gamer names for boys and girls

Gamer Names for Boys and Girls

Gaming, be it on the phone or the PC is one of the favorite pass times in this generation. Both boys and girls are deep in this world of gaming. However, before you start your gaming experiences you need to put in a Gamer Names and play in that avatar.

A gamer name is going to be your most personal form in the gaming arena. Depending on the game that you are playing, it helps in creating an impression on a lot of other players. It is very important for you to choose a name that suits you. Your alter-ego name is what will communicate your personality to the others.

So! Are you confused? As to what gamer name you can take up that will showcase your personality as well as be unique? We here have for you a few ideas for your gamer names that you can definitely consider or draw inspiration from.


Finding a perfect gamer name can take up a bit of your time. You can definitely think up of many on your own but why not look for some inspiration in the below mentioned gamer name list?

Aspect Blaster
Bender Savage
Reaper Arsenic
Cannon Delta
Psycho Charlie
Cobra Super Nova
Dracula Serpent
Gunner Cyanide
Warrior Grenade
Knuckles Zealot
O’Doyle Scotch
Bullet Whiskey
Avenger Maniac
Sniper Radical
Jaguar Rocker
Hazzard Wolf
Terror Poltergeist
Ghoul Fiend
Midnight Falcon
Spear Horror
Saber Scorpion
Sting Swagger
Grizzly Vulture
Blade Bane
Lance Fang


A Gamer needs to showcase how serious he is about his game and especially in games which are as serious as it can get. You will have to come up with a unique and yet badass gamer name in that case and you can choose one from the below-mentioned gamer name list-

Gun Powder Cross bow
Fire Bringer Flying Claw
Smoke Bomb Body Bag
War Hammer Phantom
AK – 47 Night Shade
Hawkeye Chainsaw
Red Dog Pile Driver
Snake Eye Power Train
Tiger Claw Wild Cat
Bull Whip Hell Raiser
Black Jack K-9
Roman Candle X Skull
Broad Sword Foot Slammer
Conan the Barbarian Head Knocker
Sledge Hammer Terminator
Fire Lance Brass Knuckle
Mad Dog Mad Max
Road Kill Billy the Butcher
Fisheye Gunner The Matrix
Steel Shot Scar Maximus Prime
Gargoyle Dragon Skull Crusher
Hashtag Ratchet Man of Steel
Bullet Proof Steel Foil
Iron Heart Iron Cut
Fire Bred Steel Forge
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Well as a Girl, it is going to be very difficult to prove yourself in this gaming arena because men don’t think that girls have the capability of understanding such games. Let’s shock those who say so and before that pick out a girly and badass gamer name from below or come up with one after finding some inspiration from below-

Miss Fortune Running Eagle
Vainglory Calamity Jane
Egomania Hua Mulan
Nefertiti Belle Star
Venom Pearl Heart
Belladonna Black Cat
Enchantress Eternity
Fire Cracker Radical
Temperance Athena
Thunder Bird Medusa
Russian Roulette Artemis
Mannequin Elecktra
Banshee Cat Woman
Black Beauty Silk Spectre
Calypso Phoenix
Amazonian Cosmopolitan
Majesty Missile
Mademoiselle Hot Salt
Black Widow Buffy the Slayer
Poisonous Ivy Lara Croft
Raven Zoe
Rouge Cut Glass
Stiletto Espada
Tequila Jean Grey
Vixen Trinity


Selecting a gamer nickname for yourself is important. Eventually you are going to be known by this very gamer nickname. It will not only represent you but also your personality. So, you can use the following tips for coming up with one on your own.

  • Personality: It is the biggest factor while deciding a video game character name. How do you perceive yourself as? That is where your answer lies.
  • Mannerisms: We all have a particular thing we like to do in a particular way. Take a look at your mannerisms and you may find a nickname in there.
  • Interests: Your hobbies and interests can also be considered while you are thinking up of your name.
  • Physical features: Your gamer nickname can also be a portrayal of your physical features and what it is about them that makes you stand out.
  • Habits: Your habits whether good or bad can also be a contributing factor for you to chose a nickname and start gaming!

So, here we are at the end of this article and I’m pretty sure you may have found a perfect gamer name for yourself or have decided to follow the tips and made one yourself. You can even have a funny gamer name or any other kind of gamer name. Just play your game well and you will surely be known by it.

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