undeniably, naming a horse is also a very prominent decision to make. Naming your pet is a sign of respect. It also indicates the inclusivity in the intent. Therefore, it can be a tedious task and for some, it is like naming their own child.  

As you have decided to own  a horse you need to give it a name which may depict the love of you for the horse. And also when we name something or someone we get emotionally attached to them. Out of love and benevolence we name them.So there are certain tips focusing on which you can keep a name for your horse.

Need for naming a horse-

  1.  Homely touch- When you give a special name to something or someone it gives a homely touch to that animal. Your very pet feels homely and passionate and thinks that he belongs to you and is thus a part of your family that is a good gesture.
  2. Distinguish among the rest- When you are in a crowd than you can easily call out your horse’s name and see how fast your horse will come to you. It is because of the identity that you have given to your horse.
  3. Respecting nature- It generally does not look nice when people call you by some uncommon word as it sounds to be rude similarly animals do not like it when you address them by horse again and again. So giving them a name is a good thing as they people some respect and attachment as well.

So these were certain needs for which you should keep a name for your horse. Now moving ahead we have compiled a certain list for you that gives you an ample amount of names for your horse.

Tips for keeping horse’s name-

Here are a few examples and tips that will guide you in deciding the perfect name for your stallion

Indian Horse Names
Indian Horse Names
  1. Select according to the personality- Even animals do have a personality so when you are keeping a name for your horse give focus over the personality of your horse. Personality represents your horse and so it’s name.
  2. Keep in mind the gender- When you are keeping a name of your horse keep in mind the gender of your horse and then name accordingly, If your horse is male than select a manly name and if it is female than select a womanly name.
  3.  Name should be short and interesting- The name which you are thinking to keep of your horse should be very much captive . interesting so that when others listen to it they can understand that this must be a name of a horse. So choose wisely.

So these were certain tips on the basis of which you can keep the name of your horse. Now after going through the tips, we have something for you which relates to why you should name your horse? Or what is the need for a naming horse? So here we underline some basic needs for naming a horse-

Girls Female Horses names

Female horses in the Indian society hold a very prominent position, due to its one of the most important tasks. Yes, you guessed it right, carrying the grom to the bride’s home on the day of the wedding. It is an age-old ceremony that is followed in every wedding function in India. A few female horse names ideas are as follows:-

Indian Horse Names
Indian Horse Names
Daisy jayanti Fairy Cotton
chameli vasanta Wings Silver
Rosey chetana Pretty Deer
Champa Ruhi Corn Spirit
Victoria megha Hopi Duck
Sofia juhi Ponca Mika
Laila raveena Rain Dove
Bijli sushma Baby Fawn
Chandana Earth Fox Inola
vasa Blue Butterfly Utina


