“SPA”, just by the word one’s mind starts to soothe away the stress from head to toe. Tell us something, who here does like to get relaxed, pampered and just release the stress? Everyone, right!

An interesting fact for you, the word “spa” was actually the name of a town, in Belgium. I know what you must be wondering, why was it named after it? This place was called “Aqua Spa Danae” back in the Roman times, known for its healing spring waters. So, it was named after it. Many also consider spa as an acronym of a Latin phrase “Santa per aqua” which means “health through water”.

A name could say a lot about it, just by little research. Let us not lose the essence of the meaning of the name while establishing a spa business and also to befit the modern age do not forget to add a stint of quirkiness, so it looks unique at the same keeps the spirit is intact. Planning to start a spa business is booming and is a good market.
Nowadays in this hectic schedule, people try to find ways to help themselves relieve their stress that they are enmeshed in. If you have the zeal to work in this industry of service then the spa business could be your option. Once you are ready with the capital, crew and equipment, and wondering what to name it then you are in the right spot. So here you go with some points you can use to work on the name.


When it comes to a franchise of a spa business there isn’t any necessity to brainstorm for a name. While establishing a new spa business that won’t be the same, we prefer to keep it purely original and one of a kind, so that people do not mistake it for other existing spas. To make this task even more effortless here are a few tips. Get a pen and paper, jot down these tips to employ them while naming your spa. 


Firstly, decide on which forte you are specialized in because it could pertain to health, fitness, steam, sauna, spring waters, massages, facials or manicures, and pedicures. Make sure you are well equipped and acquainted with them. 


The second most important thing to have is a list of names of existing spa businesses. Just to make sure your name is unique and does not match with any other spas in your region. This is crucial as you do not want people to confuse your spa name for another.


Even including your name would be a good choice. Embracing your name would let people know who the owner is, and it would help improve further in branding and marketing.


Globally speaking spa would differ from one place to another. For example, Korean spas are different from Thai spas. In India, Kerala spas are related to authentic Ayurveda methods. So it is important to keep in mind the region of the specialty you wish to take up and incorporate that in spa business name. 


Usage of spa related adjectives and noun will enhance the sense of your spa name. Even utilizing of rhyming names will add peculiarity. You could also opt for names from other languages like French, Japanese or Thai to attract people but make sure it is simple, clear and utter-able. 


Here is a list of few spa names you could look at:

Healing Power Spa Elite Day Spa Awaken Wellness & Rejuvenation Bliss Spa Sleeking Comfort Spa
Serenity Spa Urban Calm Luxury Spa Nature Fusion Oslo Spa
Stationary Spa Reset Med Spa A New You Spa Mystic Soul Spa Care Senses
Outdoor Oasis Spa The Getaway: Escape Reality Spa Lotus Center Blossom Spa
Relax Rooms Spa Space: Body And Mind Spa Happy Fingers Paradise
Wildflower Spa & Wellness The Hot Stone Spa The Steam Room Massage And Spa Joy Spring Spa Massage Therapy Center
Heavenly Bliss Spa Aura Thai Spa Body Rituals Thai Odessa Century Day & Night Spa
Four Seasons Wellness Angel’s Touch Spa The Hot Stone Spa Fancy Saga Paradise Spa
Healing Touch Thai Massage Tranquil Garden Sensational Spa Feel-Good Facials Fuzz & Flora Dreaming Spa
Cloud 9 Eden Med Spa Destination Spa Danielle’s (Your Name) Aesthetic Revitalize By (Your Name)


Like discussed earlier you can try your hands out in other languages like French, Spanish, etc. French could be a good option as it is a beautiful, romantic and posh language. Here are some French spa names for reference.

E ’LAN Spa And Wellness Me Salk Spa Vivian Spa La Noelle Spa Argent Spa Touche Spa
A La Mode Spa And Salon La Lemme Spa Peru June Spa For Men And Women Le Center-Villa Spa La Fusion Salon And Spa Encore Spa Center
Lentil Spa Joni Spa Center Se Relaxer Farsi Spa And Wellness Magnifier Massage Palace Reunion Spa