Massage Therapy Business Names

Who wouldn’t love to get a head massage? Or a full body massage? Despite all the stress and fatigue a person experiences, he/she would love to get a massage to relieve their bodies. And, if you’re planning on opening your own massage center or a spa center then you’re blessed! 

Massage Therapy Business Names
Massage Therapy Business Names

Never undervalue this business as it’s the best job or business you can get into due to its rapid demand in today’s world. Managing a spa center is easier when you have professional masseuse/masseur to lead your business with rapid popularity and success. This isn’t possible until you have a good name for your massage business. Thus, here we have a list of spa business names for you!

Massage Therapy Business Names

Naming a business is important as the name serves as an identity for the business. Naming a business is not only for the legal aspect but also for promotion and attracts the customers. The name must stand for the benefits that the company offers, and it must set you apart from your customers.

The name mustn’t be common, and one must also make sure that there is no other business near your business establishment that resembles the name of your business. The name must be catchy and also serve as an invitation to the client.

Full Body TreatMuscle MasterPrecious Pearls Day SpaTranquil Times
Full Body ForceLoosened LimbsSerene Waters Day SpaBreathing Bounty
Happy Hands MassageTender MusclesPrecious Petals Day SpaJust Breathe Spa
Daily Day SpaSerenity SpaOutdoor Oasis SpaDaytime Delight
Meaningful MassageDay Spa DevotionUrban Oasis SpaRoyal Treatments
Healing Hands MassageDevoted Day SpaSit And SavorMomentary Masterpiece
Power Pose MassageJust RelaxThe Urban UnwindMasterpiece Massage
Total Body TreatmentRelax RevolutionUnwind On A DimeMassage Masters
Total RelaxationMassage MasteryTrusted TouchSavor The Spa
Rollover RemedyThe Great RejuvenateTranquil WatersLoosen Up To Unwind

By seeing the company name, a client must know all about the services that you offer, and hence this must serve as an invitation to your client. To name a business one must always think about the adjectives that you want the business to represent. To figure out any companies name you need to do some brainstorming, fret not we have the list of catchy massage therapy business names.

Catchy Creative Massage Therapy Business Names

Let’s RelaxHappy AcresMassage MavensMassage Masters
The healing hands.Tingling TouchMassage DeliveryGods Hands
The Delight Day SpaHeavenly TouchMajor MassageSilent Whispers
Spaahbulous and MoreHands OnThriving Muscles MassageMindbodyspirit Massage
SparadiseHappy FingersHands On HealingElite Massagers
The fountain of youth AtlantisRelaxed RejuvenationMagic Hands
Eve SpaAwe SpaFull Body MassageHead To Toe MassageSoft Spots
Magic TouchThe Right TouchPeaceful EscapeTender Touch Massage
Nature’s tubRubsRapid ReleaseThe Princess Treatment
“Massage by Sandy” (or whoever – just using a first name)Relaxation Massage SpaHealing PowersLove And Light Massage

Spa Names Ideas

A Peaceful Escape SpaComplexions Beauty and SpaBreatheLowkey Relaxing
Fly Away Day SpaA Peaceful Ocean Day SpaCool calm collectedPeace&Traquility
Queen for a Day Spa ServicesHot Stones MassageThumbs And NeedlesEasy Breeze Massage Parlour
Head 2 Toe SpaEscape Reality SpaHang10Sweet Serenity
Fiona’s Facials and Spa ServicesThe Steam Room Massage and SpaDay and nightLullaby Massage Parlour
Rejuvenate SpaThe Hot Stone SpaHushed MassagesPeace Of Body
A Perfect 10 SpaBody and Mind SpaSensual SpaRockandrelax
Free Your Mind MassagesMassage Away SpaSensational MessagesThink slow Massage Spa
A New You SpaSprings SpaFirm And Nibbling TouchesThe Blue Tub
Out of This World Spa ServicesRenewal TubPampersPleasure Place

Here are a few tips for massage business owners

  • It is very important that the client feels safe in your environment, hence create an atmosphere where the client feels at home.
  • Before the session talk to your client about the procedure that is about to unfold and ask if the client is ok with that kind of technique and the types of massage that you use
  • Some clients may feel comfortable if they are offered a masseuse of the same gender. Make sure you adjust to your client’s needs.
  • Some clients may be self-conscious about their body, their weight and features etc. It is the duty of the owner to make them feel that they are in safe hands.