dian Crisp Names Wedge Names Cave
Indian Binge Indian Forage Indian Place
Indian Cuisine Names Flavor Indian Savor
Names Stand Horse Uptown Indian Boy
Indian Cave Indian Dude Horse Lounge
Names Grove Horse Gnaw Names Sensation
Names Street Names Appetite Indian Divine
Names Palate Names Perfection Horse Smash
Names Whole Names Dashing Indian Gnaw
Horse Binge Horse Basket Indian Feed
Indian Slice Names Citron Horse Crumb
Indian Dashing Horse Grill Indian Stand
Horse Wedge Names Takeout Horse Palate
Names Munchies Horse Smack Indian Hearty
Indian Edulis Indian Crave Horse Baked
Indian Dine Indian Bit Horse Served
Horse Galore Horse Hideout Horse Zest
Names Barons Indian Spices Horse Dockside
Horse Scrumptious Indian Dockside Horse Gala
Indian Fantasy Names Binge Indian Chef
Horse Bite Indian Dip Names Safety
Names Sumo Indian Chopped Horse Dished
Horse Devine Indian Baby Indian Wish
Names Smack Indian Devine Names Juicy
Horse Hungry Horse Accent Indian Ranch
Names Sumo Indian Chow Indian Juicy
Names Service Horse Wish Names Bite
Indian Baked Names Binge Indian Secret
Names Barons Names Scrumptious Indian Wave
Indian Spices Horse Forage Horse Fantasy
Horse Fuel Names Uptown Names Classics
Names Served Indian Chopped Names Split
Horse Gusto Indian Feast Horse Baked
Names Fix Horse Whole Horse Sumo
Indian Cave Horse Hole Horse Fix
Names Local Horse Strip Names Strip
Horse Factory Indian Hotspot Horse Reservation
Horse Acclaimed Indian Takeout Names Lion
Horse Barons Indian Bazaar Names Wedge
Horse Fiery Indian Sumo Horse Cater
Indian Accent Indian Bite Names Acclaimed
Horse Citron Horse Chow Indian Slice
Indian Hideaway Names Lounge Indian Presto
Indian Lord Indian Appetite Indian Busters
Indian Safety Indian Cuts Indian Hilltop
Horse Fiesta Names Dashing Names Captain
Indian Scrumptious Indian Magma Horse Chef
Horse Lane Names Smoke Horse Bang
Indian Cater Names Takeout Names Takeout
Indian Zest Horse Tasty Horse Tasty
  • Names Hot
  • Names Diced
  • Indian Split
  • Indian Scrumptious
  • Names Grill
  • Horse Yummy
  • Horse Feast
  • Horse Bazaar
  • Horse Barons
  • Horse Busters
  • Names Wave
  • Names Fed
  • Indian Takeout
  • Names Cut
  • Names Story
  • Horse Grove
  • Horse Hotspot
  • Horse Dude
  • Horse Juicy
  • Names Upscale
  • Indian Yummy
  • Horse Roll
  • Names Served
  • Horse Appetite
  • Horse Cantina
  • Indian Wedge
  • Horse Lion
  • Indian Carte
  • Horse Grove
  • Indian Fury
  • Horse Upscale
  • Horse Dockside
  • Horse Bite
  • Horse Savor
  • Horse Wrap
  • Indian Aladdin
  • Horse Purist
  • Indian Gusto
  • Indian Lounge
  • Names Crispy
  • Horse Devine
  • Horse Secret
  • Names Hideaway
  • Horse Dashing
  • Names Stake
  • Horse Diced
  • Names Cuisine
  • Horse Festive
  • Indian Busters
  • Names Flame

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Boy Male Horse Names

Of course, the names are the primary indicator of gender in animals. Good horse names can be difficult to find and deciding upon unique male horse names can be tricky. Names can be chosen as per the breed, color or even a particular characteristic. You can also consider the names of the famous horse of the kings. Some examples of unique male horse names are:-

