How To Name Your Elf On The Shelf ~ 50 Ideas

Well, the festive buzz of the year has begun and you must have surely started with the preparations. When talking about preparations, the elf on the shelf is waiting for you to make it the centerpiece of your festive décor. 

Talking about tradition, the elf is also to be named and if you are looking for cute and funny names for elf on the shelf, this is you’re a place to be. Enlisted below are some options to pick from and give a perfect name to your elf on the shelf, this festive season. 

How To Name Your Elf On The Shelf ~ 50 Ideas

Good names for elf on the shelf

Every elf from the North Pole has a unique personality that fits within your family. When adding them up as a new family member, it is also important to give them a unique and cute name that suits their personality. To help you better, we have enlisted below some good names for elf on the shelf to pick from. 

Angel Frank  Nuts
Bell Frost Nuts
Bling Garland Pep
Blitz (as in Blitzen) Ginger  Plum

Griswold  Ralphie 
Buddy Hermey Rudy
Candy (as in cane) Holly Snow
Carol (as in caroling) Ice Snowball
Clara Jingle Star
Clarice Jingle Sugarplum
Clark Kringle Tinsel
Dash (as in Dasher) Kris Tiny
Eggnog Max Topper
Elfie Merry Twinkle
Elfkins  Mistletoe Virginia
Figgy Nick Wayne
Flake  Noel

When does elf on the shelf come? 

As Christmas arrives, elf on the shelf starts to bring joy and happiness to your household. Sometime, the elf arrives a day after Thanksgiving or on December 1st. It is generally believed that the elves arrive 12 days before Christmas. Keeping it away from science and logic, the elf’s arrival is actually a holiday guesstimate. 

When does elf on the shelf come? 

Names for elf on a shelf boy

Elves are mostly boys and so, enlisted below are some names for elf on a shelf boy. 

Snowie Charlie (Boy from Santa Clause) Leon (Snowman from Elf)
Buddy (Elf) Bernard (Elf from Santa Clause) Miles Finch (Elf)
Elfie Cousin Eddy Mayor Augustus May who (Grinch)

Maxx (Grinch that stole Christmas)
Chip Kevin (Home Alone)
Crasher North Gus Polinski (Home Alone)
Kringle Prep Buzz Macallister (Home Alone)
Kris Landing Gimbel (Store from Elf)
Ralphie (A Christmas Story) Wayne (Prep & Landing) Lucky
Nicholas Lanny (Prep & Landing) Gonzo (Muppet’s Christmas)
Nick Thrasher Hans (Die Hard – Not really a family Christmas Movie)
Dasher Jolly Wreck-it R” elf” (Wreck-it Ralph)
Clark (Christmas Vacation) Comet Weezer (Scrooge)
Scott Calvin (The Santa Clause) Arthur (Arthur Christmas)
Murray (Murray Christmas) Sparky (Christmas Vacation)

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Elf on a shelf names girl

Is your new elf family member a little girl? Well, no worries at all as we also have a list of elf on a shelf name for your little girl. 

Bethany (Christmas Vacation  Harmony Noel
Candy Holly Peppermint
Carol Jovie Pixie
Cindy Lou Who (Grinch who Stole Christmas) Joy Prancer
Cinnamon Judy (Elf from Santa Clause) Snowflake
Cocoa Kiki Sugarplum
Cookie Lucy Tinsel
Cupid Margo (Christmas Vacation) Twinkle
Figgy Puddin Martha May Whovier (Grinch) Vixen
Ginger Merry Waffles
Grace Mistletoe Tiny
Halle Berry  Mittens Lola

Disney inspired elf on the shelf names 

To add some extra drama, here are some Disney inspired names for your elf on the shelf this Christmas. 

Bolt Louie Robin
Buzz Magic Roo
Clover Maximus Scamp
Duke Merlin Smarty
Figment Milo Sven
Hiro Nibs Tuck
Hugo Prince Walt
Junior Ralph Kirby

Star wars inspired elf on the shelf names

Are your kids a star wars fan? Here are some star wars inspired elf on the shelf names to pick from. 

Baze Hux Maz
Bodhi Jyn Own
Finn Kit Poe
Han Leila Solo
Hera Luke Wedge

Superhero inspired names for your elf

Why leave behind the superheroes when planning to name your hero for this festive season. Here is some superhero-inspired name to pick from for your elf on the shelf. 

Superhero inspired names for your elf
Cap Gwen Wanda 
Bucky Rocket Loki
Flash Jarvis Wanda 
Wonder Shuri

Funny Christmas elf names

What is the funniest elf on the shelf name ideas that you can think of when planning to name your centerpiece this festive season? Well, here are some great ideas especially curated by us to help you pitch some name ideas. 

Alfonso  Ember Mickey
Bandit  Epic Mintu
Bing Felix Mollie
Bling Figg Nemo
Blizzard Flickr Nick
bolt Flurry Noel
Boots  Frost North
Buddy Goosebump Pax
Buster Grip Pep
chilly Henry Pickles
Chip Hermle Rockey
Christian Ivy Slim
Cooper Jingle Sneaky
creeper Jinx Snowball
Cupid Jonny Spirit
Dash Keebler Star
Dasher Kris SuperElf
E.L.F. Krispie Waldo
Eddie Kux Wink
Eggnog Larry Yule
Elf-Elfa Luise Zippy
Elfie Lux Zippy
Elm Max  
Elvin MC  

Tips on how to pick out names for your scout elf 

  • Be creative
  • Use what is popular 
  • Play of their personality 
  • Pick more names and then finalize 
  • Use funny words 


We hope this article was helpful enough for you to find a good name for your elf. If you are having trouble in making a choice or the kids are fighting upon whose name will be taken, better toss a coin or write the names on small chits and pick one which will finally be the name of the elf on the shelf. 

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