If you had a rough week, the best remedy is going to a massage centre and pampers you or you can buy a massage chair, which proves to be a great investment,  click here to check some good models.  This will change the mindset of most of the customers out there. Hence it is important to capture the essence and give a catchy and creative name to your message centre.

Creative Massage Business Names

Here we have a list of some holistic therapy business names for your new spa business idea. Holistic therapy is making quite a buzz over time, it focuses on all the aspects of a person’s body i.e. Mind, spirit and physical health. Do not miss any names from our list as they will completely go with the idea of a holistic therapy business.

Blissed OutRescuersHolistic redefinedMojo Massage centerSacred Space studio
Happy LandStretch ZoneLotus WellnessTherapeiaSunny Days
Massage ExtraordinaireRaven SpaBody ReviveZen Balance MassageWild Flower
Magic TouchKyoto Health SpaChandra RetreatThai Green Spa wellnessHoliday Spa
Magical Massage SpaOlympic SpaWilshire MassageOriental MassageCascade Spa

Catchy Spa Names

When it comes to naming a spa centre, you must make sure that the name sounds catchy and interesting. To make it easier for you, we’ve sorted some catchy spa names for your new spa business. Choose the name which you find most catchy!

All Hours Mobile MassageConvoy Massage CenterBack to Life MassageBest Oriental MassageAccess Transformation
ExhaleFancy MassageFancy MassageHands-on WellnessMassage Concepts
Odyssey MassageSeason Day SpaThe Pearl SpaTranquility Body SpaBody Remedy
Gratitude Healing MassageKarma RelaxationMassage OasisUnicorn SpaSerene Massage
Medican MassagePacific MassageThe HideawayWaring MassageMagic Massage

Cool Massage Centre Names

Having a cool masseur name makes you feel good about yourself. People would recognize you with that cool name. So don’t wait any further, choose some good names for your massage business.

Relax RevolutionSit And SavorMajor MassageMassage MarvelsLazydaze Massage
Devoted DayTrusted TouchThriving MusclesSunshine MassageTranquility Massage Spa
Rollover RemedyTranquil TimesPeaceful EscapeLuxurious SpaRelax And Recline
Precious Pearls Day SpaMomentary MasterpieceHealing PowersBlue SkiesCoolcalm collected
Urban OasisSavor The SpaSuperpower spaRejuvenationHushed Massages

Therapy Company Names

Body massage therapy is a good way to relax mind and soul. Introducing a therapy company of your own isn’t a bad idea. You can gain popularity and live a luxurious life. So, do not forget to get a nice therapy company name because it will represent you to the public around.

Life MassageClarity WellnessRelax PalaceMassage By Candlelight
Head to toe massage Total Refresh MassageSunflower MassageBlue Skies
The new you massageMassage RebootMassage MarvelsRise And Shine
The heavenly bliss spaBrilliant MassageQuick MassageGood Morning Massage
Freedom MassageRevitalizeGlow SkinVintage Massage Spa
Four Seasons WellnessRestore Your bodySunshine MassagesRejuvenation
Spa LuxeWildflower Spa & WellnessThe Sweet LifeDeep Sleep Massages
LeBelle MassageHealing Touch Thai MassageLuxurious Spa MassageUtopia
Brilla LunaPeaceful RetreatMoonlight MassageLazydaze Massage
Wildflower WellnessPure SerenitySkyline MassagesComposure
Rubbing ShouldersMassagemComfort HubTranquility Massage Spa
Back RubbersFeathery KneadsKick massageRelax And Recline
Smooth Relax MassageCrown MassagesThe ConfluenceCotton Clouds
Touch Of ClassMassagellenceRevamping centerBreaktime


The business of the spa center will definitely lead you forward in your career and help you generate good revenue out of your business. Thus, having a powerful and catchy business name becomes very important. Do not rely on anyone for helping you choose a nice name. Explore! Examine! Execute.