Chetak Raju Chinu Lulu
Sheru Vishal Chunky Suki
Cheetah dharmendra Hawk Nobi
Ajeet Vijay Pigeon Jack
Bari Abjeet Snooky Jackey
Jeetu abhimanyu Unicorn Lomas
Teja Parti Oman Taini
Khiladi Tendulkar Okaya Goga
Akshay Star Sandy Kasa
Sonu Chiku Chiknu Thunder
Names Feast Indian Bash Indian Bash
Indian Carte Names Bash Names Bash
Indian Herbed Horse Palace Horse Palace
Names Lane Indian Divine Indian Divine
Indian Abundance Indian Superior Indian Superior
Names Cuts Names Lounge Names Lounge
Horse Hideaway Indian Hotspot Indian Hotspot
Horse Takeout Horse Fuel Horse Fuel
Indian Galore Names Toss Names Toss
Indian Crispy Horse Busters Horse Busters
Indian Binge Horse Festive Horse Festive
Indian Fine Horse Dockside Horse Dockside
Horse Safety Horse Galore Horse Galore
Indian Grove Names You Names You
Names Bang Indian Factory Indian Factory
Names Treehouse Horse Hearty Horse Hearty
Names Nouveau Horse Fiesta Horse Fiesta
Names Superior Horse Wish Horse Wish
Names Minty Names Fiery Names Fiery
Horse Bash Indian Crave Indian Crave
Indian Gala Indian Feast Indian Feast
Indian Munchies Horse Dished Horse Dished
Indian Boy Names Classics Indian Minty
Indian Fodder Indian Munchies Names Fantasy
Names Safety Indian Palate Horse Cut
Horse Flame Horse Classics Names Feast
Indian Hilltop Horse Roll Horse Garnish
Names Hideout Names Dashing Names Aladdin
Indian Spices Horse Crave Names Juicy
Indian Palace Indian Central Horse Board
Horse Citron Names Garnish Names Ranch
Horse Spices Names Roll Indian Traditional
Indian Stand Indian Toss Indian Zest
Indian Abundance Horse Feast Horse Dip
Indian Barge Horse Fury Horse Baby
Indian Appetite Names Dine Horse Stake
Horse Munchies Indian Split Indian Bash
Indian Hungry Horse Chef Horse Lucha
Indian Ambrosial Indian Slice Horse Galore
Indian Midnight Indian Garnish Horse Smash
Indian Bit Horse Fed Horse Cave
Horse Aladdin Horse Upscale Names Crispy
Horse Magma Horse Diced Horse Lounge
Indian Tale Horse Edulis Indian Sumo
Horse Joyous Names Bit Names Factory
Indian Street Indian Fiery Names Gusto
Names Aladdin Names Grove Names Dine
Horse Feast Horse Treehouse Names Grub
Indian Hut. Names Stake Names Grill
Horse Perfection Names Fury Horse Spicy
  • Names Savor
  • Names Spicy
  • Names Uptown
  • Horse Flavor
  • Indian Hungry
  • Names Presto
  • Names Herbed
  • Indian Roll
  • Indian Story
  • Indian Relish
  • Horse Spices
  • Indian Ambrosial
  • Indian Baby
  • Indian Stack
  • Names Hearty
  • Indian Takeout
  • Horse Lion
  • Indian Dip
  • Names Flavor
  • Horse Factory
  • Names Aladdin
  • Names Chop
  • Horse Hut
  • Names Basket
  • Names Baby
  • Indian Connoisseur
  • Horse Uptown
  • Indian Bite
  • Names Cater
  • Indian Joyous
  • Indian Lord
  • Horse Fiesta
  • Indian Wave
  • Names Busters
  • Horse Reservation
  • Horse Divine
  • Horse Hilltop
  • Indian Citron
  • Names Lounge
  • Indian Dished
  • Horse Havana
  • Horse Accent
  • Horse Story
  • Indian Lounge
  • Horse You
  • Indian Cellar
  • Horse Zest
  • Horse Crispy
  • Indian Crumb
  • Indian Fodder

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Black Horse Names

Black horses possess a class of their own and a grace that catches everyone’s attention. Where a male black horse is a symbol of masculinity, a female black horse symbolizes beauty and power. A few examples of Black horse name ideas are:-

Indian Horse Names
Indian Horse Names
Dua Raja Bagheera Smokey
Diljeet Gabbar Ashoka Dilbagh
Don Midnight Sikandar Black
Angel Bellastar Black Shadow Blacky
Angela Black Black Star Charity
Bella Black Jack Black Pearl Choko
Chocolate Dancy Dark Shado Darky
Crow Dark Darki Dawn
Dancer Dark Angel Darko Dawny
Dusk Dusky Dynamo Ebonian
Names Sizzle Horse Fiery Horse Aladdin
Names Uptown Names Chop Horse Barge
Indian Galore Names Cuisine Names Hotspot
Names Local Names Lucha Horse Accent
Names Acclaimed Horse Dip Indian Grub
Indian Smack Indian Tasty Names Roll
Indian Classics Indian Stand Horse Fantasy
Horse Herbed Horse Scrumptious Horse Chopped
Names Hideout Names Smack Names Barge
Names You Horse Basket Indian Dine
Names Magma Names Baked Names Spices
Horse Crisp Indian Fiery Horse Wish
Indian Savor Indian Traditional Horse Barons
Indian Magma Indian Chopped Names Fed
Names Stand Indian Cuts Horse Smoke
Names Hideaway Indian Bro Names Fuel
Names Bang Indian Feast Horse Fiesta
Indian Cellar Indian Safety Indian Cuisine
Names Slice Indian Purist Indian Hot
Horse Hideaway Names Chopped Indian Smoke
Indian Uptown Indian Ahead Indian Asset
Names Palate Indian Aim Indian Atlas
Indian Accent Indian Akin Indian Attic
Names Binge Indian Ality Indian Atto
Names Fiery Indian All-Star Indian Aura
Names Presto Indian Alliance Indian Aurora
Indian Alluring Indian Allure Indian Avatar
Names Grove Indian Alpha Indian Ave
Names Barons Indian Ammo Indian Aver
Indian Feast Indian Angel Indian Awards
Horse Roll Indian Answer Indian Aware
Horse Traditional Indian Answers Indian Awry
Indian About Indian Anything Indian Axen
Indian Absolute Indian Anytime Indian Axis
Indian Accelerate Indian Anywhere Indian Azure
Indian Ace Indian Apex Indian Balance
Indian Action Indian Aqua Indian Bard
Indian Active Indian Archive Indian Bargains
Indian Advisor Indian Archives Indian Basement
Indian Aegis Indian Argent Indian Beast
Indian After Indian Arid Indian Begin
Indian Agents Indian Ark Indian Bench
Indian Agile Indian Article Indian Benefits
Indian Ague Indian Articles Indian Best
Indian Busk Indian Channels Indian Companies
Indian Buster Indian Charm Indian Comparison
Indian Butterfly Indian Chart Indian Compass
Indian Buyer Indian Charter Indian Complex
Indian Buys Indian Charts Indian Concept
Indian Bytes Indian Check Indian Connect
  • Indian Ranch
  • Names Feed
  • Horse Flavor
  • Names Hilltop
  • Names Cuts
  • Horse Fix
  • Horse Abundance
  • Horse Dished
  • Horse Dude
  • Names Bit
  • Indian Aladdin
  • Horse Edulis
  • Indian Chop
  • Horse Stake
  • Horse Brew
  • Indian Gusto
  • Indian Presto
  • Horse Local
  • Horse Slice
  • Names Dashing
  • Indian Bevy
  • Indian Beyond
  • Indian Blaster
  • Indian Blessed
  • Indian Blink
  • Indian Bliss
  • Indian Bloom
  • Indian Blox
  • Indian Boards
  • Indian Bold
  • Indian Bonus
  • Indian Boost
  • Indian Born
  • Indian Boss
  • Indian Bow
  • Indian Box
  • Indian Breezy
  • Indian Brig
  • Indian Brite
  • Indian Brokers
  • Indian Browse
  • Indian Browser
  • Indian Bucks
  • Indian Bureau
  • Indian Dart
  • Indian Dash
  • Indian Daub
  • Indian Dawn
  • Indian Days
  • Indian Defence

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Famous Horse Names from Movies

We all live in world of fantasy. We often copy what is shown in movies or daily soaps . So some very famous horse names from movies are as follows-

Indian Cache Indian Checker Indian Connection
Indian Calculator Indian Chimp Indian Conscious
Indian Camo Indian Choice Indian Control
Indian Campaign Indian Circles Indian Core
Indian Capital Indian Cities Indian Cost
Indian Capitol Indian City Indian Courses
Indian Care Indian Classic Indian Craft
Indian Case Indian Claw Indian Crafter
Indian Caster Indian Clever Indian Crawler
Indian Catalyst Indian Clone Indian Create
Indian Catcher Indian Cloud Indian Creators
Indian Cavil Indian Clubs Indian Crimson
Indian Cent Indian Clutch Indian Crossover
Indian Centers Indian Collect Indian Crown
Indian Centric Indian Collection Indian Cupid
Indian Century Indian Collections Indian Curb
Indian Certified Indian Collective Indian Cygen
Indian Champion Indian Collector Indian Czar
Indian Doup Indian Energy Indian Energy
Indian Downtown Indian Enjoy Indian Enjoy
Indian Dr Indian Equality Indian Equality
Indian Dream Indian Equinox Indian Equinox
Indian Dreaming Indian Essence Indian Essence
Indian Drift Indian Essential Indian Essential
Indian Drip Indian Exact Indian Exact
Indian Drive Indian Excellent Indian Excellent
Indian Dynamic Indian Exciting Indian Exciting
Indian Earnings Indian Exotic Indian Exotic
Indian Earth Indian Expert Indian Expert
Indian Eco Indian Experts Indian Experts
Indian Ecru Indian Explosion Indian Explosion
Indian Eden Indian Express Indian Express
Indian Edge Indian Factor Indian Factor
Indian Effective Indian Fans Indian Fans
Indian Efficiency Indian Faqs Indian Faqs
Indian Efficient Indian Fard Indian Fard
Indian Elevate Indian Faro Indian Faro
Indian Elite Indian Fast Indian Fast
Indian Emotion Indian Faux Indian Faux
Indian Empire Indian Favorite Indian Favorite
Indian End Indian Feature Indian Feature
Indian Energise Indian Feedback Indian Feedback
Indian Friendly Indian Gawk Indian Go
Indian Frig Indian Geeks Indian Golden
Indian Frisson Indian Genie Indian Gory
Indian Froe Indian Genius Indian Goto
Indian Fusion Indian Global Indian Grabber
Indian Gap Indian Glow Indian Grace
Indian Gate Indian Glum Indian Grand
Indian Gator Indian Glut Indian Graph
Tornado – Zorro’s Horse Name
The Black Stallion- Horse name in Black Stallion
Basanti – Name in Sholay Movie
Black Beauty
Chetak – Name of Maharana Pratap Horse
Toofan – Used in movie Azooba
Blaze King
Joey – Horse name in War Horse
Seabiscuit – Horse name in Seabiscuit
  • Indian Delight
  • Indian Delta
  • Indian Demand
  • Indian Den
  • Indian Dept
  • Indian Designs
  • Indian Details
  • Indian Digest
  • Indian Direct
  • Indian Director
  • Indian Directory
  • Indian Discounts
  • Indian Discovery
  • Indian Dish
  • Indian Display
  • Indian Division
  • Indian Dollar
  • Indian Doozy
  • Indian Energy
  • Indian Enjoy
  • Indian Equality
  • Indian Equinox
  • Indian Essence
  • Indian Essential
  • Indian Exact
  • Indian Excellent
  • Indian Exciting
  • Indian Exotic
  • Indian Expert
  • Indian Experts
  • Indian Explosion
  • Indian Express
  • Indian Factor
  • Indian Fans
  • Indian Faqs
  • Indian Fard
  • Indian Faro
  • Indian Fast
  • Indian Faux
  • Indian Favorite
  • Indian Feature
  • Indian Feedback
  • Indian Happy
  • Indian Harvest
  • Indian Haven
  • Indian Head
  • Indian Headquarters
  • Indian Heart
  • Indian Heaven
  • Indian Herb
Indian Horse Names
Indian Horse Names


Naming your pet, be it a cat, dog, horse or a cow can a very personal decision to make. It creates a very home-like feeling and indicates the love you have for your animal. For some, their pets are like a part of their family and hence, prime importance is given in naming. Hopefully, the above-given names and tips will efficiently guide you in selecting an interesting and attractive name for your horse that defines its personality and also accentuate its status. Utilize the above advice and find the best name for your stallion.

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